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Subject: Young Ballers 18 Please find a fewbucks to donate to Nifty to ensure that this archive keeps entertaining ourcocks for years to come. None of thefigures in this story are real people, nor should anyone try to do what’sdepicted in this story. It’s just fantasy, so enjoy. **************** Young Ballers 18 Lucas’s six footsix inch frame couldn’t relax, the cushions drew him in but his body burnedwith exhaustion. Soreness and weakness left him unable to move much, but alsounable to rest. He could feel his body sticking to the cushions, he wasdrenched. His smooth fit body glistened from the sweat. He winced at his ownfunk, the smell of an intense game, a little more than 30 minutes of playing.It was the smell of victory, the thought brought a lazy smile to his face evenas he willed his body to recovery. Twotrainers had helped him from the locker room into the dim room. It was hotterin here than on the court. He could feel the sweat gathering on his skin as he lay sprayed out on the unusual chair. He was shirtless, his sculptedchocolate pecs heaving up and down. The soft ridges of his abs tightened and releasedwith every breath. Despite the growing heat in the room, his body shivered ashe anticipated what was to come: his standard post game recovery, the reasonthey were in the last stages of the tournament. He feltthem before he saw them, tiny hands gliding over his arms and legs. He turnedtowards the feeling, groaning as his body resisted the movement. The softbrown eyes and bright smile of a 10yo greeted him. The little stud leaned inand kissed the 19yo star, his tiny lips sucking and probing the teen’s ownplump lips. As Lucas kissed the boy he felt the other hands begin exploring hisbody, too many to count. The ones on his shoulders and feet were his focus asthey massaged the pain away. He moaned into the 10yo’s mouth, and the boygiggled. “Feel gooddaddy?” the boy whispered into Lucas’s ear. “Fuck yeslittle nigga,” the man responded as his body gave into the ministrations of 7,no maybe 9 little boys. Lucas stopped counting and just enjoyed the ride, hispost-game routine since his freshman year. Lucaslooked down to see a cute little black boy massaging his size 15 feet. The boyshoved his adorable 8yo face into the man’s feet, and took a long sniff as his3inch little dick vibrated with excitement. Even at 8, little Javone haddeveloped a foot fetish. Sucking them, licking them, sniffing them were hisfavorite activities. When not working, little Javone spent an inordinate amountof time rubbing his little nigga dick against his daddy’s feet, humping themand moaning like a little whore. LittleJavone peeled away the damp socks to reveal the large ugly feet of aprofessional athlete. Lucas jerked and moaned as the little tyke sucked each ofhis toes into his tiny mouth, his 8yo tongue swirling around and gathering upall the funk he could handle. Just then Lucas felt two mouths start licking andsucking on the side of his neck, tiny tongues swirling around as theprepubescent mouths made their way down over his shoulders and under his pits. Both boys, 4th graders atthe local elementary found their heads enveloped in the warm ripeness of ajock’s armpit. They’re faces were immediately soaked and they could barelybreath, yet both of their innocent hairless bodies vibrated as if high ondrugs. The breathed in deeply as their mouths sucked on the coarse curly hairunder Lucas’s pit. Lucas wasn’t ticklish but the dancing pink tongues of 9 yearolds sat on the line between orgasmic and torturous. The 10yosweet brown haired boy crawled up on Lucas’s abs, his firm bubble butt pressingback against the teen’s raging cock. Little Ryan could feel the head of Lucas’svery thick 8 inches pressing into the crack of his butt. Ryan was a boy scout,every teacher’s favorite, and one of the acolyte’s in his church–even theflowing white robes couldn’t completely hide Ryan’s supreme asset, his 10yobutt. The boy began massaging Lucas’s pecs, his hands gliding effortless overthe sweat soaked body. With the room temperature in the 90s, all of them werenow soaked in sweat and consumed with the strong aroma of sweaty black jockand, the best smell of all, sweaty little boy. Lucaslooked up at the angel massaging his chest and ever so gently grinding backonto his cock. His pits were being devoured by the little disgusting whoresgetting off on his stench. The cute little nigga was going to town on his feet.Several other boys had their hands and mouths energetically massaging hiscalves, thighs, and arms. The boys’ bodies grew closer, he could feel theirwarmth and sweat. The room seemed to grow smaller as he was consumed by nakedlittle boy flesh. His cock strained against his jock and basketball shorts. Itwanted out and inside little Ryan’s butt. Lucas hadalways been into little boys. His first was in 7th grade,some innocent play with a neighbor kid. The little 5yo mesmerized by the tallboy’s hard black cock. He often thought back to that moment, the 5yo’s smallsoft white hand gliding up and down his cock. The boy didn’t make him cum, butthe teen blew a load thinking about pushing his 13yo cock into that little 5yohole. He did that a week later, couldn’t resist. He’d carried on a torridaffair his junior and senior year with a 5th grader,spending many afternoons fucking the shit out of the kid in the boy’s bed.Lucas was very thankful the boy was a latchkey kid, plenty of time to fuck himlike a little bitch. He was always careful though, burying his young face andtongue into the 11yo’s butt cleaning out his own load. It wasn’t until collegethat he was introduced to the recuperative and relaxation effects of littleboys. Thank God for The Service, he said many times before and after games. The tiny handscaressed and gripped his hard black body, the pale white of most of the boyscontrasting nicely with his deep chocolate skin. Lucas locked eyes with Ryanwho had both of the teen’s nipples between his nimble 10yo fingers. The boy’sfingers pressed closer to together, twisted and pulled as the boy’s smile grew.Lucas seized up in pleasure and pain. The intense pleasures screamed down fromhis black nipples to all the parts of his adult body being caressed by littleboys. His thick adult cock pulsed and strained to get to Ryan’s little 4th gradebutt. “Please,bud, please,” the college basketball star begged, yet the boy knew Lucas wasnot yet truly ready. The beautiful brunette spun around and placed his buttinches from the face of his client. Lucas marveled at the perfect hand-full ofa butt and the sweaty funk emanating from that 10yo hole. Ryan had been outsideplaying all day, laughing and giggling knowing he was preparing his underagebody for the service of the country’s most amazing young basketball players.Ryan loved pleasing the black gods that ran up and down courts. Lucas managedsome energy to lean forward slightly and inhale deeply. The musk of little boybutt filled his body with warmth and satisfaction. “Fucklittle nigga, that white butt smells so good.” Lucas moaned as now every kidwas massaging his body with theirs. So many little boys writhed and convulsedon the massive black body they so desperately wanted to service, sweaty bodiessliding against the small forward’s glistening black frame. Tiny tonguesreached out to taste the salty sweet funk of a real man, a black stallion thatmade their tiny cocks throb. Lucascouldn’t see, but he felt the fabric of his short begin to pull away, hard tugsthen ripping. He felt the cool air strike his thighs and balls as the boysripped his clothes off, exposing the angry black cock to their tiny hungrymouths. Two small angelic 7yo’s shoved their faces into the teen’s crotch.Their hands never stopped massaging his thighs as their noses dug into theintense stench of black sweaty jock. Their young 2nd gradeheads swirled, their holes twitched. Little Ryan reached out and grabbed theswaying black cock in front of him. Lucasbucked upwards, forcing his cock up through the soft delicate fingers of hislittle 10yo angel. The ball sniffing boys eagerly followed, wanting more of theintoxicating smell. Ryan reached out and gathered the slimy precum oozing fromthe young pedophile’s cock, offering his finger to several boys before taking hisown taste. The teen’s precum bursa escort was like cocaine to these boys, their smallinnocent bodies vibrated, their mouths overflowed with drool, and their tinylittle butts bounced with excitement. Lucas couldhear the boys moaning as he felt multiple pairs of little tongues beginning to wash his sweaty balls and cock of the slimy sweat that coated them.The jock could never imagine something more amazing or more frustrating than tohave your cock tongued by a set of boys barely old enough to cross the streetby themselves. Yet here they were, sweet little elementary school kids givinghis thick black pedophile cock a tongue bath and moaning like fucking littlefaggots. Ryan was nursingsoftly on Lucas’s cock head and drinking down the salty nectar only real jocks canmake. All the boys save for Ryan and the one massaging Lucas’s shoulders thengrabbed the man’s long muscular legs, pushing, heaving, struggling to liftthem. Finally they were vertical and Ryan broke his quiet nursing of pedophilecock to hold them upright. He struggled, but finally found a position thatallowed him to hold them secure and keep the tall black man’s ass exposed. Thesmallest of the 7yo’s stared at the hairy black cavern before him. The ripenessdrifted outward, a ripeness that can only be achieved by intense workouts inthe hottest most extreme venues. Lucas’s ass was soaked with moisture, andbegged to be eaten. The sweet little blonde boy licked his lips, grinned up atRyan, and then buried his angelic innocent face in the massive black butt. Anynormal boy would have wretched, begged to leave, and definitely refused toshove his tiny pink tongue up inside Lucas’s butt. This sweet little tykethough eagerly gathered the butt sweat on his tongue, pressed harder to tastethe musky hole of a basketball star. Lucas couldfeel the young man rubbing his shoulders lean down to his ear, the 11yo’s lipssuckled on his ears. “My little brother doing a good job eating your nasty buttMr. Valentine? Can you feel his little 2nd gradetongue tasting that sweaty ass? He really loves eating jock butt. Can you tellMr. Valentine?” Lucas could donothing but moan as felt the tiny boy’s face press into his butt. Eventually hefound the only word he could, “More.” The boy’sgiggled. They so enjoyed watching adults succumb to their efforts, to know theywere in charge. Sure there were some jocks that held them down and basicallyraped their ass over and over again until they couldn’t get it up anymore. Theboys would beg for them to stop, sometimes pretend sometimes not, as huge adultcocks violated their tiny holes. So many of the men, however, were at theirmercy instead, begging for the boy’s to release weeks of pent up frustrationcaused from never being able to escape their wives. “The teamdecided you need to be a little more “loose” on the court, we’re here to ensurethat happens,” the 11yo sucking on his ears and neck explained to him. Just then a tallbeautiful white boy stepped from the shadows. Except for the frayed baseballcap on his head, his dirty blonde yet sweaty locks sticking out fromunderneath, the boy’s body was bared to the world. Not an ounce of fat wasevident, his body lean and sculpted form years of intense work on the soccerfield. Lucas was mesmerized by the innocent boy-next-door looks and the largecock that hung down over his hairless balls. The small children around himpressed harder into Lucas’s muscles and began applying an oil to relax himfurther, but Lucas could focus on nothing but the 8th grade studin between his large legs. Jackson was amiracle of athletic prowess, his body formed and sculpted to be fast andpowerful. Even at only 14 he knew how much people wanted his still hairless yettoned. He’d done some modeling gigs, but the big offer from the Service ensuredhim a spot on a professional team one day and something that few 8th graderscould testify too: power, sexual power, over grown men. His cock was big forhis age, but still a modest 6.5 inches. He hoped it would grow more, giving himsomething to really fill adult butt with. Jackson pulledthe 7yo eating out Lucas’s ass back and brought him up to his mouth. The smallforward watched as Jackson made out with the 7yo boy, tasting and relishing thefunk of Lucas’s butt that he knew soaked every inch of that boy’s face. Jacksonlocked eyes with Lucas as he pushed the small boy down to his own cock to readyhim for the fuck, “That’s some tasty nigga butt.” Lucas had neverbeen fucked. His game had only been to molest and fuck little boys. He’d fucktheir little boy faces, eat their butts, pound their tiny and sometimes cherryholes. He didn’t have much of a taste for anything over 12 so bottoming wasn’teven a consideration. Occasionally he’d ask a little boy to finger his sweatybutt while pounding a little kid, but that was it. “Hold his legsstill while I slide inside this nigga whore,” Jackson said to little Ryan,still straddling the player’s firm convulsing torso. Lucas was lost ina mass of sweaty little boys and heat, every inch of his body could feel the hands,faces, or bodies of sticky little boys. A small mouth found the head of hiscock and began nursing, drinking his pedo precum, as Jackson pushed his cockdeep inside their client, balls deep in one stroke. The boy gently fucked the19yo star athlete. The tight black ass massaged his young jock cock, a feelinghe loved almost as much as the sound of Lucas begging for more. Jackson lovedhearing an adult beg a little 8thgrader for morecock, to please them more. For a steady 15minutes, Jackson slowly fucked the man–the little tyke also gently nursing onthe black cock. He had a mouth full of precum, but he held the thick cock backfrom releasing its entire child molesting load. Lucas never stopped watchingthe sharp muscles of the teen undulate as he took the jock’s cherry black butt.All of a sudden, Jackson pulled out and deftly stepped up on a chair and easedhis cock down into Lucas’s mouth. The basketball player could taste his own assand the sweet sweat of this amazing jock. Lucas was definitely reconsideringhis only 12 and under policy. Jackson pumped a couple of times between Lucas’sfull pink lips and then filled the man’s mouth with his 14yo load. Jackson heavedand rode out his intense teenage orgasm. After shaking the last drops ontothose beautiful and very eager lips, he stepped down and kissed the large blackjock. The little tyke nursing on Lucas’s cock had paused, the fat cockheld still in the stretched out lips of the 7yo. “You want moreLucas, you want to be more loose? More relaxed?” Jackson whispered into hiscaptive’s ear, his slender fingers tracing the overwhelmed jock’s lips. He’dthought his recuperation sessions had been to his limits of intense, to thelimits of his pedophilic desires. He was wrong. The whisper of”yes” evidenced such wanton desire, such complete debauchery, that Jackson’scock twitched hard. “Well I brought some friends for your hot nigga butt. Maybewe can satisfy your slutty jock hole.” Lucas managedjust enough energy to look up and see a line of 8th, 9th, and 10th gradestuds lined up back into the darkness of the room. Just then he became aware ofthe excited chatter of teen boys filling the air. Was it 8, 9, a dozen of them?He couldn’t tell, and could only hope it was more. Lucas relaxed,his muscles weak and unable to resist even if he’d wanted to. His little nakedtrainers had ceased their intense massage, now only writhing and grinding theirsmall cocks against the slick black skin they loved to serve. He felt strapswrap their way around his ankles, little Ryan tiring of holding the mammothlegs of a star basketball player. He was fully vulnerable now, a nigga slut forlittle boys to fuck. Just as he felt the first cock press against his eager butstill tight adult hole he saw Jackson’s butt lowering down onto his face. Thesmell of 14yo sweaty funky ass hit him first. The man smiled broadly as histongue reached out to eagerly service Jackson’s 8th gradebutt. An hour later, 14boys had each had their intense but brief turn with the player. The little 7yodrank three of Lucas’s loads as his older friends pounded the 19yo’s prostate.Lucas had barely seen any of the boys, his face covered by first Jackson, thenRyan’s, and then finally bursa escort bayan the little nigga cutie Javone’s really musky butt.Lucas was in heaven and knew that he’d definitely be ready for the next game,especially wondering what The Service had instore for him if he made it to thefinal game. *********************** (From YoungBallers 14) Luis answered thephone quickly, phone calls from his boss always taking precedent overeverything else. “Hello sir, whatcan I do for you?” Luis said pausing his thusts as he motioned to the man inthe corner to wait a second. “Hey Luis, hopeI’m not interrupting.” Brett offered. Luis laughed,”Nah, I’m just fucking some 6 year old slut while his fucked-up dad watches.”Luis winked at the man in the corner and jabbed into the kid’s butt causing himto whimper and cry a little more. Luis saw the dad’s small cock throb andsmiled. “Nice man, gladThe Service is keeping you busy.” “Yeah, thispedophile fuck is paying me five grand just to rape this little nigga butt. I’dalmost have done it for free.” Luis offered again pushing in deep and hard intothe first grader’s body. “So what’s up boss?” “I just wanted totell you how pleased we’ve been, both with your coaching and fucking abilities.Even the other coaches wepay have talked almost as much about your winning waysas they have about how hot you look fucking little boys.” “Really boss,that’s nice to hear.” Luis was now long dicking the little 6yo chocolate butt,making sure his daddy could see every inch slide in and out. He loved watchingthat tiny black hole try to close up after he pulled out, but he always pushedstraight back in, stretching it out more. “And on apersonal note, my brother in law and nephew are flying in from Mexico tomorrow.I was wondering if you’d mind fucking the little tyke while we watched? No pay,just a personal favor to me and the chance to get inside something REALLYyoung.” “Cool man, asmuch as I love little niggas like this,” Luis commented as he brought his farmhand down on the kid’s ass with a smack, the fleshy butt shaking from thesmack, “I do love my little fellow Latino fucks.” “Alright bud,I’ll text you the hotel information later. Oh and Joey wants to know if he canbring his new friend Darnell over for his normal sleep over Saturday night?He’s this black high school stallion Joey seduced in the mall bathroom. Joey wantsyou guys to fuck him from both ends.” “Cool man, andtell Joey I said sure. Your little fucker is such a whore I don’t know if eventwo cocks are enough to satisfy the little fag.” Luis could hear his bosslaughing as they said goodbye. Luis flipped thecute little black boy over and pushed his legs back. His jock cock wasn’t outof the 6yo butt for long. His hips rotated and thrusted up into the littlefuck, and he looked over at the dad before leaning in and shoving his youngstud tongue deep into the boy’s whining mouth. The now 20yo stud passionatelymade out with the smooth little boy, his cock stirring up the little tyke’sinsides. The dad stroked faster as he watched a grown man make love to and rapehis son. He was cursed with a smaller cock, and knew he could never open hisboy up like Luis could. Thankfully he was blessed with a large amount of moneyto pay big dicked studs, starting with Luis, to fuck his son on a routinebasis. Luis motioned forthe dad to join them, “Get over here you sick pedophile fuck. Stroke that tinyblack cock in your son’s face. Let him see how much his dad gets off onwatching strange men his sweet little angel.” Luis leaned down and kissed theboy again, sucking on the boy’s thin young lips. He leaned into the boy’s earand whispered, “You’re dad’s a sick fuck, he loves me doing this to you, and Ilove doing it to you too my little nigga angel.” The dad stoodover his son beating his 5inch uncut black cock. Luis pushed the boys legs backfurther, changing the angle of his fuck to be able to show the man that tinystretched out hole filled with his thick 8inch jock cock. The man moaned as hewatched his son’s hole stretch and try to close up as Luis pulled almost allthe way out. It was all so depraved. He’d dreamed about it for many years, buthere he was watching some hot Latino jock pop his son’s cherry, to open the boyup to future molestation by him and others. Luis reached overand tweaked the dad’s nipple, squeezed hard, and met his eyes, “That’s it youfucking sick pedophile, shoot that daddy load all over his sweet face, let himtaste that nasty pedophile load you sick fuck.” Luis knew how to motivate. That 5 inch blackcock twitched and shot a large load of creamy white cum all over his son’s faceand throat. Luis reached down, grabbed the small cock, and used it to smear thecum over the kid’s face. Luis also started pounding harder, wanting to hear hisballs slap that cute little nigga butt. The man watched as the beautiful studpower fucked his kid, long tongue hanging out, big smile on his 20yo face as heenjoyed the tight hole of 1st gradeblack boy. It only took a few seconds before Luis made one final powerful,balls-deep lunge. He filled the boy with his precious jock cum. The boyshuddered and grabbed for his dad as his little 6yo body was ravaged bypedophile lust and the first of many little boy orgasms. Luis rested backon his heels and watched a he cock snaked out of the little boy. He caught hisbreath (fucking little boys is hard work), and then spun the kid around topresent the kid’s 6yo ass to his dad. “Eat it mother fucker, eat my load out,”Luis commanded. The man hesitated for a moment, his brain assessing the extentof his perversion. His lust won out and he dived into the boy’s butt doing everythinghe could to dig out the large amount of cum from his sweet little boy’s nolonger virgin hole. The boy whined and moaned as he felt his dad’s loving handsand tongue molesting him for the first time. As the taste of jock cum and his6yo little boy’s ass flowed over his tongue, his 5inch cock twitched and blewanother load all over the bed. Luis laughed,”Bro, I don’t blame ya. I don’t know how you kept from eating that black bubblebutt this long. Finish up your lunch you nasty pedophile and lock the doorbehind ya. I need to get to practice. Thanks again for your kid’s cherry.” The man and boyboth watched Luis’s muscular brown ass walk away as he pulled on his tightshorts and tank top. He stunk of sweat and sex, but why shower when you’reheaded to the hot sun and a dozen horny little boys *** The boy whinedand lips quivered, more out of embarrassment than any pain. He was on hisknees, chest pressed to the dugout floor, and 7year old butt wide open. It wassmooth and creamy but no tan lines thanks to all the naked pool parties Luishad for them. Luis leaned back against the cool dugout wall, feet propped up acrate. He was shirtless, his cock hanging out of his fly half erect. “So what did youdo wrong buddy? Tell coach what you did?” Luis offered as he pulled on thestring in his hand. The string dangled down and fed into the boy’s tiny pinkhole. It was wrinkled and impossibly tight. Luis hadn’t fucked him yet, no onehad, but that was probably about to change. Luis tugged again, this time harder,and a large pink ball strained against his hole, struggling to escape. Anothertug and the ball popped out. Zack let out a whimper and a sigh at the relief. “Tell me buddy,tell coach what you did wrong.” Luis offered again, pulling at the strong. Heturned to the dugout camera and gave a big smile and thumbs up before returningto serious, coach-mode. “I…I…I dropped aball,” little Zack whimpered. Luis tugged hardon the string again and another pink ball popped out eliciting the same moanand whimper as before. “Well we have tomake sure you get better at holding onto balls then, don’t we?” Luis offeredpulling again this time a smaller ball pulling from the tiny butt of a 7yo. Theboy’s standing around couldn’t help but giggle at their newest teammatespredicament. Luis shot them a serious look, they stopped giggling, but with awink he let them know it was ok. “Yes sir,” theboy consented to his depraved sexual punishment. Little Zack had found his wayonto the team thanks to his 1st gradeteacher who used to keep him in during recess. Zack learned quickly and foundhe rather enjoyed it when his teacher would escort bursa pull his sizeable brown cock outand let him lick and suck on it. He also found he enjoyed all the kissing andlicking his favorite teacher would do to his body. He wasn’t so sure about thepictures, but they were a hit with The Service and now he made it onto a reallygood baseball team. Luis reached downand ran his finger around the strained 7yo hole as tugged on the string again,the final and smallest ball popped out. “Alright boys, wehave to make sure little Zack here learns not to drop balls. Get those ballsback up his little boy pussy. The boys in the front of the crowd quicklyreached out and grabbed the slippery balls and, in turns, began shoving them uptheir teammate’s ass. Zack cried and whimpered as his tiny hole was violated byhis new friends. Some took pity on him and added more spit to the balls, otherswere not so inclined. Luis smiled as he watched his sexy little team bond. Hecould see their hard little nails in their practice shorts. He insisted theyonly practice in shorts and tennis shoes, their youthful lean bodies tanned andcoated in sweat and red dirt from the field. After a dirty sweaty practice wasLuis’s favorite time, when the boys were at their sexiest. “All done coach,”Brad said with pride. Luis was now regularly raping the kids throat afterpractices and games. The boy’s education was progressing nicely, able to justlay there and let a pedophile roughly rape his throat with no gagging orstruggling to breathe. The 7yo hottie was a throat fucking pro now thanks toLuis. He’d even watched a 10inch monster black cock do it to him last weekafter a game, an opposing coach, former professional linebacker. “Nice boys, nowlet’s see if he’s getting better at holding onto balls.” Coach pulled on thestring and Zach tightened his butt, desperately trying to hold in the largestpink ball in his butt. His little athletic body strained and tensed as hedesperately didn’t want to drop a ball again. “Please coach,I’m trying.” Zach grunted as the large pop opened his hole wide and ploppedout. “I know buddy,but try harder. The rest are smaller, easier to hold in.” Luis could feel thework the boy was doing. He stroked his college jock cock in admiration at theway the tiny hole struggled to keep in the balls. The boys on the team notgiggling and pointing at the 7yo hole being obscenely stretched out werefocused on his cock, licking their lips, hoping they would get some of coach’scum soon. Luis worked hard to ensure all the boys were equally fucked andmolested, no one felt left out. The kid waslearning fast, he’d be an excellent bottom with well-trained muscles like this.”Hey Joey, come slobber all over my cock and get it ready to fuck Zack. Ya’llwanna see your coach fuck this little butt?” Luis said energetically. The boy’scheered yes as Zack whimpered and hoped that he could please his coach. More balls werepulled out, but it took more pull, as Luis fucked little Joey’s face, his handgripping his hair and pushing the kid down hard. With the last small ballrolling out of Zack’s little butt and onto the dugout floor, Luis yanked Joeyoff his cock and kneeled on the floor. “Brad, hand methose pads,” Luis said as he positioned himself behind the prone boy, his kneesneeding padding from the cold concrete floor of the dugout. “Gather round meboys, and let’s see Zack’s first fuck. Let me smell you dirty sweaty jocksluts.” The boy’s cheered as they gathered around their young pedophile coach.He had introduced many of them to the beauty and amazing feelings of sex, theothers had fathers who actually did the job they were meant to. All of themloved that they got to play naughty games with their coach, at home, at the TheService, and with the coolest athletes around the world. Luis inhaled thesmell of a dozen dirty sweaty little boys. He looked at their dirt smeared faces,sweaty hair, and lean smooth bodies as he pressed the head of his thick cockagainst the boy’s pink pucker. “Alright boys,looks like the little fucker needs some more spit, let’s see what you got?” thecoach ordered. Every boy began collecting and hocking up their spit down ontowhere Luis’s beautiful brown cock met tiny boy butt. Long strings of white boyspit floated downward. Luis used his cock to smear it around Zack’s hole andhis own cock. Everyone had contributed, so Luis pushed forward and the head ofhis cock popped into the little boy. Zack moaned onto the concrete dugout, histear stained face surrounded by the dirty shoes and sweaty socks of hisfriends. Luis didn’t stop,he never did, just one long slow motion into a virgin. He couldn’t even if hewanted to. Since the first time he fucked a little boy, those holes just calledto his cock, it needed to be balls deep, to feel the intense heat and tightnessthat only a very young and highly illegal boy pussy can offer. The team hadclosed in tight. Luis could feel their heat radiating off them and he breathedin deep savoring the funky smell of dirty sexy little boys. One of the boyspushed his hand down the back of his coach’s shorts, his fingers digging in thesweaty crack of his butt. Luis started gyrating his hips, helping the boy teasehis hole and opening up little Zack for more fucking. “Fuck him coach,fuck his butt.” One of the boys shouted as he played with his tiny cock. Theboy wished he was the one getting fucked, but he knew his dad and his new blackboyfriend would do that after practice. Luis smiled athow energetic his team was, how close they were. Even now he could see theirhand playing with each other’s cocks, tiny hands shoved into each other’sshorts playing with sets of hairless cocks and balls. The boy playing with hissweaty dirty hole pulled his hand out and took a big whiff. Luis knew this kidwas a freak, but he often found ways to surprise him often. Luis grabbed thekid’s hand and brought it to his own noes before taking a whiff himself. “Nasty, youlittle fucker,” Luis said with a broad smile before pushing the ass-funk coatedhand into the boy’s mouth. The kid resisted at first, but then Luis saw thelook of satisfaction as he enjoyed his first taste of dirty sweaty adult butt.He made a mental note to have the kid’s eat his sweaty butt after games moreoften. Too often he went straight for the fuck or throat rape, his pedophiliclust had no patience for foreplay after a game. Luis knewpractice would soon be over. He saw a few of the more enlightened dadswatching from afar, the others would be there soon so he picked up the paceinto little Zach. The kids were chanting now, the dugout filled with their highpitched adorable voices doing a variation on a chant they use in the game. “Coach is fucking Guess who’s up Zack is up, Zackis up Coach is fucking Guess who’s up Zack is up, Zackis up” Luis fucked hard,his body tense and covered in seat as he was pushed on by the boys he loved somuch. The chant pushed him over the edge and he thrust deep to breed the littlewhore. His body convulsed over and over again as his team cheered, knowing thatcoach was filling their friend with his cum. “Now boys noteveryone at once, take turns.” Luis recovered and pulled his cock slowly out ofthe freshly fucked little 7yo. The boys tried to resist the urge to rush, butthey were boys and couldn’t resist rushing to lick their coach’s and theirteammate clean of cum. Before Luis could get back on the bench, four of hislittle boys were licking his balls and cock, the others were trying to gettheir faces into Zack’s butt. The freshly fucked tyke just moaned as he felthis friend’s pushing their tongues up his 7yo hole. Luis noticed a couple ofhis boys were still just making out and playing with each other, oblivious tothe fact that he had cum. He laughed at how passionate and intense some of theboys could be. “Ok fuckers, getZack cleaned up and all your equipment put up. Some of your dad’s are alreadyhere, you guys can go, they look pretty fucking eager to see you. The rest ofyou, your parents will be here soon so let’s get this place cleaned up.” **************** I love getting emails fromreaders, always interested in what you guys like and what gets you hottest.Other more extreme stories are posted on another site. Email me to get thatinfo or my tumblr account. Also, again please donate toNifty. Please check out my otherstories: fty//authors.htmljs Adult Youth Lucky Bastard Taking It Junior High Coach’s Perks Incest Finding Home Jock Dad (I’d forgotten Iwrote this back in 2004; it’s not bad)

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