Her skirt climbed up her leg, as she slipped into the front seat of the taxi, revealing the curve of her thigh. The driver couldn’t help but notice, his eyes dropping to view the creamy flesh of her upper skin. The black skirt clung to her leg, outlining the shape of any unexposed parts of her limb.

His appreciation was interrupted by her voice. “296 Spring Street, thanks,” she said with a smile, apparently oblivious to the drivers attention. He was disappointed, as it was only a short drive, 10 minutes maximum, and then those beautiful legs would be gone. While at the lights, he took the time to appraise the rest of her, while she flipped through what looked like a schedule diary. Her feet bore black heels that strapped around her ankles, accentuating the rest of her leg. The skirt was probably knee length while standing, covering up her curves, but indicating enough to fuel his imagination. She wore a black jacket, buttoned around her waist, revealing the top of a pale blue camisole. Her brunette curls were tied up loosely at the back of her head, with a couple of escaped strands framing her face. She had a look of concentration in her deep blue eyes, and the driver wondered what she was thinking.

Soon, they had arrived at her destination. He pulled to a stop outside an office block in a rather remote part of the street. “That’s $9.60, ma’am” he said. She leaned over to pick her handbag off the floor in front of her. The driver couldn’t help but look, as the skirt rode up another inch. She scrummaged through bursa escort her handbag briefly, before turning to him. “It seems we have a problem, my purse isn’t here. I don’t have any money for the fare. I’m sorry.” The driver remained speechless as her blue eyes gazed upon him. “I thought I had it right here. This is rather embarrassing”

“Maybe someone in your office can lend you the money,” he said hopefully. He was never too impressed with the way some people tried to talk their way out of paying for their fare.

“I doubt it,” she replied. “It’s only early, I’m always the first one here. I don’t expect anyone else for an hour or so.” They sat silently, looking at each other.

“Maybe, I can make it up to you in another way,” she said, as her hand found a way to his leg, smoothly moving it over his thigh and briefly to his ground, and then, back down to a safer distance. Her eyes searched his, looking for some sort of response, permission even. He was stunned, didn’t know what to say, maybe it was all a dream. Reality hit him, when her hand moved upwards again, this time staying. She had discovered that he had already become hard, and a smile spread across her face. “I’m going to take that as a yes,” she said.

She unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. Her hands ran over it, gently stroking it, moving over his balls and back over his cock. Eventually her head moved down, and she ran her tongue over it. She wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock, and worked her bursa escort bayan tongue over it. Slowly, moving her mouth down, taking more and more of his cock in her mouth, moving his tongue around. He squirmed with pleasure as he filled her mouth, feeling his cock his the back of her throat. She sucked harder and deeper. A moan escaped from his lips, the first sound he made since the suggestion. Her smiling eyes looked up at his, as she tenderly squeezed his balls.

“Stop!” he cried, rather breathlessly. Startled, she paused, and looked up at him.

“Is something wrong?” she inquired. “are you not enjoying it?” An inquisitive look spread across her face. He started to stammer. “it’s not that, it just isn’t right, not like this”.

“Then what would you like?” She asked, and he leaned over and kissed her. He wanted to experience all of her. Touch her and taste her. He wanted to be the one to make her moan.

She responded hungrily, her tongue exploring his mouth, her hands moving over his chest, unbuttoning his shirt, find their way on to his bare flesh. His hand ran over her delectable thigh, slowly moving up, feeling every inch of the leg he saw earlier today. It felt 10 times better than it looked, and he couldn’t believe he was touching it. His hand moving ever closer to her pussy, he could feel the warmth radiating from it. His hand finally reached its destination, and he was quite taken aback to find she was wearing no underwear. His astonishment must have shown, as she chuckled escort bursa quietly to herself, before kissing him again. She had undone the buttons of her jacket, and was shrugging it off her shoulders. The blue lace camisole showed, her hard nipples straining against the lace. He couldn’t help but touch her breast. She gasped with pleasure as he did.

Somehow, she found a way to straddle him, in the car seat. The camisole had come off and he was faced with the beauty of her breasts, so milky white, so round and pert. He wrapped his lips around a nipple, and the moan he longed to hear escaped from her lips. Her body moved forward and her pussy grazed his erect cock, straining to be closer to her. He could feel the moistness of her, as she moved closer to him.

She lowered her body on to him, sliding his cocking inside her. It was warm, and wet, and wonderful. She moved her hips up and down, moving him in and out. Her pussy tightened and relaxed around him. Each second more amazing than the last. His hands moved over her body. Touching her breasts, her stomach, her ass. She felt delightful to touch. Pleasure was rippling through her body, she began to shake. His body was thrusting up to meet hers. Her clit was grinding against his pelvis. Their bodies entwined with one another, pleasuring each other more and more, until they climaxed together. A union of moaning, and sighing.

She pulled away from him and sat silently in the passenger seat, regaining her breath and replacing her clothes

The driver looked at her. “Well, I suppose I can let you get away without paying. Just this once” She laughed to herself at the comment.

“Thanks,” she said. “I appreciate it.” And opened the car door and entered the building, leaving his life as quickly as she entered it.

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