The Couple Next Door Ch. 02The Couple Next Door Ch. 02


Bob snored as Trish yelled louder and louder, taunting her passed out husband inches below her.

“Fuck me!” she yelled.

She reached down and grabbed her panties from Bob’s chest then forced his mouth open as she shoved them into his mouth. I fucked her harder, smacking her ass as she screamed and Bob snored under her.

She reached down to Bob’s muddy pants and unzipped them, pulling his limp cock out as I looked on amazed.

“Pitiful,” she said as it flopped out of his zipper and lay there white and shriveled from being soaking wet for almost an hour.

Trish was humiliating him, coming over and over again while she made her loudmouth husband look like a fool under us both.

I was in shock. I didn’t say a word until I was ready to cum. She sensed it, and let my cock slide out of her wet hot pussy. I wanted to cum in her mouth but she said “no baby.”

She took her panties out of Bob’s mouth, which gaped open. She pulled his head toward us.

“Cum right here,” she said.

I laughed and said “no way!”

“Way,” Trish said.

She started stroking my Tire Escort wet cock and pointed it at her husband’s face. He was in an alcohol-induced coma. I didn’t realize it until that moment that she hated him. Their life was a ruse. She was dead serious.

“Do it,” she said, smiling like a cat, stroking me harder and harder, sliding her hand under my balls and licking her lips.

I came hard, ropes of cum spurting out of my cock, the first one splattering Bob’s chin and the back of their couch, the second hitting him square in his open mouth, then smaller spurts hitting him in the chin and his cheeks. Cum dripped from his mouth, covering one side of his face.

She was gleeful as a little girl, laughing and shrieking as my cum dripped from her husband’s face. Then he licked his lips and Trish grabbed my arm and squeezed it.

“Look!” she said. “Look at him licking it up.”

We stood there naked, watching in amazement at what we’d just done. Then she stood on her tiptoes again and kissed me hard. My hand slid down to her bare ass. I smacked Torbalı Escort her.

“You’re a bad girl,” I said.

“You have no idea,” she said, smiling slyly.

We walked into their bedroom and she found a dry shirt for me to put on. She put our wet clothes in the dryer and walked back into their room where I was standing at their side window looking out.

“That’s my bedroom,” I said, nodding toward my house next door.

My window was open, and my bed was in clear view.

“I know,” she said. “I love to watch you. Don’t you know I was watching you and Mary last week? She knew.”

I was stunned.

“You’re a bad girl,” I said again.

“Oh, you have no idea,” she said, rubbing my bare ass as we looked into my bedroom. My cock started to swell again.

“You set me up?” I asked.

“With Mary?” Trish said. “She wanted it. Just wait. We’ll return the favor sometime.”

“We?” I asked.

Trish winked. She was talking about her and Mary.

My heart was racing. We’d just fucked each other with Trish standing over Urla Escort her passed-out husband, stuffed her panties in his mouth, pulled his limp dick out then opened his mouth for me to shoot cum into. And now she was telling me the divorced woman from the next street over was her lover too, and they’d conspired to set me up with her in my bedroom with the window shades open, the lights on and my next-door neighbor watching the whole thing.

I was speechless as it washed over me.

Mary was hot. She dropped by a lot to gossip, just like Trish. We’d sit on the front porch at night and talk about our neighbors, the divorced man across the street we never saw, the divorced mom down the road who was seeing the married man up the road. The new gay couple who’d just moved in beside her.

“You know they keep their curtains open at night?” she asked me once?

Did I know she and Trish were doing the same to me?

This neighborhood never ceased to blow my mind.

I was just standing there staring into my own bedroom, my cock getting hard as I felt another man’s wife reach around and grab my cock.

“Let’s go play with Bob some more,” she said, pulling me away from her window by may cock.

“What else could we possibly do to him?” I asked.

“C’mon big boy,” Trish said, letting go of my hard cock and popping me on my bare ass. “It’s only nine o’clock.

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