The Nile ProjectThe Nile Project


Seated in the small passenger plane as it nears the airport, I recall the initial assignment, two years ago, and how I was sure that it would prove to be the perfect situation to become the most miserable period of my career, if not my life. I remember thinking I should have continued my academic path into medical research instead of the outdoor pursuit of geology. The plane was descending and my reflective thoughts were temporally disrupted, as smoothness of the aircraft is replaced by the lurch and slowing as it touches down near the Nile River in Egypt. My thinking again turns to the task at hand. What a deal; to study sediment transport on a muddy river in Africa. What will the government think of next? Obviously this has been happening for millions of years as evidenced by the huge delta. Oh well, someone must study the process and that requires sampling and samples. Especially if the government is willing to pay for it.

The plane continues to taxi toward the off loading area and again I recall on that initial trip how my personal spirit and all connections to it were quite low. On top of this I was to meet a required government assistant which I was dreading. I had learned at the last minute the name was Gene. Probably some old retired half-trained gentlemen who would fall over his own shoestrings because he could not manage the complicated knot to secure them properly. Oh well, it will only be for a short while. I smile as my thoughts recall stepping off the plane on that first trip in the most unwelcome heat and somehow resisted the urge to about face and climb back on board. Several expletives escape my lips and as the lady just ahead of me turns and gives me a look of disdain I snap out of my self-pity. Ok where is the assistant who was to be here at my arrival? I’m anxious to get this over.

I will never forget the dusty little terminal which was only slightly cooler than the sticky heat of the outside except it was blended with the stench of people that could in no way take proper care of their personal hygiene in this type of climate. There were a few people waiting for passengers and others waiting to board but I do not see anyone who I envisioned to be, like say, Dr. Livingston in a pith helmet without a shower and shave. I remember thinking that his project was going just as I thought it would and that was not good.

I recall that I started to make my way to the baggage area when an attractive lady approaches with her hand extended. I snapped out of my morass of self-pity and without hesitation produce a genuine smile at this gesture and when she calls my name I felt a rush of elation. Was this my assistant? It had to be, as no one else even knew I was here. I stammered, are you Gene or was that, Jean? Well it was Jean without pith helmet, with shower and wonderful scent and a lovely lady to boot.

That was our first meeting and now sex hikayeleri I find myself eagerly awaiting her arrival for this third round of sampling and our journey up the Nile together. What fun we invented from the deck of one of the excursion boats. I have to admit I have spent considerable research time since in the design of some new tactics … for us of course. I now reflect on this dream that came true. The saying that I use to scoff at now rings true, “If you ever visit Egypt and drink water from the Nile even once, you will be sure to come back. Indeed Egyptians, as well as all their guests, believe in that.” I can hardly wait to get off the plane and look for Jean.

Jean was more than just an attractive woman but also one with no apparent inhibitions as I eventually discovered on that first cooperative project. By the second research trip we were having lots of fun in all sorts of positions and situations. Some of the side trips to small villages and ruins where very special and one of the real bonuses was her fluent knowledge of the native languages. I still do not know much about her and she seemed to want to keep it that way. I suspected that she was a celebrity or royalty of some sort and that added spice to the extremes of the relationship. The professor and the regal lady for two weeks of the year were a great hot sexual combination. I never knew her exact duties at the government level either, but then again, the fact it was government meant she might not either. She played the role of a royal ‘lady of mystery’ and on the second research project last year there was no doubt she enjoyed this relationship. It worked for me also and often in a spectacular way. This Nile trip was greatly anticipated, as I knew Jean would be again my close assistant and this trip now is my highlight project of the year.

Jean springs out of the small airport crowd and my reflective daydream abruptly ends. She flattens herself in a full embrace upon me and with feet off the floor I barely have time to let my carryon items drop into an empty chair. As I hold her off the ground, I’m already attempting to erect and she acknowledges this by not only her own teasing pelvic thrust but also a quick hand check, a gentle search and then squeeze. She obviously enjoyed the relationship. I turn to a couple of Egyptian ladies who had remained transfixed on our greeting and I give them a smile and a wink.

After I direct my equipment and luggage sent to the boat we decided to walk to the moorage. We pass hand in hand through the tarmac and after crossing the parking area enter into a nearly deserted beautiful riverside park. It is starting to cool down as we approach the river and walk through the shade of the park vegetation. Her full breasts bounced gently beneath the fabric of her lavender blouse, which was tucked into a long flowing skirt. Jean in her way casually adult hikayeler tells me she is wearing nothing but a skirt and blouse and notes she is already feeling wet with anticipation. I suggested we find a bench out of the main area to check out the actual condition of one another in regard to anticipation. She grinned and asked, “what was the hurry? Don’t you want to get on board and under way so we can look at the wildlife like last trip?” She laughs and says, “remember the fornicating crocodiles we mimicked leaning over the upper rail of the boat?” I reply that the wildlife that would capture my interest right now is right under her skirt and she gazes into my eyes, smiles and squeezes my hand.

The gravel path wound through many types of dense foliage. There were concrete benches set back into the plantings at irregular intervals along the path. This had been an excellent choice as the area appeared deserted and our readiness to have each other. I chose a bench midway along the path that faced in a direction where we could see the river and our boat moorage. We stood close and I raised her skirt. She lifted her leg, putting one foot on the bench beside us. I sat on the bench edge with her lovely pussy inches from my face. She then reached down and using two fingers pulled her inner lips wide apart, opening herself to my eyes, fingers and eventually mouth. I stroked her wiry curls that framed this lovely area and ran a finger lightly over her long inner lips, which protruded slightly. They were an exciting deep rosy pink, slippery and wet.

She reacted with a moan when she felt my warm hands cupping her buttocks and then a loud sigh of pleasure as my tongue moved tenderly around and over her clit. I sucked at it gently. Covering my teeth with my lips I softly squeezed the base of the pulsating bud and flicked my tongue rapidly over the top. She moaned “Oh Lord that’s nice” and held my head for support as her knees grew weak. She pressed herself against my mouth, squirming with pleasure, only to gasp in surprise as my index finger began circling the eager entrance of her vagina. I dipped deeply into her wet warm cavity, coating my fingers with her juices, then withdrew and slowly pushed a finger into her anus. Moving my thumb into her vagina, I gently rubbed thumb and forefinger together. She pressed against me.

I again use my hands to hold here close and continue to circle the soft vaginal lips with my tongue and as she pleaded for more I concentrated my mouth activities on her clitoris. I embrace it with my tongue and suck it with my lips. Jean is now loudly saying “Please! Please baby, please. Dick, I need it” and I could feel her stifle back a scream as I continue to work my mouth on her. “Damn you she cries, “stand up and get that uncut cock into the action, get those pants off”.

I smiled up at her moving my fingers in small circles, sex hikayelerin “Did you want something?
“Give me your cock”, she repeated.

“Right now? Don’t you wish to wait until we get on board the boat?” I said as a tease and without conviction as I was about ready to explode. I was aching from the confinement of my cock. I again placed my mouth on her and using my lips tugged gently at her wet moist pussy lips.

“Don’t tease. God! Don’t make me wait,” she insisted as she pinched her aching nipples through the thin material of her blouse and then my fingers were no longer inflicting their sweet torture as I stand up. Now she was simply standing, empty and trembling while I freed myself from the confines of my jeans.

Back in a sitting position I drew her down to my lap facing me and with both of us aiding in the navigation a perfect alignment was achieved and I could watch the length of my cock disappear into the snug warmth of her pussy. With a sigh of pure pleasure, Jean slid slowly down the shaft until she could hold no more, then spread her pussy lips so that my bushy pubic hair brushed against her swollen clit. She contracted her vaginal lips around me with her cervix bumping onto the exposed head. She then began riding me in earnest, rising slowly, plunging down quickly, over and over.

My hand slips under her blouse, which had freed itself from the skirt and gently seized a nipple. I pinched and pulled at first one then the other as she moved faster on my erect shaft. My pressure is building rapidly. She shook her head, her hair falls over her eyes, and she cried out as the spasms began within her. She thrust and gyrated against me with each shuddering wave. I now released a torrent of my own pent up juices into her as her pussy continued sucking and devouring my very happy cock, milking out each spurt of cum.

She nuzzled against my shoulder as our mutual orgasms faded slowly. Darkness starts to fall and neither of us heard the crunch of gravel on the path until the uniformed park attendant was almost upon them. As he spoke Jean translated into, “‘Scuse me, but you folks’d best be gettin’ on home. We’re fixin’ t’ shut ‘er down on accnt of we cant hav it open at night as the young brats gather here to to smoke and fuck.”

Jean then remarks to the park official, “Thank you Sir, we’ll be right out,” and the attendant left us to rearrange our clothing. While Jean’s skirt covered our major inner action area, which was still in a state of engagement, the pile with my jeans and underwear must have been a clue to our activities. We could care less. We dress, and then make our way smiling and happy toward the felucca which will take us out to the larger upriver “excursion” boat. We are now ready to get on with trip up river and yes even the routine sampling work. But the real effort would be to find interesting things and ways to enjoy each other and this would take some effort as we exhausted most last year.

There will be about one hundred people on board and all probably will have their own story to tell but not like the one Jean and I are likely to create.

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