Thanksgiving TreatThanksgiving Treat


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The intoxicating aroma of fresh brewed coffee was drifting into the open door of the bedroom. I rolled over, still half asleep, reaching for Jenn, but feeling nothing but the crumpled sheets on her side of the bed. My hand flapping, searching, in the crumpled sheets where I knew she should be. I felt nothing but the coolness of her side of the unoccupied bed.

Flipping over, I glanced at the clock. Through my fogged eyes, the glaring red of the numerals of the clock melded into a glowing band of red. As I focused, I clearly saw the numerals 10:00 staring at me.

“Christ, it’s late,” I said aloud as I began to drag my weary bones from the welcome warmth of the comforter.

I had promised to help Jenn with the preparation of the Thanksgiving dinner she was preparing for the entire family tonight. I was supposed to do a bit of grocery shopping for a couple last minute items, plus give the house a last minute tidying up. The last seven days I had just spent on the road, had been a lot more tiring than I thought. I hadn’t slept in this late for a couple years. I have always been an early riser, ready to take on the day, not the bedraggled sot I felt like this morning.

As I got up slowly from the bed, I thought I’d get a cup of coffee. Got knows I surely needed one at the moment.

As I walked naked out of the bedroom, preceded by my flagrantly hard morning erection, I tottered down the hallway toward the kitchen.

As I rounded the corner, I ran smack into my mother-in-law, Rose. I reeled back, still not sure just what had happened, and giving no thought to my state of undress. Yes, there I stood, groggy, surprised, eyes squinting, and buck assed naked in front of her.

Her loud laugh, jarring my sleep drunk brain back to reality.

“Well I see ‘ol one eye is certainly wide-awake,” as she laughed harder, and pointed toward my shamelessly hard cock, bobbing and slapping against my belly.

“Jenn, come quick,” she squealed, “You gotta see this!”

The sudden realization of what was happening suddenly hit home. Totally flustered, my hands flew to my crotch in a feeble attempt to cover myself. I probably had the look of a deer caught in the intense glare of headlights, and a car bearing down on me with incredible speed. Frozen with surprise, but knowing I had to move, and fast.

I wheeled around in the hallway. One hand was cupping the crack of my ass, as I sprinted toward the sanctuary of the bedroom. The squealing laughter of the two women, filling the hallway, as I cleared the threshold of the door, slamming it behind me.

“Holy fuck,” I said aloud as I tried to gain some composure, my back pressed against the door.

I could hear roaring, snorting, laughter in the hallway behind the door. Totally freaked, I desperately searched the carpeted floor, praying to find a hole big enough to crawl into. The hot flush of absolute embarrassment was washing over my entire body.

Oh this was going to be bad. Thanksgiving, and now I knew full well who was going to be the turkey. Jenn and Rose were going to get maximum mileage out of this little fuck up.

Finally resigned to the fact I wasn’t dreaming, I walked to the shower. I thought a blast of refreshing water would help relieve my dejected state. My cock was flapping limply against my leg as I moved across the bedroom floor. “I know just how you feel bud,” I said aloud, directing my comment toward my flagging friend.

Yea, I thought to myself, a guy can have a few pretty miserable experiences in his life. But standing buck naked in front of your mother-in-law, complete with a raging erection, has to be an all time low. Especially when she laughs, points, and makes snide remarks directed right at your crotch.

I dejectedly reached through the shower curtains and cranked the hot water handle. I was thinking about the joys this day was about to bestow on me. Something akin to the amount aydınlı escort of fun a turnip would have, after falling from the produce rack. With several women shoppers, kicking and punting you about the aisle, caring nothing for you, and none willing to rescue you from your predicament. I’m fucked I thought to myself, knowing that all of Jenn’s family shared her wicked sense of humor. I could imagine them now, the phone lines burning up with the grisly details of the little episode in the hallway. All of them howling with laughter and honing their spurs in anticipation of riding my sorry ass all evening. “Fuck,” I said aloud, now, angry with myself as I climbed into the steaming fog, boiling up from behind the shower curtain.

The water felt great as I adjusted the temperature to a tolerable level. I slowly began to relax as the hot, soothing spray cascaded down my body. I simply stood there, reveling in the sounds of running water as it slowly purged my mind of the embarrassing incident.

I felt somewhat better as I toweled off. The brisk shower certainly helped my mood. After a cursory brush of my hair and a slathering of deodorant, I slowly got dressed. I was feeling pretty cocky as I pulled on the last sock, fully prepared to go face the first two nemeses that awaited me in the kitchen.

As I rounded the first corner of the hallway on my way to the kitchen, the silence began to un-nerve me. As I approached the last corner of the hallway and was about to enter the kitchen, a strange feeling came over me. I likened it to that of a sixteen-year-old schoolboy, about to enter his classroom. Unsure of his classmates’ reaction to his newly cropped ‘Mohawk’ style haircut. Bestowed upon him by an older sister, supposedly a stylist, and of course dyed flaming red.

I hesitated at the corner, but sucking in a deep breath, I turned to boldly confront the women.

I entered the kitchen and walked directly to the cupboard, whipping open the door with a devil-may-care attitude, and grabbed a coffee mug. As I turned toward the coffee pot and started to fill the cup, I glanced at the two women sitting at the table, silently sipping coffee. They both remained silent, peeking above the rims of their mugs in my direction.

We stared at each other for a moment. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer and said to them, “What,” in a rather assertive manner, “Rose never seen a naked man before?”

All hell broke loose. Both women choked and spewed coffee across the table. The gagging rasps of their laughter burning my ears. Rose, the family matriarch, and the festering pimple on the backside of my life, was slapping her hand on the table as her chest heaved with laughter. My wife, her hands covering her mouth, eagerly joining her mother in uncontrolled hilarity, making no effort whatsoever to try and ease my predicament. I knew Rose to be one to absolutely adore me being the butt of the family jokes, but I though better of my Jenn. I guess I was wrong.

“What’s so damn funny,” I demanded, knowing full well that whatever I said was not going to curtail their little ha ha at my expense, and the only answer I received was more squeals and wheezes directed in my direction.

“Good grief.” I retorted toward them, “It isn’t that damn funny.”

I wheeled and stomped off toward the den. I tried to act pissed as all hell, but I did realize it was pretty damn funny, me running into Rose like that. I guess it was just that I was getting a touch tired of being the butt of the family humor hour. Why the fuck was I always the designated goat when it came to picking someone to laugh at. I sat sulking in the den, idly flipping through a magazine on the desk. Ah what the hell, I thought, at least the coffee’s fresh and strong. I started to feel a bit better as the coffee worked it’s usual morning magic on my mood.

As I became more absorbed in the magazine, I overheard bağdat caddesi escort a conversation in the hallway. It was Rose telling Jenn that she would be back later that afternoon to help her with the dinner preparations. “Bye Mom,” Jenn said as I heard the front door open, then softly close with an audible click.

Yes! , I thought to myself, at last she’s gone. I could almost see her out front now, goggles properly adjusted over her eyes, as she threw a leg over her broomstick, nearly able to smell the acrid aroma of burning straw as she revved off. I guess it wasn’t a real complimentary thought about her, but she sure had a knack for getting under my skin. I suppose most married men have the unfortunate burden of having to put up with their mothers-in-law. It’s just that having yours live in the same town was a decidedly worse fate than most have to endure.

Jenn walked quietly into the den, unsure of what state I was in. “Truce OK,” she said, “No more joking with you, I promise”

I guess I must have had a bit of a scowl on my face or something, anyway she offered to bring me some fresh coffee. Grabbing the mug, she left me alone with my mood. Well I was feeling a lot better now that Rose had left, so when Jenn walked back with the coffee, I said “Come here,” as I open my arms toward her. She set the coffee down and we embraced, kissing deeply.

“I’m sorry for laughing at you,” she said as she slid onto my lap, “But I just couldn’t help it when I came around the corner and saw your cute little hiney beetling for the bedroom.”

“I know it must have been awful embarrassing,” she added.

“Embarrassing!!!” I railed, “I was totally fucking mortified!!!”

“The neighbor, our Priest, hell I’d have anyone see me like that,” I howled, “But your mother, Jesus-H-Christ, she’ll never forget this!!”

“Oh it won’t be that bad,” she said as she snuggled even tighter into me. I was forgetting all about my mood as we kissed and the sweet smell of her perfume drew me to her neck.

The heavy necking session was really starting to mellow me. I was thinking of nothing but the present. The warm lips, the searching tongue, and the sweet aroma, had me soaring. I felt desire rushing through me. My seven-day abstinence was beginning to overtake all my thoughts.

“Let’s sneak off to the bedroom,” I whispered to Jenn as I nibbled on her neck, knowing that she was becoming aroused also.

“Not right now,” she crooned softly, “I have to get the turkey stuffed and in the oven pretty quick”

“I know something else that needs some stuffing,” I whispered in reply as I swirled my tongue just inside her ear. My cock was now starting to stiffen and strain against my jeans.

“Uh Huh,” she sighed, “But not right now, OK”

Jenn stood up, turned and straddled me in the chair. We kissed passionately as she ran her hand between us to my crotch.

“Mmm, someone’s feeling a little frisky,” she said as she ran her hand over the prominent hardness, now welling in my crotch. My hands flew to her breasts, kneading the soft flesh through her shirt, searching for buttons.

“I can’t wait,” I croaked as I twirled my fingers around the hardening nipples, now jutting hard against the filmy fabric of her bra.

“Uh uh,” she said, as she pulled my hands away from their frantic explorations of her bosom, and pushed them to her hips. “I promise something special later,” she added.

I cupped her taut little butt in both hands, pulling her tight to me, as I crushed my face between her breasts.

“I don’t think I can wait until later,” I moaned, her breasts muffling my furtive plea.

“Well you have had a rough morning,” she said as she wrapped both hands around my neck, her fingers running up into my hair.

“Maybe a little blowie would take the edge off… you think?” she whispered into my ear, using a soft, sexy overtone bostancı escort in her voice.

“Well…maybe,” I replied in my best poor me, I’m so neglected and abused, voice. It always had a positive effect when it came to getting my way with Jenn.

You’re walking in high cotton now boy, I though to myself, as Jenn leaned to kiss me, driving her tongue into my mouth.

Jenn yanked at my t-shirt, pulling it up from between my back and the chair. She pulled it over my head as my arms rose above my head to aid her. She flipped the shirt off toward the far wall of the den, and she began to slowly slide off my thighs.

As she lifted from me, she leaned and started to nibble her way down from my neck to my chest. I ran my fingers through her hair as I leaned back into the chair, savoring the delicate brush of her lips against my skin. I winced and softly moaned as her lips settled on my left nipple, as the sharp, intense spike of pleasure bore into me. I arched forward to meet her as she gently bit down on the hardened point.

With her tongue weaving an intricate pattern of delicate, barely touching swirls, she worked her way downward, following the dark line of hair extending from my chest to my navel. My fingers, now rubbing slowly across the back of her ears, gently urging her as waves of arousal coursed through me.

“Oh baby,” I hissed as tongue slowly circled my navel. I felt her hands manipulating the button of my jeans, slowly gaining access at the waist. I arched to her as I heard the muted, purring clicks of the opening zipper.

I lifted as I felt her hands grasping the waistband of my jeans. With a slow, deliberate pull, she rolled both jeans and boxers from my hips. My stiffening erection, springing from the elastic constrains, as she yanked my clothing. She pulled away and continued to strip me, tossing both jeans and boxers to the same corner as my shirt.

Grasping a knee in each hand, she spread my legs and knelt between them. I felt her fingers wrap around my stiffened shaft. Her index finger, its touch so incredibly gentle, yet intense, slowly stroking my flaring knob. I slid forward on the chair, my hips barely supported by the cushioned seat. I leaned hard against the back support, arching toward her. Eager, wanting, flush with desire, my body is screaming for her attention. “Oh…Sooo good…Ummmm,” I moaned as her tongue began to moisten the sensitive cleft on the lower side of my knob. One of her hands was stroking my shaft in a slow, twisting motion, while the other one was cupping my sac.

I moaned desperately as she worked her magic on me… the exquisite sensation of her lips, now engulfing my knob, meeting her hand as she twisted and stroked my rigid shaft… her tongue, lashing so delicately across the sensitive flesh… fingers slowly tightening around swelling balls.

My head tossed back, fingers plunged and clenching into her scalp, I drive my hips upward. I’m so close, riding the edge of a great crest of emotion and sensation. The precipice looming…headlong I charge toward it…muscles tensing in anticipation… a myriad of colors flashing across tightly closed eyes…I plunge into the depths of total release.

I cry out as my entire being quakes. She pulls her lips from me…her hand twists and jerks, as the spasms begin…her other palm grinding against my pulsating balls…I feel the hot jets of cum blasting from me…the hot ropes of warm viscous fluid, leaving trails of wet sensation on my chest. I continue to moan as the last spastic throbs slowly ebb. I wilt into the chair as my cock twitches at the last furtive spurts. It’s intense, raging, stiffness now softening.

I am jelly, quivering and spent, as I feel Jenn’s lips gently brush mine. I lift my head to meet her, and we kiss deeply. With tongues entwined, I taste myself on her.

“Does that feel better?” she whispers to me as she breaks from our embrace.

“Oh…Ummm…Huhhh,” I babble in reply.

“Now I have to tend to the turkey,” she said, as she stood before me.

“But remember, tonight I promise you that you will be doing the stuffing,” she crooned, as she leaned to give me a parting peck on the cheek.

“And I just may be in the mood for a lot more gobble gobble,” she laughed, swirling her tongue around the lips of her open mouth, as she turned to walk from the den.

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