Jaya is 34 never married Muslim woman from Syria, she just knew my contacts in Syria…She arrived at the house at around 10:55 pm from the airport. She is very tired and followed a staff member upstairs to her room at 11pm. She planned to soak in a hot bath. She took off her brown top, hung it up then unzipped and slid off her skirt. Then without dropping down her panties, she wrapped her black bathing robe on. She starts the tap to fill the tub with hot water not bothering to lock the bath room door. She put her left leg in the hot bubble water and just started playing with water. Was that a sound? No. Relax just a bit more. Play some more. She pulled out her leg and sat down on edge of tub, putting her left hand in the water and started rowing imagining herself in boat and playing with water. Meanwhile moving her legs naughtily up down. She could hear some noises….she was shocked…she asked ” Who’s there ?” I open the bathroom door…” Who are you!” ” John, I brought you here from Syria.” She was feeling ashamed, I walked towards the bathtub…I start touching her legs. ” Please stop…please.” I kneel down kissing her legs sitting on the edge of the bathtub. She never knew I had the intention to fuck her, she kicked at me. I slapped her, I took my hand sliding down from her throat, between her breasts, under her right breast over her robe. I took off her robe and started fondling her breasts. She screamed ” Stop…don’t touch me!” Her naked body with only panties on shook. Her head swam as she realized the trouble she was in. “ P-please, John, don’t hurt me.” she cried.

” This ain’t funny,” She pleaded “ Leave please.” She shouted, she was begging me to open the door, everything was happening too fast, she couldn’t stop it. Why couldn’t I stop this? I grabbed her by the arms and threw her to the floor. She is crying and shaking begging me to stop but I wouldn’t. I’m pulling my trousers down. She tried to get up. She is petrified this couldn’t be happening. Please stop she begged me time and time again, Demetevler Escort I just laughed at her. I pinned her down, telling her I would stop when I had finished. She has never been alone with a man, I sat on her sexy round ass and begin sliding my dick in and out of her slippery crack. She is screaming for me to ” get Off”
and is fighting me with all her might, but there is no way I was going get off of this sexy slut now. I held her down with one hand in the middle of her back and used my other to guide my dick to her tight pink pussy. My initial
penetration was difficult, when I pushed, I got the entire head in, despite her screams of protest. I pushed as hard as I could and over several grueling seconds, pierced by her screams and cries of pain, I forced the rest of my 9 inches of hard meat up her tight pussy and into her. Fuck! was she tight! She is fighting and bucking wildly, through
the pain, coupled with my hands holding her down and my dick buried in her pussy, simply turned her struggle into
more pleasure for me. I groan loudly with pleasure as I stroked my hard cock in and out of her tight virgin
pussy and took pleasure in her cries and screams of pain and protest. ” Fuck! Jaya, your pussy feels so fucking good!” I finally spoke. I heard her gasp.

” What are you doing to me?! It hurts so much!” as she turned her head around and her beautiful face and teary
brown eyes caught sight of me again, my cock buried deep into her pussy. ” I’m fucking your tight pussy you little bitch, now shut the fuck up!” ” This isn’t right! I’m a virgin!” she screamed. Her screams turning me on even more.
” I know,” I said, ” that’s why it’s so much fun! It’s my right as your lover to fuck you whenever I want to, and I
FUCKING want to right now! If I have to rape you to do it, it makes it all the more fun!” I’m fucking her pussy in and out fast and hard now. Her struggles had begun to weaken and her scrams had died down to sobs of shame and pain.
I laughed as I Demetevler Escort Bayan rammed it home. ” You’re such a little bitch, Jaya! Having your sexy body slutting around all day long, teasing my cock like a little bitch!” She cried louder in response, her sobs punctuated by occasional pleas of ” please” “stop” “don’t” and “no”. I laughed some more. As she had stopped fighting, I let my hands roam her body. I laid atop her while I continue fucking her tight virgin pussy. I slipped my hands beneath her and grabbed her tits.
I played with them and massaged them, tweaking her hard nipples. Finally, I feel the pressure building in my
balls, and I screamed in pleasure and started calling her every insult and obscenity I knew ” slut” “Bitch”
“whore” “cocktease” “cunt” “fuck-toy” “sex slave”. I fucked her as fast and hard as I could, finally grinding myself into her pussy hard, until my balls are pressed against her.

I feel the delay, then the sudden rush and release of thick sticky ropes of sperm, as they filled her pussy to overflowing. I groan and moan through my orgasm. When it is all over, I pull out of her pussy and sat up, admiring my handiwork. I was still hard, her quiet sobs wracked her sexy body only made me hornier. I hear her occasionally ask ” why” to which I answered ” because you’re such a slut and because you’re nothing but a little sex toy to be fucked whether you want it or not.” I rolled her over onto her back, roughly spreading her legs. I positioned myself between her legs, I guided my cock to her cunt again. Sliding my dick up and down between the cum slick folds. ” You thought it was over, bitch?” I laugh evilly. ” I’m gonna fuck your little slut twat, again, Jaya!” ” NO!” she screamed hoarsely. ” NO!” I shove my twitching, swollen cock as hard as I can into her pussy again. I feel it stretch her tight vaginal canal like ripping through paper and I groan in response to that and her scream of pain. I’m all the way in her again and I pause to savor the feel Escort Demetevler of a never-before-been-fucked woman before pulling out almost all the way, and then ramming in again. I start fucking fast and hard, thrusting in and out of her cunt, pumping her tight pussy, while she writhed in agony, impaled upon my dick. ” You’ve been wanting this to happen for a long time.”

Jaya laid under me crying, it feels so good, her pussy is so tight gripping my hard dick. I groan as I feel my balls tighten again. ” I’m gonna cum in your pussy again.” Saying this really turned me on and she responded by screaming and protesting anew. But it was too late and her fighting only made it feel better as I pushed into her one final time and came even more violently then before. I feel my dick on fire as jets of my cum sprayed her cunt walls and I knew she could feel me empty my seed into her again, I hear her moan in despair. I just laughed in response and pulled my still hard cock out of her pussy. Without any explanation, I move up to her head and lifted her crying face. She opened her mouth to cry, I shove my entire 9 inch length down her throat. The feeling of her gagging on my hard dick was incredible and I grabbed her head with both hands and begin to firmly fuck her mouth, forcing her to deep throat. I could tell she was trying to throw up but couldn’t and I knew she was unable to breath but I didn’t care. I kept fucking her mouth and in a couple more strokes, I blew my third load for the day straight into her throat. Her gagging made me cum even harder and it seemed as if an endless stream of cum was in me. I would shoot, she would choke, gag and cough, and that would make me shoot again. I was finally spent after fifteen shots into her throat directly into her stomach. I pull out fast, I just sat next to her while her coughs died down. To pass the time and amuse myself, I stroked Jaya’s beautiful firm round ass and rubbed her hard clit between her legs a little bit. Finally, the coughing stopped. She is too exhausted even to cry any more. I stood her up and quickly opened the door, all the while playing with her tits. As I helped her to her bed I whisper in her ear ” this isn’t over slut! You are my fuck toy and I’m gonna fuck you every chance I get!”

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