The Jiggle HutThe Jiggle Hut


Two middle age men walk down a rain-soaked street on a dark night, and a small neon sign directs them down an alleyway. JIGGLE HUT, it reads. A bright red door at the end of the alleyway is well worn and has a big ‘JH’ painted on it in yellow. Marcus, the taller of the two, pushes it open and they walk in.

Dark stale air glows with dim purple light, and bass heavy music throbs. A fat man on a stool that’s way too small for him looks them over.

“Cover’s ten,” he says gruffly.

“Ten each?” Marcus asks. The man looks at him like he asked how to get to the moon.

Marcus and his friend Bilbo, short for Bill Bowdin, each hand the man a ten dollar bill.

“First drink’s free,” the fat man says, cigar smoke chasing the words out of his mouth.

They each get a beer at the bar from a big-titted older woman wearing only a G-string, and they sit at a small round table against a wall, back in the shadows, away from the stage. A naked girl comes to the table, asking if they want a ‘private dance,’ and they decline. The music fades out.

“ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!” the invisible announcer says in a loud voice over the speakers. “ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEXT JIGGLE HUT GIRL? GIVE HER A WARM WELCOME — IT’S LUCY LOVE!”

A heavy metal song from the eighties kicks off with a drum thwack, two fog machines on either side of the stage belch out a cloud, and as it dissipates a shapely young girl comes into view. Marcus coughs and almost chokes on his sip of beer.

“Holy fuck!” he says quietly. “Bilbo man, that’s my next door neighbor!”

The two of them sit transfixed in the dark and watch as Lucy Love, known to Marcus as Ashley Winklehoff, gyrates to the throbbing music.

Ashley’s family had moved into Marcus’ neighborhood five years ago, when she was fourteen. Even at that point she was a looker, and often sunbathed on the deck of their above ground pool with her teenybopper friends. Marcus had a bad habit of watching them with binoculars through a barely open curtain. If they were laying just right he could catch glimpses down inside their bikini tops, and saw bare tits now and then when they were on their stomachs and re-adjusted themselves with their tops undone. Comparing their asses when they got out of the pool with wet bikini bottoms was another fascinating study that kept him busy for long stretches of time. The thing that broke him of his bad habit was Ashley’s mother Tammy, a gorgeous strawberry blonde in her late thirties. When she and a friend started sunbathing, Marcus decided it was safer to watch them rather than risk getting in trouble watching underage girls. Tammy and her friend were smokin’ hot, and the sight of them in bikinis was plenty of fantasy material for lonely old Marcus.

Marcus was good looking but painfully shy, and didn’t really date. The concept of ‘good sex’ was just a fantasy to him. He’d had sex, sure, but it was always very plain vanilla and over quickly. He watched porn and knew what to do, but the shy, mousy women he had been with always withdrew right when he wanted things to get interesting, so a quick missionary screw was about all he had experienced in his forty-five years. Porn on the computer, the occasional strip club, and binoculars on bikinis was the extent of his excitement. The main hobby he spent money on was going to concerts, which is what brought him to this rain-soaked city two-and-a-half hours from home with his friend Bilbo. They had been to a great concert in a small theater just around the corner from the Jiggle Hut, and decided to have a drink there before they drove home.

On the stage, Ashley is down to a G-string and a small black leather bra, and during a thunderous drum solo the bra comes off.

“Fuck!” Marcus says.

Her tits are stunning—quite big, and as perky as perky can be, with big nipples so hard you could hang a coat hanger on them. She pulls a tit up toward her face, licks a hard nipple with a long tongue, and the small crowd whoops. The G-string comes off, she gets down on her hands and knees, arches her back deep, and one of Marcus’ dreams becomes reality.


Another cloud of stage fog dissipates as a crashing heavy metal tune starts, and Tammy Winklehoff appears through the mist.

“I think I’m gonna have a fuckin’ stroke!” Marcus says.

“Is that really…?” Bilbo asks.

“Yup,” Marcus says. He takes a big gulp of beer to try and cool the rising fever in his brain.

Tammy’s wearing leather hot pants and a leather vest. She’s carrying a riding crop and handcuffs, and she circles Ashley.


The crowd whoops again.

Tammy fake slaps her naked daughter’s face and Ashley crumbles down onto the stage. Tammy takes both her hands and drags her to the pole, where she handcuffs her. Ashley İncirtepe Escort writhes around on her back, unable to escape. She pulls her legs up against her chest, exposing her pink pussy, and Tammy whips her ass with the riding crop, hard enough to leave red marks. The small crowd goes wild. Two men are up out of their chairs holding their beers in the air and one of them yells, “Whip that slut!”

Ashley writhes back and forth on the floor, straining at her handcuffs around the pole, and she lowers her legs. Her mother takes the butt end of the riding crop and slides it between Ashley’s thighs, simulating penetration. The audience is looking on from the side of her, and it looks for all the world like she’s being fucked by the long black stick. Ashley fakes an orgasm, her mother withdraws the stick and licks it off with a long tongue just like her daughters, and the crowd goes wild.

Another heavy metal song starts with a searing guitar solo, and Tammy starts to strip.

“NO! MOMMA! DON’T DO IT!” Ashley yells, sitting up now, but still handcuffed to the pole.

“DO IT! TAKE IT OFF!” a man in the audience yells.

The leather hot pants come off leaving a G-string, and then, during another searing guitar solo, the vest is tossed aside. Tammy’s tits are magnificent — natural and soft, but firm and more youthful than her years, with a perfect ski jump shape. She pulls them up and licks each of them with her long tongue as she moves cat-like around the stage. She bends over, ass toward the audience, and slides the little G-string down her slim legs. When it’s down around her knees a hand appears through her thighs and her slender fingers slide between her pink pussy lips.

“NO MOMMA NO!!” Ashley yells again.

Tammy simulates an orgasm, her fingered pussy thrusting toward the audience, her back arched, her head thrown back. Her mouth opens and she screams.

The fog machines belch great quantities of smoke, mostly obscuring Tammy and Ashley, and the two of them walk through the fog to the front of the stage hand-in-hand with big smiles and take a bow.


They get a standing ovation and some whistles from the small gathering of men. “MOMMA LOOOOOVE!!” one of the rowdy ones yells. Bilbo looks at Marcus, who looks stunned.

“You all right man?” Bilbo laughs.

“No, I’ll never be all right again,” Marcus laughs. “What the fuck am I supposed to do with this in my head? Tammy’s husband travels a lot—do you think he knows about this? He can’t know about this. He’s the conservative type—I can’t believe he knows about this.” Marcus shakes his head in disbelief.

“He doesn’t know about this,” Tammy says from behind, startling them.

“Tammy!” Marcus says, staring at her like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Hi Marcus,” she says softly, standing naked in the dim purple light. “Mind if I sit down?”

She drags a chair over from an empty table and sits down next to Marcus and crosses her legs. A faint scent of perspiration wafts off of her, mixed with a subtle fruity perfume.

“I’m glad it’s you,” she says.

“Me?” Marcus asks quizzically.

“It was kind of inevitable I’d get caught sooner or later I guess. I’m glad it was you and not some idiot guy. What are you guys doin’ here anyway?”

“This is my friend Bilbo. We were at a concert at the theater around the corner.”

“Hi Bilbo,” Tammy says, extending her hand to him with a smile.

“M’Lady,” he says, and he kisses her hand.

“God Bill, way to be a nerd!” Marcus says, laughing.

“A cute nerd,” Tammy says with a huge smile.

“So, I gotta say Tammy…what the fuck!” Marcus says, looking bewildered. “Do you, like, do this? I mean…how long?”

“I know, it’s crazy right? It’s kind of addicting. It started with amateur nights, always two or three hours away from home. You know Bob travels a lot, and I hate to say it but he doesn’t pay much attention to me anymore. A long marriage can do that to a couple. It’s a lousy excuse though, I know I shouldn’t be doing this. Are you gonna tell him?”

Tammy looks at Marcus with defeat written all over the face that was smiling so beautifully just moments ago.

“I don’t know how I can face him, but I’ll do whatever you want me to do,” Marcus says. “I like the guy, but you’re the one I’ve really gotten to know over the years. I like to think we’re friends Tammy, so, I’ll keep your secret.”

“You’re a sweet man Marcus,” Tammy says, and she leans over and hugs him. The skin of her back is warm under his hands, and the fruity perfume hits him like a drug.

Marcus notices Ashley working the crowd, completely nude. She and a smiling man have just emerged from a ‘private dance’ booth.

“I didn’t want her to do this you know,” Tammy says. “She blackmailed me—found out I was doing it and threatened to tell Bob. I figured if she was gonna do it I wanted to be with her, to keep an eye on her. There’s no sex or anything—guys aren’t allowed to touch. I’ve gotten to know the owner here over the years, and he let us work up a little act. I know it’s insane. Sometimes I feel Escort İncirtepe like the worst mother in the world.”

“No, I don’t think so. It makes a strange kind of sense I guess,” Marcus says, and Tammy leans over and kisses him on the cheek.

“I’ve gotta go. I won’t forget you for this Marcus,” she says with a sweet smile.

Tammy gets up and bends down and kisses Bilbo on the cheek, her lovely tits swaying under her. Bilbo blushes.

“You boys drive careful tonight. I want you in one piece.”

Tammy winks at Marcus and walks away. The sight of her naked ass burns into Marcus’s brain.

“What the fuck dude,” Bilbo says. “Pretty intense huh?”

Marcus blows a lung full of air through puffed out lips, and sits with a slightly stunned look on his face.

“Let’s get out of here man, we’ve got a long drive,” he says. They get up to leave and a small feminine voice stops him.

“Hi Marcus,” Ashley says, rushing over before they reach the door.

“Ashley!” Marcus says.

“Mom told me you’re cool. I always knew you were. I can’t wait to see you back home. We’ll talk this over, okay?”

“Yeah… okay,” Marcus says, slightly stunned again as Ashley gets up on her tip-toes and kisses him on the cheek.

“See ya!” she says with a smile, and she moves away at a fast clip, her naked wiggling ass leaving the two men slack jawed and motionless.


The luxury car carrying them seems to float down the highway through the darkness, and drizzly rain is swept aside every few seconds by the wipers. Bluegrass music wafts out of the high-end sound system, caressing the two men’s ears.

“So, Tammy want’s you in one piece, and Ashley can’t wait to see you back home,” Bilbo says from behind the wheel. “Things are looking up for old Marcus.”

“I think you’re dreamin’ man,” Marcus says.

“We’ll see,” Bilbo says, fingering the turn signal as he pulls out to pass a tractor-trailer.

Marcus closes his eyes and so many images of his naked neighbors flash through his mind he can’t focus on any of them. Then he remembers Tammy’s perfume and the feel of his hands on the warm flesh of her back, and an erection grows down the leg of his pants. He tries to concentrate on the music and the slap of the windshield wipers, but it’s hopeless.


Late the next morning Marcus answers a knock at the kitchen door inside his garage. Only friends and neighbors use that one.

“Hi neighbor, can I borrow a cup of sugar?” Tammy says, with a wry smile.

“Sure, I guess, let me look,” Marcus says.

“No silly! That’s just what they say in the old movies,” Tammy says, giggling as she walks into his kitchen. “I’m not here to borrow, I’m here to give. I owe you big time mister.”

“You don’t owe me anything,” Marcus says. “Friends take care of each other, that’s all.”

“Yeah, but you went above and beyond the call of duty. Now it’s my turn,” she says.

Tammy squats in front of Marcus and flips open his belt buckle and quickly opens his jeans.

“Tammy I don’t think…”

Suddenly his cock is in Tammy’s mouth. It was mostly soft and rapidly hardens. It’s a first for Marcus, any kind of oral sex, and it feels even better than he’d imagined.

“You’ve got a nice cock Marcus,” Tammy says, looking at it glistening with saliva in her small hand. “Nicer than Bob’s.”

Marcus doesn’t last long. Too many firsts conspire in his brain and he’s a goner in no time. He tries to pull away but Tammy’s hands are on his ass and she holds her head tight against him as his cock spasms in her mouth. His knees go weak and Tammy slowly withdraws, showing him the sticky white liquid on her tongue before she swallows it.

“You taste good Marcus,” she says with the sexiest smile he’s ever seen. “I’m sorry I can’t let you fuck me, but I’m married and I’ve got to draw the line at that. We’ll be doing this a lot more though. Is that okay?”

“Is that okay?” Marcus laughs. “Jesus Tammy, if this was the one and only time I’d die a happy man.”

“You’re sweet. I do love giving head though, and Bob doesn’t seem to be into it much anymore, it’s like goin’ through the motions with him. So you’re the lucky guy I get to play with. Fun, huh?” Tammy says with a huge smile.

“That’s an understatement,” Marcus says.

Tammy sits down on a stool at the kitchen counter and Marcus pours two cups of coffee.

“So how often do you dance?” he asks.

“Oh, maybe once a month or so, no set schedule. It depends on when Bob’s traveling and how sexually frustrated I get. A lot of it’s been amateur night stuff. I’ve actually won quite a bit of money.”

“I can believe that. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a sexier woman on a stripper stage, and I’m not just saying that to be nice.”

“Oh, thanks Marcus! If I could reach you I’d give you a big kiss right now,” she says, and she purses her lips and kisses the air in his direction. “So what did you guys think of Ash…she does pretty good too, right?”

“Oh yeah… but… I mean… it’s a little awkward to talk about with you,” Marcus says.

“Yeah, I guess it’s weird huh? I get the feeling guys think she looks good though.”

“Oh İncirtepe Escort Bayan man, are you kidding? She’s hot! Is it okay for me to say that?”

Tammy laughs. “You’re too nice for your own good, you know that Marcus? With a little more edge to your personality women would be falling all over you. In fact I can’t believe you’re single. My friends and Ash and her friends all think you’re hot.”

“Get outta here! You’re just saying that so I don’t rat on you to Bob,” Marcus laughs.

“It’s the God’s honest truth. Look in the mirror honey,” she says, looking very serious. “I know for a fact Ash has been spying on you ever since we moved here. I caught her with binoculars one night, and after she left the room I looked and could see you in your underwear watching TV. I looked longer than I should have,” she giggles.

“No shit?” Marcus says, wondering if he should tell her about his binocular use.

“She’ll probably be over here one of these days. She wants to thank you for not ratting on us too. I told her she didn’t need to, but she’s got a mind of her own and she’s always had the hots for you. She’s an adult, and I like you, so it’s cool,” Tammy says.

“Wow!” Marcus says quietly, wondering what’s happened to his boring old life. “You know, I should confess I guess… I’ve got binoculars too. You and your friend, up on the pool deck in the summertime…”

“Marcus!” she says as a beautiful smile lights up her face. She sits and smiles at him for a moment. “That deserves another blow-job. You’ll last longer this time.”

Tammy takes Marcus’s hand, leads him to a comfortable chair in the living room, slips off his pants, and fries his brain like a farm fresh egg.


Late in the afternoon Marcus sits in the cool autumn air on his front porch. He looks up from his iPad as Ashley’s small car careens around the corner and rolls into her parking space in the driveway next door. She’s home from another day at the community college. She runs across his lawn and his mind flashes back to the fourteen-year-old girl she used to be until she gets close and her womanliness startles him.

“Hi Marcus!” she says as she stops running. “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

“How ya doin’ Ash?” Marcus asks.

“I’ll be back in fifteen minutes, okay? Don’t go anywhere.” She turns and runs to her house.

Marcus has no idea what’s going to happen, but something tells him he should be ready for anything, so he takes a quick shower and straightens up his bedroom a little. There’s a knock at the kitchen door.

“Hi Ash. What’s up? You know your mom and I straightened everything out. It’s all cool, there’s nothing to worry about,” Marcus says as the shapely young thing walks into his kitchen.

“Yeah, I know Marcus. You’re a prince. I always knew you were,” she says, and she gets on her tip-toes and kisses him on the cheek.

Her hair is damp from a shower and she’s wearing tight boy-shorts and a belly shirt that shows off her midriff. No bra, and her feet are bare.

“You got a beer or somethin’?” she asks. Marcus cracks open two cold ones and she walks to the living room. “I’ve never seen the rest of your house. Wanna give me a tour?”

Marcus shows her around, and when they get to the guest room on the second floor she walks to the window, opens the curtain just enough to peak through and puts her eye up to it.

“Nice view. Our pool looks good from here,” she says, turning to Marcus with a sly grin. “I’ve found a tripod really helps with the binoculars, although when there was five or six of us maybe it was better to be more flexible.”

“You knew?” Marcus asks with a surprised look as she walks over to him.

“Yup. We all wanted to get more naked for you, but we were all to chicken. Guess I’ve changed. I love being naked now. How ’bout you?” she asks, looking up at Marcus with big seductive eyes.

“I have a feeling I’m gonna learn to love it,” he says, and he lowers his head and kisses her.

The long tongue Marcus and Bilbo saw Ashley use to lick her own tit snakes into his mouth, and her hand gently caresses the growing bulge in his pants.

Ashley opens Marcus’s shirt, and runs her hands over his chest. She unfastens his jeans and pulls them and his underwear down in one pull, and he kicks them off.

“Oh, it’s much nicer in person,” she says, holding his already hard cock in her hand. “You’re not the only one with binoculars you know.”

Ashley lets the hard cock slip into her mouth, and Marcus can’t believe he’s been inside the mouths of two Winklehoff women in one day.

“See how fun it is being naked?” Ashley says.

Marcus sits on the guest room bed, on a dusty smelling bedspread his mother gave him. The bed hasn’t been used in years and the springs squeak as Ashley’s blow-job rocks him gently fore and aft. He reaches for her loose shirt and pulls it over her head, and her nearly dry hair cascades down onto her naked shoulders. He reaches down past her bobbing head and gets two handfuls of tit. Glorious, big, firm tits, and the big hard nipples he saw on stage last night fall naturally between his thumbs and forefingers and he plays with them. Ashley moans onto his cock and he’s in heaven. He can’t help comparing mother and daughter—visions of Momma Love while Lucy Love sucks him, and then he watches Lucy Love while remembering the heat of Momma Love’s mouth. He really should get out and buy a lottery ticket—there’s never been a luckier day in the history of the world. His world anyway.

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