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The new house was simply stunning, barely 3 months old and set at the top of San Bernadino Valley with a view that stretched for miles. It was an exercise in minimalism but on a grand scale, which was a contradiction in terms, but it worked. Vast windows from floor to ceiling which dimmed to black in full sunlight or could be dimmed remotely like a lot of stuff around the house. Chrome, black and white was the theme. Stunning marble floors, walls, stairs and rare sculptures and beautiful artwork were everywhere, it was a designer heaven. To say it had air conditioning wouldn’t be doing it justice. It had state of the art temperature regulation throughout the whole year so it was always the perfect temperature inside 24/7.

He, Stu, was an architect in his mid 30’s, she, Jen, a dress designer to the rich and famous. She could have been a model easily with her extremely elegant figure but chose to design them instead. In fact Victoria’s Secret had shown more than a passing interest in her quite recently even though she was older than their normal catwalk girls. Stu had a hand in the new Trade Centre in New York and had been rewarded handsomely for his efforts and was putting it to great use building this marvel of design.

Looking out past the infinity pool and Jacuzzi, which sat in an enormous white marble patio outside the master bedroom, blue sky was all you could see, the nearest neighbour was about 15 miles away, so no need for clutter around the windows just a beautiful vista to appreciate from floor to ceiling all day and night.

The gym which was situated below the master bedroom and as you would expect had all the latest gizmos and gadgetry to attain and maintain the perfect physique, with walls of mirrors and chrome everywhere, all it took was time, effort and an urge to be beautiful which they both had in spades. The kitchen was straight out of the 22nd century and the furniture classy and exclusive throughout the whole 5 bedroom house. From the outside it was sleek and stylish and blended in to the hills around

Their social life was a round of glamourous events where their image had as big a part to play as their talents and they never skimped where clothing was concerned, only the best would do and cost was not a concern.

His architecture business had begun some years before he met Jen and was based in LA where his old business partner Marco still lived. Similarly driven both professionally and personally, Marco also strived for the perfect physique along with the perfect job, the perfect partner in the perfect house and in his eyes had achieved them all. They hadn’t met up for some time and Stu and Jen decided that he should come and visit in the new house up in the hills. Unfortunately, his partner Sal, was called away on business right at the last minute so rather than cancel the visit which Marco had been looking forward to so much he decided to go on his own.

He duly arrived in his impeccable Armani suit in his brand new Ferrari, a bit predictable but all the same very nice indeed.

Jen had never met him before and she was more than happy and very impressed with what she saw. Impeccably dressed and in a very smart car and he had designer stubble, just how she like her men. Stu instantly noticed that she was checking him out, but didn’t really mind kağıthane escort as he was used to it from the old days. Marco was a good looking guy and the girls had always given him a second look and regularly asked for more. Of Italian descent he had a permanent tan and the girls always commented on it and Marco would always respond especially to the beautiful ones.

After they’d shown him around the amazing new place, Stu went off to start dinner as Jen installed Marco in one of the amazing bedrooms that had an equally stunning view over the valley and left him to shower and get ready for dinner.

White satin sheets on a custom sized bed which could sleep an entire family was what he was faced with. Beautifully decorated in chrome, white and black marble with the sun streaming through the enormous windows, it really was striking. He showered and dressed smart casual for dinner, they had all done the same without prompting. The guys in smart designer shirts and trousers, Jen in a stunning backless dress with a long split almost to the top of her thigh, clearly no underwear whatsoever and gorgeous Manolo Blahnik stilettoes, hot, extremely hot, still very elegant but so goddam sexy.

The evening meal went very well, Jen was getting on great with Marco which was always going to be awkward if they hadn’t, what with him staying for the night. They finished off quite a few bottles of the very best wine around and toasted each other’s success with the finest champagne so it all got very giggly in the end but they really enjoyed the evening and retired to bed still in high spirits talking and laughing loud and staggering a lot.

Stu had obviously spotted a couple of occasions during the evening where Jen was clearly flirting with Marco, where women of all ages go very girly and coy around guys they fancy, but he didn’t mind, Marco was an old friend and was very trustworthy. But he had spotted Marco giving Jen a few lingering looks so he obviously liked what he was looking at too. She was a very beautiful woman, so guys just have to learn to get over it around other guys, they’re gonna look, it’s natural, and Stu does exactly the same around other beautiful women, that’s life.

They all decided to retire to bed and after a drunk quickie with Stu, Jen admitted that she wouldn’t have minded a bit more than a quickie but Stu didn’t hear that and had in fact already gone to sleep. She lay there thinking about how much she’d enjoyed the evening and was sad that it had come to such an abrupt end, then started thinking about other endings.

Marco on the other hand stayed up for just a short time looking out over the valley at night before falling straight off to sleep after listening to Jen and Stu briefly making love, which he was more than a bit envious of. He thought about masturbating while they were in full flow but they finished so quickly he’d barely got an erection, so he just lay on the bed and fell quickly asleep fantasising about Jen as guys always do. It was a very long drive up from LA and he was exhausted so would be glad of a good nights the rest.

Jen, on the other hand couldn’t sleep at all by now, and was still feeling extremely randy, adventurous and extremely wicked after the quickie that ended even quicker sarıyer escort than ever before. She astonishingly decided, in her excited and drunken state, to pay Marco a clandestine visit, just to see what he looked like asleep. He was by now lying on the bed naked and completely asleep just half covered by a satin sheet. In this warm climate a sheet isn’t really necessary, but it’s just something you do for modesty I guess. She just stood and admired his amazing physique, more muscled than she had initially thought, she liked it and got even more horny just staring at his body in the moonlight. She could tell how much he worked on his physique, it really was beautiful.

She could see the entire shape of the lower half of his body under the thin sheet as she tip toed barefoot and silently into his room, and a shiver of sheer excitement went through her as she stared at his amazing body in such a sexy light streaming through the massive windows as it spilled across the entire room and bathing it almost like daylight. She was still more than a little bit drunk but well aware of everything naughty she planned to do.

As she very gently climbed onto the bed next to him, he didn’t stir, he didn’t even move a muscle and she was watching them carefully, very carefully. She first began moving her hands very softly over his naked chest and well-muscled arms down to his flat stomach and hips where the satin sheet lay. She then ran her hand over the sheet brushing his cock with the back of her fingers, which was still under the satin sheet, she could see as plain as day where his balls were under the thin material and she began extremely gently caressing them, moving them around, which always like to do to Stu. His cock which was already slightly erect, maybe he was having a sexy dream, began to enlarge even more as she continued moving her hands up and down his stiffening member, he still didn’t stir. She began being a bit more daring in her eagerness to get him hard.

She loved the feel of the satin over his swollen cock and the feel of his balls was so erotic it spurred her on to maximise his sleeping pleasure taking his balls in one hand and cock in the other she began to masturbate him. His cock by now was fully enlarged and it was magnificent underneath her fingers through the satin, it just felt electrifying and so erotic that she just had to carry on, there was no way she was stopping. This was just so naughty and so much sexy fun, she felt the excitement of a teenager and began giggling and laughing inside.

He still hadn’t stirred at all as she gently slid the sheet down over one of his thighs to reveal his enormous engorged cock to the moonlight, she was loving every second. With her eyes open wide with wonderment she couldn’t wait a second longer as she wrapped her lips around it and slid it into her wanton mouth and began carefully licking and sucking at the rock hard tip. As she slowly and purposefully slid it in and out of her mouth she took a little bit more each time and manoeuvred her throat until she could take no more, a particular favourite of Stu’s, she could feel his balls, still partly covered in the satin, start to react.

She was being so gentle but being sexually firm and commanding with his cock and sefaköy escort knew exactly what she was doing. Her hand keeping pace with her mouth squeezing and playing with this balls and sliding her fingers over the tip as she licked the end, then replacing it down her throat, alternating the pleasure. She now decided to take one his balls in her mouth as she continued masturbating him. His legs were wide apart as she went from one ball to the other as her hand worked his cock. His balls were delicious and Jen was tempted to bite them, but held back thankfully. She returned his cock to her mouth which she loved to do, licking all the way up the shaft, it was her favourite sexual pastime, she loved sucking cock, and she was loving this with a guy who was rock hard and fast asleep. He hadn’t even stirred once other than some small groans of pleasure as she had initially taken his cock in hand and then into her mouth. He was out for the count and it looked like she could she could play and play and have her way.

She’d been gone for about 15 minutes up to now and it was time to finish him off. She took his rock hard member deep into her throat and enthusiastically worked his swollen balls and throbbing cock till he was close to reaching a powerful climax. She could feel his balls preparing for the ultimate pleasure, her absolute favourite part, and as he unleashed the hot liquid into her mouth she had a kind of mouth orgasm herself as he pumped with his balls, she just love it when guys cum, she loved the taste and she swallowed it like a pro, the ultimate offering from a man in her mind.

Some girls do, some girls don’t, Jen did and absolutely loved it and continued sucking and licking until he was completely spent and his balls were empty, and she wouldn’t have to clean up either, so no evidence either. He had let out a moan as he came but then went quiet again very quickly as she removed his still firm member from her mouth, her eyes still wide with desire and pleasure, her heart racing with sheer erotic, playful excitement. She was wet with pleasure but would have to sort that out later, she was done here.

She lay his penis gently back onto his stomach, loosened her grip on his balls and moved the sheet back over his naked body then slipped out of the room and back to her own bed where her absence had thankfully gone unnoticed as Stu was still deep asleep.

As she lay there thinking about what she’d just done she slid her fingers into the wetness of her already hot moist cunt and gave herself some well-earned sexual satisfaction, climaxing understandably very quickly and powerfully still with the thoughts of that enormous cock in her mouth, her own cum ran down her thighs as she drifted into satisfied oblivion. Screwing her husband then sucking another guys cock in the same night, omg, what an utterly disgraceful way to carry on, but oh so exciting and by far the sexiest and most erotic fun she’d ever had.

The next morning, Stu got up oblivious to Jens escapade under the moonlight, made coffee and pancakes and they all had breakfast with slight hangovers. They all got to talking about what a great night they had all had and how they should do it again sometime. Jens eyes lit up.

Marco mentioned that he had had the most amazingly realistic dream shooting a quick almost unnoticeable guilty glance at Jen. He didn’t go on to describe his dream, and quickly put it down to the wine, the bedroom, the amazing view, and the moon, but little did he know it was all down to the host.

Jen told Marco he was welcome to come again, and a little sexy shiver went through her as she said it and as he drove way. Stu didn’t notice.

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