Stepmom Betrayal Ch. 05: Lara is StolenStepmom Betrayal Ch. 05: Lara is Stolen


Chapter Five: Lara is Stolen by a Teenager

After the Slave Contract signing, life at the estate continued as before. Life was good at their Paradise, their Garden of Eden. Mistress Casandra thought it was a perfect life. Lara and Tara, agreed with her, life here was perfect. So much Love and so much Sex. Yes, life was good. And then, as it sometimes does, life took a turn. A very unexpected turn.

One Thursday, about 3 weeks after the Slave Contract signing, the three young women, the Mistress and her two slaves, were in the Living Room, each reading. Just before 4pm, actually it was 3:50pm; Lara stretched and asked Mistress Casandra a question, “Mistress, may I go for a walk until Dinner time?”

Casandra looked at a clock, smiled at Lara and replied, “Yes, my dear Lara. You may go for a walk. Anywhere in particular?”

“No Mistress, maybe down to the Lake. It’s so nice there.”

“Yes it is. Go on, get some clothes on and go for your walk little one.”

Lara laughed and went and got “some clothes on”, and went for her walk, while Casandra and Tara continued to read.

At 5pm Tara said, “It’s 5. I wonder where Lara is, she’s never late.”

“No, she’s isn’t. She probably lost track of time. We’ll give her a little more time.”

Then 20 minutes, now they were both getting worried.

Casandra thought to herself, “There couldn’t be a problem. The Front Gate is closed and locked. There is the High Fence around the estate. No one can get in.”

But she said to Tara, “Let’s go look for her.”

Casandra waited for Tara to get dressed and then they went to look for Lara.

Casandra said to Tara, “Lara said she might go to the Lake, we’ll go there first.”


And they hiked down to the Lake. On the side trail that leads to the Lake, they found Lara’s top and a short distance further, her shorts.

They both smiled and thought, “She’s swimming.”

And they kept going down the trail. To their surprise, no one was there. Lara was not there. They looked around and noticed many foot prints on the ground and on the sand, down by the lake.

Tara said, “Someone has been here. More than one by the looks of all these foot prints.”

Casandra did not answer but continued to look around and search for clues, any clue.

She cried out, “Look.”

And picked up a pair of panties, held them so Tara could see them and said, “These are not Lara’s. Someone has defiantly been here.”

They kept looking and soon noticed that the foot prints led to a path which appeared to go to the other side of the Lake. Casandra and Tara followed the path and we soon on the other side of the Lake. Casandra had brought along a map of the estate.

And said to Tara, “This path is not on the map. Let’s keep following it.”

They kept walking down the path and soon, they reached the High Fence; someone had cut a hole in the fence. How long ago, no way to know.

“But this must be how someone got in and it looks like they stole Lara.” Casandra said to Tara.

The path continued on the other side of the fence and they continued to follow it. A short distance, about 3/8 of a mile, they came to a road. And still, no sign of Lara.

They both thought, “How are we going to find her? How? God, I hope she’s all right.”

They stood there for a short while and then Casandra said, “We better get back to the house. Come on.”

Reluctantly, Tara followed her Mistress back to the house.

The next few hours were hell. Tara was crying and Casandra was trying to be strong. Neither one could eat or really do anything.

Finally, at 10pm, Casandra gently said to Tara, “Let’s go to bed. We must stay strong for Lara. Come with me darling.”

They went up to Casandra’s room and got into bed. Not for sex but to comfort each other. At about 3am, Casandra’s cell phone rang but as she answered, the caller hung up. Nothing unusual about that but in this situation, she got up, went down to her Office to check it out.

By checking online, Casandra is very good on the computer and very “tech savvy”, she found the phone number was listed to a “Bob Swartz”, a 44 year old business man with a home located on the other side of the small town. He is married and has one child, a daughter. He also has two other numbers and they are used a lot in other parts of the country. “The number that called is probably the daughter’s.” thought Casandra. She kept researching the daughter and found out: Her name is “Meagan”, she is 18 years old, and she is a senior at the local high school. And her parents travel a lot, a whole lot.

Casandra said out loud, “Poor child, she’s always being left by herself. She must be very lonely.”

From the High School computer system she also found that Meagan is absent quite frequently, and shows an excused absent for today.

Casandra thinks, “So, she home. I’ll check it out.”

Casandra has the address of Meagan’s house. “We’ll both go see if Lara is there, and if she is.”

By this time, it was 10am. Casandra was walking to the door went she stopped; Göztepe Escort Tara was standing by the Front Door.

Tara said, “Mistress, she is my little sister, she is my Mom. I’m going with you.”

“Yes, of course you’re coming. Let’s find our little one.”

They ran to the car and drove to Meagan’s address.

On the way to Meagan’s house, Casandra and Tara made a plan on how to gain entrance into the house. Casandra decided that they would keep it simple. They would go up to the front door, knock and say that Tara’s dog was missing, Once they gained entrance to the house, “we’ll play it by ear.” The house is isolated and is surrounded by trees. Casandra drove by the house twice, both to pretend they were looking for “Tara’s dog” and to check out the neighborhood. She then drove into the driveway of Meagan’s house and parked. Casandra and Tara walked up to the house, called for “Tara’s dog, Sammy.”

At the door, Casandra knocked and when someone answered, “Yes”

“Please, can you help us. My daughter lost her dog, Sammy. Have you seen a dog running around?”

“No, go away.”

“Please, can we come in? Please, my daughter is so upset. Could she have some water?”

Tara was sobbing.

“Ok, come in but make it quick,” Meagan said as she opened the door.

Casandra and Tara walked in, sat down and told Meagan about “Sammy.”

As they were talking, Tara excused herself, “I need to go to the bathroom. Where is it?”

Meagan pointed down the hall and said, “It’s that way. Help yourself.”

Casandra kept Meagan’s attention while Tara went to the bathroom. When she got to the bathroom, Tara looked back into the living room, saw her Mistress had Meagan’s full attention and saw her chance to go upstairs. Tara walked up the stairs. When she was on the stairs, Meagan suddenly turned her head and saw Tara on the stairs. She yelled and stood up but Casandra pulled her back down and held her. Tara continued up the stairs and looked into each room, searching for Lara. She found her in what she gathered was Meagan’s room. Lara was laying down on the bed and was tied up and gagged!

“Lara” she cried out and went to her, untied Lara and removed the gag.

And held her tight. Tara led Lara down the stairs and Casandra went to her, made sure she was uninjured and held her tight. Casandra then grab Meagan, marched her to the dining table, and sat her down.

Then turned to Lara and asked, “What happened Lara? Tell us.”

Lara proceeded to tell Casandra and Tara the story of how she ended up here.

She said, “You remember yesterday I asked permission to go for a walk.”


“It was so nice outside and I was so happy. I thought I would go down to the Lake for a quick swim. You both know I love it down there.”

Casandra and Tara both smiled and nodded.

Lara continued, “As I walked down the side trail, I took my clothes off and felt so free.”

“Yes, we found them. Here they are.”

Casandra handed Lara her clothes and Lara asked her Mistress, “May I get dressed Mistress?”

“Yes, please do.”

Lara went on and said, “As I got closer to the Lake, I heard voices and thought, “There’s someone at the Lake!”

“I slowly snuck up and hid in the tall grass and looked. I saw two teenage girls swimming in the Lake; they were skinning dipping.”

Suddenly, I was tackled to the ground by someone and the hit knocked my breath away. As we wrestled, I could tell the other person was naked too. The girls in the Lake saw what was happening and ran up to us. Then soon had my arms locked behind me and stood me up. Meagan was the one that had tackled me. The three eighteen year old girls looked me up and down.

Meagan asked, “What do we have here. Where you from? Why are you naked?”

I did not answer, thought to myself, “I’ll play along until I can get away.”

“You better answer bitch.”

And she slapped my ass.

“What’s your name?”


Meagan told the girls, “Hold her, and don’t let her get away.”

The two girls, both blondes and they’re names were Debbie, and Ann, held on to me.

Meagan took charge and said to me, “You are very naughty, walking around naked and spying on nude girls. Very naughty. You should be punished.”

And she spanked me. Swatted me 10 times. While the girls were holding me and noticed I was getting aroused.

Debbie laughed and said, “Look, she’s getting hot. She likes this. Are you a lesbian little girl?”

And Debbie and Ann started to touch me all over; my tits, my ass and my pussy. We slowly all sank to the ground and we had sex, right there. I was made to eat Ann’s pussy while Debbie ate me. After we had all came, they switched and I was made to eat Debbie’s pussy while Ann are me. And we all came again. It was very sexy.”

Casandra asked, “What was Meagan doing?”

“She was capturing it all on her phone. When we had recovered and stood up, Meagan said as she tied my hands behind my back, “I’m taking this bitch home with me. Göztepe Escort Bayan I’m keeping her.”

Debbie and Ann both looked shocked. “What, you can’t keep her.”


“She belong to someone”

“Yes, to me”

“How are you going to get away with this.”

“You know my parents are never around and when they do show up, I’ll hide her in the basement. And you too stay quite or I’ll show everyone this video.”

“You filmed us? Give it to me.”

“No, as long as you do as you’re told from now on, no one will know you’re both lezzy girls.”

“We’re not lezzy girls.”

“This video tells a difference story. So, behave. Get your clothes on and let’s go.”

The three got dressed and we walked to Meagan’s car. They made me get into the trunk. I could hear them talking and when Meagan dropping off each one she reminded them, “Remember, don’t say anything.”

She then drove us here and she brought me inside.

She told me, “Ok Lara, this is your new home. Do as you’re told and I won’t hurt you.”

I thought I would just go along with it until I could get away, so I said, “Yes Miss, I’ll do want you ask.”


Meagan then untied me. She sat down on the couch, and ordered me to “crawl to me and eat my pussy. And do it well, or else.”

And for the next few hours we had sex. She explored my body and I hers. She came and came.

At 4pm she called a guy, Dirk was his name, her boyfriend and said, “Dirk honey, come over here right now. I have a surprise for you.”

When Dirk got to the house, Meagan introduced me as her “cousin” and said to explain my nudity, “She like to be nude. She is very horny and plays with herself all the time.”


“Go ahead Dirk, fuck her. Fuck her brains out. I give her to you. She is going to be our sex slave.”

And he did, we had a threesome. I sucked his cock. It was really hot.”

“Dirk left at 10pm. As he was leaving, Meagan told him “not to tell anyone about our slave. It will be our secret.”

“No, I won’t. See you tomorrow.”

Meagan then led me upstairs to her room.

“Now behave, remember, behave.”

She got in her bed and said, “You sleep on the floor.”

I waited a long time to try anything. I saw her put her cell phone down on her end table and when I thought she was sleeping, I slowly moved closer and picked it up. I rolled over and dial your number Mistress. Just when you answered, Meagan knocked the phone out of my hand and grabbed it.

“You bitch, you bitch,” she yelled.

And she tied me up, put a gag in my mouth. And she left me there till morning. Meagan woke up at 7am and slapped my ass to wake me.

Then ordered me “to eat her out and make me come, bitch.”

Then she said, “Stay there bitch, I’m taking a shower.”

When she went to the bathroom, I tried to untie myself. But she was waiting for me to try that and came back to me and hog tied me. Now, I could not move. I was like that till you came and saved me.”

The whole time Lara told her story, Tara was getting madder and madder. Lara saw that and said to her, “It’s all right. She lonely, her parents are never here. She takes care of herself. She just mad at the world because of her parents.”

Meagan said, “My parents never wanted me, my Mother told me. They just want me gone. They don’t care.”

And she cried.

Casandra said to her, “There, there Meagan. It will be all right. But, you did a bad thing. You could go to jail. It’s very serious, kidnapping.”

“I didn’t mean any harm.”

Tara yelled at her, “didn’t mean any harm. You wanted to keep her for yourself. Let me punish her Mistress.”

Casandra said, “No, Lara was the one wronged, she will give the first part of the punishment.”

Mistress Casandra had an idea, a risky idea.

Casandra said to Meagan, “You will be punished. To you agree that you deserve it?”

“I guess so. Yes.”

“Come over here.”

And Casandra led her to the middle of the living room and said to her, “Strip”

Meagan looked at her, nodded and took her clothes off.

“Stand straight, let me look at you. Turn around slowly.”

Casandra marveled at the pretty eighteen year old teen with the reddish brown hair and thought, “She is the same size as Lara. Actually, she looks older than Lara.”

This could work.”

Casandra said to Meagan, “Walk back to the table, lean over and spread your legs.”

Meagan did as ordered and she leaned over the table and spread her legs. Casandra had taken some photos of Meagan standing and now took some more photos of Meagan leaning over the table with her legs spread.

She then ordered Lara “to spank her hard,” and knowing Lara’s good heart, added “she is being punished. Hit her hard.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Lara hit Meagan’s ass 20 times, 10 each cheek.

Then Mistress said to all three girls, “Get on the floor and make love to each other.”

Lara and Tara took Meagan in their arms, they all lowered Escort Göztepe to the floor and they had sex.

Meanwhile, Casandra went upstairs to Meagan’s room and checked out her computer. She made sure that Meagan had no photos and videos of Lara or any references to Lara on her computer.

“None, good. Must only be on her phone,” she thought.

She looked around the room, did not see anything out of place. She then typed out a letter and printed it out. Then she went back downstairs.

The girls were still at it and went they had each come. “Ok girls. Get dressed. No, not you Meagan. You stay nude. Come over to the table and sign this.”

Casandra covered the words so that Meagan wouldn’t know what she was signing.

“What is it?”

“Slaves do not question, they obey. Now sign.”

And Meagan signed.

Casandra ordered her girls to “tidy up the place.”

While they others were busy, Casandra looked Meagan in the eye and said to her, “Meagan, there can be pain in slavery, as you just felt. There is also great pleasure also, such great pleasure as you just experienced. You are coming with us for the rest of your punishment. Are you ready?”


“Yes what”

“Yes Mistress.”

When Casandra was satisfied, and had gathered up Meagan purse and her cell phone, they all walked out to the car. No one saw them through the trees. And they drove off.

While driving, Mistress said to her slaves, “Lara, Tara, play with your new toy but do not let her come again.”

And they played with Meagan but did not let her come.

Meagan was so distracted by the two other slaves; she did not see anything outside the car as they drove. When they got to the estate and parked the car, they all got out and walked up the front steps and into the house.

Once inside, Mistress said, “Meagan is here to complete her punishment. She has agreed.”

And she said to Lara and Tara, “You are responsible for her. She is to do all of the Household Slave Duties except the cooking. She is not allowed outside. She will remain nude. You are to play with her all day everyday but she is not allowed to come, not once. She is not allowed to play with herself, cuff her if you must. At night, use bed restraints. Spank her at least once a day. The only restriction is no real pain and no marks.”

She went on, “Her parents are not scheduled to return for 12 days.”

Meagan looked at her and thought, “How does she know that?”

Casandra saw the look in her eye and answered, “I know all about you Slave Meagan.”

And she continued, “So, we have many days before us. At the end, we’ll decide her fate.”

“Yes Mistress” responded Lara and Tara.

And so the days went by. Slave Meagan performed all the Household Slave Duties; the cleaning, the laundry, changed linen, dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathrooms. Everything. And, while she was busy, Lara and Tara would touch her, fondle her, and poke her. They kept at her all day, every day. And with all of that attention, Meagan got hotter and hotter, more horny and more horny, till she thought she would explode.

Mistress Casandra monitors all, and she was pleased with her slaves. She also kept an eye on the news. She wanted to see if anything about Meagan’s disappearance was on.

She figured, “Since we took Meagan on Friday and she had all ready gotten a “excused absent”, and her two friends, Debbie and Ann, are probably still mad about the video, and so are probably still not talking to her, and Dirk won’t say anything because he doesn’t want to get in trouble for fucking Lara, no one will notice until Monday.”

But, then Monday came and no reaction from the school. Casandra, checking on the school’s computer saw that her absent was recorded but no follow through. The computer records showed that not until Wednesday did anyone from the school call Meagan’s home. And the school did not call the police until Thursday. That evening Casandra saw a news report on a missing girl, Meagan Swartz.

The police had searched the home and found no forced entry and no sign of a struggle. And no sign of Meagan. A Source with the police stated that a letter, signed by Meagan, had been found on the dining table, it was to her parents. The source says while they are still investigating, it is thought to be a case of a “Run Away”

Day after day, Meagan worked hard and was played with. And she got hotter and hotter. She wanted to come so bad. She begged, she pleaded. But, no, she was not allowed to come. Finally, on the eleventh day at 1pm, Mistress Casandra called her slaves into the Living Room. She ordered Meagan to stand before her. Meagan watched Mistress walk to her and reach out and touch her left breast. And Meagan moaned.

Casandra said, “You are so aroused, so hot, you are about to explode, aren’t you Slave Meagan?”

“Yes, please, let me come.”

“And you will do anything to come, won’t you slave?”

“Yes, anything.”

Meagan dropped to her knees and pleaded with her Mistress, “Please Mistress, let me come. I’ll be a good slave. I’ll obey all orders. Please, let me come.”

Mistress then spoke to Lara and Tara, “Her punishment is over. Take her up to my bed and make love to her. Make her come. Afterwards, she will fall unconscious. Let her sleep. Make her come many times and she will sleep till morning.”

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