Subject: The Storm (BoyBands) The Storm By Dennis Neil ast) Disclaimer-This story is not real. Blah Blah. Notes-This is being done for Enough To Go By, The JUC Schizophrenic Challenge. Enjoy. I’m not good doing just smut, and I didn’t want to angst, because either JC or Justin or both dies. So I apologize for the poorly written smut ahead of time. Also the song used is “Just Some Guy By Anthony Rapp” Word-“Tonight I’m on my knees.” The Storm It was a pretty stormy day in Orlando, with a good reason. Hurricane Charley made landfall a couple of hours ago. Justin decided to stand out the storm and stay home at his house. His band mate and boyfriend JC decided to stay with him. Justin was watching the storm from his living room window. Inside he was scared stiff. “Hey, you ok?” JC asked wrapping his arms around Justin’s waist. “Just a little scared. I hate storms, especially Hurricanes.” He turned around and laid his head on JC’s shoulder. “Don’t worry J, nothing bad will happen.” And as if right on cue, the power went out. Justin looked up eryaman escort JC and narrowed his eyes. “Really now?” A few minutes later they set some candles up around the living room. “You know, I think we should crash in here for the night.” Justin said while lighting another candle. “Could be fun. You move the coffee table, I’ll go get some pillows and blankets.” Justin laid on JC’s chest while JC stroked Justin’s hair. “You know, considering the scary weather outside, this is really nice.” Justin said snuggling up closer to JC. “Yes it is. I hope the others are having as much as a pleasant time as us.” Justin looked over to JC and smiled. “Hey Josh, how about tonight, I’m on my knees.” JC started to giggle. “Justin, if that’s your way of asking to blow me, that’s extremely corny.” Justin narrowed his eyes and started to tickle tackle JC. “HEHE, ok ok, I give up.” JC sat up. “Hey, I want you to hear something.” JC said getting up and moving towards the piano. “It’s not my song, but I thought it was really cute etimesgut escort and wanted you to hear it.” JC started to play and sing: So he’s holding me in his arms, and he’s giving me sweet little kisses And he’s telling me he’ll never harm me, and he’s whispering how wonderful this is And I tell him that I love him, and I tell him I’ll be true And I’ve said these things to other boys, but right now the old words feel so new And I ask him “how did I get so lucky? I didn’t even have to try” “I don’t know,” he says, “I’m nothing special, I’m just some guy.” Justin moved closer to the piano and propped his head on his arm, he stared at JC in his clear blue crystal eyes and listened to him sing. And he’s smiling like he means it, and he’s stretched out on his back And he’s telling me now that he loves me, for the fifth or the sixth time, I can’t keep track And I watch his eyes as they shine, run my fingers through his hair And I touch his chest where his heart is, and I tell him “I find safe haven there” And ankara escort I ask him, “how did you get to be so sweet and so kind?” “I don’t know,” he says, “I’m nothing special, I’m just some guy.” And I say “You’re heart is so big, and your mind’s so alive, you have passion and freedom and vision and drive, you have so much to give and you give it with care, you have helped me to heal, and there’s nowhere I won’t go with you.” Justin moved over to JC and rested his head on JC’s shoulder. Occasionally sighing a happy sigh. And he’s holding me, now, even tighter, and he’s breathing me in And he’s telling me again that he loves me, and he’s tracing his fingertips over my skin And I’m happier now than I’ve ever been, and I’m hoping this feeling won’t die And if he says he’s just some guy, that’s fine, but the truth is, he’s mine My sweetheart, my love. Sent down from the sky. And so very much more than just some guy Justin had a small tear going down his face. “Josh, that was beautiful, weather or not it was your song.” Justin grabbed JC and hugged him. “I’m glad you liked it Justin.” He looked over at his and wiped away his tears. He kissed Justin. As always their souls mixed. JC picked up Justin and they made their way to the bedroom. They proceed to make love. Oh and Justin kept his promise about being on his knees tonight. End.

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