The Exotic Island VacationThe Exotic Island Vacation

Annabel Redd

I had been looking forward to this trip to this exotic island for many months and was glad to feel the wheels of the plane touch down on the runway. The day was almost over and as I look over the ocean, a beautiful sunset welcomed me

I could hardly wait to get to my bungalow and jump into a swim suit and run down to the beach. There was a warm breeze blowing and I could hear the steel drums playing somewhere in the background. I sighed and run into the surf and finally started to relax. Later I would shower and dress to go to the hotel bar and see what other beauties might be there to make this a memorable trip.

I showered to wash the salt and sand from my 6’2” 215 frame. The shower felt good and thoughts of meeting someone special caused a slight arousal. Wow, this would be a great two weeks, I thought to myself. I dried myself off, put on a pair of white slacks and an island shirt and looked into the mirror to comb my black/gray hair. My hazel eyes literally sparkled at the anticipation of meeting a pretty lady this evening to make the setting complete.

I approached the bar and ordered an exotic rum drink complete with the little umbrella sticking out of the sliced pineapple placed at the top of the glass. I sipped the drink and let my eyes roam over the room. There were several couples dancing slow to some island music. Tiki lamps were burning on the verandah and the smell of island flowers filled the room. Sigh – what a lovely setting. I felt my body relax and just enjoyed the surroundings.

On my second drink, I looked across the room and saw this lovely lady sitting alone. My heart jumped as I looked at this beautiful lady. My mind wondered if she was alone. I could not help but stare at her. She was wearing an island dress that accentuated her very lovely body. Suddenly, our eyes met and locked onto each others. She smiled and my heart leaped. Could this be the lady, I had come so far to meet? I walked towards her and our eyes never leave each other……..

Patricia continues:

Im sitting at the bar looking at other couples dancing and enjoying this wonderful place…yes Im wearing a very silky island dress that looks great on me. I order my drink and then I saw you, this handsome man looking at me…I have to smile so I can get his attention..I think I did!!! I see you walking my way…with your drink in one hand and a flower in the other one…I feel very atractive to you..and cant wait to meet you.. Now you are at my table and ask me to dance…I say yes and you reach for me ….the music is slow so you take me in your arms and we start dancing…I can smell your cologne..I can feel your strong arms…and as we dance I close my eyes and let you lead me…. Then we go back to my table and we start talking about us..never stop looking at each other eyes…and I can see a very romantic and sensual person inside of you… You will be here for 2 weeks and I be here for almost 2…I think we can have the most incredible vacation!!!! After a while we decide to go for a walk…at atakent escort the beach, the night is wonderful..just a little breeze coming from the ocean I put my long black hair up and feel it caressing my neck and shoulder…your arm is around my waist The sky is giving us a wonderful view…the stars are here to witness the begining of a night of passion and desire… At one point you turn to face me and you get closer to kiss me…my lips are waiting for this moment…I want to feel your lips touching mine…. We kiss for a long time under the sky…and now we have to take it to a more private place….. We get to your room…and you put some music and light some candles…the setting is great…the night is all ours and we will enjoy every minute of it…………….

Bill continues

I cannot get over how beautiful Patricia is and she looks so stunning in her beautiful silk dress. Obviously she is not wearing any bra for I can see her nipples pushing against the fabric. How very delicious they look and felt as we kissed.

The music is slow and sensuous and I take her in my arms. Slowly we move around the room — our bodies moving as one. The candle lights highlights her lovely black hair that she has taken down after our walk. I feel myself getting more aroused smelling her perfume and the feel of her body move against me. Her leg moves sensuously against my hardness making it grow even more. I caress her hair and kiss it. I love her smell in my nostrils.

As we dance slowly to the music, I lean down to kiss her neck. My tongue flickering over her smooth skin. My hands reach behind her and slowly unzip the dress. Her skin feels like velvet and I can fell the muscles in her back move as we dance. I hear her breathing becoming more labored and a small moan escapes her lips. Down my hands go to her butt cheeks — cupping them in my big hands. Pulling her closer to my hardness. I want her so very much that I can hardly stand it.

Lifting her body and cradling her in my arms, I kiss her sweet lips. Our tongues dart in and out of each others mouths. I carry her to the bedroom and lay her on the silk sheets. I take off her shoes and kiss each toe – sucking on them as she moans loudly.

My head is dizzy with passion for this lovely lady and my cock is throbbing. I help her out of the dress and marvel at her beautiful body. Her nipples are swollen and move up and down with her labored breathing. She sits up and slowly starts to undress me. Her fingers sends chills of anticipation through my body………

Patricia continues…..

I stand up and slowly take your shirt off…little kisses on your chest I make my way to your back, shoulders and neck..I love the smell of your skin…I take your belt off and slowly help you out of your pants…… Slowly we make our way to the bed…the bed where we will make passionately love and the bed that will be the witness of you and me becoming one… We kiss and start akbatı escort touching each other…with trembling hands…we don’t want to rush we want to enjoy each our most secret places…the places that gives us the most pleasure…. I can feel your hands caressing my breast and playing with my nipples…now you start kissing and licking them in small circles…..ohhh the sensation of your warm and wet tongue in my nipples make me want you even more…. You stop just to give me a kiss and then continue….now you are in your way down to my stomach the feeling of knowing that soon you will be close to my most private place…makes me hot……….

Bill continues……

How delicious Patricia tastes. I love her taste and her smells. Down I travel with my tongue and lips to her inner thighs. The smell of her juices is driving me wild. Slowly I move to her love lips, running my tongue around very sensuously. Tasting, licking up and down. Slowly inserting my tongue inside — deeper and deeper. I hear her moan and feel her tremble.

Her hips rises to meet my mouth and tongue. Slowly she moves her hips up and down as my tongue goes in and out. Finding her clit, my tongue circles and sucks it into my mouth. I nibble on it ever so gently. Taking my index finger I insert it into her hot, moist pussy and her moan louder. Her hips starts a rhythmic movement as my finger and mouth moves around and in and out faster.

I can feel her body become warmer and beads of perspiration trickles down her body. I insert a second finger spreading her wide. She gasps and body begins to shake. I can feel her getting close to an orgasm and she grabs my head and hair and pulls me tight to her throbbing pussy. Harder, faster, deeper go the fingers as I as I suck on her clit.

Thrusting madly now, she screams as the first wave hits her and I feel her cum wash over my fingers and face. I lick it up as fast as I can as wave after wave racks her body. Slowly, her trembling stops and her body relaxes. I move up to kiss her luscious lips. Our tongues mingle and she tastes herself on my tongue. I hold her beautiful body close and caress her wet back.

Our bodies start to move together very slowly as our kisses deepen. She moves on top of me while we still kiss. Her hand gently guides me erection to her waiting wet pussy. She moves the tip up and down her pussy lips and slowly the head moves inside — how wonderful that feels to me. It is like being bathed in hot water. It feels so good on my swollen cock. It is throbbing so hard.

I raise my hips to insert cock deeper. A moan escapes my lips, it is like being in heaven — never has it felt so good! Deeper and deeper it goes finally hitting bottom. We lay still for a moment adjusting to the feeling and kissing each others lips. Slowly both our bodies start moving in unison. Naked bodies pressed tight, hips moving up and down. Slowly, savoring the wonderful feeling………….

Patricia aksaray escort continues…..

Im on top of you moving my hips against you… my eyes are closed and my head is going back and forth ……the sensation of your cock inside of me is incredible …..”Ohh baby” I know you are getting ready to cum…Your breathing is getting more and more harder…. I make you change positions….I want you on top of me now….so I spread my legs wide open for you to see my wet pussy…you go deep inside of me now…and start moving faster and harder…I want to see your face when you are cumming…. The moment is close….you are moaning now…you are telling how wet and hot my pussy is…how wonderful your cock feel inside of me…. Your start moving faster now….in and out of me ….faster deeper…..””yes like that baby keep going…”” You start cumming and I can see in your face the passion inside of you…Now is my turn…..I need to cumm I need to let myself go and have the most fantastic sensation of all….:””oh i think im cumming now …you take your finger and rub my clit at the same time I have your cock inside of me…….”yesssssss” My whole body is trembling now…we kiss …with so much passion and so much desire….i never felt this way before….. we keep on kissing ….we dont want to stop we need more we need each other….we need to explore our bodies more..

Bill continues……

What a wonderful feeling – so satisfied. I hold you in my arms and kiss you tenderly. How wonderful to hold you so close – our naked bodies touching. We fall off into a peaceful sleep.

The morning sun wakens us and we stretch and look into each others eyes. I love your beautiful smile of contentment. I give you a good morning kiss and we go to shower together. I love the sight of you as the warm water washes over your beautiful body. Droplets of water bead up over your nipples and down your tiny waiste. I hold your head back and apply shampoo to your beautiful black hair. I scrub your scalp gently then apply some rinse.

I take a big sponge and wash your back and down to your lovely ass. Bending down, I wash your legs and tiny feet. Going up between your legs, I gently wash your pussy that I had so recently fucked. Your moan excites me and I spend more time washing your pussy.

You turn and I kiss your breasts sucking your harden nipples into my mouth. You moan louder as your excitement increases. I stand up and you wash my hard cock ever so gently for you know how tender it is after our wild love making last night. I cannot stand it any more and reach down and lift you into my arms. Your legs wrap around my waist and then you lower yourself on my hard cock. It slides in so easily with the soap.

Our body moves together faster and faster. Our moans drown out the sounds of the birds chirping outside. So much passion builds up and we fuck each other with uncontrolled lust. We both cum together over and over again. We then hold each other in the shower and kiss gently.

We step out of the shower and dry each other off. Putting on our terry cloth bathrobes, we go out to the lanai and cut up some fresh island fruit that the maid has set out for us. We can see the ocean and feel the gentle sun shine down us. What a lovely day after a beautiful night. We laugh and feed each other fruit and discuss our plans for the day…

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