She awoke to bright sunlight streaming through her bedroom windows and falling warm on her nude, lithe body. She stretched, marveling in the sensations of her nudity, the sunlight, the softness of her bed and her skin against the cotton sheets. Relaxing, she thought she could lie there forever in that perfect moment…but another need began making itself known in her lower belly, so she sighed, rolled off the bed, and padded out the door, heading down the hallway to the bathroom. “Padded” she thought, “It’s amazing how differently people walk when they’re naked. It’s something different even than being barefoot. There’s a big difference from shoes to barefoot, but, less logically, there’s something even more different when all the clothes are off, an extra swing to the body or something. Maybe it’s an unconscious freedom of movement…

Her ruminations were interrupted by the opening of the door she was headed for. Her roommate walked out, sporting a huge erection.

“Something get you excited this morning?” she asked.

“I think I was dreaming about naked girls,” he replied with a grin as he passed her.

“It was only pee that came out of that head in there, wasn’t it?” she posed slyly.

“So far.” he responded as he disappeared into his room.

As she sat down on the toilet, she began to think about the times that she and Toli had masturbated together. While not an often occurrence, they would sometimes happen to be alone at the house, be horny, see each other naked (making the other even more horny), and one would find the other, then they would sit down and masturbate together, their own experience magnified by the sight, sound and smell of the other’s ecstasy.

As she finished and wiped, even the touch of the toilet paper felt good. She dropped it and pressed her finger against her clit, moaning at how great just that pressure felt. “I must be more excited than I thought,” she said to herself.

She got up and left the bathroom, with her finger still on her clit. On her way out she picked up two towels, and walked on down the hallway, almost moaning aloud at how the motion of walking was moving her finger. She passed up her room and-wait! She looked in and saw him on her bed with penis in hand, waiting for her to come bursa escort back. At this sight, knowing what was coming, she felt the cream from her pussy start to come out and moisten her lips.

She tossed a towel to him and set one down for herself, then put one foot up on the bed, put her hand down to her pussy, and opened her flower for him to see. At this, he gripped his penis hard, causing him to move involuntarily and a drop of clear precum emerge out of the hole in the end of his perfect member.

“You’re beautiful” he said as he continued to massage the head of his dick, “Your feet, your legs, your belly, your breasts, your neck, your hair, and of course that gorgeous place between your legs. If we hadn’t agreed to keep separate as roommates, I’d fuck you all over the place.”

She looked at his dick and felt her vagina pulse at the thought of something like that filling her, driving in and out, stroking her g-spot until she went insane…at the same time, she felt a little rush of inhibition at actually touching him in that way.

She laid down beside him and started using the end of her finger to start circling that little nub at the top of her slit, at the same time taking hold of the end of one of her round breasts, pinching her dark, hard nipple, sending waves of pleasure down to meet the ones coming up from her clit, causing her to arch and moan aloud, wondering how she would last for very long at this rate…and then she didn’t! Her clit started to jump and her body jumped with it, her head tossing from side to side, toes clinching as her orgasm flowed through her, lifting her through space until she started to come down, drifting softly through soft clouds of delight and back down to her bed, and found she was lying in a wet spot where her pussy had overflowed down over her anus and onto the bed.

She looked at over at him, and he was keeping a steady rhythm on his penis and smiling at her.

“I love watching you cum,” he said, “It’s amazing how it totally envelopes you, and it’s so soft and feminine.”

She looked at him with a sigh, “I’m sorry I didn’t last until you were able to cum too.”

He grinned. “How sure are you that you didn’t?”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Keep rubbing yourself” bursa escort bayan he said, “Doesn’t it still feel good? Pretty soon you’ll start to feel it building again.”

She did keep rubbing herself, and itdid still feel good. How was this possible? How did he know this was possible? As she took her clit in between her finger and thumb of her right hand, she started feeling downward with her left, finding her vagina and putting a finger inside, finding that special spot just inside and up, then stroking it and then alternating with pulling out a little bit and making circle around the outer edge of her vagina.

She even reached down where the cream from her vagina had covered her anus, and, curious, began to palpate that tight muscle. It felt good, and enhanced the sensations in her clit for a minute, but couldn’t compare with her finger stroking her g-spot, so she moved her finger back up, over her perineum, and into the bottom of her pussy slit, making one complete revolution over the outside of her vagina, then plunging her finger back inside to grind over that round, wet protuberance inside her.

“Oooohhh,” she moaned as the rapture started to take her again. She looked over at him and saw that the rapture was beginning to take him too. She moved her fingers faster and faster, one hand dancing over her clit and the other abusing her pink cavity. She looked at her roommate and saw his hand going more and more quickly as he started to groan and thrust his hips in half-time with his hand. As she thought about and envisioned his penis pulsing and shooting out white cream, her entire pussy started to fill with the incredibly warm feeling of imminent orgasm, and she was amazed at the intensity of the force of the wave she felt coming. She looked in desperation into his eyes and nearly wept, “Toli…I’m almost there…ohh…it’s so big…I think I’m going to…I think…” She screamed, losing total control, thrashing frantically on the bed, hands and fingers working furiously, mercilessly, torturing her with a mind of their own as her pussy screamed back at her in waves of ecstasy, streaming female cum everywhere underneath her.

She stayed on that excruciating peak for what felt like an eternity, then started to come escort bursa down, and all of the sudden the wave crashed again and she screamed even louder, arching her entire body off the bed, only touching with her head and feet, maintaining that furious pace with her fingers. She fell down on the bed and tried to relax, but her hands betrayed her, digging at her extremely sensitive clit with ruthless force, compelling her body into violent paroxysms as her hips alternately bucked in orgasmic pulsation and in desperate attempts to get her excruciated nub out of reach of her fingers. She regained control enough to slow down a little bit, come back to her senses, and look over at him in time to see entire body go rigid in an endless moment, rock hard penis immobile in his fist, and then it pulsed! Cum shot from the end and splattered in his hair, falling in a long line across his face and stomach. He gave a mighty jerk with his hand, and his body jumped as well as his penis shot again, up onto his chest. His hand started working with abandon, the palpitations coming thick and fast now, his groans of pleasure in time with the streams of cum discharging onto his stomach and chest, a couple even flying over onto her. Almost unconscious of her fingers still working at her clit, being wrapped up in his amazing orgasm, she was surprised by a long, slow orgasmic undulation washing over her, and her moans were almost purrs of delight as she watched his orgasm wane, his body easing, the pulses coming slower and slower.

“Please, please, come here,” she moaned to him, “I want our organs to pulse together, I want to feel so close to you, please, come into me now and hold me.”

He rolled over to her, cum dripping off him, and eased his cock into her engorged pussy.

He stopped at her look of alarm. “It’s ok, I’ll be gentle, I know your pussy has had all it can take. Becalm.”

He resumed his long, slow slide into her, jerking now and then as his sensitive, still cumming head glided through her sweet recesses. Finally, he was all the way in, and he laid down, almost weeping at the comfort of her warmth circling and soothing him, gripping him gently now and again as her orgasm played itself out. She felt secured by his closeness, and her pussy was grounded by his cock filling her, giving her cunt something to grab on to and start to rest against.

She hugged him tightly with her arms and legs, whispering “Thank you so much. I love you. Thank you…”

The bright sunlight streamed down…

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