Spring Evening Setup Ch. 01Spring Evening Setup Ch. 01


All characters are over 21 and fictional.

This is my first attempt at writing so please be nice, constructive criticism from all is welcome.


My name is Ed. I had been on my own for about 14 months and friends were pushing me to move on and find a new love interest. Many of my friends were couples and well meaning in their attempts of “‘fixing me up” with what seemed like an endless string of friends or coworkers, but no one had had that special twinkle in their eye and generally these set ups were polite, but not very exciting. This story is one special night that was very different indeed.

It was a late spring perfect weather evening, the day had been warm with a very slight breeze the air had been dry, the few high wispy cirrus clouds were showing their beauty in as the sun was quickly fading into a tequila (sunrise) sunset when they arrived.

Tom, one of my single friends, was dating a very cute Spanish woman in her early 30’s . They had stopped by earlier around lunch on the way to the lake, and she looked amazing with ample breasts, thin waist in a yellow bikini top and short denim shorts with leather shoelace stings crisscrossed on the sides, holding her shorts tight against her thighs. Marta although I barely knew her, seemed like a bit of an exhibitionist at least always seemed to wear sexy clothes to accentuate her talents every time I had meet her.

We exchanged pleasantries and I think she enjoyed my wandering eye in a flirty and mischievous way.

About an hour after they left she called and said that after the lake they wanted to drop by with a “friend” of hers, for some evening drinks and maybe dinner. Another setup I thought, and I have no place to leave to since it was my house, After some flirty persuasion I agreed.

I was shocked and surprised when they arrived, the friend was just short of a goddess, a tiny 5’2″ tight bodied classic cheerleader/gymnast type with long blonde hair and ice blue eyes with firm half cantaloupe size breasts and just enough of a bubble butt to accentuate her tiny waist. This woman was way out of my league…

She was polite, and the wine poured freely, the conversation drifted from one topic to another, and regardless of where this evening was going I was enjoying myself, for the first time in some time.

We all had some büyükçekmece escort stir fry, more wine and then a couple of glasses of a nice 20 year old port and dark chocolate covered strawberries, the girls were pretty buzzed when the topic of the hot tub came up in the conversation. Of course, Tom and Marta were in their usual go for it mode, and after some banter I offered our visiting goddess a robe and a few minutes later we were all headed to the back yard hot tub with a pitcher of Margarita’s (Marta’s idea) although I wondered how that would affect our group after almost 4 bottles of wine, and a couple of glasses of port and strawberries.

As the Margaritas flowed, and the now crisp dry air and almost clear night sky was in full darkness, you could see the stars, a dog was barking in the distance, the sound of a very distant train rumble and horn was playing out. Marta”s stories and laughter had the mood set perfectly. We were all in the tub, soon Tom and Marta were openly kissing and fondling each other, no such luck with me, I did not want to screw this up so I was being maybe pretty conservative. After some time in the hot tub, Tom and Marta said they were heading inside. Maybe things were looking up, Lisa (the goddess) wanted to stay a bit longer.

Once inside, Marta lead Tom straight to my bedroom looking out the window just a few feet was the hot tub, with the light dimmed, but brighter inside than out, we in the hot tub had a near perfect view inside the bedroom while they inside could not see out into the darkness.

Marta’s exhibitionist personality was proven almost immediately as she stripped off her wet bikini and shorts, dropped to her knees and stripped off Toms shorts in a single, swift pull. Tom’s half hard was treated to her hot, wet luscious lips, as she pulled him ten or so strokes, only then to stop, look at the window and smile, and then resume.

I am not sure Tom knew he was part of this live sex show, or not, but in short order he had her head in his hand and was pulling her hair wildly as he thrust into her mouth.

Out in the hot tub, we had moved together, and right or wrong being quiet and watching the show.

At this point I had my hand on her thigh and was seeing how far I could advance, at half fatih escort thigh she looked at me and we kissed for the first time. Her thin lips were a bit hard, she seemed to like a slow deep french kiss the best and by the time we were kissing passionately her hands were on my chest, but as things were heating up her attention went back to the show. Tom was on his back, and Marta was riding him while looking at the window that separated us with her mischievous grin on her face.

I spread my legs a bit and pulled Lisa onto them she was sitting on my lap in the hot tub, facing the window and watching intently. I wrapped my arms around hers and reached to her bikini bottoms, sliding the fabric aside, I began gently rubbing her clit, rewarded with moans, I continued, and started kissing her ear from behind. She shuddered slightly , my left hand reached to her neck. I tried to lift her gently, My hardness was pressed against her ass and I felt a combination of pain from her ass bending my cock, and desire as I wanted her, she hesitated, I said “lift up for a sec”, with a bit of hesitation her hands were on the edge of the tub lifting, I quickly slid my trunks down and she came to rest with my cock standing proud between her legs.

The show continued from the bedroom, Marta was on her back, Tom was straddled and across her chest and her hands were pushing her breasts together as Tom was thrusting his cock between her breasts she was looking at the tip of his cock emerge from the tops of her breasts and occasionally taking the tip in her mouth to wet his member.

In the hot tub, Lisa was breathing heavily I thought it was time and using my left hand pushed her forward from the base of the neck. As she leaned forward she naturally lifted a bit and I slid into her to depth. pulling her head back my cock fully buried into her. She let out a moan, and said “stop” I froze, she froze, she looked turned her head, looked into my eyes with her ice blue eyes and quivered like a deep chill ran down her back, then another, her lips parted, and a look of panic in her eyes. Another big chill. She was climaxing without the usual long run of in and out so common. She relaxed, no more like collapsed. and turned back to the window, she muttered something I did not make out.

She esenyurt escort was sated, I was as hard and as big as I had ever been, still inside her. She said “Let’s go in”.

To say the least I was disappointed, wanting to bend her over the edge of the tub and have my way with her would have been deeply satisfying but I relented, and she slipped out of the water and into the robe. I found my trunks slipped them on and followed her inside.

As if the whole night had not been a surprise, when she lead me to the bedroom Tom and Marta were I was beyond shocked, Closing the blinds, and dropping off her robe was all that Tom could take and he erupted all over Marta’s face and neck.

Marta delighted in her accomplishment and a smile beamed from her face.

Lisa, looked at me and asked “Well?”

That is all the encouragement I needed and rolled her over onto her back at the edge of the bed, she I had her legs spread holding her ankles above my shoulders as I buried into her standing by the edge of the bed.

I stroked her deep and with bravado, Marta roller over and looked into her eyes, her face still covered with Tom’s cum. Marta gently bent down and very lightly kissed Lisa, as I was thrusting into her. I looked at Tom and he was at a loss and did not know what to do but watch. Marta raised slightly from Lisa and with one finger wiped some of Tom’s cum from her check and offered it to Lisa’s lips. She hesitated. Then slowly took it and looked me eye to eye to judge my reaction. I smiled, and Lisa looked relieved.

Marta then crawled across the bed, got up and gave me that wicked smile of hers as she whispered something into Tom’s ear. Tom looked at me, and Marta gave me a twirled finger sign that I did not quite understand. I gave here back a look that said “What?” and she made a pantomime gesture like she was a guy holding a girl’s waist and doing her doggy style, smiling the whole time. I smiled back and rolled Lisa over, pushing her to the middle of the bed in the process. I entered her and resumed she was groaning and making a lot of noise at this time and Marta whispered to Tom again, a quick look to her a nod and then without hesitation, Tom was at the head of the bed, feeding his cock to Lisa’s face.

She took his almost rigid pole and within a few strokes Lisa was throating the whole thing.

Marta, again had the devilish grin on her face, and was standing there watching the devils threesome play out. She walked around the bed , placed one knee on the mattress to get close to me and whispered “Do you want to fill her unprotected cunt or shove that thing down my throat and let me swallow every drop?”

To be continued…

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