New Roomie Pt. 16New Roomie Pt. 16


This is a fictional multi-part story of how my girlfriend’s friend turns out to be an anal slut and our numerous adventures together as she becomes my roomie for six weeks. This story contains blowjob, butt plugs, anal play, assfucking and cheating.

You can go from here or read the series where Rachel and I have all sorts of dirty things going on. If you’re under 18, please close this site and leave. Note: English is not my first language so please excuse any mistakes and let me know if you’ve enjoyed it and whether I should continue.


The next morning, I woke up early after a good night’s sleep.

First thing, I texted Rachel which was still asleep in her room:

“Morning you little anal slut! Put in the large pink plug for today, but don’t touch yourself and don’t cum!” I instructed her.

“Okay” was all she replied a few minutes later.

I showered, put on my best suit and went to the kitchen to get a coffee.

Then, Rachel appeared in the kitchen too, her face showing deep sexual frustration.

“Good morning, how did you sleep?” I teased her.

She came closer to me and whispered:

“Terrible, I need a cock in my ass soon, please…” she begged.

“Soon” I coldly responded. “But now, show me your little secret, Rachel!” I commanded her.

She turned around, exposing her nice butt in her beige work shorts, unzipped them and slid them down over her ass, exposing a tiny black thong, holding her pretty plug in place.

Then, she started to pull on her plug, moaning slightly as she got more eager and wanted to pull harder on the plug.

“Stop, don’t fuck your ass with it you slut, only show it to me!” I dominantly instructed.

Frustrated again, she let go off her plug and spread her ass cheeks with her hands, showing her plugged ass to me.

“Good, get dressed again, we need to go!” I said.

On the way to Rachel’s office, we were silent mostly and I could feel how desperately she needed to get her ass fucked.

As we arrived in the office premises of her firm, the general manager greeted me, and we went inside a big conference room.

I excused Rachel and I and we went to look for Michelle, who was sitting at her desk, blue light pants on as instructed.

I told them both to follow me and soon found a secluded little meeting room and went inside.

“Both of you, bend over the table, pull down your pants and show your pretty asses to me!” I instructed.

They followed my instructions and soon I was looking at two hot business women, exposing their slutty asses to me, both plugged with the same large plugs.

I removed Michelle’s plug first and lined my cock up straight to her ass and started to push my entire length into her butt.

“Rachel, pull out your plug and put it on the table,” I asked her.

She did and soon two plugs were lying on the table in front of Vanessa which now had my cock deep inside her ass, panting in anticipation.

I told Rachel to sit in the chair and watch but told her she’s wasn’t allowed to touch herself.

Finally, I placed my hands on Michelle’s ass and started to thrust in and out, giving her the full length.

“Uh, yes, fffuck, uh!” she was moaning.

Rachel was sitting there, frustrated looking at the assfucking in front of her.

As I was cumming closer to my relief, I grabbed Michelle’s hair and drilled her ass hard, looking at Rachel the whole time until I pumped her ass full of my cum.

I took both the plugs inside my pocket trousers, pulled up Michelle’s pants and gave her a sharp slap on her ass.

“Ok girls, let’s hit the meeting!” I smilingly said.

Both now super confused, Michelle trying to keep my cum inside her ass without the plug, Rachel even more frustrated.

We went into the big conference room, Michelle walking funnily as she was pressing her ass shut for the cum not to leak out.

In the conference room, Rachel set up the video call and now it was me, Rachel and Michelle in the room, and a few other people over the video call. The meeting started fine, we progressed well and at some point, I texted Rachel to get under the table and lick Michelle’s pussy and ass and once she’d be done, show me my cum in her mouth.

Rachel, shocked at first, stood up and moved away from the video camera. Once not visible through the video call, she dropped to the floor and disappeared under the table.

Michelle looked confused as she was presenting the slides but soon her face showed deep arousal and she stuttered her text as Rachel began to lick her pussy under the table.

Michelle’s cheeks got red, her breathing became quicker and the people in the virtual meeting asked whether she was ok.

I picked up from there and did the presentation myself, looking at Michelle’s deeply aroused face. Finally, she sunk further into her chair, giving Rachel better access to her cum filled ass.

A few minutes later, I saw Michelle putting her hand over her mouth, apparently having a hard orgasm from Rachel’s pussy and asslicking, bahis siteleri shaking a bit in her seat.

Then, as I finished talking, a guy in Sao Paulo took over and started to talk, which gave me a break to continue my little anal game.

Rachel appeared under the desk near me, showing her cum covered face, sticking out her tongue with my spunk on it from Michelle’s ass, still that needy look on her face.

I nodded and she swallowed what was in her mouth, leaving the rest of the cum sticking on her face.

I whispered to her to get on all fours facing Michelle’s direction and as she did, I squatted behind her, my arms and upper body still on the table, participating in the conference.

Rachel undid my pants and soon, I felt her tight ass being pushed on my cock.

Ahh, it felt amazing, I thought, hardly able to concentrate on the meeting.

Then, Rachel started to impale herself on my cock, pushing back and forth in doggy style position under the table.

As expected, she got really desperate and picked up the pace, relentlessly fucking her ass on my dick under the table, releasing muffled moans.

“Mhhm, fff, ahh, uhhhh, uhhh,” she moaned, cupping her mouth with her hand and soon I felt her ass muscles clench around my cock as she had a huge orgasm, squeaking high pitched voices under the table.

The audience went silent and asked whether the connection was ok, while I spurted my load deep into Rachel’s desperate asshole.

I instructed Rachel to get fully dressed and sit next to me as I saw Michelle lowering herself down under the table.

As Rachel picked up the presentation, visibly relieved from her much-needed ass fuck, Michelle crawled over and soon was bobbing on my cock straight from Rachel’s ass.

“Mhhmpf, mhhmpf, mhhmpf,” she was appreciatively slurping away on my cock.

I told Rachel to go and explain the chart on the wall and in shock, she slowly stood up,went over to the flip chart and started to speak as one of the video attendees mentioned that she had something creamy on her lips.

I smirked, pushing Michelle’s head deep on my cock, her making gagging noises all over the meeting room.

Rachel scooped away my cum and put it in her mouth, continuing to speak as I asked her to show another chart as well.

She turned around, exposing her fit butt in beige trousers to the audience, a damp spot right on her ass, my cum apparently leaking out from her used asshole.

The audience went silent and some of the people had knowing smirks on their faces, Rachel totally embarrassed by the situation.

Finally, when the conference call was over, the local head in Vancouver, Mary, asked to stay on line while everyone else was disconnecting.

I looked at her through the screen, long blond hair, nice full red lips and a killer cleavage, my cock got even harder in Michelle’s mouth.

“Good, now that we’re alone,” she started “I want to see your ass Rachel!” she commanded. “Get on the table and spread your cheeks in the camera!” again she dominantly instructed.

Rachel, horrified now, did as she was told, got on her fours on the table and slid her pants down over her ass and spread her ass cheeks, exposing her used asshole to Mary.

Mary smirked and nodded: “I thought so, you nasty little ass whore!” she smirked satisfied.

“Now, Michelle, I want to see your ass too!” she asked dominantly.

Michelle followed Rachel on the table and too exposed her used hole to Mary.

“Another anal whore,” she commented.

“Michelle, I want you to lick Rachel’s ass clean and Rachel, give Mr Davies my best wishes!” she smirked.

Rachel immediately crawled to the head of the table, her ass still pointing into the camera. Michelle got behind her and started to make out with her cum covered ass, Rachel moaning loudly, while unzipping my pants.

She then reached for my cock and started to bob up and down on it, giving me ‘best wishes’ from Mary.

Uhh, that was hot, I thought.

That milf was now looking at Michelle’s ass, Michelle licking Rachel’s asshole, cleaning up my cum and Rachel giving me a blowjob while I was standing in front of her looking at Mary on the screen.

Mary was now pinching her right nipple, the other hand rumbling about in her pants which we couldn’t see because of the camera view.

“Mary, do you have a butt plug at hand?” I smirked at the video conference.

“Oh, no, not present with me” she replied with an aroused look on her face.

“Next week, I’m going to visit your office, I need a marketing plan in Canada too” I hissed while Rachel was eagerly sucking me off.

“Please make sure to be plugged once I arrive!” I said to the blond bombshell milf on the screen.

She smirked at me, got on her knees in her chair and presented her firm ass in tight jeans to the screen.

“Sure, Mr. Davie’s,” looking back over her shoulder at me, unbuttoning her jeans. As she slid down her jeans, I noticed no panties.

“You’re a dirty girl, Mary,” I teased.

“Yes, I am,” she replied, sucking two canlı bahis siteleri of her fingers with her mouth, then pressing both of them inside her shapely butt, inhaling deeply at the intruder.

After she fucked her ass a bit with her fingers, she grabbed her purse and presented a thick black dildo into the screen.

“Now, what do you think Mr. Davies, would you like to fuck my ass through the video conference?” smirking back at me.

“That’s a wonderful idea!” I applauded.

As if they knew all about this, Michelle turned around facing the video screen, Rachel followed and as she started to lick Michelle’s ass, I pointed my cock at her anus and pushed.

Simultaneously, Mary aligned her big dildo onto her ass and started to push, letting out a deep grunt while accepting the rubber dick inside her ass.

“Uh, yes, Mr. Davies, fuck my slutty ass!” she moaned. I picked up the pace, feeling Rachel’s anal hole around my shaft, looking at the milf on the screen fucking her ass, imagining it was me.

Mary started to cheer me up, asking to fuck her ass harder and deeper.I complied, and Rachel was grunting deeply while licking her friends ass.

It was such a nasty scene and soon I was ready to shoot. “Mary, I’m close, where do you want my cum?” I asked, almost cumming in Rachel’s ass.

“Cum in my ass!” she shouted, being close to an orgasm herself.

Then, with one thrust, I sunk into Rachel’s ass and filled her up with my load, when Mary started shaking with her dildo in her ass and had a hard orgasm.

Once we all relaxed, I took one of the plugs from my pockets, and waived it at Mary.

“See Mary, that’s why they’re so handy!” I smirked and Mary was looking jealously, when I started to seal my load in Rachel’s ass.

“Next week, I’ll seal you up too!” I grinned.

We all got dressed, I said good bye to Mary, and we agreed to meet the next week in her office in Vancouver.

We left the conference room and agreed to meet back at my place in the evening and I left and drove to my office.

Once there, I saw Linda, dressed classy as usual, sitting at her place, smiling at me as I entered the floor.

Without saying anything, I walked over to her drawer, opened it and found her cum soaked panties lying there, not the same way they were place last night along with her little princess plug.

I wonder what she does with them, I thought, took the plug out and closed the drawer.

Linda embarrassedly looked at me and I simply placed the plug in front of her and said:

“Put that in,” and walked inside my office.

Linda disappeared into the toilets and a few minutes later returned to her desk, her cheeks reddish, walking funnily and sat down, closing her eyes as the plug pushed further inside her little ass.

I smirked inside and started to book my trip to Vancouver for the next week, thinking about that bombshell milf’s ass which I was going to plow good.

About an hour later, Linda knocks on my door and enters. “Mr. Davies, Ms. Summers is here to see you” with a subtle grin.

“Let her in, thanks,” I simply answered.

Ann appeared in the door, wearing a tight beige pencil skirt, white shirt and again her thick framed glasses. Her dark full hair again pinned up making her look like a serious business woman.

She closed the door behind her and dropped straight to her knees, crawling to my direction seductively, waiving her full ass in her tight skirt.

Once her face appeared in my lap, she started to undo my pants caressed my dick with her red lips.

“Uhhh, that feels great!” I panted. As Ann started to suck me needy, I put Michelle’s large pink plug on the table.

Once my cock was rock hard, she looked at me desperately and said:

“Now, I need your cock in my ass, now!”

“Crawl over to the middle of the office, stick your sexy butt out and pull up your skirt!” I instructed.

She obeyed and shortly after, a beautiful classy milf was sticking her plugged ass out to me facing the sofa’s in the corner, her skirt pulled up to her waist, panties around her knees.

I picked up the phone and had Linda on the line:

“Linda, would you be so kind and assist me with taking notes of the meeting?” I asked.

Ann looked surprised but soon gave me a devilish grin.

As Linda entered, she froze at the sight of this beautiful woman in doggy position in the middle of my office.

“Go sit on the couch Linda,” I asked her.

I stood up, took Michelle’s large plug and went over to Linda and placed the plug close to her on the couch, giving her a deep, intense look.

She gazed on the large plug, almost a terrified look on her face as I got back up and stopped behind Ann.

Slowly, I pulled on her plug, her letting out slight moans with each pull.

As it popped out of Ann’s ass, I gave it to Ann, who immediately put it in her mouth, looking at Linda the whole time.

Linda’s eyes showed a very horny look as Ann was sucking on her butt plug.

I squatted down and pointed my dick at Ann’s back entrance, canlı bahis not breaking the look from Linda.

Slowly, I pressed my cock inside her ass and Ann, looking at Linda released a deep growl:

“Ahhhhh, fuuuck, yes!” she exhaled, Linda looking fascinated at the scene.

“Linda, put your little princess plug in your mouth,” I instructed while withdrawing my cock from Ann’s ass slowly.

Linda pulled up her skirt over her hips and dropped her red thong to the floor, starting to remove her plug from her ass, putting it in her mouth reluctantly first, getting more eager over time, now sucking it like a cock.

“Please!” Ann moaned, my dick fully buried in her ass, resting in place.

“Please what?” I asked, slowly withdrawing my cock again from her ass.

“Please, I’m begging you, fuck me!” she begged desperate.

Looking directly into Linda’s eyes, I placed my hands on Ann’s ass and started to fuck her rhythmically but slowly.

“Uhh, uhh, fuuuck, yes, harder, harder, please!” Ann enjoying the ass fuck, still too slow for her needs.

“Please, fuck me faster, please, ahh, yes, fuck, fuck, fuck” she released as I picked up my pace slightly.

“Linda, try the other plug on your little hole!” I said, as I buried my cock deep inside Ann’s ass again.

“Ahh, fuck, fuck, yes, fuck me, harder, ah, uh, fuck, fffuuuck” Ann moaned, while watching Linda lubing the large plug with her mouth.

I stopped the fucking and Ann immediately got desperate:

“Please, don’t stop, fuck me, I need it, I need it so badly,” she whined, pulsing her ass on my cock, trying to push herself on and off my cock.

“Ann, I will fuck your ass hard once Linda has her plug fully inside her tight little hole” I teased.

Linda froze, the plug in front of her mouth, dripping with saliva.

“Common girl, put it in, I need him to fuck my ass!” Ann shouted at my assistant.

Linda now intimidated by Ann’s need for me to fuck her up the ass hardly, quickly got on her knees on the couch and started to push the large plug in her ass.

“Ahhhhhh” she sharply exhaled, trying to fit the big plug in her tight asshole.

“Common girl, push it in, I need him to fuck me badly!” Ann cheered.

“Ahhh, it’s so big…” Linda panted, still trying to press the plug inside her ass, my cock buried deep inside Ann’s ass, not moving.

“Push it in now you little slut, I fucking need my butt plowed!” Ann now angrily hissed at her.

Linda pushed, her eyes closed, her face in discomfort, when suddenly it popped through her sphincter and her butt sucked it in completely.

“Uhhhhh” Linda moaned relieved.

“Good girl, now fuck my ass, please,” Ann begged.

I grabbed Ann by her hips and started to move in and out of her ass, thrusting hard back into her each time burying my cock in Ann’s ass fully.

“Uh, yes, yes, yes, dammit, fuck, fuck me, harder, harder, yes, like that, don’t stop…” Ann panted breathlessly.

Linda deeply aroused by the scene, was now licking her princess plug while pushing and pulling on the large one deep in her ass as I was pistoning Ann’s ass in front of her.

Ann’s full and firm ass looked gorgeously in my hands, pushing herself on my cock as I plowed her ass.

“Yes, fuck, fuck, yes, I need it, badly, fuck, harder, give it to me, harder, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, ohhh, yes, fffffuuuuuckkkkk” Ann screamed, having a hard orgasm around my cock.

She squeezed my cock so tightly with her butt that I immediately shot my load deep inside Ann’s asshole.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my fucking god!” Ann panted breathlessly. “Oh, my fucking god, I needed that so bad!” she added putting her plug in sealing my cum in her ass while I withdrew my cock from her ass.

I stood up and went over to the couch were Linda was still pushing her large plug in and out of her ass. I sat down next to her, my cock throbbing in the air.

She pushed her large plug back inside her ass and knelt in front of me, taking my cock straight out of Ann’s ass in her mouth, starting to suck me off.

Ann saw that, stood up and came over to Linda and knelt beside her.

“That’s right you little slut, suck my ass of his cock!” while pressing her hand on Linda’s head, making her gag on my dick.

“Mhhhmpf, mhhhmpf, mhhhmpf,” Linda hissed around my dick in her throat.

Ann grabbed Linda’s plug inside her ass and started to pull on it until it popped out, makingLinda release a grunt:

“Mhhhmpf, uhhhh!”.

Then, she pushed it back in and started to fuck that young girls ass with the big plug while she bobbed up and down on my cock with her mouth.

I was close again and as my lower body tensed, Ann pressed Linda’s mouth deep on it again as I started to unload myself once more in Linda’s mouth.

As I finished, Ann pushed the plug back in Linda’s ass, grabbed her by her hair and tore her mouth on hers, giving her a deep kiss playing around with my cum.

Finally, Ann stood up, her face being a mess of lipstick and cum, leaned closer to me and whispered:

“I’ll see you tonight, I can’t go too long without your dick in my ass.” and left my office.

Linda still perplexed by the situation, cum dripping from her chin, smiled shyly, stood up and readjusted her wardrobe.

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