That Old House Ch. 04That Old House Ch. 04


With an acknowledgement to Willie Nelson’s “I Just Dropped By” for the idea (but not the detail, of course!)



Downstairs Gerry was still working on the dinner when Richard reappeared, naked and erect! She had put on an apron for protection but that was only for the cooking, her stupendous naked buttocks attracted him instantly. He slipped his arms under the apron and captured her breasts, once again pushing his rod into her bum cleft.

“I’m sorry Mum but those girls, Holly and Ivy, just stripped off in front of me. I think I only just escaped!”

“They sent you off you mean,” giggled Gerry as she enjoyed the feeling of her son’s cock sliding up and down her cleft. “I bet they’ve gone looking for their father! Mmmm, that’s lovely darling, get some juice from my pussy to make it slippery!”

Upstairs Holly and Ivy crept along to the master bedroom suite. It was very quiet inside; they cracked the door open silently and peeked inside.

Gary had fallen asleep over his paperwork. He was on his back; his hairy chest rose and fell rhythmically with his breathing and his cock and balls moved along with it.

Holly and Ivy shut the door and moved either side of the bed, moving all the papers aside silently. Holly eased her fingers around his flaccid cock and Ivy swallowed the tip. Gary’s cock began to erect.

“Ummm not now Gerry darling; it’s fantastic but the girls will be here soon!”

Holly and Ivy moved very close to their father. Holly whispered in his ear.

“Your girls are here, Daddy darling!”

Gary eyes shot open and he grinned ruefully at being found in a naked state. He opened his mouth to speak but Holly dropped a nipple between his lips. Ivy moved in too and soon he was licking and nibbling at four breasts and nipples. His hands soon found two sopping wet pussies and juicy squelching sounds were joining the breast slurping. Ivy continued to frig his now fully erect cock.

Soon they were lying together, bringing each other up to date, finishing with their disrobing in front of Richard and the size of his cock.

“We sent him off so that we could come and find you Daddy darling,” giggled Holly as she swallowed his cock tip as Ivy continued to frig him. “We were very tempted to have a quick fuck but we wanted you so much!”

Holly mounted her father and her sister fed his cock into her sopping pussy.

“He’s probably gone to fuck his mother,” groaned Gary as his juices began to flow. “Oh my darlings, I wish I could fill you both but I must think of Gerry you know. It’s her house after all!”

“It’s all right Daddy,” said Ivy, still firmly tossing the root of her father’s cock. “I’ll have you before Sunday evening but I know who I’m going to concentrate on.”

Up on top of her father Holly’s sweat was beginning to drip on him and she growled with acute pleasure.

“I’m going to fuck Richard too you minx! His cock is gorgeous, just like Daddy’s. Now stop frigging him, I want to feel all of him inside me when he shoots his load!”

Downstairs Gerry was sitting on the kitchen worktop, her thighs spread wide and her son’s big hard cock thrusting in and out of her cunt. She had her nails in the flesh of his buttocks and was urging him to finish her.

“Yessss darling, yessss!” she shouted. “Fuck me hard; fill my cunt with your cream. I’m going to come all over your cock, your fantastic fucking cock!”

Upstairs Holly also screamed as Gary’s hot seed fired up into her pussy.

“Yessss Daddy, yessss!” she shouted as his heat triggered her own orgasm. Ivy kissed them both, running her hands all over his sweaty body. She shuddered into her own smaller orgasm as she clung on to the two most important people in her life, her father and her sister.

Downstairs Richard withdrew his cock from Gerry’s cunt. She slid off the worktop and sucked their juices off his cock.

“Let’s go and clean up for dinner now darling. It will be ready soon.”

As they reached the landing upstairs her bedroom door opened and two sweaty but naked girls came out, looking a little guilty at being caught. Gerry soon had everyone at ease.

“Oh good,” she remarked, “we’re all naked now. Gosh, you girls are so beautiful. Dinner will be in about half an hour; dress will be optional. As to fucking, everyone can watch as long as no one objects but privacy must take precedence. Anyone got any objections to that? Good! I’m going to take a shower before dinner and see if my darling has suffered any damage to his equipment. I’m all sweaty due to my darling Richard’s attentions. I suggest everyone showers!”

In less than thirty seconds Gerry was in the shower with Gary washing her all over. His cock was hard and he soon turned her around and entered her from behind.

Dinner was a little delayed!


Over the dinner table everyone became better acquainted. They were all naked, sitting on little cloths on cushions so as to catch any drips from cunts and cocks. Gerry Yavuztürk Escort had placed Holly and Ivy opposite Richard with Gary at the other end of the table from herself.

The young ones were most nervous, with Richard stiff the whole meal and Holly and Ivy needing the cloths as their damp pussies excreted a little juice.

They talked about the house and how Gerry had changed a few things and Gary reminded them about how it was when he had owned it.

Gerry talked a little about the school where she taught and where all the male teachers seemed to be totally lecherous towards her. Ivy said pretty much the same about her university accommodation.

Richard didn’t say a lot, his hard cock was hurting too much as he gazed on the twin breasts across the table. He was dying to toss off, dying in fact to toss off all over Holly and Ivy’s tits!

Gary was watching all three pairs of breasts before him, all of which he had had in his hands within the last hour! He managed to control himself but he was acutely aware that if his concentration lapsed for a few seconds he would be as hard as iron. Then Gerry spoiled it all!

“Now then Gary darling, we all want to hear about your fucking week!” The girls and Richard looked enquiringly at them both. “You see darlings, my Gary has been busy with his lovely big cock all week. He left me on Sunday afternoon and went to spend the night with his daughters; we can all guess what happened there!”

“Gerry darling, perhaps we shouldn’t talk so openly in front of the children.”

“Children? Children? Just look at the breasts on your daughters; Richard’s cock is as big as yours so none of them are children any more and they are all sexually active! So tell us all about fucking your own and your bosses PA’s this week, across desks and all!”

So Gary began the story of his week, his fucking week! When he got to the point where he went to Molly’s office Gerry interrupted and suggested that they move into the lounge where it was more comfortable.

“We can play with each other if we want to,” she giggled.

In the lounge Holly and Ivy took charge of Richard, sitting him down between them. They each placed one of his hands on their pussies and captured his still very hard cock in their little hands, wrapping his shaft in their long slender fingers. I spite of himself Richard began to fuck at their fingers, sliding a finger into each vaginal passage to find their juices.

Gerry sat opposite Gary in the armchairs. She spread her thighs over the arms and opened her hole to his gaze. Gary took his erection in his hand.

“Now tell us about fucking Molly and Janice darling. Tell us about all your sexy encounters with them. It will get us all in the mood!”

“I’m in the mood already,” giggled Ivy.

Gary partly closed his eyes as he began to describe fucking Molly over her desk. He wanted to concentrate on the detail but he wanted to watch his darling Gerry as she frigged herself, especially as she had raised her bottom higher so that he could see her arsehole. He stroked his cock with firm long strokes, his excitement rising as he saw Molly’s shaved cunt in his mind’s eye.

He moved on to tell them about his night with Janice. As he reached the point where she was sucking him off the next morning he lost it. He groaned and stood quickly, taking two paces over to Gerry and shot his spunk all over her face, tits and belly.

On the sofa Richard gasped out a warning to Holly and Ivy. As one they moved closer and watched as he fountained his sperm all over both of their bodies. Being young and fit he had plenty and both girls were coated with his copious emission.

Gerry started by scooping up a finger full of Gary’s spunk and sucking it into her mouth. Holly and Ivy soon followed suit with Richard. After the quantity had diminished Gerry moved over to Richard and sucked his cock into her mouth before helping herself to a share of his spunk from the girls breasts.

Holly reached out, took her father by the hand and pulled him towards her. She licked and sucked at his cock, which, although quite soft now, was still long and fat. Ivy leaned in to Gerry and began to eat her father’s sperm off her breasts.

None of the women had achieved an orgasm. Gary suggested that they get licked and they agreed enthusiastically. Gerry pulled her son off the sofa and sat down between Holly and Ivy. They all spread their thighs in anticipation.

“I’ve only ever done this once,” said Richard nervously. “I hope I can do it right.”

“Last night with me was wonderful darling,” exclaimed Gerry. “Start with me again and then you can move on to the girls!”

“Me first Daddy,” squealed Holly. “I’m desperate to come. Ivy will just have to play with two cocks until we change over!”

So they started and soon two women were leaking fluids all over two mouths as they thrashed into a climax. Ivy pulled her father off Holly and forced his face into her vagina. Gary extended his tongue into his younger daughter’s vagina and began Escort Yavuztürk to stroke it from arse to clitoris and back again.

Three women reached orgasm a number of times and all agreed that Richard had passed his preliminary examination in cunnilingus with flying colours.

“When do I take the intermediate,” he grinned with a cummy face and a newly stiff cock.

“Tomorrow morning!” three voices said in unison.


Gary lay on his back on Gerry’s bed, listening to her finishing her last toiletries in the bathroom. His cock was hard and pointing at the ceiling. She came into the room and stood at the foot of the bed, looking him over with a big grin on her face.

“That was a fantastic evening, wasn’t it,” she said. “We didn’t even have a fuck in front of each other!”

“I bet there’ll be some action at the other end of the house during the night,” grinned Gary. “In particular I think that Ivy’s got the hots for your Richard!”

Gerry climbed on to the bed and swallowed Gary’s knob end. He grabbed her and pulled her off him to lie by his side.

“You can’t have any more cock until you’ve told me the whole story between you and Richard yesterday. I told you that you had to come clean and I meant it. So give!”

“All right darling, I did make you confess in front of the others, didn’t I? Can I just hold your lovely big penis while I tell you? I’ll probably have a little come or two as I tell you; it was so fucking sexy!”

“I can’t resist you Gerry darling but I shall try and resist fucking you until you’ve finished. Oh yes! I just love your fingers on my shaft.”

“Right, here goes,” said Gerry, softly rubbing her big soft breasts against Gary’s chest.

“I picked him up from school as arranged. The bus had just arrived. I had put on a short skirt and my flimsy top that you can see through. My bra showed through, you know the one; one of those you bought for me last week. As Richard got off the bus I got out of the car and stood beside it. I thought my legs looked fantastic!

Richard looked over at me and waved; I did nothing. He was staring at me, standing perfectly still. His teacher had to remind him to collect his suitcase. He came towards me and I went to meet him; I could feel a little trickle of juice on my thigh!

I reached up and kissed him, just a little stronger than a standard greeting. God! Was I horny or what? He kissed me back and we got in the car.

On the way home we chatted about his trip; he was enthusiastic. He mentioned the course leader a couple of times so I tried to be grown up for him and asked him if he had dated her, or even been alone with her. He blushed a bit and said he’d tell me later.

When we got home I said that he should go for a shower and we would talk later. I stripped off in here and went down to his room; as soon as I heard him in the shower I nipped into his room, turned down the covers and got into the bed. The foot of his bed faces the bathroom door so I just laid out, spread my thighs and waited. God! I must have looked like a real tart!”

Gary’s cock was erect now and he had to control himself from rolling Gerry over and fucking her right then; patience, he told himself.

“Oh Gary darling it was so beautiful! Richard came into the room and stopped still when he saw me; I just smiled at him but my heart was pounding! I could feel that my pussy was wet too! I just watched him as his cock began to rise and stiffen. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a cock get erect from the ‘at rest’ position before. As I said, it was so beautiful to watch; my baby boy was a man!

He came towards me, his cock bobbing up and down. I reached out my hands and his prick docked into my palm, so warm, so firm but also soft at the same time. ‘I see Gary shaved your pussy then Mum’ he said. I said I’d tell him about it later and pulled his cock to my mouth. What bliss!

He just collapsed on to the bed and we kissed like all lovers do. Then I just pulled him over on top of me and felt for his hard cock again. As soon as I found it I put it to my cunt and pulled on his buttocks. After all my practice last weekend with you Gary darling he just filled me to the hilt in a second. Then he groaned and shot his load; wow, that felt hot and there was gallons of it.

He was so upset that he hadn’t made a good show of his first fuck but I just told him not to worry and said not to withdraw. I played with his prick with my cunt muscles and in about twenty seconds he was hard again.

He gave a much better account of himself second time around and I nearly came with him. The third time I came first and he felt my juice for the first time; that triggered him off again.

After that we could play and talk again. The fourth time I was on top; that was nice, I could watch his face. After the fifth time we went downstairs and had something to eat. Doesn’t a hard cock look strange with a woman’s come all over it? I didn’t mind, it just meant that it would slip easily into me a little later.”

“What Yavuztürk Escort Bayan happened later?” said Gary as he firmly stroked one hand into Gerry’s arse crack, finding her anus warm and soft. “Did he fuck you here?”

“Oh no darling, that’s just for you. Have you fucked the girls up the bum?”

“No darling and I don’t think I will either. In my story earlier I didn’t say that I’d fucked Molly and Jan’s arses but I did. I just didn’t want to mention it in front of the youngsters.”

“I think that you were right darling. You can tell me all the graphic dirty details though. It will get me going for you.”

“I’m going to put my cock somewhere soon Gerry darling. Finish your story about you and Richard. Did he tell you anything about him and the course leader?”

“Yes. Over our meal he told me that they’d only kissed and cuddled but he did have her breasts out in his hands. After dinner I insisted on washing up before bedtime last night; God, was it really only last night! We were still naked so he fucked me on the worktop in the kitchen, just like he did before your girls arrived this afternoon. Then we went to my bed and he fucked me as often as he could, I think about another five times! He was insatiable! I kicked him out about six this morning!”

Gary breached Gerry’s anus with his middle finger as he kissed her fiercely.

“Oh Gary darling, put your cock in there and shoot your spunk into me. Your finger is nowhere near thick enough!”

Gary obliged and fucked and frigged his darling through three orgasms before he discharged his hot sticky load into her rectum!


Just before he went to sleep Gary needed to go. For some reason he decided to visit the family bathroom off the main landing. As he returned to Gerry’s bedroom her saw a flicker of light down at the far end of the corridor.

He quite clearly saw Ivy’s gorgeous naked body move across the passageway. He smiled to himself as he returned to Gerry’s bed.

Ivy didn’t mess about; she knew what she wanted! She slipped into bed alongside Richard, delighted to find that he slept naked. She reached around his hips and found a three-quarter erect cock! Wow! Almost as big as her dad’s!

Richard started and turned around; there was just enough light through the window to show him that his nocturnal visitor was Ivy. He pulled her to his body and kissed her.

“How many times can you fuck me tonight Richard?” she gasped as the kiss broke.

“I don’t know Ivy,” he groaned. “If you don’t stop doing that my first shot will be all over your belly!”

Ivy giggled in his ear as she let go of his ramrod. She wriggled sexily against him and he finished up on top of her. Still a little reticent he ground his chest against her breasts but didn’t push his cock against her pussy. Ivy solved that by raising her hips and rubbing her wet vagina up and down his shaft.

“Come on Richard, it’s your cock that I’ve come for! Stick it in me and fuck me! I’ve not had any since Daddy this afternoon and I had to share with Holly then!”

Richard froze as he thrust inside her hot cunt.

“Do you love your dad like that often? I admit that Mum and I have done it but we only started last night after I got back from Scotland. I came out of the shower to find her naked on my bed here!”

“Wow! I bet that got your cock up! Gerry’s got a fantastic body; Dad’s really got the hots for her. He’s only fucked me two or three times. Do you mind? Oh my God Richard, your cock is so big inside me; I’m going to come all over it soon!”

“Ohhh yesss please!” groaned Richard. “I love hot girl come all over my cock!”

“You’ve only had your mother’s! Oooo yesss, fuck me like that!”

“I lied to her Ivy. The girl in Scotland seduced me; well, not really, I was really horny for her!”

“So you did fuck her? Ohhh, fucking Hell, just like you’re fucking me now?”

“You’re better Ivy; you feel like you’re really loving me! She just wanted to fuck!”

“I want you to fuck me too! Ohhh God, you’ve gone harder and stiffer. Are you going to come now?”

Richard didn’t have time to answer her. His hot sticky come shot out of his piss hole deep into Ivy’s equally hot receptacle. First fuck tonight there was gallons of it. Ivy squealed with delight.

“That was fantastic Richard darling! Did you feel me come too? I’m not so wet as Holly; she can squirt when she comes. Don’t pull out of me yet sweetheart, I want to see if I can get you hard again.”

Richard had hardly gone down and he was soon hard and ready again. He began to thrust up and down Ivy’s hot wet cunt. She made liquid and he kept on pounding her tunnel, her wetness meaning that he would last a lot longer this time around. She gripped his buttocks, her red painted nails digging into his flesh.

Ivy felt out of this world; she came once more as Richard pounded her, his chest grinding against her hot breasts. He didn’t stop and she felt herself beginning to build up again. She somehow felt different this time and began to push back up hard against his thrusting hips. Suddenly she almost broke contact as she pushed his hard shaft out of her cunt; her flailing hips helping to shoot her come out of her vagina and squirt all over Richards belly, genitals and hips. She gasped and dropped back onto his cock, Richard shooting his spunk deep into her passage.

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