The New Office GirlThe New Office Girl


I was walking through the offices late one Friday, having finished up on some paperwork. The office cubicles were all empty, or so I thought. I turned off the lights and locked the front door on my way out to my car. I was about to drive off when I saw the silhouetted figure of someone in the office window and suddenly realized I must have turned the office lights off on a co-worker. I started to go back in, when I saw the shapely figure of a young girl appear at the office doors. I watched as she unlocked the doors and then relocked them, walk down the sidewalk and disappear around the corner.I started up my car and drove around the corner of the building just in time to catch a glimpse of her getting into her small sports car. I didn’t recognize her and wondered who my late-night worker was, since I had’t recently hired anyone. I didn’t have to wait long to find out.The next Friday, before turning off the office lights, I wandered through the office cubicles. In the back corner, I found a very attractive worker, still sitting at her computer, entering data. I’m pretty sure I startled her with my, “Hello.”The name tag on her office beylikdüzü escort cubicle read “Melinda”.I quickly apologized for my startling pronouncement and asked if she was going to be working late. She said she was almost done. I offered to stay and walk her out to her car.“It’s a safe office park,” I said, “but I can’t let you walk out alone.”She politely thanked me for the offer and said she was almost finished with her work. I took up a seat opposite of her and pulled out my cell phone. I pretended to be checking email messages and my social media feed, all the while checking her out. She brushed her long brown hair back over her shoulders.Her skirt had a side slit in it that allowed quite a bit of her stockingless leg to show. Her blouse was lose-fitting, except at the chest level, where the buttons seemingly strained to contain her large breasts. She wore a light shade of glossy pink lipstick and her make-up was soft, complimenting her angelic-like features. I looked for a wedding band, but didn’t see one.“Are you new here?” I asked.“Yes,” she replied. She said she had just started a week beylikdüzü escort bayan prior and wanted to make a good impression on her boss.“Who is your boss?” I asked.I was startled when she called out my name. I didn’t know her.“So what do you think about your boss?” I asked.“I haven’t met him yet,” she replied. “Do you know him?”“I’ve met him a time or two,” I replied. “He seems like a good guy, but I hear he is a ladies’ man.”“Yeah,” she replied. “I’ve heard the same thing.”“Really?” I replied. “From who?”“Just office talk amongst the ladies,” she replied.My curiosity was now peaked. I had admired several ladies in the office pool, but never dared to hit on any of them.“So is this boss, like, approachable?” I asked.“I don’t know,” she replied, still typing away while she multi-tasked and chatted with me. “I’m hoping so. I hear he is pretty good looking and a charmer.”“Is he married?” I asked.“I don’t know,” she replied. “Between you and me, I wouldn’t care. I just want him to be impressed enough with my work to keep me around. Anything else, I would consider a fringe benefit.”I was stunned escort beylikdüzü by her honesty.“Please don’t say anything,” she requested.She tuned off her computer and grabbed her purse. As we walked to the front door, I could smell the sweet aroma of her perfume. She stepped out of the darkened office and I walked her to her car, where I wished her a good night.I couldn’t get he off my mind, all weekend. * * * * * * * * * * On Monday morning, I asked Beth, my administrative assistant about the new girl.“She is a good hard worker,” Beth told me. “Have you met her yet?”I told her that I hadn’t, but that I’d like to meet her. Beth called Melinda and told her that I’d like to meet her. I retreated into my corner office, which overlooked the 16th hole of a country club golf course.I had my back to the door when Melinda entered my office. Beth closed the office door behind her. In the reflection of the glass window, I could see her standing nervously in front of my desk.I have a question to ask, I said, without turning around.“Yes sir,” she responded.“Do you prefer full-bottom panties or t-backs?” I asked.I’m sure she heard the question and I’m sure it came as a shock.“Excuse me?” she asked in shock.I turned around, smiling.Her hands immediately went to her mouth, in shock, as she recognized me. She blushed about four shades of red, before stammering out, “I am so embarrassed.”“There is no need to be embarrassed,” I replied.

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