First Couple Ch. 03First Couple Ch. 03


I took a bit of a break from writing, but had to come back to this series. If you enjoyed the first two experiences with Sarah, hopefully you’ll love this. Thanks to the reader who recommended the idea of the two women helping a virgin with his first time…

“Here I am again,” Sarah said to herself, looking in the mirror. She didn’t think after two times at the house she would be considered a regular, but this was definitely becoming a habit. The couple she had been with both times, including with her friend Jenny the last time, had a very special request. She had said yes, but she was a little nervous now that it was almost here.

Brian and Melissa had a nineteen-year old son who was a virgin, and they wanted to make sure his first time was something to remember. Sarah couldn’t have imagined her parents setting up her first time, but then again her parents wouldn’t be caught dead at a swingers club either!

“Ugh,” Sarah said. She didn’t want to even think about her parents like that. Obviously Brian and Melissa were a different kind of parent. So they requested her and Jenny together for their son.

Knowing this would be his first time, Sarah felt a little pressure. She wanted this to be a great memory. She had prepared carefully, fully shaving her pussy so it was soft and bare, and using her favorite lilac-smelling lotion everywhere. Sarah had on some black lace panties with matching bra, and of course thigh highs. She wasn’t even going to bother dressing, but would throw a coat on over the whole works. She figured Jenny would do the same. She shrugged on her coat as she heard the knock on her door. Sarah opened the door to see her friend Jenny leaning against the door.

“So, are we ready to make this kid’s year,” Jenny smiled.

Sarah just pulled her coat open so Jenny could get an eyeful, then pulled it closed, and started buttoning it. “How’s this?”

“Wow babe, you look like a teenage boy’s wet dream. He won’t know what hit him,” Jenny said smiling.

“And you?” Sarah asked.

“Well, I have my own bag of tricks,” Jenny said, pulling open her wraparound dress. Under the dress she was completely naked except for a very small red thong and tassels covering her nipples. She pulled her dress closed and tied it on the side. “I figured I would channel my inner stripper.”

Sarah was speechless at her friend’s sexy body. She just pushed Jenny out and shut and locked the door behind them.

When they arrived at the now familiar house in the country, it didn’t seem quite as busy, with only a few cars parked out front. They headed in, not knocking at the front door, but walking right in. It was pretty quiet, and as they headed down the hall into the living room, there were only a few couples in the room. They saw Brian and Melissa, and headed straight to them. They greeted each other with hugs.

“I’m so glad you agreed to do this,” Brian said. “I remember how awful and awkward my first time was, fumbling around in the backseat, not knowing what the hell I was doing. I want Jeremy to have it better.”

“If you don’t mind my asking,” Sarah said, “how did he feel about this?”

“Well, we’ve always been pretty open in our house about sex and the body,” Melissa said. “So we knew he hadn’t slept with any of his girlfriends. At first he just wasn’t ready, and then when he thought he was, he mentioned to us that he wished his first time could be with someone older. We talked to him about our idea, and after he thought about it for a bit, he said yes.”

“Who could turn down a chance to be with two sexy women for their first time,” Brian added, smiling. “And from personal experience, I know you two will give him a night he’ll never forget.”

“Ok then, that’s all settled,” Jenny said. “Where is the birthday boy?”

“Upstairs in the bedroom, our regular one.”

“Ready?” Jenny asked, turning to Sarah.

Sarah took a deep breath. “Yeah, let’s go.”

“Have fun girls,” said Melissa, putting her arm around her husband.

Sarah and Jenny headed down the hall and up the stairs. They stopped in front of the bedroom door. Jenny whispered to Sarah, “We didn’t even ask for a picture”.

Sarah responded, “C’mon, he came from those parents. He is bound to be good looking. But, how do we start?”

Jenny paused, and then said, “I say we wing it.”

Sarah nodded, and reached for the door handle. They opened the door, and cautiously stepped in. The saw a tall man standing facing the window, and shut the door behind them with a click. He turned around.

Sarah and Jenny both gasped at the same time. They were both wondering how on earth he could have made it nineteen and still been a virgin. Jeremy was probably an inch or two taller than his father, soft wavy blond hair falling over his forehead, with his dad’s piercing blue eyes. bursa escort He had an athletic build, which showed through in his low-slung jeans and fitted t-shirt.

Jenny pulled herself together first, walking toward him. “You must be Jeremy.”

“I am,” he said responded. He was smiling, and spoke with a soft gentle voice.

“I’m Jenny, and this is Sarah.”

“Good to meet you,” he answered politely.

Sarah’s stomach was in knots. This whole situation was a little weird, and she didn’t know what to do, so she took a deep breath, unbuttoned her coat, and dropped it to the floor. She kicked her shoes off, leaving her standing there in only her bra, panties, and thigh highs. Jeremy and Jenny were both staring at her.

“Way to get things started,” Jenny said, following suit by opening her dress and throwing it on a chair. She also stepped out of her shoes. Having sex in stilettos might look good in a porn movie, but in real life, it was just uncomfortable. Since she was closer to Jeremy, she grabbed his hand, and pulled him over toward the bed. She reached over to untuck his shirt from his jeans, pull it over his head and off.

“Nice chest,” Jenny said, as she ran her fingers through his soft chest hair that tapered down his stomach. Her hand followed the path down to the top of his jeans, and she quickly unzipped them. She turned to Sarah, and beckoned her to join them.

Sarah quickly walked over to the couple by the bed. She put her hand on Jenny’s chin, and turned her toward her. She leaned over to place a deep kiss on Jenny’s mouth, while her hand joined Jenny’s, caressing Jeremy’s strong chest. She pulled away from Jenny and turned toward Jeremy. She placed her hands around his neck, and stood on her toes, bringing her mouth to his. First she placed a gentle, whisper-soft kiss on his lips, then opening her mouth, slightly, she felt him open to her in response, their tongues touching. Sarah’s body was pressed against him. She literally started to feel dizzy from the passion in their kiss, along with the feeling of his hard body against her soft one, and she pushed away from him.

“Wow,” Jenny sighed. “That was really hot you two. Let me see what I can do.” Jenny leaned over, stuck out her tongue, and started circling around one of Jeremy’s nipples, and then the other, until they were small hard points. He must have liked it, because he closed his eyes and brought his hand up to the back of Jenny’s head.

When Jenny pulled back, she was licking her lips. “I think our boy likes what we are doing so far, from the bulge I see in those jeans.” She reached out to press her hand against the crotch of his jeans. He moaned, looking down at her hand on him.

“Yeah,” said Sarah, “we better get those off.”

The two women moved to either side of Jeremy and pulled his jeans down from the waistband, then dropped to their knees, pulling the pants off completely as he stepped out of them. He was left only in a pair of white Jockey’s, the front bulging out from his swollen cock. Sarah and Jenny looked at each other, and reached back up simultaneously to grab the top of his underwear and pull them down. As soon as they were yanked down, his hard 8 1/2″ cock sprang out, free of constraint.

“My, my,” said Jenny. “Like father like son it would appear.” She stood up, and pushed at Jeremy to sit down on the bed. As he did, Sarah pulled the shorts all the way off. She was directly in front of his cock, so didn’t hesitate, but took the shaft in both hands, and leaned in to lick him from base to tip from underneath. Jeremy moaned louder this time, his eyes closing. Sarah looked up at him as she took his head in her mouth, and started gently sucking. His already hard cock grew thicker and longer.

Meanwhile Jenny sat on the bed next to Jeremy and started kissing his neck up to his ear. She flicked the sensitive lobe with her tongue, and then sucked it into her mouth. She whispered in his ear, “How does it feel having two women pleasure you?”

Jeremy opened his eyes, looking down at Sarah, his cock filling her mouth, her head bobbing up and down on him. “It feels a lot better than me jacking myself off.”

Jenny chuckled, “I certainly hope so.” She took one of his large hands in hers, “You do have nice big hands, I’m sure we can put them to use.” She guided his right hand over to her left breast. He cupped it gently, and when Jenny pulled the tassle off, he leaned over to put the nub in his mouth, tongue rapidly circling the hardening orb.

Sarah looked up at her friend’s nipple in Jeremy’s mouth, and felt her pussy spasm. She was so horny; her body was practically throbbing with need. She lowered one of her hands from his cock, and started caressing her wet pussy through her panties. She needed more. Sarah pulled off his cock malatya escort and stood up, reaching behind her to unhook her bra, and pulled it off, dropping it on the floor. Then she slid her panties down, and kicked them to the side, leaving her only in thigh-high stockings.

Jeremy pulled off of Jenny’s aching nipple, and looked up as Sarah, standing directly in front of him. He reached out, placing his hands on Sarah’s waist, pulling her closer. She leaned over placing her hands on his strong shoulders. Jeremy took one of Sarah’s hard nipples in his mouth, sucking gently, and then moved to the other. He had a breast supported in each hand, as he moved back and forth, sucking the nipples to swollen aching points.

Jenny moved on the bed, on her knees, behind Jeremy, pressing her body against his back, looking at Sarah, whose eyes were closed in pleasure. Jenny’s arms were around Jeremy, caressing his chest, while her small hard breasts dug into his back.

Sarah’s nipples were so hard and sensitive from all his mouthplay, and she pulled her upper body back, and her nipple popped out of his mouth. He looked up at her, hands still on her breasts.

“Jeremy,” Jenny purred in his ear. “Have you ever licked a woman’s pussy?”

“No,” he responded breathlessly.

“Then I think it’s time, don’t you Sarah?”

“Oh yeah, maybe you should show him how it’s done.” Sarah pulled from his grasp, and then crawled on the bed, moving to lay on her back, legs open, wet pussy exposed and ready.

“Let me show you what to do,” Jenny said, moving to lie between Sarah’s thighs. “Come here next to me so you get a good view. I do want to be a good teacher.” Jeremy lay on the bed on his side next to Jenny.

Jenny took one hand and pulled Sarah’s pussy lips apart. “Well, someone is already so wet. Can you see everything Jeremy?”

“Yes,” Jeremy said, biting his lip. Jenny grabbed one of his hands and brought it to Sarah’s waiting lips.

“Feel her pussy with your finger, feel how turned on she is.” Jeremy’s middle finger slid down her slit, gliding along her moist skin.

“Now, taste her from your finger.” He pulled his finger away, and put it in his mouth, sucking off Sarah’s juices.

“Taste good?”

“Mmmm”, was all he responded.

“Just wait,” Jenny said. “Watch and learn.” Jenny leaned in and licked Sarah’s slit up and down, where Jeremy’s finger had just been. She pulled away, licking her lips. “Delicious.” She looked over to see Jeremy staring at Sarah’s pussy. She smiled at his open desire.

“Now I usually like to start by kissing and licking the outside lips, and work my way in,” Jenny said, before moving back in. She softly kissed Sarah’s pussy lips, and then stuck her tongue out and began licking her outer puffy lips, before sticking her tongue inside.

Sarah was wiggling underneath her, pushing her hips up against Jenny’s face.

Jenny pulled off her again. With Sarah’s lips still spread, she used a finger on her other hand to flick Sarah’s clit softly. Sarah jerked up against the sensation, moaning.

“Do you know what this is Jeremy?”

“Her clit,” he said, voice deep.

“Good. This is the key to pleasing a woman. After you play with the rest of her, and she’s nice and juicy, you go in for the kill.” With that she kissed Sarah’s swollen clit, and then started to suck on the sensitive nub, while she stuck two curled fingers inside, finger fucking her.

Sarah whimpered as she ground her hips against Jenny’s face, pushing up against the building pressure. She let out a small scream as she came, covering Jenny’s face with her juices. Sarah had closed her eyes unconsciously as she orgasmed, and once her pulse slowed, she opened them back up to look fondly down at Jenny, lying there. “That was great.” She looked over at Jeremy. “Do you think you can go down on Jenny and make her come?”

“Uh-huh,” he answered, licking his lips.

“Good, but it looks like you are about to burst, so let’s take care of you first. Lay on your back.”

Jeremy rolled over, hard cock pointing up.

Sarah and Jenny moved to either side of him on the bed. Jenny took his head in her mouth while working his shaft with her hands, bobbing up and down and rubbing in circles. Sarah moved down to his large swollen ball sac, kissing and licking. After everything that had already happened, Jeremy was ready to blow, so after only a few minutes of attention from Sarah and Jenny, he was there. As Sarah moved up to flick the tip of his cock with her tongue, and Jenny started to work up the shaft, he exploded with several long bursts of cum, landing on Sarah’s face, Jenny’s face, and on his stomach.

Jenny and Sarah started lapping up every drop until they had cleaned him up.

“That was quite a load,” Jenny çanakkale escort said. “I think it’s my turn now. I need to come so bad.” She lay back on the bed, opening her legs wide in anticipation.

Sarah moved off the bed. “Jeremy, time to see how much you learned. Let’s see if you can make Jenny come so hard she screams.”

“I am so ready,” Jenny moaned, reaching down to give her own pussy a rub.

Jeremy sat up, and moved to lie between Jenny’s legs. He tentatively reached out to caress Jenny’s wet cunt.

“That’s it, don’t be shy. Jenny can take it,” Sarah encouraged.

Jeremy leaned in and lapped at Jenny’s juicy pussy, licking her lips, and slipping his tongue inside. He moved up to suck her clit, and Jenny started pushing up hard, while reaching down to press his head down on her. He slipped two fingers inside her as he sucked harder on her clit. Jenny came hard, spurting on his face, a small scream escaping her mouth. He didn’t want to stop, and kept on sucking her clit, fingers continuing to work in and out, until Jenny had a second, even stronger orgasm, her body frozen in ecstasy.

When he pulled back and sat up on the bed, Sarah dropped to her knees between his legs.

“You are a quick learner. That looked incredible.”

“It was,” Jenny moaned from where she lay on the bed, unable to move.

“Looks like it got you excited too,” Sarah said, grabbing his hardening cock in her hand. “Let me get you ready, and then I want you to fuck me. I’ve only had one orgasm, and I want another.” She took his head into her mouth with a slurp, and used both hands on his shaft, rotating her hands around him, until he was hard and throbbing.

“You just stay there, and let me do the work for now,” Sarah said. She stood up facing him, spread her legs, and grabbed his cock. She lowered herself on him, slipping his cock inside her wet pussy, until he was fully inside her. Jeremy put his hands on her hips unconsciously, to pull her down even harder.

“That’s right baby,” Sarah groaned. “Help me fuck you.” She wrapped her legs around him, and began pumping back and forth, up and down. “Oh god, you are filling me up. Your cock feels so good inside me.”

Jenny finally managed to move, and she sat up, looking at the show in front of her. “I think Jeremy should fuck you from behind, so I can lick your pussy.”

Sarah paused, looking down at Jeremy. “I like the sound of that.” She pulled off of Jeremy, and moved next to him on her knees, legs spread. “Fuck me,” she panted, turning her head to look back at him.

Jeremy stood up, got behind Sarah, lined his cock up with her pussy entrance, grabbed her hips, and slammed all the way in, pushing the wind out of her. He stayed there, buried inside Sarah, as Jenny arranged herself so her face was directly under Sarah’s cock-filled pussy, with her pussy under Sarah’s head. She held Sarah’s waist and put her head up to suck on her clit, as Jeremy started pounding into her from behind.

Sarah could hardly catch her breath, from the multiple sensations assaulting her body, but seeing Jenny’s wet lovely pussy under her, she had to dip her head to lap at her pussy lips.

For several moments there were no sounds except the slapping of Jeremy’s balls, the slurping sounds from cunts being sucked and licked, and an occasional moan of desire from one of the three.

Jeremy let out a deep groan as his balls tightened, and he started to come in Sarah’s pussy, continuing to thrust in and out, until every drop had been milked out of him. As Sarah felt the first blast of his hot cum in her, she slipped over the edge, moaning in orgasm against Jenny’s pussy.

Sarah suddenly sucked hard and fast on Jenny’s clit in the throes of her climax, and Jenny felt her pussy throb, as she came again against Sarah’s face.

Jeremy pulled out his softening cock out, causing a combination of their juices to roll down her thighs. Sarah and Jenny both collapsed on the bed. Jeremy pushed in between them, pulling the women up alongside him, an arm around each, their heads resting on his heaving chest.

“Well,” Jenny said softly, stroking one of his nipples. “I hope we gave you a first time you’ll remember.”

“I will NEVER forget tonight,” Jeremy replied softly. He kissed each woman on the head, and lay back exhausted.

“I don’t think we will either,” said Sarah, reach over to caress her friend’s cheek.

All three drifted off to sleep, wrapped in each other’s arms in the bed, exhausted and satisfied.

A short time later, the door opened, and Melissa and Brian slipped in, gazing on their sleeping son and the women.

“Looks like they had a good time,” Brian said.

“Yeah, you had a great idea hon,” Melissa said. She grabbed a blanket off the chair, and covered the sleeping threesome on the bed.

“Let them sleep, they probably need it.”

“Our son satisfied two women until they all passed out, on his first time. He’s definitely your son,” Melissa joked.

“Well, let’s go into another bedroom and I’ll show you where he got those talents from,” Brian smiled back at her. They left the room, shutting the door quietly behind them.

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