The Motorcycle RideThe Motorcycle Ride


“Knock, knock” I heard at the door.

Who could it be? I’m thinking, it’s 2:30 in the morning. I open the door and there he stands with a helmet in his hand. “Let’s go,” he tells me.

“Let me change,” I say, “These are my pajamas.”

“They’re fine.” He replies. He grabs my hand and I am lucky to get the front door closed. He strides quickly to the motorcycle sitting in my driveway.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Trust me,” he says, “get on.”

“Ok,” I think as he climbs on the bike and fires up the motor. I got on the back of the bike and put on the spare helmet. He knew how I loved the feel of the bike and riding it always put me in a great mood.

“Hold on tight,” he tells me. And I wrap my arms around him firmly. He guns the bike making it pop a wheelie. Laughing as I give a slight scream in surprise. I hold on tighter and snuggle in, I know this is going to be a great night of riding.

It was a full moon out and a clear sky, absolutely perfect. The temperature is warm so I didn’t feel cold. I had goose bumps though from the wind rushing by. I loosened my grip as I relax and get into the groove. I laugh, loud enough for him to look back at me. Recognizing the sound he guns the bike again making me hug closer.

Now, I had enjoyed a couple drinks while I was relaxing at home and drinking always made me feel a bit frisky. Hmmm….I thought. I wonder which jeans he’s wearing tonight. I slid my hands down from his middle and to his waistband. “Ah….the button fly’s,” I thought. And unfastened the first one. He turned back to glance at me again, I grinned slyly at him from inside my helmet. I slid my hands under his jacket and shirt and pressed them against the warm flesh of his hard stomach. I could feel his muscles tighten at the coolness of my fingers, but they quickly warm against his skin.

I rake my nails lightly across his belly, I can feel the goose bumps start. He slows the bike a little, making our ride more of a relaxing cruise. I can feel the vibrations of the motor through the seat making my pussy tingle. I love riding on a bike. I move my hands around under his shirt alternating between using my fingertips and my nails. I reached up and flicked a nipple and felt him twitch. I pinched both between my fingers and rolled them around feeling them harden. I was really feeling powerful now.

I trailed my hands back down to his waistband and reached for the button fly. I undid the second and third buttons and stopped there. I could feel how hard he was through the thin cotton of his boxers. I poked a finger through the opening in the front and touched his penis. It feels hard and hot in the cool night air. I am so excited by this point, I feel hot and flushed. I am in charge and quivering with desire. What I should do next…….

I feel for his waist band on his boxers and I slowly slip the first two fingers from both hands under it. I touch the tender flesh on his lower abdomen, teasing but not touching the part where he wants to feel it most. I hear him moan in frustration and I feel a thrill from it. I reach my hands into his shorts and grasp his cock with both. The bike wobbles for a second on the road and I suck in my breath. He steadies the bike and keeps driving at a slower pace. He laughs and I realize he did it on purpose Adana Escort to make me tighten my grip. I start to caress him slowly and teasingly, stroking up and down his hard cock. I grab him firmly and start to stroke him the way he likes. I wish I wasn’t wearing this helmet so I could taste him. The alcohol combined with the ride was making me feel very bold and a little dizzy. I felt in control and powerful and it felt wonderful.

With my newly found boldness (something I am not known for) I reach into my own pants and started to pet myself while still jerking him off with the other hand. Feeling my hand sliding up and down his shaft I could almost feel it as if it was my pussy he was fucking. Hmmm…always so good, I ache for it.

He saw what I was becoming more and more distracted and slowed the bike even more, pulling over at a somewhat secluded spot near the road. He stopped the bike and I jump off removing my helmet, pushing him down to lie in the seat as I pull his cock free and put my lips to it. I resist the urge to suck it down in one movement and instead I lightly trace my tongue around the tip tasting the saltiness of his precum. I circle the head wetting it and feeling how hard he is. Hmmm…I moan and take the tip into my mouth. I look up at him and he is still wearing his helmet. I shiver, it almost seems like he is a stranger and this is an anonymous meeting. I take him into my mount and bury his cock as deep into my throat as I can go. He is so big I can barely get half way down his shaft. I wrap my hand around the base of his cock and start to move my head up and down. I hear him moan appreciatively inside his helmet. His hands grasp my head, his gloves tangling in my hair. He urges me to move faster up and down. I feel him growing harder and I know he will cum soon.

He releases my hair and pulls off his helmet and gloves. He sits up, still straddling the bike and pulls me upright and across his lap. He moves my leg so I am straddling the bike and his lap, facing him. Laying on my back on the gas tank I look up and him as he smiles at me in the moonlight. Grabbing my pants and panties he pulls them down as far as they will go. I pull one leg free from them leaving them to dangle on the other leg. He reaches down, finding my pussy with his hand and feeling how wet I already am.

Putting both hands under my hips, he lifts them up while leaning down to kiss my pussy. He hovers above it blowing hot air on me, I squirm in his hands and that makes him laugh. He lightly flicks me with his tongue feeling me jump. He reaches around with his thumbs and parts my pussy lips with them. Getting more into it he buries his face in my wetness, alternating sticking his tongue in my pussy and sucking and flicking my clit. I writhe against him and he holds me firm with his hands, I remember in the back of my mind that I am perched on top a motorcycle and I try to hold myself still.

Sitting up and leaning forward he kisses me and whispers into my ear “Do you like that baby?” he asks, as he thrusts two fingers into me. “Is that what you want?” I let out a moan as he starts finger fucking my pussy. “What do you want me to do?” he asks quietly. I say nothing, simply enjoying the feel of his fingers. I hold the handlebars of the bike to keep my balance Adana Escort Bayan since I can’t touch the ground. He reaches up with his other hand and grabs my hair at the base of my neck, gripping it firmly and giving it a sharp jerk. “Tell me what you want,” he orders, “Tell me now that you want me to fuck you. Better yet, beg me to fuck you.”

“I won’t beg,” I tell him, “I never beg.”

“We’ll see about that,” he says. He increases the motions of his fingers and grip on my hair and holds me down on flat of his gas tank. He starts whispering into my ear how good it feels to be inside of me. He punctuated each sentence with alternating nips and kisses to my neck and shoulders. He pushes his hips against my butt so I can feel how hard he is for me.

“Don’t you want this inside you, fucking you, feeling so good you want to scream.”

“Yes.” I reply

“Then just say the words,” he urges.

“Fuck me,” I say.

“No, you have to ask. I told you that already.” He states.

“Fuck me please, I want to feel you inside me” I plead.

“Are you sure?” He asks

“Yes,” I answer. “Completely certain?” He says, I can feel him rubbing the head of his cock against my pussy lips. It was driving me crazy and he knew it. I was trying to push myself back against him to make it go in but his grip on my hair was stopping me. “You want this?” he says still teasing my with his cock, “YES!!” I practically scream.

With that he thrusts himself into me without any hesitation. I was dripping wet and he had made sure he was well lubricated going in, all that teasing had really paid off. I give off a deep almost guttural moan in response. I was burning, aching to feel him and it felt so good to have him inside me. I tightened my vaginal muscles feeling how hard and tight it was. He started to move inside me and I couldn’t help but moan some more. I had wanted him so badly and now it was heaven to feel him. He thrust hard and deep into me, pounding away. I felt the cold buttons of his pants hitting the tender flesh of my inner thighs.

He slows and pulling almost all the way out and holds there, tormenting me with his stillness. He grabs my wrists and pulls me upright. “Hold my neck,” he orders. I wrap my arms around him and hold on with my legs as he stands up and gets off the bike. Still connected, he moves over to a blanket that is conveniently laid out on the ground.

“What…?” I start, feeling the fabric against my bare skin.

“Shhh,” he whispers “It’s ok, I was planning this but you beat me to it.” He lies down with me under him.

I laugh, “Sorry if I was a little impatient, I was drinking and you know how I get when I drink.” I say as I unzip his jacket and slide it from his shoulders. He tosses it to the side of the blanket.

He smiles at me, “That’s just fine, this is better anyway.” He kisses me gently and begins to move again. Slowly and surely sending fire coursing through my body.

“Mmmm,” I moan into his mouth and he quickens his pace. He grabs my wrists from around his neck and pins them above my head with one hand. With his other hand he reaches under my shirt to pinch my nipples, rolling them around between his fingertips. His strokes deepen and his breathing becomes harsher. I feel the building sensation of my Escort Adana impending orgasm. A tingling sensation starts in my nipples and spreads across my breasts. I moan louder, my breath coming in shorter and faster. I bring my hips up to meet his thrusts and make them even deeper than before.

“Oh god…” I gasp. He lets go of my hands and grabs my leg putting it over his shoulder. I grab his hair and bring him back down for a kiss. He leans over and bites my shoulder muscle right at the nap of my neck. I have my hands under his shirt and I am digging my nails into the skin of his back.

My orgasm begins and I am completely overwhelmed. My back arches up and my whole body stiffens. He grabs me close and continues to pound away, about to reach his own climax. “I’m cumming,” I cry out. He stifles my shrieks with his mouth. I hear him moan and stiffen as he reaches his own orgasm. I push him off of me and onto his back; the look on his face is one of shock. I lean down and place my lips on his erection sucking him all the way until I almost gag. I move my head up and down quickly; his hands are tangled in my hair guiding me.

“Turn around,” he growls, grabbing my shirt and tugging. I move on my knees turning myself so I am facing his feet. He grabs my leg and pulls it across his face nipping the skin to the inside of my knee. He slaps my ass cheek with his hand and rubs it to take the sting off and make it feel hot. I suck him hard to let him know I appreciate the feeling.

“Mmmmm….baby. Keep doing it just like that.” He grasps both my cheeks with his hands and brings my pussy to his mouth. He slips the two fingers of his right hand into my cum soaked folds. Touching my now overly sensitive spot. I buck against his mouth, moaning with him deep in my throat. He holds me firm against his face while he attacks my tender clit. I can feel another orgasm coming and I quicken my pace, I want him to finish with me. My hand is wrapped around his shaft following my mouth and I almost swallow him completely. He is so deep that it stops my air flow at times. He groans into my pussy, the vibrations add to the already building feeling in my stomach. His fingers are moving in and out of my pussy at the same speed that my mouth is moving up and down his shaft.

“I’m going to cum,” he says.

“Me too,” I answer.

“Oh god,” he groans and I feel his cock swell and harden just before it explodes into my mouth with a hot salty rush of fluid. I swallow as quickly as I can but it is almost too much for me too take. I suck him to get the last drops and feel my second orgasm hitting me in a quick rush. His fingers are moving quickly and are curled to rub my g-spot as he tongues my clit. “Come on baby, cum for me.” He urges “Cum on my face, you know you want to.” I shudder as I start to cum again. He pulls his fingers and rubs my clit vigorously with his thumb. I am practically screaming into the night air, I don’t care if there’s anyone around to hear me.

I collapse onto him, completely limp and drained. My face is pressed to the denim of his pants. I stifle a giggle as I realize he is still dressed and I am wearing only a pj top. I roll over carefully, sliding off of him. I can see very clearly in the light of the full moon and his expression if one of contentment. I lie next to him on the blanket and snuggle up, resting my head on his chest.

“So you planned all this, eh?” I ask, looking around and seeing the blanket and even two pillows resting near.

“Yeah, but it’s nothing like what I’d imagined. This was better.”

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