The Art GalleryThe Art Gallery


They met at university, more specifically they had happened to sit next to each other in an accounting class and she saw a book on art history in between the textbooks in his backpack. She asked about it and they had a quick chat before the lecture began. He’d obviously spent the lecture trying to muster the courage to ask her out, because once it had finished he did. She said sure.

They met for coffee, and it went well, but not well enough that the date ended with a condom being filled. That happened a few weeks and dates later after a movie at his tiny apartment. it was not the first time for either of them, but being shy accounting students this hadn’t happened a lot either. It was the first time she’d had that many orgasms during sex though, but it wouldn’t be the only time that night, or the next morning.

It had been a few months since then, and they had been seeing each other when they could around the lectures, studying, assignments and such that come with University life. The past two weeks they hadn’t seen each other at all due to exams and she realised that she missed him. They still hadn’t really talked about the status of their relationship or anything like that but she was beginning to think maybe they should. Or at least they should just see each other, and well, it had been two weeks and she was craving something more than just her own fingers.

She texted him, “are you done with exams yet?” He replied, “yeah, I was thinking we could visit the Modern Art Gallery in the city, maybe get some food after, you in?”. She was, and replied, “Meet there tomorrow morning?” He sent “10:30am?” She replied “Sounds good”, and went shopping for something nice to wear.


Her alarm had woken her, but she was still lying in bed and thinking about him. Her fingers drifted down her body, lightly grazing her wet labia when her phone startled her with an alert noise. She picked it up and saw it was her period tracking app, alerting her that she was probably ovulating today. That explains how wet I am she thought. She opened the drawer of her bedside table and took out a couple of condoms from the box she kept there and put them in her handbag. She was sure he’d have plenty at his place, where they usually ended up because he had no housemates to deal with, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

When she was younger she had tried the pill, but she really did not enjoy the side effects, so she’d relied on condoms with the couple of other guys she’d slept with. Their first time he’d put one on before she could even suggest it, something her best friend had said was pretty rare. As she showered she thought about what that young man would hopefully be doing to her later, having a quiet orgasm that turned into a surprised yelp when the hot water ran out. Oops, she thought, I don’t often get that lost in horny thoughts while showering.

After drying herself off, she cut the tags off of the new lacy red bra and g-string set and put them on. Looking at herself in the mirror, her perky b-cups and soft butt cheeks looked quite alluring if she said so herself, and she hoped he would find them equally alluring later on today.

She blushed at that thought and put on the new green summer dress she had also picked out for this date. A quick brush of the hair, some simple makeup and she was ready to go.

She put her phone into her handbag, shuffled things around so those condoms weren’t visible, and walked quickly to the bus stop.


She turned the corner and spots him standing in front of the art gallery. He is wearing a simple polo shirt and jeans, but from behind the jeans perfectly frame his firm butt cheeks. She bites her lower lip and thinks of grabbing those cheeks later as he thrusts deep inside her. The lustful thoughts almost overwhelm her, but then she thinks that maybe there is more than lust in her feelings. She shakes her head, takes a deep breath and walks up and taps him on the shoulder. He turns around and says “Oh, hi there. Wanna look at some art?” She nods, grabs his hand and they walk through the double glass sliding doors into the foyer of the gallery.

He had purchased tickets for them both online, so they went straight in to the main part of the gallery after the usher checked them on his phone. The first hour or so was what she had expected, the general collection, as well as a few small rooms focusing on some featured artists. She wasn’t really thinking of anything but the warmth of his hand in hers. They were talking about the various paintings, sketches and sculptures but her mouth was basically on autopilot until they reached the main featured exhibition, “The Beauty of Motherhood”.

They went inside and saw the first piece on the wall, a collage of photos of a naked woman in side profile, showing her belly growing from flat and toned to big and full with child. The first shot was black and white and each increased slowly in colour saturation until the final shot was Karabağlar Escort almost glowing. She glanced down to the crotch of his jeans and could see that they were looking tight, he wasn’t fully erect, but she knew he was turned on. She made a comment about how the woman in looked like she was glowing in the last photo, and he said “they say women are supposed to glow when they’re pregnant” and she agreed.

The next photo was of the same woman standing front on, a small baby sucking on her left nipple while a small dribble of milk trailed down from her right one. Everything was in black and white, except for the child who was in full colour. He read aloud the title of the work from a small plaque underneath, “Me and My Life’s Work”. She joked, “I hope it wasn’t work when she started making it”, giggled nervously and blushed. He grinned at her and said, “Well I know that practising is very fun”. He then blushed, grabbed her hand and pulled her to a painting on the wall.

It was called “The Fire of Life” and depicted a forest at night, dark except for a fire in a clearing that was surrounded by a bunch of women holding hands. They were covered by long green robes, hoods shrouding their faces in shadow, and their variously coloured baby bumps poking out. She noticed how that new g-string was feeling very damp, looked over and saw that the front of his jeans looked equally tight. They both talked about the brush strokes and the use of light, while much more primal thoughts burned inside.

They continued around the edges of the room until they reached the last piece, two Polaroid photos in a shared frame, the first of what looked to be a fresh load of semen dripping from between the labia of a woman. The second of a used condom, it’s tip looking torn and tattered. She read the title, “Life Finds a Way” and a very naughty thought came out of her subconscious mind. We won’t have to worry about that if we don’t use a condom, I bet his cum will feel so warm deep inside.

She blushed deeper than she thinks she ever has, wondering where that thought had come from. Of course they would use protection, they’d only known each other for a few months, plus they were way too young to even think about babies. Except she realised she already was, and she could see from his jeans that he was too, or at least thinking about the thing that makes them.

She looked at him and said, “So, wanna go get some lunch?” It took him a few seconds to respond, almost like the words had to battle through a fog of lust to get to his brain. He said “sure, I saw online that the place across the street is supposed to be good”. She said “cool”, and hoped that some food might cool the lust inside.


They crossed the street and entered the restaurant, a waitress led them to a table and handed them some menus. She opened her menu, but her eyes were drawn to the waitress now standing talking to, actually flirting with, the bartender. They were young, about her age and as she looked them over she thought she noticed what looked like a slight swelling in her abdomen. Now I know I’m going crazy she thought and looked at the actual menu. It was a basic mix of entrees, salads, mains and the like, she thought a steak might be good. She’d need the energy for later.

The waitress returned after a few minutes and asked how their day had been, he replied “great, we were just visiting the art gallery”. The waitress beamed and said “it’s great, and that new motherhood exhibit is so powerful. I went after the lunch shift a few months back just after it was installed with the hunky bartender over there. It was our third date, and wow. It got us both so riled up that when we got back to his place we tore each others clothes off.”

She nodded and thought, I really want to do the same to my guy, as the waitress continued “as we got to the bedroom he opened up a drawer and I said ‘what are you doing?’ he just said ‘condom?’ and I said ‘it’ll be fine, just fuck me’. He closed the drawer and did. A couple of times”. The waitress paused, blushed and then started rubbing her belly. Her guy said “really?” with a voice that was full of both shock and barely concealed excitement. The waitress said “yeah, and well it was fine if fine is oops you’re knocked up.”

Both of them were shocked, although she was a little less so now that her “crazy” suspicions were confirmed. “It’s all good”, the waitress said, “he’s a great guy and I know our kids will be so cute. Anyway, do you have any kids?”. She replied, “ummmmm” and the waitress said “I bet you’re both thinking about it after that exhibit right?” The waitress moaned under her breath and said, “I’m shocked you didn’t just skip lunch to try and make one. Anyway, are you ready to order?”

The waitress took their orders and left, quickly returning with a couple of glasses of sparkling wine. He and her both pulled out their phones and poked away at various social media Karşıyaka Escort apps, occasionally making eye contact and smiling. She wasn’t really paying attention to what she saw, and she suspected he wasn’t either. She tapped on her period tracking app, hoping that seeing the reality of her being in the most fertile part of her cycle would calm her libido. It didn’t, in fact she had to bite her lip as the arousal made her almost moan.

She put her phone down and made small talk with him until their steaks arrived. They ate mostly in silence, other than a couple of comments about how juicy the steak was and how good the bottle of red wine they ordered at the suggestion of the waitress went with the dish. Afterwards they sat and finished the wine, talking about the various exams they’d recently done, how well they thought they’d done, which lecturers they liked and some other usual student topics of conversation. He then paid the bill and booked an Uber to his place.


He gets in the car and slides to the far side. She climbs in and leaves a gap between them, because she thinks if she didn’t the driver might end up with quite a show. She goes to grab her phone out of her handbag, and sees the condoms she put in earlier. She reaches in a brushes her fingertips against the packets and thinks about what the waitress said. She looks over and he is poking at his phone, but she can see he is rock hard inside his jeans.

She looks back down at the condoms, and takes hold of them. She decides that if she is holding them when they get to his place she’ll be reminded they need to use one if she doesn’t want to end up with a swollen belly. She is shocked that she is even thinking about not using protection. She has always used condoms, every single time, even when she was on the pill and now she isn’t sure.

She looks over at him again, and notices that he is looking at her. Not just at her but at her midsection. She wonders if he is thinking about getting her pregnant. Then she realises she is hoping that he is.

She is both more scared and more turned on than she has ever been before.

She folds the condoms into the palm of her hand, and pulls her hand out of the bag. It’ll all be safe if she keeps holding them. She lets her hand drop to her side, onto the edge of the car seat. From out of her subconscious mind another very naughty thought surfaces, she could shove the condoms between the seat cushion and no one will see them.

A wave of pure animal thirst washes over her, and she feels how hard her nipples are against the lace of the bra, and how wet that g-string is against her pussy. She looks over at him as the wave of lust crashes down, and thinks of him unloading deep inside her. Filling her with his baby making sperm.

She bites her lip, and as the car comes to a stop out the front of his place she pushes the condoms between the seat cushions.


His apartment is the epitome of cliched student living. One main room and a tiny bathroom, a small kitchenette to the right of the door, a desk and chair covered in books on the right hand wall, a TV on the floor in the corner and a mattress on the floor along the left wall. To be fair there isn’t much room for anything else, but at least she has made sure he has sheets on the mattress now.

On top of the sheets there is a plastic bag. Inside the bag she can see there is an unopened box of condoms he must have purchased in anticipation for today. Part of her hopes they remain unopened and unused, and she realises that part is in control now. It’ll be up to him to make sure they don’t.

He closes the door, walks past her and picks up the bag. He looks at her with lust in his eyes, and asks, “is it wrong that all I can think about is not using these?” She says, “no, I’ve been thinking the same thing, but we need to use them.” She pauses, moans under her breath, and continues “because my app says I’m very fertile today.”

He pulls the box out of the bag and drops the bag. His hands are trembling. He says, “so if my cum doesn’t fill one of these” and shakes the box. “it’ll end up in your womb, find an egg and…” He trails off, overwhelmed by the thought. His eyes are drawn to her belly, that she didn’t even realise she was caressing until she notices where he is looking.

She looks back to him and says breathlessly, “yes.”

He responds “So?”

She walks over to him and takes the box. She looks at him like someone lost in the desert looks at a watery oasis, bites her lip and throws the box over her shoulder.

They kiss with a fiery passion, she presses her body against his and feels his hardness.

She pulls off his polo shirt.

He unzips her dress and she lets it fall to the floor.

She reaches for his belt buckle, he reaches behind to unhook her bra. They both fumble for a few seconds and switch.

She throws the bra away as his jeans hit the floor.

He Kemalpaşa Escort cups the crotch of her g-string and finds it almost dripping wet.

She pulls his boxers down and his rock hard cock springs free.

He pulls the g-string down over her hips and it falls to the floor.

She lies back on the mattress and spreads her legs.

They both pause, wondering if they are really going to do this. They stare into each others eyes, as they both lightly caress themselves. She rubs her fingers along her labia, and her eyes drift down to where he is stroking his hard penis. Her fingers find her clit, and start rubbing back and forth, sending spikes of desire to her brain. She moans and says “your balls look very full”. He growls, “they’re full of my seed, but I’m sure you can help me empty them”.

She spreads her wet pussy lips apart, and realises they’ve passed the point of no return. Their biological urges to breed are in charge, and they want her to get knocked up on this mattress. That thought makes her groan out “I’m sure I can”, and she thrusts her hips into the air. Then she cries out, “Oh God, get over here and fuck a baby into me.”

He almost dives onto the bed and shoves his hard cock deep inside her. She feels his balls hit her flesh and cums hard, screaming in pleasure as her tight walls grab at his cock. He starts thrusting hard and fast, pounding her over and over into the soft sheets. He grunts with every thrust as he feels his cock sliding back in, her labia sliding along his shaft.

She begins to thrust her hips up to meet him, their bodies in perfect synchronisation, working together to make a new life bloom inside her. She looks up at him and growls encouragement with every stroke “yes, fuck me, fill me, cum in me, breed me” and then another orgasm hits her. She wraps her legs around him, claws at his back with her fingernails as her whole body shudders against him in pleasure. He pushes in deep and the feel of the tip of his cock against her cervix makes her eyes roll back in her head as her orgasm continues longer than she ever thought possible.

As they both catch their breath, he pants, “it feels like your pussy is trying to suck the sperm out of my cock”. She starts slowly moving her hips, his cock slowly withdrawing and re-entering her tight hole. She looks at him and says, “it is, my body is built to be baby making machine and all it needs is your hot sticky seed to flood my womb so it can start production”. He starts moving as well, their pace slowly but surely increasing in speed and passion.

He snarls with lust, and she can feel his cock swell, pushing against the walls of her wet cunt. The wet sounds and sweaty aromas fill the tiny room, and she feels her arousal begin to build towards another orgasm. As it does she thinks of all the art from the exhibition, and how it kindled a flame in her she didn’t even know she had. How it did the same to the waitress and the bartender, and despite the fact that they’d barely started dating that fire burned hot enough for them to give themselves over to it and make a baby.

Now that fire is burning through her veins, and very soon he is going to plant a seed in her fertile womb because she too has given herself over to it.

She thinks about how when her phone alerted her to her ovulation this morning, she never would’ve guessed this is where she’d end up. On her back, being fucked without a condom, begging for his hot load.

She thinks that even if she was in the same situation the waitress was in and it were only their third date the results would be the same.

She thinks that the fire inside her is so uncontrollable than even if today was their first date, she would still be about to get pregnant.

The lust rises to a nuclear level heat. She knows deep down that if she went to that gallery alone, and she had been thinking about it before he suggested it, right now some random stranger would be about to knock her up.

He screams, “I’m cumming” and pushes his pulsing cock as deep as he can in her pussy.

She cries out, “yes fill me, make me pregnant” and her thighs squeeze tight around him.

He explodes. Blast after blast of his hot semen coat the depths of her vagina. She feels them as he shudders against her, and she almost passes out from the pleasure of being mated. Her body writhes and her pussy contracts, trying to get as much of his life giving sperm as it can.

They collapse in a sweaty mess, he rolls off to the side as he struggles to breathe. They’re both panting in exhaustion and post coital bliss.

After a few seconds he pulls her into a spooning hug, and she can feel his slowly softening penis wetly press against her. She also feels something she has never felt before, a few drops of his sperm leaking out of her freshly fucked hole, dribbling down to the sheets.

Her phone beeps from within her bag. She pulls it out and sees a message from her best friend, asking how the gallery was.

She smiles to herself and tells her friend that it was life changing, and she should totally use it for that first date she has tomorrow. He looks at her, slightly puzzled, and asks “what are you smiling about?”

She replies, “just wondering how many babies that exhibition will end up causing.”

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