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Subject: Jason and Shaun – Chapter 13 If you don’t agree with guys being in love with guys, then you need to find someplace else to spend time. Okay, these characters are not meant to resemble any living or dead person. I make no apology to anyone who is offended by anything in this story. Let me know what you think of the story by emailing me aol_ Copyright 2008, 2009, 2010 by Chuck B. I want to thank everyone for reading the story. I’m going to start another story as soon as I can get the characters designed and some chapters planned out. Jason and Shaun Chapter 13 Fall Out Jason’s POV It’s been one month since Josh left our apartment and went home. Shaun has for the most part quit worrying about Josh outing him to his parents. I hate seeing him stressing over stuff that he has no control over. Right now, we are both stressed and don’t need any more stresses in our lives. It’s midterms for us, and we’ve both been kind of cuckoo. When Shaun gets stressed, he tends to be a walking erection and I tend to shy away from sex. Right, now I am relaxing because in an hour I have to go take a chapter test in Chemistry. I love this professor. Sadly, this test counts double, so I had to make sure that I studied. I’m sitting here working on a crossword puzzle when the phone rings. “Hello, Jason speaking!” “Hi is Shaun there? This is his father.” “No, he isn’t. He has a midterm today, but should be back within an hour or so. I’ll won’t be home when he gets here, so I can always leave him a message for you.” “Jason, I want to tell Shaun myself, but last night when Josh got home, his mother came over and there was a huge argument and Josh accidently let it slip out. He’s been beside himself all day long. He told me that he’s lost his brother for good.” Oh man, this cannot be good! Shaun is going to freak out big time. Maybe, I shouldn’t have forced him to tell Joshua about us. “So… should I be prepared for the worst with him?” “Jason, son, I can’t speak for Shaun’s mother, but I will always love you guys. You’ll always be welcome in my house. Don’t tell him about this. Just have him call me when he gets back from class.” “Okay, I can do that!” Man… Shaun’s dad is completely awesome. Somehow, I don’t see his mother being so accepting. I had better get this written down on the dry erase board. “Shaun, call your dad. It’s important.” Hmm…maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have someone come over just to make sure that Shaun is okay. Who do I know that might be free? Matt! He would be perfect. “Hey Sexy!” Matt knew it was me because he has Caller ID. I think he would say the same thing to Shaun if he had answered. “Hey, would you be able to do me big favor?” “Sure, what is it?” “Do you remember me telling you that Shaun’s brother was up here?” “Yeah, something about a huge argument between Shaun’s brother and his mother.” “Right! Well, the first night that Joshua was here, Shaun told him about us. I guess the first night that Josh was home, his lovely mother came over and an argument started up between her and Joshua. During the argument, Joshua accidently outed Shaun to his mother and his father. Now Dad is okay with everything, but I know his mother isn’t going to be happy about it. So, I was wondering if you could come over and check up on him.” “Anything for the boyfriend of my best friend.” “How goes your midterms?” “I’m think that I’m okay so far. I’ve only got one more to go. mezitli escort YEAH!” “Cool! Well, I need to get out of here and get off to campus. Thanks again for the help.” I hurried up and left for my Chemistry examine. She was so kind to us. The test has half multiple choice and chemical equations. I could do those in my sleep. The test lasted about an hour and then we were free to go. I hurried to get home after the test because I didn’t want to have Matt wasting his time at the apartment. When I got there, the phone rang. Shaun answered the phone since it was sitting by him. “Hello Shaun here!” “Hey Trent!” Shaun’s happy face soon turned to a sad face. He looked at us and said, “Mom had my brother Trent call me so she could speak with me.” I walked over and took my place alongside my boyfriend and took his hand. Matt folded his arms and stared at the phone. Shaun then quickly reached the base of the phone and switched it over to speaker phone. I don’t know why he transferred it over to speaker phone, maybe so we could all hear it and in that way, take some of Mom’s power away from her. I don’t know. More than likely, he just wanted witnesses in case things got hostile between his mother and him. “Why? I WANT TO KNOW WHY?” A very rude sounding female came over the phone. If this is Shaun’s mom, I can see why Joshua left. “Why what?” Shaun answered, having no idea what his mom was talking about. “You know exactly what I’m talking about.” “Umm… no I don’t!” “Is HE there? Is that why you are playing dumb?” “If you mean my room-mate, yeah he’s here.” “Shaun Michael Allen, don’t you play dumb with me. I know you’re gay.” “Actually, I am quite happy, thanks for noticing, but I do love my room-mate and he loves me. Yeah… I’m gay. It’s a very small part of my internal makeup.” “Well, you and your faggot boyfriend…” Shaun shut down the speaker phone and quickly hung up the phone. “Why did you hang up on her?” He squeezed my hand and then looked me in the eyes. “I’m used to the abuse that she can dish out, but I am not going to put you through that.” Shaun stood up and walked to the dinner table and sat down with his back to Matt and me. I looked at Matt. Matt and looked at me, and I said, “Thanks Matt! I didn’t know how he would react to having been outed. I’ll see you later.” “You sure!” “Yeah!” I walked up to my boyfriend and sat down next to him. I leaned in and gave him a kiss. I wasn’t sure if he would kiss me back, but he did. He even managed to sneak his tongue into my mouth. I stood up and lead him into the bedroom, and shut the door. Shaun’s POV I sat through an hour and half midterm hoping to come home and just lounge in the bathtub. When I got home, there was a note on the dry erase board for me to call my dad. Suddenly, the butterflies that have been in my stomach for no reason came crashing back. I grabbed the phone and called Dad. “Hello, Clark residence.” “Hi Sandy! Is my dad home?” I do call her ‘Mom’, but not all the time, and she is fine with that. She married my dad about five years ago, so it’s still sort of new for all of us. “Yeah, hold on Shaun, I’ll get him!” There was some silence over the phone while Sandy got my dad to pick up the phone. While I was waiting for my dad to pick up the phone, there was a knock on the door. “Come in, the door is open!” “Hey Shaun!” Matt walked into the apartment. Talk pozcu escort about a surprise! I thought he was out of town. “So what’s up?” “Jason wanted me to stop by to check up on you. He was kind of worried about you.” “Hmm!” Does Matt’s being here mean that this phone call is going to be a bad one? “Hey Shaun, sorry that it took me so long to get with you.” Finally, my dad gets on the phone. Does he know about me? Is he going to drop me? “So son, how are your classes going?” “Classes are good! How are you and Sandy doing?” “Things are great between us, and Joshua loves it here. Sandy is going to let your brother and Erin make their own wedding plans. She wants to dig in with both feet running.” Somehow, I’m thinking that this idle chatting isn’t the reason for the phone call. “Dad… you can quit the small talk. What is really going on?” “It’s funny, you’ve always known when your mom or I were holding back on you. Shaun, I know about Jason and you.” Oh man, he does know. Now just have to wait for the other shoe to drop and for the foot to nail me in the ass. Dad is being way too quiet. “It’s okay Shaun! Are you sweating right now?” “Umm…yeah, I am.” “I’m not angry or mad at you. I just wish that you would have told me about this a long time ago. You would have saved yourself some worry. I’m glad that you have a boyfriend like Jason. He sounds like a great guy.” “Jason is a great guy, no doubt about it. So now what, Dad?” “Well, I am not pushing you away. I love you, Shaun, and I know that I will love Jason just as much. OH…before I forget, your mom knows.” Now…I know that I’m in trouble. She’ll be calling me to chew me out. Josh must have let things slip. It must have taken something big to get him to spill his guts. Now, I need some confirmation that it was Josh. “Dad, how did you find out about Jason and me?” “Thought you would ask, the night that Josh got home, your mom came over and, sure enough, they got into an argument. During the argument, your mom said something and Josh got super angry and let it slip. Ever since he said, Josh has been beside himself. He’s been crying off and on and won’t even speak to Erin. He’s one of the reasons that I called. I need you to talk to him.” Don’t like the sound of this, I had better step in and be the big brother that Josh knows and loves. I bet, he thinks that I’ll disown him or in the very least, be angry at him. I know how easy it is to say things in a tense situation that you normally wouldn’t say. Can’t blame him! “Dad, is Joshua home now?” “He’s home. Let me go get him.” The phone went quiet as Dad went in search of Joshua. I finally heard Dad talking to Joshua. In just a few seconds, Josh’s voice came over the phone. “Shaun… I’m so… so sorry.” “Hey knock off the crying! Enough beating yourself up, I’m not mad at you. I needed to come out at least to Dad. You just helped me out.” “Sean, Mom… Mom knows too.” “It’s okay, Josh, I know that she knows. Believe me, I’m ready for her attitude. I’ll be ready for her. I didn’t figure that she would be that happy with me.” I can hear Joshua start to cry. His cries have always hit me hard. “Joshua, are you even listening to me? I love you and I’m not mad at you. Look, if Mom can’t love me, then it’s on her, not me.” Josh was quiet for a few seconds. If I wait for him to calm down, then maybe he won’t be as easily upset. escort bayan “Shaun, when is your next big break from school?” “Umm…that would be Christmas break!” “K… thanks bro! I want you and Jason to come out and see us.” “Hey… I need to let you go, but I’ll make plans to come out that way and see you guys. Hey, I’m not mad at you okay!” I already miss him. I just hope that Mom doesn’t call me. I know she will, but I just don’t want her too. I want her to stay the heck away from me. “Matt, did Jason tell what was going on?” “Yeah, he was thinking you might need someone for when your Mom called you. You know, just someone to stand by you. I’ll stick around till Jason gets home, if that’s okay?” “Sure, no problem! Thanks, Matt!” We spent a little bit of time just talking, but it wasn’t long before the Jason came in the door. Like magic Jason came home and the phone rang. I reached down and picked up. “Hello Shaun here!” It’s Trent, Joshua’s identical twin and my other 17 year old brother.” “Hey Trent!” I could hear Trent talking to my mom. He said, “Here’s Mom, Shaun’s on the phone!” I feel incredibly sad right now. My eyes looked right at Jason and Matt. “Mom had my brother Trent call me, so she could speak with me.” Jason walked over to me and took my free hand. Matt just folded his arms and looked at the phone. I reached over and switched the phone to speaker phone. I wanted them to hear how she treats me. Jason already knows, but Matt has never really experienced her rage before. “Why? I WANT TO KNOW WHY?” my mom asked, trying to get something out of me. Pretty sure that I know what she is getting at, but I’m not going to let her know that. “Why what?” I’m sure that Jason wasn’t thinking very good thoughts about my mom right now. “You know exactly what I’m talking about.” “Umm… no I don’t!” “Is HE there? Is that why you are playing dumb?” “If you mean my room-mate, yeah he’s here.” “Shaun Michael Allen, don’t you play dumb with me. I know you’re gay.” “Actually, I am quite happy, thanks for noticing, but I do love my room-mate and he loves me. Yeah…I’m gay. It’s a very small part of my internal makeup.” I’m not trying to raise her anger any, but I’m also not going to feed her. Maybe a part of me was busy feeding into her anger. “Well, you and your faggot boyfriend…” After she said that, I couldn’t bear to listen to her mouth any more. She wasn’t going to be allowed to attack Jason. It wasn’t going to happen, so I hung up the phone and turned off speaker phone. Jason looked at me a little surprised. “Why did you hang up on her?” I squeezed his hand and looked him right in the eyes. More than anything else, I needed him to know that I loved him. “I’m used to the abuse that she can dish out, but I am not going to put you through that.” After looking in his eyes, my eyes started to water. Tears would soon be washing down my face. I didn’t want Jason or Matt to see me crying. I got up and walked to the dinner table. The minute, that my butt touched the chair, I started to cry. I must have been too out of it to notice, but Matt left sometime after I moved away from the couch. I didn’t notice anything until Jason came up to me. He sat down next me and leaned close to me. His lips kissed mine and I couldn’t resist kissing him. I wanted him right then and there. My tongue found an opening and went for it. Jason stood up and led me into our bedroom and shut the door. I think my mom would have died if she saw what we were doing behind that closed door. All anyone else needs to know is that we’ve come a long way since the day that Jason moved in with me. Hopefully, we have much more time together. To anyone who might be reading this, Bye!

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