The girl – Book 1 – Chapter 3 – 2/3The girl – Book 1 – Chapter 3 – 2/3


They led her to the workshop trench – a lowering in the floor of the workshop, over which cars are parked for the mechanic to have a better access to the underside.

The trench was wide and made out of concrete. The walls were stained with grease and car oil. A grown man could easily stand in it. The floor was covered with waterproof raisin. In the middle of it, there was a drain, and whole of the floor was slightly angled for the water to gather in the middle and flow towards the drain. Hank led her in front of himself, naked, barefooted, towards the end of the ditch. At one end, there were some stairs, by which they came down. On the other end, there was a concrete wall. But in the wall, at the bottom, there was a cavern. Lower the a table, and deep as a kitchen cupboard.

— “Get in.” — said Hank.

She didn’t even hesitate. She crawled in, on all fours. She was very small, but even for her it was a tight fit. She had to curl up on her knees to not touch the concrete walls.

Sam came soon, carrying a wide grille. It was a nearly perfect match, to the opening. After some handiwork, they closed her in the confined space, with a limited space to move.

They looked at her, naked and curled up behind the metal bars and smiled. As she looked at them like an caged animal, they took out their dicks, aimed, and started to piss on her. She was so surprised, she didn’t have time to hide her face. The warm piss, soaked her face and hair. It landed on her ass, which was sticking out, and flowed between her legs. It dripped to the floor and trickled in a small stream through the middle of the ditch to the drain.

They laughed at her surprised face. Sam covered the hole with a rolling tool box, and they walked away.

She shivered in the dark, wet from the piss. The smell was strong. She sobbed thinking about what she signed herself up to.

She heard some voices above, and when they went quiet, Sam came and moved the toolbox to the side. The sudden light blinded her, but after couple of second she saw that he’s holding a hose. He directed it at her, and opened the valve. She screamed as the cold water hit her skin. He washed her whole, including the hair. By the end, she was shivering. He opened the grille for a second and thrown a dirty rag in. Then he closed her made-shift cage and covered it with the toolbox.

She covered herself with the filthy rug to catch some warmth.

After another client and some talk, everything again went silent. The toolbox was moved, and the cage opened. She looked up and saw Hank holding, what looked like a metal band. She didn’t know it, but it was a pipe clamp.

He pulled her out by the hair. She stood on all fours with her head looking at them. Hank directed her head down so that all her hair would hang down. He took a heavy chain, and threaded the metal band though the last link. Then he closed the pipe clamp around her neck. It was a jubilee type clamp. The one with groves and a screw to tighten. As Hank held the ends in the right place, Sam brought the pneumatic wrench and quickly tighten it. First he made it fit, but then, with another quick push on the valve, he tightened so that it started to choke her.

Hank and Sam laughed as she tried to catch the metal band with her hands, to try to loosen it, coughing. If she wouldn’t be panicking, she would clearly see their dicks rising in their pants. Sam smiled, grabbed her again and tightened the screw even further. The clamp squeezed her throat, and cut off air and the circulation. The girl fell to the ground, frantically trying to grab the metal band with her fingers. She kicked and tumbled on the floor. Her whole head turned red and she could not breath. After having some laughs, Hank placed his heavy shoe on her head to stop her moving, and Sam released the screw a bit. Lilly inhaled quickly, and coughed. She was exhausted.

Sam connected the chain to the bolt in the floor, and Hank thrown the seat piece from the last time in front of her. She looked at is with tired eyes, and then crawled to it. She laid over it on her back and parted her legs.

Without a word, they knelt on both of her ends. Sam moved between her legs, as the last time he wasn’t able to penetrate her. Hank, as in the past, prepared to put his huge cock in her mouth.

— “Fuck, the bitch is already wet.” — said Sam

— “Every bitch gets wet when you chock her right.” — said Hank

— “Wet or dry, it’s one tight cunt.” — he said pushing his dick into her hole — “And it stretches nicely”

When entered her, she gasped and strained. He wasn’t as big as Hank, but still huge compared to her tiny frame. She dropped her head on the other side of the chair, and looked at Hank’s dick just in front of her face. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue to lick his balls. He liked the feeling so he moved his hips forward placing his big testicles over her face. she licked them and sucked. He then moved even further, and she liked all the way below his balls to his anus. He then pushed his ass over her face, as she licked his anus. He groaned and rode her face, until he decided he wanted to place his dick in a warm hole.

He lifted himself off her face, and directed Soğanlık Escort his dick at her mouth. She opened wide.

— “Ask for it.” — he said.

— “Please, sir. Can I give you a blowjob?”

— “It this really what you want?”

— “No, sir.”

— “No?”

— “No. Please, sir.” — she said — “Please fuck my mouth. Fuck my scull. Rape my throat.” — tears started to flow from her eyes — “Dislocate my jaw. Cum in my belly and make me suck you dry.”

— “If you insist.” — said Hank and plunged his cock into her open mouth.

Both of them started to fuck her in unison. She mostly concentrated on catching her breath. It was harder with her metal collar, and the heavy chain pulling on it.

She was in pain every time Sam pushed all the way to the bottom of her vagina. She learned that the ending was called a cervix, and normally the vagina is big enough to accommodate nearly any cock. But she wasn’t that developed yet. “But training makes perfect” she thought to herself.

For now, she enjoyed the mix of pleasure and pain and concentrated back on breathing. After some time, both men started to groan heavily and they came simultaneously filling her stomach and pussy at the same time. Her jaw dislocated again, but it was less painful this time.

After they set her jaw back, they got up and she relaxed on the seat.

— “Thank you, sirs. I hope my holes were good to use.”

— “They will be used a lot today bitch.” — said Sam — “Now, back to your cage.”

She silently crawled back to the cavern in the wall, pulling the chain after her. She laid on her dirty rug, and they closed the metal door and covered it with the toolbox.

Before they closed the store, they pulled her out of her cage two more times.

First time, they made her drink the water from the drain in the floor, and then piss into it. By that time she was hungry but they didn’t gave her anything to eat. Then they ordered her to fuck herself on Hank dick, while he was laying on his back. She straddled him, having her metal collar still attached to the ground with the heavy chain. She had a problem to fit his huge cock in, so she begged him to pull her on it. They teased her, and made her beg and say more and more degrading things, to get Hank do it. She was forced to pinch her nipples, and turn them painfully, before Hank finally grabbed her hips with his huge hands, spread her ass and, with one firm move, impaled her on his cock.

She gasped, as she felt her whole pelvis expand and accommodate the intrusion. Her legs became weak, and she leaned forward, supporting herself with her hands on Hank’s warm chest. She took a couple of breaths, trailing her hands on the firm muscles beneath her. She then lifted herself a bit, and pushed down again. After just a few times, the cock was nearly completely in her. She then lifted a bit, straighten, placed her hands behind her head above the collar, exposing her underdeveloped chest, and closing her eyes. She put all her weight on her pussy. By that time it was well lubricated, so Hank’s cock sank all the way hitting the bottom of her vagina, and causing her to flinch in pain.

For the intense pain somewhere in her belly, she was rewarded with a grunt of satisfaction from Hank. She kept her hands behind her head, and started to lift and lower herself on Hank’s dick, rattling the chain at her neck. She felt her skinny belly lift as it was filled with monstrous cock. When Hank got close to an orgasm, she lowered her hands. First she massaged her small tits erotically, and then she placed her left hand on her right tit, and her right hand lowered onto her belly. She could clearly trace the dick inside her through her skin. She used her hand to grab on the head of his cock every time it was deep in her belly. She could feel some of her organs, being moved, beneath her hand. But through the layers she could clearly feel his cock. As she saw her moves were taking effect on him, she accelerated the pace, and started to wank him off through her skin, every time he was balls deep.

It was so erotically degrading, and perverse, she even forgot about the intense pain it was causing. The moment he came and she felt her tiny womb being filled with streams of hot seed, she also came hard, and collapsed on his chest.

Her rest was short lived, as Sam lifted her head by the hair off Hank’s chest.

— “Nice show, kid.” — he said, grabbing her by the neck and pulling her up.

As she felt his big hand close around her throat, making it hard to breath, she felt like he would rip her head clear off. She grabbed both hands on his arm, and held the weight of her body on her hands, to ease her neck.

He lifted her with one hand, up and off Hank’s cock, with a loud wet sucking noise. Her legs were extremely weak, but they still kicked in the air, as the iron grip on her throat didn’t ease. Sam smiled at her helplessness and then thrown her to the ground.

She landed painfully on the raisin covered concrete, and grabbed her aching throat. As she laid there, she felt her pussy was gaping open, and cum was leaking from it onto the floor.

— “Back to your dog-hole, Escort Soğanlık you filthy bitch.” — Sam barked at her, and she crawled to her make shift cage, still being on the chain.

The second time, it was only Sam. She heard Hank speaking to a client in a distance. Sam grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head, and forced a foamy stress ball in her mouth. It wasn’t big, but compared to her small mouth it was huge. It expanded lips painfully, pushing her jaw to the limits.

When she was gagged, Sam pulled her from her cage, by the chain attached to her metal collar.

— “You should train your mouth with such a ball more often.” — He said, looking at her mouth, forced open. — “Maybe then, Hank would not dislocate your jaw all the time.” — he smiled.

He first allowed her to pee in the drain again, and then he thrown her on the ground, and held her with his knee. Then he tied her hand behind her back with a string. He then stood up, and nodded in the direction of the car seat laying on the ground.

— “Crawl” — he said through his teeth.

She didn’t move. Sam took a long flexible metal rod, and swung it like a riding crop, hitting her side. She cried out into her gag, as it stung like hell. As she still didn’t move, she got two more swats on her ass. The rod didn’t have any protection at the end, and it left scratches on her skin. After four more swats she was crying and gesturing that she will move.

She started to crawl, with her hands tied, over the smooth floor. Soon she tried to get up and continue on her knees, but that just brought few more swats. This time on her chest and back. She laid back, and dragged her naked body on the floor, until she reached the seat.

— “Face down.” — Sam ordered with another swat.

She moved herself like a caterpillar onto the seat, until her face was nearly touching the ground, and her ass was sticking up in the air.

Sam approached her from behind, knelt and pulled out her butt plug. “Fuck, he gonna fuck my ass”, she thought. It’s not like she wasn’t expecting it to happen, she was just surprised it was actually happening.

— “You’ll thank me later for the lube, kid.” — said Sam, covering his dick in some thick grease from a jar. — “Hope you don’t have a lot of shit in, as I will push it all back up.” — he said smiling.

She didn’t. As she learned to give herself an enema, and she did it just before coming to the workshop. He aimed his dick, at her still bit gaping hole, and pushed. Her butt plug made a good work at loosening her sphincter, but it still took a bit of effort to push the cock past it. After that, Sam’s dick sank deep it. Lilly could feel her insides move, as her rectum part of her big large intestine was being straighten and stretched. She hoped nothing will rip up there, as it would be a nightmare to explain.

She felt kind of like other things she pushed in her bum, but larger. A bit also, like having to take the biggest shit of her life. But even this didn’t describe it well, because she felt the dick, deep inside of her tummy, like a hard metal post, shoved inside of her. She was tied, and bent over the seat, not able to do anything, as Sam started to fuck in and out of her ass. He grabbed her tied hands for better support, and fucked hard. The lubrication helped, but still it was rough, and in no way pleasurable. She felt like a thing, with which somebody was pleasuring himself. She didn’t know it would feel like it even more, before the day finished.

She moaned in pain into her gag, as Sam raped her ass with long fast strokes. He wasn’t bothered it was her first time, or that it was painful for her. He even liked it more this way. Finally, he came, pulling her hard by her tied hands, and pumping his cum deep in her belly.

After that, he pulled out, wiped his dick on her ass, then placed it back in his pants. He then lifted her off the seat by the hair, and dragged her on her knees to her cage by the chain. He used another piece of string to tie her elbows together, making her position even more uncomfortable. He then pulled the ball out of her mouth, and closed the metal bars. She flexed her jaw, and mumbled.

— “What?” — he asked, clearly amused her jaw was numb.

— “Thank you.” — she said — “For the lube. Sir.”

— “No problem, kid.” — Sam laughed and covered her with the toolbox.

After they closed the shop, they pulled her again out of her cage. They allowed her to pee, and drink water from a dog bowl.

— “Please. I’m hungry” — She said after filling her first thirst.

— “Are you?” — Said Hank, lifting her face up.

— “Yes. I didn’t eat from the morning.” — she replied.

Hank swung his hand, and slapped her hard across the face. She felt her lip cut on her teeth, and the taste of blood in her mouth. As her hands were still tied, she could not catch her fall, and hit the hard floor.

— “You’re not on vacation, bitch.” — he said, kicking her on her stomach — “Little hunger is good for your figure.”

Sam laughed at the comment as he lifted her again to her knees, and cut her bindings.

Her hands were completely Soğanlık Escort Bayan numb, and it was hard for her to even move them in front of again. She massaged the deep marks, the thin string left on her skin.

— “We have a couple of guys for a poker game tonight.” — said Sam — “So you need to hide and be quiet.”

— “Sir,” — she started afraid to say anything.

— “It’s too late to back out, kid” — said Sam, anticipating her question. — “After they leave, we’ll have some fun with you.”

— “No, sir.” — said Lilly — “I just wondered if I could be of assistance at the poker game?”

— “What you have in mind?” — asked Hank.

— “I can bring beer, make some sandwiches”

— “That would be fun, but I think you look a bit too young” — said Sam — “And we wouldn’t want to risk it.”

Lilly thought about it for a bit and then asked:

— “Maybe I can provide a different type of entertainment?”

They all fell silent for a minute.

— “That is an interesting idea. Maybe they could help with your training.” — said Sam — “I think I even have a perfect thing for that.”

Sam whispered something to Hank’s ear, and Hank nodded. Sam went out of the trench and started to look through some parts. Hank approached her and covered her mouth with duct-tape. He then massaged her chest and pinched her nipple with a smile.

Sam came half carrying, half pulling a weird looking metal frame into the trench. He placed it in the middle and smiled at Lilly. It was a thing, looking a bit like a thin and long saddle. Much like a pommel horse she had at her school, but a bit more narrow, and lower. And made of metal.

They placed a big barrel in front of the frame, and bent Lilly over the horse, onto the barrel. They secured her legs wide to the frame, with duct-tape, and then tied her hands hugging the barrel. Her chest was pushed to the cold metal, and her ass was lifted in the air, both holes fully exposed. Her chain was secured short to the end of the barrel. When they were happy with their handiwork, they pushed the barrel and the frame, to the end of the ditch, and walked away.

After some time, with some noise of a saw working, they came back, carrying a big wooden crate with a hole in it. They lifted it over her and covered her, so that her ass and the frame was outside, and her torso and head, were in darkness of the crate.

— “Have fun, cum-dump” — said Sam, when they were closing her.

After that, Sam and Hank welcomed their friends for the game. When all three arrived they introduced them to the entertainment for the evening.

— “You said she was petite, but this is really tiny” — said a voice behind her.

— “Yeah, she’s small and skinny, but she loves a fat cock.” — said Sam, and they all laughed.

— “So you say, she’s getting off on it?” — said another voice.

— “Yeah. She likes to be fucked by complete strangers.” — explained Sam — “Especially when she doesn’t see them.”

— “That’s one fucked up slut.”

— “Yeah. Complete slut.” — Said Sam — “And she likes it up the ass, also.”

— “Oh, is that right?” — said the unknown voice — “Nice. My wife doesn’t even want to hear about anal.”

— “The bitch loves anal.” — Sam smiled.

— “I bet she likes to suck cock, also.” — said another voice.

— “I bet she does, but not today.”

— “You think this crate could not be opened?” — said the voice.

— “Take what is on the display, or beat it.” — said Hank with his strong voice.

— “Man. All right.” — said the voice — “No peeking into the box. I get it.”

They all went up the stairs and started playing. Whenever anyone of them had the urge, they would come down into the trench, and fuck her pussy or ass. Thankfully they used the grease from the jar, because she would quickly become dry. Not that it would stop them.

As she was completely immobilized, she felt like a real cum-dump. The men were only coming to fuck one of her holes, and deposit seed in it. Her ass was directed up, the cum didn’t drip out, but rather gathered in her belly. She felt degraded by being used like that by complete strangers. These men used her most intimate parts and she even didn’t see their faces. She felt available. She felt cheap.

After the guests left, they lifted the box. Hank unstrapped her from her frame, and she collapsed to the ground. Sam opened a can of dog food and emptied it on the floor. Lilly started to craw towards it.

— “Stop.” — said Hank, and she stopped in her tracks. — “Squat over it.”

She crawled on all fours to the dog food, and then lifted herself to a squat, and hovered over the food. She started to drip immediately.

— “Push out the cum.”

She placed her hands on her belly, and flexed her muscles to push as much cum as she could from her two orifices.

— “Now, eat.”

She went on all fours.

— “No hands.”

She didn’t care. She was so hungry, she would eat anything and in any way they would order her. She licked the food with the cum, hungrily from the floor, until the last drop. It wasn’t filling, but at least it was something.

— “Back to your hole.” — said Sam.

She crawled back to her small cavern.

— “Sweet dreams.” — laughed Sam, throwing her the filthy rug, closing the bars and covering her with the toolbox.

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