The Descending of Jessica Ch. 09The Descending of Jessica Ch. 09


My story begins where Chapter 8 ended, so if you haven’t read the previous chapters, you might want to. Or not. Your call.

Sorry for the delay in getting this chapter out, life is busy and this one wasn’t easy to write.


Thanks for all the comments and emails, they are greatly appreciated. Things have been busy around here, but as one letter writer put it, I will try to get my priorities straight. I’ve been told that people appreciate the way I break the fourth wall, and I will continue to do so as it is how I write anyway. I’m glad you enjoy the story, and if you don’t then by now you have probably stopped reading so, you know, fuck off. Several have asked about the Danny Survivors Support Group and whether they will be more involved in the story. The short answer is “no”. The long answer is “noooooooooo”. But my next series will be based upon the exploits of one of them, who just turned out to be a nasty little ho and they will be more fully developed as a group in that series.

Others have asked about the use of “deviance” and “Descending” in my tag line and title. Truthfully, I wasn’t aware of the degree of sexual extravagance on this site when I began this story. Compared to a lot that is on here, this story isn’t particularly deviant at all. That said, the dividing line of what is and isn’t deviant is subjective, and to a prudish girl coming of age in the conservative south finding out that the best way to arouse herself sexually is have her boyfriend lick her butthole is pretty deviant.

If you’re not interested in the romance and familial bonding, skip down to the part where Brent uses a vibrator on me until I orgasm on the Wild Mouse ride. (Just kidding! Geez, that’s a kiddie ride!)

We had spent our first afternoon as an engaged couple in a long naked series of embraces as our bodies confessed the love we felt in our hearts to each other. Never was a couple so happy and contented. Oh, I knew we faced challenges. I had always said I wouldn’t get married until after college, but my heart amended that plan for Brent. I knew we would always be together, and even though we were marrying way too young in my opinion, I didn’t want to waste another moment of my life not being married to Brent. I would say that once sated we showered and awaited the expected arrival of our foster parents, Ron and Allison, but in truth I could never fully be satisfied. No matter how much I had of Brent, no matter how many times I tasted his seed or he brought me to mind numbing, earth shattering climax, I wanted more. I guess we stopped for decorum’s sake.

Ron and Allison took us to dinner that night at a local Japanese steak house, since at age 18 each we were not old enough for the adult restaurants in the park and it was scrumptious. Brent and I became the focus of everyone’s attention around the grill. The chef took extra time to tease us with every trick he knew on the grill, flipping things at us only to catch them at the last second, that sort of thing. The women all wanted to see my ring once they learned, via Allison’s announcement, that we had become engaged just that afternoon and soon all were wishing us well and congratulating Brent. I felt like a princess, and loved every second of it. After dinner we retired to a coffee shop simply because we didn’t want to just go back to the hotel, and my cappuccino gave me a burst of energy that I knew Brent would be appreciating in a few hours, provided I hadn’t worn him out that afternoon.

“Jessie and I were talking this afternoon” Brent said, only to be interrupted by Allison snorting,

“Well that was a waste of your day.” Allison said, almost whispering as she grinned, causing Ron and myself to laugh.

“Okay Mom” he said and suddenly we all fell silent except Allison, who teared up and gushed “You’ve never called me… no one’s ever called me Mom before.”

“I’m sorry, I just” Brent started to say before Allison again interrupted.

“Oh shut up you silly man, its the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.” and I couldn’t help but pull my chair closer and hug Allison. We both had tears of joy that day.

I had never asked Ron and Allison why they couldn’t have kids, and I still don’t know. I just know that Brent’s verbal slip was something she had waited half a lifetime to hear, and I was glad that she was as happy that night as I was.

Both Brent and I spent the next few minutes piling on her joy as we told her in every way we could that she was more of a mom to us than anyone else had been, and we both should have told her a lot sooner.

Once the estrogen festival was over, we began planning the wedding, at Allison’s insistence.

“What we were talking about today, as I was trying to say earlier, Mom!” Brent said, emphasizing Allison’s new name for all to hear, “is that we want to have a small ceremony in December so we can move into married student housing for the spring semester, then have a big wedding in June. Its either that or we find a justice of the içerenköy escort peace now, get hitched, drop out of school and start having babies. I can get a job mopping the floor at a fast food place, and maybe work my way up to fries by the time our third or fourth youngin’ arrives. Right sugar?”

“That’s right hon.” I said with a country twang, playing along with his joke. “Is there somewheres arount here where I can spit out this Copenhagen?” I asked.

“You two stop being silly” Allison said. “You seriously want to get married in December? We can’t even pick out envelopes for the invitations by then!” she grinned.

After we all got through giggling, Ron asked “You okay with this get married in December and then again in June plan Jessica?”

I took my hand from Brent’s, leaned forward and placed my chin in my palms with my elbows on the table and said, with the biggest smile I could muster, “Who do you think came up with the idea, Dad?”

Ron grinned from ear to ear and I could have swore I saw a little glistening in his eyes, finally he replied, “Well, since it makes sense, it must have been my daughter that had the idea.”

It was my turn to get choked up. I had never had a Dad, and now I knew, I forever would.

The silence between us was broken up when Allison said “If you all keep talking like that people are going to think our children are getting married to each other.”

To which Ron dead panned “Well we’re in Florida, it’s probably pretty common here” causing our table to burst out in glorious laughter again.

For the rest of the evening Allison and I talked dress styles, veil styles, maids dresses, location, decor, and a zillion other things I had never thought about for my wedding before. Finally we landed on something I had thought of before, the engagement and wedding announcements. Allison thought a wedding announcement in April if we were going to wed in June, and I agreed. I didn’t really care about it. She added that traditionally the engagement announcement published shortly after the couple engaged, so any time was good.

“Ummm, will that cause you problems, Mom, Dad?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” Allison asked in reply.

“Well, because you raised us both” Brent interjected.

“And, we don’t want to cause you any,” I tried to think of the right word, but could only come up with “embarrassment, with your friends and people at home.”

Ron and Allison looked at each other dumbfounded, as if it hadn’t even occurred to them that folks might gossip about the two love birds shacking up at their home that they happened to raise as their children.

“You mean because you spent the last few years as part of our family and now want to start your own some prigs might talk?” Allison asked?

And before I or Brent could answer with the obvious Ron said “If they want to gossip, then fuck ’em, we just want you kids to be happy. For the last few months while you two were sneaking around we knew you were made for each other. Let the bastards gossip, we don’t care. Just be happy, live long healthy lives, and if you feel the need, give us some grand kids to play with in a few years. Our family may not be like the Cleavers or Huxtables, but if anyone thinks they’re better, fuck ’em. I don’t have any use for them.”

Ron’s language shocked us both, and Allison too I think. I had never heard him swear. I’m not sure Allison had either from the look she gave, but I knew that Ron and she expected us to stand proud and not hide our love anymore. And that was all I needed to know to make the decision on our engagement announcement.

“Can we run it as soon as we get back?” I asked.

“Well, if we had a photo of you two. Maybe we can find a photographer and get your pictures taken before you leave for school.” Allison said, as I noticed Ron had his ever present Nikon on the table beside him.

“May I? I asked, reaching for it.

“Sure” Ron replied, with a quizzical look.

I turned it on and scrolled through the pictures he had taken earlier today. As with most folks that switched to digital, he had bought a huge storage card and taken pictures of everything, but I finally found one of Brent and I, my hair flipping over my shoulder as I looked at the camera with an expression of pure joy as Brent was about to kiss my ear. My back was a little arched, my lips slightly open and my face radiated pure joy. Fortunately, it looked like he was about to kiss my neck rather than my ear, so the picture with just a little cropping would be perfect.

“I want to use this one.” I commanded, then flipped back to one where Brent was on his knee proposing and I was gasping for air, slightly leaned back with my fingertips covering my mouth, “And this one.”

I showed the selected shots to everyone. Brent and Ron just nodded.

“Why those?” Allison asked as I showed her, “they do look great” she then admitted.

“Well, this one”, again kadıköy escort showing her the one with my long auburn hair glistening in the sun as Brent kissed me and I exuded joy, “shows how happy we are and I want those bitches that have been asking me at the pool all summer to help them get a date with Brent to see I got the guy they all wanted!” which made everyone snicker with amusement.

“True, and the other one?” Allison asked.

“Because my legs, ass and boobs look great!” I grinned.

We all shared another laugh at my mischievous approach to selecting engagement photos and then Brent looked at the shots again.

“Geez, your ass really does look great in this picture.” he smiled.

“Hey buddy,” Ron said, “that’s my daughter you’re talking about!” and we all were in stitches again.

Our family chat went on for an hour or so at the coffee shop, then another hour back at the suite before it was time for bed. Brent was eager to get back to bed, as was I, but Allison asked me to wait a minute as she wanted to talk to me alone, just “woman to woman” as she told the guys.

“Uh oh” Ron said, then looked at Brent and continued, “time for us to leave” and they each went to the bedrooms.

Allison beamed as she looked at me while we sat on the couch together. “I’m so proud of you”

“Awww, you’re so good to me, well, us. You don’t know how much we both love you and Ron. I’m so sorry we hid ourselves from you all, we just didn’t want to embarrass you, because, well, you know.” I said as I felt the emotions bubbling up again.

“Silly. You could never embarrass us. But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about. Marriage is great, you’re going to love it.”

“I know, I can’t wait.” I replied.

“Yes you can.” Allison said, now dead serious.

“What do you mean?”

“Jessie, you are wise for your years, but you are still very young. I know Brent would love nothing more than to be married tomorrow, and I’m sure you feel the same way, but you have always put school and your education first, ahead of romance and guys. If you don’t want to get married until you finish school, well, Brent will wait. He loves you and he isn’t going to stop.”

I started to respond but Allison held up her hand as my mother and I obediently stayed silent.

“If you want to get married at Christmas, and then again in June, that’s great. But if you feel like you are being rushed, now, or this fall, well, you are the only one that can put your foot on the brake and slow the car down. You need to be confident and sure of your decision, because you and Brent are going to live with it. And it might cause some heartache, especially after you two have set your mind on a plan like you have, but you have to promise me that when you say I do, you know its forever and its what you want, and you aren’t just doing it because you feel you have to. If you decide you want to marry in December, or if you decide you want to finish school, either way, we’ll both support your decision and I know Brent will too. Okay?”

I hugged Allison and said “Thanks. Right now I feel pretty confident though.”

“Trust me, you’re going to get nervous the closer it gets. If you are aware of your nervousness, take that into account, and it still doesn’t feel right, just say ‘hold on.’ I want you to be as happy as Ron and I have been, and I know you will be, whether its four months or four years from now, or anywhere in between.”

“Our family is confusing.” I said after a long silence.

“How so?”

“Sometimes my mother feels like my sister, my finance feels like either my husband, my boyfriend or my brother, and my dad feels like either my father or my co conspirator.” I grinned.

“Yeah, that about sums it up. Now get onto bed.” she smiled.

“Yes Mom” I smiled back.

“That was your sister talking. Your boyfriend is ‘hawt!'” she laughed.

“Hey! That’s my mother and father’s son you’re talking about!” I giggled back.

Brent was already in bed when I opened the door.

“Great Jessie!”regular readers are probably saying, you’re finally up to the nasty part where you dress up as Hermione Granger and play “Draco’s got a big wand” with Brent. Don’t be ridiculous. We wouldn’t go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter until the next day. Also, Hermione was Ron’s girlfriend and would never sleep with anyone from Slytherin, and I look more like Ginny anyway, but that’s not important now.

We made slow passionate love that night, partially because we were exhausted from travel and the intense emotions of the day, partially because we had fucked ourselves silly all afternoon, but mostly because it was the thing that fit our mood most. We had a whole life ahead of us to fulfill any fantasies of unique positions or acts, that night was about our love for each other.

The rest of the week was a blur. We went to the Universal Studios park the next day for the sole purpose of visiting kartal escort Harry Potter world where I bought Brent a Gryffindor tie, but he protested that his fraternity colors more matched Hufflepuff. “Seriously? Hufflepuff?” I thought, then decided as I was so very in love with him I could live with a mixed marriage. We also got fitted for wands in Olivanders, and here Brent got into the spirit of things by pointing his wand at mine and saying “Expelliamous!”

When my wand didn’t fly out of my hands he claimed his was defective.

I pointed mine at him and said “Stupify!” waited a second, then added with a wicked grin, “Mine seems to work just fine.”

We rode both roller coasters in the Harry Potter area, as well as the Forbidden Journey ride where you appear to be riding a broom around Hogwarts. Brent didn’t wimp out on any of them, although he didn’t seem to enjoy the bigger roller coaster, the Dragon Challenge. The park was a blast and lived up to my expectations. A short walk away was the Jurrassic Park section of Universal, and we spent a great deal of our day there as well. Finally we circled around to Marvel Superheros area, where Ron and I rode the Spiderman coaster, but even we wimped out at the Incredible Hulk ride, which looked like it was designed for the purpose of causing people to lose their lunch. Speaking of lunch, there was a fun restaurant in the Dr Suess area where we had lunch earlier that I should have mentioned as well. As we sat and ate burgers I day dreamed of bringing our children here some day, and then thought of all the fun I would have reading to them as they grew. Allison caught the glistening in my eyes before I dried them with a napkin and with a wink told me she knew exactly what I was thinking.

We spent two days at EPCOT, and at Ron’s insistence we had planned to do so. There is just so much to see and do there for grown ups that anything less would not have covered it. The best memory, other than stealing kisses from Brent, was being volunteered, along with my fiancee, to learn to belly dance at the Moroccan Pavilion restaurant we had lunch at the first day. Neither of us got the hang of it, but it occurred to me that it was the first time we had danced. Animal Kingdom was a day to itself, then back to the Magic Kingdom specifically for Space Mountain before rushing to see the Muppet Show at MGM.

Every night Brent and I shared our passion, but now that we were openly a couple it was even better. The weight of hiding our relationship was lifted and all day we were able to kiss, touch and embrace each other, according some degree of proper decorum of course, and thus each day became a eight to ten hour round of foreplay before the main act in our bedroom at night. Most mornings we had breakfast at the hotel, lunch at a park, and dinner in Kissimmee or Orlando. We did have an early dinner at an outdoor pub in Animal Kingdom having had lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe that is at the entry gate to it, and Ron used that evening to process our photos on his laptop and email our engagement announcement to our local home paper. Unfortunately it had to end all too soon and Saturday we were back on a plane headed home.

Saturday was spent doing laundry and getting all of Brent’s things in his car and my truck so we could get him to campus on Sunday. The previous year he had joined a fraternity and this year was eligible to live in the fraternity house, which was nice as I could more easily spend the night there instead of the dorm, plus his roommate would be someone he knew from the frat rather than a random stranger assigned by luck of the draw. Since it was only for a semester I could live with the comings and goings there, even though I figured it would be one long party. As long as Brent kept his grades up and we could see each other, it would work. Monday would be spent loading up the truck and Ron’s SUV to get my wardrobe and things to school, but it was Saturday night and I would worry about all that later.

After all the work packing and cleaning the house, I was tired, but after dinner stepped into the shower to meditate. After tomorrow I wouldn’t see Brent for four days. This would be the longest we had been apart since he came home the night of my prom. That seemed like forever ago but was really just short of three months. Since then every day we had at least seen each other, and for the past week we had been together most every moment. Thanks to Allison and Ron we had spent every night expressing our love sexually, I knew it was going to suck to be apart, but at the same time I was looking forward to the adventure in college which lay before me. Still, I wanted tonight to be special.

After a thorough scrubbing I turned off the water, dried off, and slipped on my bathrobe. On exiting the bathroom I found Brent already in bed waiting.

“Hey sugar” I said as I sat on the bed beside him. “If you could do anything to me you wanted tonight, what would it be?”

He thought for a moment then replied “I don’t want to do things to you, I want us to do things together.”

“That’s sweet, but you know what I mean. You’re leaving tomorrow and I want tonight to be memorable.”

“Everything we do is memorable.”

“Well, yeah, but isn’t there something you want me to do, something you’ve been thinking of maybe, and were too shy to ask?”

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