The Encounter Ch. 02The Encounter Ch. 02


To understand what is going on, you may want to read The Encounter Chapter 1 before reading this.

Thank you again angel love for your time editing for me….

Well, I made it to the hotel, and it is just what I was hoping for. Thankfully I have a set of sliders that open right onto the beach so I don’t have to make to much of an effort to get to the sand.

Daniel, true to his word, has stayed by my side since we had to switch trains. Unfortunately, we have been unable to pick up where we left off on the train because of my weakened condition. Daniel has not said a word, or made any reference to finishing off my education, but I know that he wants to. Last night I was going to try to give him a blow-job, because I know that he likes that, but it didn’t happen.

With everything that has happened I know that I am over doing it, but I have to if I want to die happy and with no regrets. The first night that we were here was so nice and warm that I allowed Daniel to talk me into going for a midnight swim. It felt so good to submerge my body in the salty water of the Atlantic Ocean. When we walked out of the water I noticed that Daniel had someplace lost his swimming trunks out there in the water, but that didn’t seem to phase him a bit. Slowly, when I didn’t think he was watching me, I slipped out of mine as well. When I went back into the water it felt so completely different to be swimming in the nude.

While I was in the deeper water I lost track of Daniel for a moment, until I felt him come up underneath me. As he slid my body along his I could feel that he was fully aroused. Then, when he slid me onto his cock, well, time just stood still. I can only say that I am glad he is taller than me, because he was standing on the ocean floor and I was in his arms as he pulled almost all the way out only to thrust his hips forward again and press all the way into me.

I think we made a few waves that night out there in the ocean. All of a sudden I thought I felt his cock get even larger inside of me, and then, with a shout, he came inside of me. I still don’t know where he got the energy to carry me back to our room, but I do know that I wouldn’t have been able to walk back.

That was two nights ago. Since then he has been very loving and attentive, but not very passionate. I don’t know if he regrets this or what. When I ask him he says no, but his actions say otherwise.

Standing out here on the beach I watch him out there in the water. His body is so toned that he looks like a god diving in and out of the waves. When he sees me watching him he waves and comes walking up onto the sand. His body is so tanned and so sleek that he gets the looks of canlı bahis every lady on the beach.

“Hey, Marie, what’s up? I thought you would be asleep.”

“Nah, I can sleep any time, but right now I feel great and I was wondering if you had seen my swimsuit anywhere.”

“Actually, I think it got left out here on the beach that first night.”

“Oh. Well, I guess I will have to make due with the whirlpool in our room then.”

I turn to go back into our room and I feel him come up behind me. Wrapping his arms around me from the back he pulls me to him and starts kissing the side of my neck. I can feel my whole body start to tingle with anticipation.

“Daniel, come inside?” He doesn’t say anything, but the look in his eye when he looks at me says plenty.

“Marie, are you ready for this? It will hurt more than anything you have ever known, but the pleasure can be enormous if you get past the pain.” I feel the tingle again go through my body as I nod my head. “If you are sure about this, then I am more than anxious to start.

“I nod my head as we walk through the door into the darkened, candlelit room.

I see the surprise on his face as he looks over the room that has been transformed into a haven. The only light that comes in is from the slider, and when we close that the only light is from the candles. The flowers that he brought me yesterday are displayed on the dresser next to the ice bucket that is filled and has a bottle of champagne resting in it, waiting for him to open it. Two glasses are next to it. Next to that are a variety of toys that we have discussed in our conversations along with a few other things that have been mentioned, but not discussed very much.

“Marie, how did all of this happen? I know that you haven’t been anyplace, so how did you get all of this? An hour ago none of this was here. Who did you bribe?”

I smile at him. “I didn’t bribe anyone. I just made some calls and found an adult store that was willing to deliver. Plus, with the order that I placed, they were more than happy to help me out.” A shiver runs through me as anticipation builds.

“Wow!” Letting me go he wanders over to the display and looks each item over. Picking a butt plug up he looks at me. “Marie, would you rather have me use this instead of my cock? I would understand if you said yes.”

I take a deep breath, because to be honest, the thought had crossed my mind. “Why don’t you use that when you introduce me to spanking? That is what I thought you said you used those for.”

Immediately a grin splits his face. “I was hoping that you would say that, but I had to give you the option.”

Laying the betwoon plug down he picks up a small vibrator and looks it over carefully. “Perfect. Now, I just need you to…” He stops mid sentence when he turns around and sees that I am standing there naked. “You really want this, don’t you?”

I chew my bottom lip, but I nod my head. “Okay, remember when we did it doggie style?” I nod. “Okay, that is the position that you have to be in.” I drop to my hands and knees on the pillows that I had strategically placed earlier.

“Ohhh, Marie, you don’t know how I have had to control myself not to just throw you down and take you. If there was one thing that stopped me it was the fact that you are still a virgin there and I want to make it as pleasurable for you as I can. Did you remember the oil?” I point to the bedside table and there are three different oils there: K-Y Warming Touch Massage Oil, Kama Sutra Chocolate Mint, and Baby Oil.

“I see that you did. I am very impressed.” Stripping off his swim trunks he walks over to the table and picks up the Baby Oil. “We’ll use this for the first time. I think that will be the best idea.”

I nod and look back at him as I feel him pour some lotion onto my lower back. “Marie, if this gets to be to much for you, please tell me and we can rest for a little.”

I shake my head. “Daniel, this is the best that I have felt since we arrived. I am not going to have many more days like this. I need it now.”

With a grin his starts massaging the oil into my lower back and my ass cheeks. Slowly he works closer to my rectum until I feel him pressing a finger into me. He wasn’t kidding when he said it would hurt.

“Just relax hon. If you can relax, it may not hurt as much.”

I try to relax as I feel him pour out more of the oil directly onto my ass. By working his finger into me and fucking me with just that one digit, he has gotten me very lubed up. When he tries to insert two fingers, though, I tense up again.

“I’m sorry Daniel.”

“Don’t be. It is going to take you some time to get used to this, that’s all.”

With that, he pulls out his fingers and kneels up behind me. I hear him pouring some oil, but since I don’t feel it on me I assume that it is on his cock. When I feel the thick tip of him pressing into the area that his fingers just vacated, I know that I am in for a massive amount of pain.

“Are you ready, Marie?” I take a deep breath and nod. “Good. Then I need you to push out, and it won’t hurt as much, okay?” Again, I nod as I start to push. I feel myself stretch out bigger than I ever dreamed I could as I feel the head of his cock press into me. Unwillingly, betwild a small cry escapes me. Instantly he stops.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes.” I gasp. “Just finish it, please. Don’t try to be gentle, because that ends up hurting more.”

“Are you sure?” I hear concern in his voice.

“Daniel, please! Ram that mammoth up into my ass. I don’t know how much more I can take!”


With one huge shove he rams his cock all the way up into me. Screaming in pain I would have fallen face down on the bed, but his arms were supporting me.

“Oh my god! Marie, are you okay?”

I take some deep breaths as I feel him start to pull out. “Daniel, I am okay. It just hurts a lot more than I had figured.” I feel him slowly pulling out a little bit more. “No, Daniel. Please, fuck me.”

“Are you sure? Because to be honest with you, I have never been in someone so tight, and I am about to cum inside you.” Slowly, but firmly, he presses back into me.

“Ohhhh, yes! Cum inside me. Please!”

When he starts to pull out again I know that this time he will be ramming into me, and I brace myself for it. The pain that I expected, though, does not come in as huge a tidal wave as I had thought it would. Faster and faster he slams his cock deep up inside me until I can feel the now normal feeling of his cock swelling and I know that he is going to cum soon.

Sure enough. With one massive shout I can feel him unloading up inside of me. As he collapses he falls to the side, taking me with him and staying inside me.

“Marie?” I am trying to catch my breath as I feel him pull out. “Marie, are you okay?” I nod with a huge smile on my face.

Standing up he walks over to the bucket with the champagne in it. Popping the cork, he pours us both a glass of it and brings it over to me as I lay there on the bed. I find that I am so wiped out that I am having a problem sitting up on the bed. Seeing this, Daniel gently helps me.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have…”

“Shhh,” I silence him. “Daniel, I needed this. Thank you.” With that I pick up my glass. “A toast: To Daniel. The best teacher in all of Rhode Island, if not in the whole country.” Surprisingly he blushes at my toast, but he clinks his glass to mine.

After taking a sip he raises his glass. “A toast to Marie: May everything be as you hope it will.” Again we clink glasses and this time we drain them.

I set my glass on the table next to me and slid down in the bed. “Daniel, would you mind if I took a little nap?”

“No, that sounds like a good idea. How about tonight we sleep on the beach? I’ll get the okay from the manager while you nap.”

“That sounds good.” I can hear that my voice is drowsy, but I have to remind him. “Daniel, can you blow out the candles?” He nods and starts blowing them out. By the time he reaches the one by the door I am fast asleep.

To be completed……coming soon…..

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