Stepdaughters Visit Ch. 02Stepdaughters Visit Ch. 02


Stepdaughters Visit Ch. 02

I arose late the next day which wasn’t unusual for me, I often slept in on a Sunday. Venturing down stairs I was greeted by Jane and Danni in the kitchen.

“You only just caught us, we were just about to leave,” Jane said.

“So I see, where are you off too?” I said wiping the sleep from my eyes.

“Wont need this now, hope you don’t mind but I thought Danni needed a bit of retail therapy,” Jane said scrunching up a note she had intended to leave for me.

“Oh, Yeah okay no problem. It’s been a while since you two have spent time together. Take your time, enjoy yourselves,” I said.

“Thanks Love. See Danni, I told you He wouldn’t mind,” Jane said turning to her daughter.

When Danni had turned up the day before all I saw was my wife’s daughter. Today when I looked at her I saw a very sexy young woman. She had arrived in t-shirt and shorts which is what she wore now.

Due to our antics together the night before I think we both felt a little awkward in front of my wife. Nothing was said but we both smiled at one another a little sheepishly.

“Thanks for understanding, hope I haven’t ruined your weekend,” Danni said.

“Don’t worry yourself. You haven’t ruined our weekend at all, now go and enjoy yourselves,” I reassured her. Although I’m sure she knew she hadn’t ruined anything, far from it.

As I watched them leave my eyes focussed on Danni’s perfect shapely form. Her tight blue shorts left little to the imagination and looking down her legs immediately took my mind back to the previous evening…

I had a lazy day. Reading the Sunday papers, doing the crossword, the odd small job in the garden but nothing too strenuous, it was six o’clock before I knew it. With no sign of the girls yet I fixed myself some dinner.

Normally I proffered a shower but tonight I decided on a bath. No doubt brought on by recent events I paid more attention to my nether region and ended up shaving my scrotum. Something I hadn’t done for years.

When me and Jane were still having sexual relations I always kept my balls shaved. Jane used to love it. But after she lost interest I didn’t see much point continuing the practice.

As I was drying myself I heard the girls return home. Quickly finishing up and slipping on my white bathrobe I ventured downstairs to greet them…

“Had a good day?” I asked to neither woman in particular.

“Yes it’s been fun hasn’t it Dan!” Jane said.

“Yeah, just what I needed. Thanks Mum,” Danni answered.

There was several shopping bags dumped on the floor beside the sofa where my wife sat rubbing one of her feet.

“Don’t think I’ve walked that far in years, my feet are killing me,” Jane said.

“You’re getting old Mum. Mind you I’m a bit knackered, I think I’m gonna jump in the bath if you don’t mind,” Danni said.

“Yeah of course love, you go ahead,” Jane said.

Danni grabbed a couple of the shopping bags and disappeared upstairs.

“So did the therapy work?” I asked my wife when the coast was clear.

“Yeah I think it helped anyway. I must admit I have enjoyed the day, it’s been good to catch up,” Jane said.

“Glad you enjoyed it, you should do it more often,” I said.

“Sorry love, I feel I’ve neglected you,” Jane said getting up and holding her arms open.

“Don’t be silly, anyway there’s always next weekend,” I said as we slipped in to an embrace.

“Ah, now I feel more guilty. You’ve forgotten haven’t you. Girls weekend, remember?” Jane said.

“Oh yeah of course. I had forgotten,” I said.

“I could easily cancel. It’s not fair on you. Yeah I’ll cancel,” Jane said.

“No no you don’t need to cancel, I’m fine really and you’ve been looking forward to it,” I said.

“I just remembered why I married you. Thanks love,” Jane said and reached up and kissed me on the cheek.

“Right, sorry to leave you again but I must have a shower and get to bed,” Jane said.

Luckily we had a separate shower and bathroom which meant my wife wouldn’t have to wait for Danni to finish her bath. Jane picked up the remaining shopping bags and made her way upstairs. Grabbing myself a beer from the fridge I settled down in front of the telly…

Hearing footfalls on the stairs made me look at the time, it was twenty past ten.

“Oh it’s you Danni, I thought you’d gone to bed,” I said as she walked in to the lounge.

“I was in with Mum but she’s just dropped off to sleep, you know what she’s like. Do you mind if I join you?” she asked.

“Be my guest,” I answered.

I really hadn’t expected to see the girl again that night, but I wasn’t complaining. As before she sat the opposite end of the sofa.

“So Danni, how are you feeling now? Have you spoked to Sam?” I asked.

Yeah I rang him earlier. He said he’s missing me and thinks we need to have a good talk. I told him I’d be home tomorrow and agreed that we needed to talk,” Danni said.

“Good I’m pleased to hear it,” I said.

“If nothing else this has made me realise that I do love him and I Yukarıdudullu Escort know he loves me. It’s just, well you know the problem. Perhaps I’m being unreasonable!” she said.

“I don’t think you’re being unreasonable at all. At the end of the day you’re not happy with your sex life and that’s a big thing in a relationship, especially at your age. I should know,” I said.

Danni looked at me questionably and I knew she was waiting for more.

“Thing is Danni I had a very similar problem with my first wife. She didn’t like giving oral, she thought it was dirty. It left me very frustrated,” I explained.

“I had no idea. So is that why your marriage ended? I mean did you look elsewhere, sorry I shouldn’t pry,” she said.

“It’s okay, water under the bridge now anyway. No I didn’t look elsewhere as you put it but I think many would have. It wasn’t the sole reason we split but things like that fester over time,” I said.

“Yeah fester, I can see that. I really do need to sort it out don’t I!” she said.

“That’s what you need to do. Find out what he dislikes about it. Look on the bright side, you might bring him round. Anyway changing the subject, how did the shopping go?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, got some nice stuff. Do you want to see?” she asked.

“Yeah sure,” I said, although I wasn’t that bothered, but she seemed so excited to show me.

Danni dashed off upstairs. It was several minutes before she returned. I had expected her to walk in with shopping bags but she now stood in front of me wearing her Mothers dressing gown once again but my eyes were drawn to her legs.

“Thought these might help things along with Sam,” she said.

Her legs were adorned in black nylon and when she lifted the hem of her robe up I could see they were stockings together with suspender belt. I then noticed she had a package in her hand which she nearly dropped as she loosened the tie of her robe.

“There you go, the whole ensemble, what do you think?” she asked, a wide smile on her face.

I was speechless. What a sexy sight. In addition to black stockings and suspender belt she wore lacy black bra and panties that were almost see-through.

” I assume from your gaping mouth that you like what you see!” Danni said with a seductive grin.

“Wow Danni, you look good enough to eat!” I said.

“Well that was the idea. I hope Sam thinks the same thing,” she said.

I had to cross my legs again.

“I did get some other clothes but I wanted to show you these. Oh yeah, and I got this,” she said holding the package up in front of her.

Wrapping her dressing gown loosely around herself Danni sat down next to me on the sofa.

“I got this, and this,” she said pulling a smaller package from her pocket and showing me both.

Taking the larger package from her I soon realised what it was. The box read ‘Vibro Mate’ and through the cellophane window I saw a long thin pink vibrator.

“I’ve never tried one before and I thought perhaps it would come in handy, at least until I’ve sorted Sam out. Then I saw this one and thought, well in for a penny, why not!” Danni said.

Examining the smaller package I recognised it immediately. Essentially it was a small vibrator but with a powerful action, her Mother used to have one which we often enjoyed together.

“I’m surprised you didn’t already have one to be honest,” I said.

“I’ve often thought I should get one but have never got round to it. It was Mums influence today and the stockings were her suggestion too,” Danni explained, lifting her feet off the floor and studying her nylon covered legs.

“I’m not surprised Mums feet were aching, mine are too. We did do a lot of walking. I suppose it would be to much to ask for a foot massage?” she said looking up at me as she leant forward, kneading her right foot with her hand.

It was obvious by the expression on her face that she knew what she was asking of me. Knowing about my fetish, thanks to her Mother, she knew that I wasn’t likely to refuse.

“I suppose I could manage that,” I said smiling.

I pretended to be nonchalant as though it would be a bit of a chore but of course I was more than happy with the idea, my twitching erection was testament to that.

“Well if you’d rather not!” Danni said, teasingly.

“Come on then, if I must,” I said, uncrossing my legs and patting my thighs.

Dropping her new toys on the floor Danni quickly laid herself down on the sofa and placed her feet in my lap. Because of her height, for her feet to reach me her head was barely raised as it rested against the opposite arm of the sofa.

“Oooo that feels good,” she said as my thumbs pressed firmly against the ball of her left foot.

Noticing her toenails were painted I tried to discern the colour through the black nylon. Knowing it was more than likely to be the same as her fingernails I looked up to her hands that rested on her belly, fingers entwined, and saw they were a pale pink.

After spending some time massaging each Yukarıdudullu Escort Bayan toe in turn I lifted her foot to my face. As I pressed my cheek to the sole Danni seemed to read my mind.

“Shall I take my stockings off?” she asked.

“Undo the straps, I’ll take them off,” I said.

Danni began to pull the hem of her robe up to gain access to the suspender belt straps but then changed her mind. As our eyes met she pulled her robe open and proceeded to unfasten the clasps.

My gaze was again drawn to her small breasts. Although covered by her new black bra I could still make out the darker skin of the large disks of the areolae under the semitransparent material.

Her stockings now free from constraint, I reached up with both hands and rolled the nylon down the thigh of her left leg a few inches and then reaching back up, caressed the soft bare skin that I had just uncovered. Looking up further I could just make out her pussy lips pressed against her panties.

Rolling the nylon down to the ankle Danny lifted her leg to let me remove the stocking. With her foot now bare I lifted it again to my face and kissed the tip of each toe. As I slipped the tip of my tongue between the big toe and its neighbour Danni’s right foot snaked under my bathrobe and released my twitching erection.

“Mmmm yeah, there’s my lovely friend,” Danni said.

I took her big toe between my lips and sucked, although ‘big’ wasn’t really a word you could associate with any aspect of this petite young girl.

“Oh God, that’s definitely going on my ‘do again’ list,” she said.

I explored between all of her toes with my tongue and sucked on each, one by one. Kissing and licking down the sole before laying her foot back in my lap, my intention was to repeat the process on her right leg, but Danni had a different idea.

“That looks so hot, I need to get a pic of that,” she said pulling her mobile phone from her dressing gown pocket.

Raising herself to a sitting position to gain a better view she snapped a couple of pictures of my erect penis sandwiched between her one bare and one nylon covered feet. I had to admit, it was an erotic sight especially for someone with a foot fetish.

“You need to be careful having pictures like that on your phone. What if Sam saw them?” I said with genuine concern.

“Don’t worry, he never looks at my phone and I wont be showing anyone else. Well, perhaps Talia, but no one else,” she said.

“Who’s Talia?” I asked with alarm.

“She’s my best friend, we share everything,” Danni replied, unconcerned.

While we talked Danni’s concentration was on my penis between her feet that she constantly jiggled around.

“My poor friend, he’s been crying and his tears have made my feet wet,” Danni said in a child-like way.

“I think he needs a hug!” she continued in the same tone.

Within a moment Danni was kneeling on the floor between my legs that she had pushed wide open.

“Oh Wow, you’ve shaved. I’ve never seen shaved balls before. Now that’s one for my ‘must do’ list,” she said.

“Is that to remind you to shave your own balls?” I said to wind her up.

She giggled but didn’t take her eyes off my scrotum.

“I mean Sam, I must get him to shave his. The skin’s so smooth and soft, it feels so nice,” she said running the fingers of her right hand all over my freshly shaved balls.

Leaning forward Danni pressed her left cheek against my erection just as she had done the previous evening. Bringing her left hand up to press my shaft to her cheek she realised she still held her phone. Reaching over to place it on the sofa next to me she hesitated.

“Could you take some pics?” she said with that dirty little smile on her face again.

Taking the phone from her I studied the screen and quickly located the appropriate button. Meantime Danni had discarded her dressing gown and was now running her face all over my stiff shaft.

“Go on, take one like this,” she said.

Danni struck a pose with the tip of her tongue touching my shaft just below the knob while she looked directly at the camera. I had to steady my hands as I framed the shot. The scene was so erotic.

“I’ve got an Idea,” she said and reached behind her back.

My cock twitched wildly when she pulled her bra off exposing her perfect little breasts. She held my shaft in her left hand and brought her right breast down to rub her stiff nipple across my wet knob.

“Go on, take a pic,” Danni said.

Satisfied that the moment had been captured Danni proceeded to run her nipple all over my helmet. She seemed determined to coat the whole of her dark brown areola with pre-cum which seemed to be in constant supply.

After coating her other nipple and areola with juice she guided my erection between her small mounds and did her best to press each breast against the sides of the shaft with her hands.

“If only my tits were bigger I could give you a tit wank,” she said looking up.

“Do you hear me complaining? Anyway Escort Yukarıdudullu your tits are perfect just the way they are!” I said looking in to her seductive blue eyes.

Smiling at my comment she returned her attention back to her task. Doing her best to wrap her small breasts around my shaft she began to slowly raise and lower herself. On each downward stroke my knob bulged and a tear of juice forced its way out of the eye.

If I had let myself succumb I could easily of shot my load but I kept my concentration, but I was severely challenged when Danni began licking the tip of my knob every time it came in range of her mouth.

“I’m desperate to taste you girl! Do you want to sit on my face?” I asked, knowing I couldn’t take much more.

“Erm, well, okay then,” Danni said, her face lighting up with a cheeky grin.

Backing away from me she stood up and waited to see where I was going to position myself. I placed the mobile phone on the sofa and throwing a cushion down on the floor I laid down on the carpet and dragged the cushion under my head.

“Best slip those knickers off!” I said.

Moments later I reached for the discarded knickers that had been dropped to the floor and held them to my face.

“Smell good?” Danni asked seeing me sniff at the wet gusset.

“Yeah, they’re alright I suppose,” I said, pretending I wasn’t impressed.

She knew I was joking. Playfully she very gently kicked my cock with her right foot which was still covered in black nylon.

“You sod, well in that case you wont want this on your face,” she said, standing with one foot either side of my chest and running her hands up either side of her pussy.

Of course the truth was her panties were soaked with her juices and smelt amazing and I couldn’t wait to bury my face between her legs.

“Not that you’ve got a choice,” she said.

Looking directly in to my eyes Danni lowered herself over me and until her knees touched the floor either side of my head. Her clitoris poked out from beneath its hood and her wet pussy lips glistened in the light.

” Oh Fuck!” Danni exclaimed from the feel of my tongue parting her lips and slipping inside.

I was taken by surprise by the gush of juice that poured out. It was as though I’d opened a flood gate. I opened my mouth to catch the sweet nectar and revelled in the taste.

I licked and kissed all around her lips and flicked her clit with my nose as my tongue wriggled its way back inside her, this time delving deeper.

“Oh, Oh Yeah,” Danni uttered.

While my tongue fucked her tight little pussy I glanced up the length of the young body above me that was now gently rocking around and reached up with my right hand and caressed her left breast. Danni’s hand covered mine to encourage me not to stop.

Withdrawing my tongue I nibbled on each of her protruding pussy lips before sucking on her swollen clit.

“OH FUCK!” Danni shouted a little too loudly.

“Have you ever tried a sixty-nine?” I asked, laying my head back on the cushion.

“Oh God! I was nearly there. A sixty-nine, no I haven’t. Oh Christ Yeah, Lets Do It!” Danni said enthusiastically when she eventually worked out what I meant.

I’d barely had time to blink when I saw Danni’s gorgeous bum sliding towards my face. She had moved like greased lightning to get in position. Although my penis had softened a little it was being quickly revived under Danni’s eager touch.

“I’ve never seen so much pre cum, your cock is laying in a puddle!” Danni said.

I was rock hard again in seconds. Danni had one hand wrapped around the shaft while her tongue eagerly licked at the knob.

“I love the taste of your pre cum but I need to taste your spunk,” she said.

I ran my tongue up her pussy lips a few times, my hands caressed every millimetre of her body that I could reach. I felt Danni’s lips slip over my glans while she wanked on my shaft.

I managed to slip a finger inside her pussy and stretching my neck licked between her bum cheeks. Hearing Danni’s reaction spurred me on and I flicked my tongue over her arsehole.

“Mmmmm, Mmmm, MMMMM,” she muttered, her mouth full of cock.

With my finger still fucking her dripping cunt I managed to stroke her sensitive clit with my thumb.

“OH FUCKING HELL!” Danni cried out after pulling her mouth off my knob.

“Oh Yes, keep doing, Oh Yeah, Lick my arse, Oh Fuck,” she was struggling to breath.

Somehow Danni still managed to keep wanking my throbbing shaft albeit periodically, and managed an occasional lick of my knob. It was enough!

Danni rocked her bum up and down while I thrust my hips faster and faster as I began to shoot my load.

“OHOHOH,” Danni cried out.

Her body went rigid and she held her breath as her whole being was consumed by an orgasm. Her hand, although now still on my shaft, held me like a vice and I felt each throb of rising spunk strain against her grip…

After several minutes Danni climbed off of me and we both sat back on the sofa side by side, her head laying against my arm, her face wet with spunk. She seemed to slip in to a daydream.

The fingers of her left hand gently stroked my spent penis while her right hand stroked between her own legs. Occasionally she would lift one or other hand to her face and lick her fingers, tasting either her own cum or mine, sometimes sniffing her fingers first.

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