Strange DesiresStrange Desires


In this story the author probes a strange desire that all men have in one degree or the other—to see their wives sexually attractive to other men. This wish has a wide spectrum. At one end is the universal desire to marry a beautiful woman, or see one’s wife attractively dressed for other men to admire and fantasise. Activities like ball room dancing are another outlet for this desire. At the red end of the spectrum we have men posting their spouse’s nude photos in voyeur sites. When one reads reader’s comments to these postings one feels that it is the crudely expressed demand for sex with the woman that the husband is dangling for. Swinging life style is another. All who have studied swinging agree that to see the wife have sex with another man is more important to the husband than have sex with that other man’s wife. The following story is a functionalised version of a true case study that came to the notice of the author.


I was lucky, very lucky. To an author whose desire is to probe the nooks and corners of human sexual practices nothing better can happen than finding in the corner of the attic of his newly purchased house a small wooden box containing a rolled up manuscript of the sexual history of the former owners. The question of whether it was correct on his part to have read the story is irrelevant for no way could he have stopped reading it once he had started. A week later the couple who sold the house appeared. They said they have come to recover a box they had left in the attic. They took it and went away. Knowing their history the author scrutinised them carefully, and had to admit that he have never seen a happier and better adjusted couple.

The lady must have written her story. She had apparently written it whenever she was in a mood for it. Some were on formal note paper, some on the back of typed sheets, and some even on the space available on envelopes. She had connected them all together in proper order with that celebrated device of sub-continent bureaucrats, the Indian tag.

Other than adding a few missing punctuation marks the author has made no changes.


My story is very strange. I love and cherish my husband as much as I would my baby, and I am absolutely faithful to him. But when you read my experiences you would call me an untruthful slut, and a disgrace to womankind. I have no doubt of the purity of my actions. Please read with an open mind. In matters concerning sex the world at large is very narrow minded. Please do not classify sexual practices as good and bad. Anything between consenting adults that does not harm others is good. Strange my story may appear to be, but I know from the reading of literature that my husband and I belong to a type that is by no means unique or even rare. The variations in human sexual behaviour are so wide that niches are there for even the most bizarre.

I came to the U.S. with my parents when I was ten years old. My parents were both doctors. They passed away under tragic circumstances five weeks after my marriage. I have a brother who is three years my junior. My school years I spent in New York. When I was twenty my parents arranged a match for me to an Indian born in America. My husband and I live in Edison NJ, a town that teems with Indians. We have a son aged four. I am 27 years old and my husband thirty.

One weekend my brother, a bachelor, who lives and works in Buffalo NY, came on a weekend visit. He stayed overnight and left in the afternoon. That evening after supper the following very significant conversation ensued.

“Your low necked blouse turned Sunil inside out,” said my husband Brij. His name is Brijesh.

“I did not notice any change in my brother let alone ‘turning him inside out’. Why do you say that?”

“He had an erection almost the whole afternoon. Not good to have so much blood sequestered in that organ. His organ, as you might have observed, is large.” Sunil is six footer. I laughed. Incidentally it is not unusual for us to talk this way of sexual matters. “His eyes,” continued my husband, “were darting constantly at your deep valley.”

“Is it bad?”

“By no means. It is natural, and in my opinion quite proper even between brother and sister. You seemed to get excited too in exhibiting. That again I hasten to add is proper even between brother and sister.”

“I feel you have something to say; please do so without padding around,” I said.

“I have a problem.”

“With what?”

“With me. A serious one. I am having this desire for a long time now, and I feel that I have to do something about it.”

“Is there something I can do to help?”

“You and you alone can help me.”

“Then tell me. You should have much earlier.” He hesitated for a while and then he spoke.”

“I want to see another man have sex with you,” he said. I jolted back. “Surprised?”

“Of course I am surprised. Let me get this clear. You want me to commit adultery, and while I am at it you want to be an observer.”

“Adultery is too big a word, but anyway that’s right.”

“Are you OK Brij?”

“Of Zeytinlik Escort course I am. May I point out that many men have that desire. Have you seen these voyeur sites?

“I have. I know you never miss a daily dose of it.”

“I do. You would have noticed that many of the women pictured in various stages of nudity are the wives of men who have posted those photos.”

“You want me to pose?”

“No. I want more than that. If you read the comments of the readers many are appreciative of the bodies but some make crudely worded requests for sex with the woman. I am sure that this is what many of these husbands want. I believe in some cases it leads to email exchanges and eventually to live action. What I am trying to say is that my desire is a fairly common one. Why that questioning look?”

“What has Sunil’s erection to do with all this?”

“It has,” he said. I got a suspicion. It was so unlikely that I did not think it possible. But I had to probe.

“Have you a specific man in mind for this…eh exercise? I strongly suspect you have.”

“I have.”



“My brother?”


“Brij you have most definitely taken leave of your senses.”

“I’ll prove to you that I am in full possession my mental faculties. Let me tell you more. But first you must be totally honest with your replies; totally. Promise?”

“I promise.”

“Sunil often figures in your sexual fantasies,” he said. I hesitated then I replied.


“Then why not?”

“Why not what?”

“Have sex with him.”

“My blood brother?”

“Do you know that stats show that 99 percent of brothers and sisters have sexual fantasies involving the other, and 18 percent of brothers and sisters engage in sexual activity, like passionate hugging, kissing, fondling, and mutual masturbation and not very uncommonly penetrative sex.”

“But that is incest.”

“Look here Preeti, these are days of space travel and cloning and even species creation. In this age sex practices alone remain bogged down in concepts that are three thousand years old. Now that science has detached pregnancy from sex mankind has to take steps to achieve the sexual ideal.”

“What is that ideal?

“That sex between consenting adults is proper.”

“Man and man?

“Yes, and woman and woman.”

“No exceptions?”

“None at all.”

“Father and daughter?”

“From time immemorial the father has been the first fantasy object for girls.”

“Mother and son?”

“You tell me what is better for a deserted woman, some sex ravaged stranger having sex with her, or her loving son?” I did not respond. “I am not pressing for an answer,” he continued, “take your time.”

Brij was correct with regard to my father and Sunil. My father was my first fantasy object. I liked it when he hugged and kissed me. When that happened I used to get moist about my vulva. And Sunil has been my fantasy object for a long number of years. Tall, handsome and athletic I fantasised about him without any feeling of guilt whatever. Brij was correct too with regard to brothers and sisters indulging in love play. I used to love to hug Sunil and I remember one day I was on the sofa when he returned from a college trip to the West coast. I hugged him and he was on me. I could feel his erect penis pressing my lower abdomen. I wanted it lower down. I pushed him down and his penis was against my vulva. Boldly I spread my thighs and he settled in. I held him in this posture for as long as possible with my hands on his buttocks. To this day I regret that I did not have the courage to press it down and push up my pelvis as I did so. That day my knickers were soaked dripping. Yes, if Brij wanted to see his wife having sex with another man and that other man is my brother I was game for it.

Later that day I had a long talk with Brij.

“Brij were you kidding or are you serious?” I asked.

“I am dead serious.”

“May I speak frankly?”

“I want you to.”

“You will be seeing me with thighs spread out with the others man’s penis inside me. Can you stand that sight?”

“That is the point of the exercise, is it I not?”

“Suppose it disgusts you, and you develop a loathing for me?”

“I assure you darling that after that the love and the respect we have for each other would increase several fold. I am certain of that.” He spoke with such vehemence that I did not broach that topic again.

“Have you any problem?” he asked.

“I’ll have to expose myself to another man. I have never done that.”

“Will that be difficult?”

“No,” I said and laughed. “I have another fantasy of mine own. I imagine myself going about nude in public.” Brij joined in the laughter.

“I have another too,” he said.

“What is that?”

“It is so bizarre that I have to prepare you before I tell you. Better to act it out.”


“For the present yes.”

“I thought that after what you are proposing nothing more shocking Escort Zeytinlik is possible.”

“Wonders never cease,” he said axiomatically.

The ball was now in Brij’s court. A sixth sense told me that the vacation that we were to have shortly would be action time.

Buying tickets and standing in long lines to enter a building to see art work or enter a cave to see stalactites and stalagmites has never been our idea of having a vacation. Brij and I usually chose lesser known resorts. Some swimming, long hikes, and sex following lots of necking in the open, that is what we liked to do and did. As I expected Brij suggested that we take Sunil for the vacation. He occasionally joins us for vacations. We chose an out-of-the-way resort of the type we prefer. We settled in a large double room and. Sunil had a smaller room at the end of our corridor. We changed and had tea in the restaurant.

“There has to be a quantum change in my relationship with my brother. How is that to happen?” I said. This problem was constantly in the back of my mind.

“I do not see any obstacle. The desire you two have for each other is so great that I can produce the spark quite easily,” he said.


“I have to be the MC.” He sounded confident.

“Where do we start?” I asked

“Jacuzzi,” said Brij. I agreed enthusiastically. I know Sunil liked it too.


Brij must have had a plan for he produced a short shorts and thin cotton tops for me to wear. It was not from my wardrobe. He must have acquired it for the occasion. We three sauntered out for the Jacuzzi which was in a corner of the pool hall but well away from the pool. It was a nice size for three. I had tucked the tops under the shorts but when I slid into the water the top ballooned out, and soon was floating leaving my breasts exposed. Hurriedly I tucked it back in but it would not remain to the intense amusement of the men, Brij especially who must have chosen the top with such an eventuality in mind. I jumped out of the pool to arrange the top I found the cloth sticking so close to my chest that my breasts outlined perfectly. I jumped back covering my chest with one arm. Brij was rolling with laughter and Sunil had a broad grin on his face.

“Your brother must have seen your breasts countless number of times,” said Brij. “Why not remove the top and be done with it. You must have Sunil, have you not?”

“I have of course.”

“When was the last time?”

“It was three years ago,” he said reflectively, “when she was suckling Arjun. I would watch surreptitiously. I liked to see him go for it with vigour. But more than that I loved to see the breasts. One day I was so engrossed in watching that I did not notice that Preeti was looking at me. When I saw that I was thoroughly embarrassed. She smiled and placed the baby on the cradle. He blouse was open and both the breasts were in grand display. She looked down at her breasts and then at me.

‘Like it?’ she asked. I nodded. “Come closer,” she said. I did so. She hooked a hand behind my neck and pulled my head towards her breast. My lips were now touching a nipple.

‘Suckle,’ she said. I looked up thoroughly confused and frightened too. She smiled and with a shake of the head gestured me to go ahead. I caught the nipple between my lips. A salty fluid flowed out. After a few more rather ineffectual efforts I stopped. Sister then pressed my cheeks again the breast so firmly that my cheek got wet with milk. She wanted to wipe it away. I told her I would go in and wash. I went in but did not wash. I examined myself in the mirror. The splash was still wet. The milk dried on my cheek. I washed my face only the next morning.'”

“That the spot of my milk meant so much to my little brother made me emotional. I slowly and deliberately removed my top and threw it away and hugged my darling brother pressing my breasts against his bare chest. We kissed passionately on the lips. I darted a glance at my husband. He was looking on with undisguised pleasure. It was at that moment that the quantum change I was referring to occurred. We three played about in the water. I was totally comfortable being topless with my lovers. Fortunately there was no one using the pool at that time.

‘Have you seen your brother’s penis lately?” asked Brij quite out of the blue. He was playing the role of MC. I laughed.

“Funny question, I have of course from the time it was like a chilly pod.” I laughed uproariously of the recollection of the time his penis was indeed like a chilly pod.

“Lately Preeti, not years ago,” said Brij, “and when erect I should have added.”

“No.” I said.

“It brushed against it accidentally just now and I assure it that the vegetable it resembles now is not chilly pod but oversized banana. I would recommend that you check for yourself.” I put my hand out and Sunil helpfully steadied himself. I felt and nodded. It indeed was big.

“Inserting your hand under his knickers would not be a bad idea,” said Brij. Sunil seemed to wait for that to Zeytinlik Escort Bayan happen. I did so and held something round which I could hardy curve my fingers.

“Awesome,” I said.

“How would you like it inside you?” asked my husband causally as if he was offering a bite of pizza.

“Very much so,” I said without breaking stride.

“In that case why are we wasting our time here?” said Brij. I looked round. We were the only ones in the pool area. I was hot and I was bold. I removed my shorts and threw it out. Then I got out of the water and walked the ten yards to the towel rack. I walked back and facing the men who were still in the water I wiped myself.

“Wake up you both,” I said. Sunil’s widened eyes I could understand, but surprisingly Brij was also viewing me as if I was an apparition.

Sit down here,” said Brij, tapping a spot at pool edge. I sat with feet in water. “Leg up,” said Brij. I did so. “Have you seen anything more thrilling than that,” said Brij turning to Sunil and waving a hand towards my vulva. I glanced down. I had shaved it smooth. I had spread my thighs wide parting the inner leaves; the clitoral hood protruded for I was having an erection of mine own. Sunil was in a trance. He nodded. We heard someone open the door. I jumped into the water. A family of four came in for a dip in the pool. I got out fully wrapped in the towel. Significantly it was Sunil who collected my tops and shorts. I never got them back. He probably keeps them as souvenirs!

When I got back to the room I showered and put on a thin cotton top with an ultra low neck and a frock that hardly came up to mid thighs. I of course had nothing underneath. I was so hot with desire that I was already moist. The men were already in the room in shorts and nothing above. I prepared coffee for all three. We sat on the divan sipping I was in the middle with Sunil to my right and Brij to my left. What followed made that day one of the two most memorable in my life. The other was that morning when the nurse placed my tiny son in my arms.

The truth that I learned that day, and which every episode that has followed confirmed is this: It needs two men to give full sexual satisfaction to a woman. Not just any two men but men for whom sex with her is not a manifestation of lust but the demonstration of the affection and respect they have for her. I feel honoured that I am one of the few women who are so blessed.

Brij snuggled closer to me. He turned his head and kissed me on the cheek. I turned my head and we kissed on the lips. I could feel Sunil moving away. I caught him by his wrist and placing a hand on his shoulder I pushed him down on the divan. Brij unbuttoned my top and gently weighed my breast. Yes, that is what he does; cups his hand, places it on the dependent part of the breast that of course sags, and lifts it up as if weighing it. My breasts, when allowed to sag, have a somewhat cylindrical shape. The dependent part is as broad as the base, and the areolas a vast expanse, almost three inches radius as measured from the nipples. The nipples are tight and firm.

Brij now weighed the breast with both hands and then he bent down and took the nipple between his lips. I brought Sunil’s hand to my other breast. He must have been watching his brother-in-law for he repeated all his moves. But each had a different style in sucking the nipple. Brij sucked in his lip and bit over them. He knew it had to be hard, and he also knew that the nipple can stand any amount of pressure his bite can deliver. Sunil held the nipple between his sucked in lower lip and the under surface of his tongue and bit on the tongue. He also knew that the pressure on his lip and tongue were the limiting factors and not that on the nipple. Incidentally babies do not suck; they bite the nipple with their toothless gums. I assure you that when two men suck at the same time the pleasure does not increase arithmetically but geometrically.

I do not usually moan, but that day though I was not making any noise I was moaning within myself. It was an intense sort of feeling. I needed more. I pushed Sunil down at the same time by gesture asked him to remove my top and frock. The top came off easily but I had to twist and turn to help him get my frock off. Soon I was naked before two men. But the men had their shorts on. I had to order them to get nude too. Sunil was standing at my foot end his large rigid penis waving like a policeman’s baton. Brij got his body behind me. I was now resting my back on his chest and he had his hands on both my breasts, kneading them softly in a manner he knew I like. Nothing was happening on the Sunil front. I looked down and smiled. I turned to Brij. He was smiling too. Sunil was now on his knees looking intently at my vulva. It must have been a fascinating sight for he sat wide eyed with mouth slightly open. He was not drooling, but was close to it. I spread my thighs wider. He looked up. Our eyes met. I said lick with my lips. He needed no second invitation.

When one man licks and another sucks at the same time the sensation they produce is extraordinary. It is quite indescribable. It was thrilling. The pleasure surges like water from a dam burst. Soon I had an orgasm. It was intense but it is different from the orgasm that penetrative sex produces. That satisfies; this has an opposite effect. It makes you hungry for the ultimate.

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