San Diego Vacation Pt. 02San Diego Vacation Pt. 02


My mom, dad, and I then spent a few hours relaxing at the beach nude. Occasionally when we would get hot we’d dip into the cool ocean water and then go back to our towel to dry off and restart the process of having our bodies warmed by the sun.

My mom made it her job to make sure I had enough sunscreen on my slightly fair skin. Like she had always done while I was growing up.

“Let’s get some more sunscreen on you, Josh. I don’t want you to burn up!” My mom said in a nurturing tone.

“That’s probably a good idea, Mom,” I said, knowing my skin couldn’t last out here unprotected for much longer.

My mom bent over to dig through the bag of beach items.

I kept a close eye on her body. This was the first time I could see her whole self from these new angles. I found her body immensely engaging. I understood why so many paintings were simply the natural form of a woman. I loved how she swayed, even while doing simple things. I could feel my mind drawn towards imaging myself grabbing her hips, kissing her neck, feeling her nipples in my fingers.

I don’t know if it was the sun heating my skin and opening up my capillaries or whether it was the image of what I wanted to do with my mom’s body but either way I found penis growing slowly.

At about that time my mom retrieved some sunscreen and knelt by my side with the bottle.

“Do you mind?” she asked while motioning that she was about to start applying the sun to my skin.

“No, not at all,” I said happily.

She started spreading the sunscreen all over my chest and legs with quick large swaths, making sure to get all of the skin covered as quickly as possible.

She was almost done with my whole front side fairly quickly. But she had not touched my penis or balls at all yet.

“Can I?” she asked.

“Please! You don’t have to ask.” I said relieved at my courage to give her permission for more in the future.

“Thank you, Josh. I love how much trust we’ve built.” she said as she began rubbing the sunscreen into my penis and ball sack.

I was reveling in the feeling of her hands on my intimate bits. The way she was rubbing was partly about rubbing the sunscreen in, but partly it was clearly about making this feel good for me. I could feel her fingers massage and cup my balls while the other hand made long strokes down the shaft of my penis.

I was quickly getting fully erect at this point. Precum flowing out of the tip of my cock. My mom just kept massaging my cock. As it got harder she squeezed my balls harder and made firmer strokes down my shaft.

“May I?” she asked rhetorically. Eying the head of my dick.

“I love you,” I said unthinkingly.

She slapped my chest gently in agreement as she moved her head towards my cock.

She began licking the head of my cock while laying on my stomach. Slowly she would rub up and down my thigh with her hand to show how dearly she cared suadiye escort about me.

I began to rub her back, hoping to make her feel just a fraction of how good I felt.

My dad was watching all of this from his chair close by. At this point, he had become fully erect. He was looking for some action as well.

I didn’t know what he was going to go for. My mom had told me about the needs he had that she couldn’t fulfill. I wondered if he was going to come to me looking for something. I was a little bit bisexual, the thought of him taking what he wanted from me was exciting.

He laid to the other side of me and grabbed my hand.

“Is this alright, Josh?” my dad asked.

I nodded. The intensity of the situation had put a frog in my throat. I cough to try to get it out.

“Yes, this is okay,” I replied.

He moved my hand down to his crotch and placed it on the shaft of his already erect penis. The feeling and shape of his penis were very familiar, it was almost an exact copy of my own. It was aesthetically shaped just as mine was, the main difference was he was hairy down at the base. I could see a little precum start to come out of the tip.

I began to stroke him with my left hand. Trying to massage it in a way I think he would like, long strokes down the shaft and rubbing the head, especially the underside of the head. I knew that area was extremely sensitive.

My mom had taken a little break from licking and rubbing my cock to watch her son and husband have their first sexual experience together. I could tell she enjoyed watching me pleasure my dad. She had stopped stroking my thigh with one hand and was now using that hand to rub herself.

My dad was now extremely hard. He began scooting up towards my head. I knew what he wanted me to do. So I started sitting up and my mom got her head off my stomach. My back was now off the towel and I was sitting straight up. My dad stood up and quickly approached. His extremely erect penis now inches from my face.

I grabbed onto his shaft with one hand and his ball sack with another hand. He grabbed the back of my head and we both guided his cock head into my mouth. Instantly I tasted the drop of precum his cock was leaking out. It was slightly sweet. I moved my tongue around to massage the tip of his cock, while I stroked his shaft and massaged his balls.

He smelled like a mix of ocean water and sweaty musk.

He grabbed my head harder and started to almost use it as a tool for his masturbation, pushing his cock deep down my throat and then back.

When it went in far I would slightly gag and he would relax his grip a little, but then in a second, he would do the same thing. I wondered if he was this rough with my mom’s body.

Then I could feel my what must have been my mom’s mouth around my cock. My cock must have shrunk from all the gagging I was doing. Now I could feel my mom trying yakacık escort to use her mouth and hand to get me erect again, while my dad was using my mouth.

“Damn”, I thought. My mom was doing a good job. She must be a professional. She quickly got me erect again.

I tried to mimic what she was doing with her tongue, for my dad. If this felt that good for me, it would feel good for him too.

I was about to cum when my mom took her mouth off my cock. And instead just laid her hand on my cock for a second. I think she was trying to stop me from cumming before my dad.

“She is ruthless”, I thought.

She was doing the right thing, if I came before him it might make it harder for him to use me the way he wants.

He kept using my mouth and throat. He would let me work the tip of his penis with my lips and tongue and then when it got too much he would push into my mouth deeply.

He pulled out and kept stroking. With one or two seconds of stroking, he released giant streams of cum all over my face. He lifted my chin so I would look directly in his eyes, with his cum all over my face. This made me feel very little and hot at the same time.

With that, my mom started to lick the head of my cock and massage my balls again. This time I quickly came in her mouth. She took the cum in her mouth and gently let it drop out of her mouth and into my belly button where it pooled up.

The two of them then took my shoulders and helped me to my feet. They walked me to the ocean with my half-erect penis swinging side to side with each step.

Our three naked bodies were now halfway in the water. As if this were some sort of ritual, they both leaned me over and dunked my head in the water to wash my father’s cum off my face. No words were spoken. I was now theirs.

“Our boy.” my dad said as if to mark his territory.

I blushed. Barely able to look at either of them in the eye. Cementing my position as theirs.

My dad began pushing down on my shoulders, to show his strength and ability to keep me still and move me to where he wanted me to go. He guided me back to our beach spot where we all gathered up our things and put our clothes back on.

It was sad putting my clothes back on and having that sense of liberation come to an end. Clothes felt like a prison uniform. They represented me hiding myself and my new relationship with my parents from the world. What was I to do in the world? Pretend to be interested in the things others claimed to be interested in?

We started our hike up the steep slope back to the car. My mom walked on one side of my dad, I walked on the other side of my dad. My dad kept talking to keep people entertained along the way.

“Do you know how lucky I am having two of the cutest butts walking alongside me right now?”, he asked rhetorically.

“I’m so lucky your mom tricked you into going along with this all.”, He şerifali escort said jokingly.

My mom punched him playfully in the shoulder.

“Eric! I love our son.”, she interjected.

“I know. We all do. And even more after today.” He retorted slapping us both on the butt.

“Eep!”, I let out.

I pretended, rather transparently, not to like that kind of attention.

My dad grabbed ahold of my shoulder firmly with one hand.

“Come on, boy. I know what it’s like to be your age. Don’t pretend not to like it.” my dad said quickly.

“I know. You guys know more than me about life and what it’s about. You know what’s best for me better than me.” I replied.

“That’s right, son. We know all about being young, and about the good things in life. Each person only gets a few chances in their life to break out of the mundane and live their true story.”, my mom added.

“That may sound overly dramatic, but if you watch how people live, most are afraid to do what they want. Your father and I on the other hand are willing to take extreme risks to live our truest life.”, she continued.

“If I may ask, what do you see as your truest life?” she asked.

“I’ll start by saying I don’t know a lot. I can say I trust you guys and I want to explore with you. What we did today felt right. Being naked feels right, being intimate with you two feels right.” I said.

“I’m glad to hear that, Josh. Of all of my sons, I was hoping you’d be the one to understand what we wanted to do. You’ve always been caring and open even when you were a little bit mischievous. Those qualities are exactly the things that made me think you would be a good partner in this. Someone less mischievous would probably follow society’s rules even when the rules limited their pursuit of happiness. Someone less caring and open may not have seen, us for who we are, souls just like you who look for all the same things as you, connection, pleasure, fun, and intimacy. But I don’t want to scare you by getting too deep, at your age I might not have understood.”, she said sincerely.

I tried to understand what she was saying and nodded along.

“The parent-child bond is the strongest bond there is, it’s an alliance between two creatures for life. The only thing that can make that bond stronger is to add the intimacy of the bond between lovers. We are on a beautiful journey together.” She added.

I nodded more enthusiastically now.

“Yes.” I said.

She was giving words and logic to the feelings I was experiencing. This was something special and profound. The intimacy of lovers built on top of the foundation of an everlasting bond and unconditional love.

“That is profound. And nails many of my feelings.” I said.

“This bond means I’m accepted by you guys, and I accept you. We can be 100% open about everything anyone is thinking or wants. No, hiding our true feelings. Just unconditional love between us and our exploration of that.” I said with a voice of epiphany.

“Our boy.” they both said with a smile.

Such a large part of my life was spent hiding my sexual feelings, it felt like a huge burden was lifted off of my shoulders forever.

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