Soccer Mom’s Dream TeamSoccer Mom’s Dream Team


All events and characters in this story are fiction. All characters are eighteen or older.

Barbara Starrett unfolded her lawn chair and sat down alone on the sideline. It was well before game time, and most of the other parents either hadn’t arrived yet, or were away from the soccer field. But Barbara’s dirty little secret was that, since the boys on the team were beyond eighteen, she enjoyed watching them in their shorts and soccer shirts. While still quite young, most were athletically built, sort of boys in men’s bodies.

Some of the boys were warming up, kicking the ball around directly in front of Barbara. A ball got away and rolled beyond the sideline where the tall brunette mother was sitting. Jeremy jogged over to retrieve it. While Barbara was admiring Jeremy’s slender build and square shoulders through her sunglasses, she noticed Jeremy staring at her, or rather at her body. Jeremy paused a little too long to get the ball, keeping his eyes on Barbara. When he finally jogged away, Barbara looked down. She realized that the right leg of her shorts was hanging open, and her white panty crotch could be seen by anyone standing in front of her. Her panties were pulled tight over her crotch, and a little tuft of her brown pubic hair stuck out the side.

Barbara felt her face go flush as she realized that the young man had likely been staring up her shorts. Again a ball got away, and Jeremy came to retrieve it. Instead of closing her legs, Barbara left them spread apart. Glancing sideways through her sunglasses, she saw the boy staring at her crotch from several feet away. She kept her eye on Jeremy, and saw him whisper something to Donny. Donny looked over at Barbara, and shortly after moved closer to the sideline. He, too, took a long look at Barbara’s crotch.

For the next fifteen minutes she watched the boys whispering to each other, and one by one most of them found a way to get closer to her for a look. Of course, nobody said anything to Barbara’s son. Once the other parents started gathering along the sideline, Barbara adjusted her shorts and enjoyed the game.

Not only did this episode make Barbara’s day, it was the most exciting thing to happen to her in a long time. Having been a stay-at-home mom for years, she did not make contact with very many young males. On rare occasions an older man would notice her or compliment her, but never anyone much younger than herself. To have so many young teens notice her raised her self-esteem and her libido.

At home, Barbara looked at herself in the mirror. The pretty, forty-three year old woman still had long smooth legs. Her short brown hair had a few strands of gray. She knew that beneath her bra her large breasts were not as firm as they used to be, but they were larger. She started feeling like an attractive woman again. She thought about the young athletes even more.

At the next soccer game, Barbara chose to wear a short denim skirt and a polo shirt. Again she arrived early and sat alone in her chair on the sidelines, away from the coaches. Soon the practicing players started moving closer to where she was sitting. Barbara sat casually and let her knees rest about eight inches apart. She saw Donny and Rick trying to look up her skirt. She thought that they could probably see her white panties between her bare thighs under her skirt, but she wasn’t sure. She didn’t own any really sexy panties, but she had put on a pair that had a narrower crotch, exposing more hair on the sides. As the practice continued, Barbara let her legs slide farther and farther apart, and allowed her skirt to hike up almost to her crotch. She was in a high state of arousal as the teens sikiş porno continually got closer and stole long looks of her panty-covered crotch.

After this game, thoughts of the horny teens occupied Barbara’s thoughts much of the time. Her son was new to the neighborhood, and some of these teens were the most popular boys in school. She would love to have these boys come over to her house, but her son wasn’t in with that group yet.

Before the next game, Barbara had been extremely horny all day. It was a weekday evening game. Her husband was out of town. Barbara decided to be daring and escalate her flashing game. She wore her denim skirt again, but this time, she didn’t wear any panties. Even on this warm evening, she could feel a breeze whisk up her skirt over her naked pussy, causing her nipples to get visibly erect through her thin tank top.

She wasted no time. She spread her legs wide, and let her skirt hike up high. Chad was the first boy to work his way over, and his eyes bugged out of his head. He kneeled several feet in front of her, and tied both of his shoes while staring up her skirt. She knew he could easily see her brown triangle of pubic hair. At that distance he could probably see her pink pussy lips.

The practicing team began to hover around her like a hungry flock of seagulls. She started getting concerned that she was drawing too much attention, but nobody else seemed to notice her disturbance. Her heart was pounding, her breathing was heavy, and she had trouble suppressing a big smile as most of the team, except for her son, took turns looking at her naked pussy in public.

After the game, the team went out for pizza. Barbara and her son joined them. The players and parents had pushed several tables together, but there was still overflow, and Barbara volunteered to crowd into a corner booth with five of the boys. Barbara was pressed between Donny and Ron, two of the more attractive and popular boys. She spread her legs and pressed her smooth thighs against their bare legs. The boys, knowing that she wasn’t wearing panties under her skirt, didn’t object to her physical presence, and were happy to rub their thighs up against her smooth skin. Barbara leaned forward, pressing her tits against the table, pushing her cleavage up. Her tank top hung open, and the boys stared down her top at her ample cleavage, beyond her tan line, but not quite to her nipples.

While talking about the game and other teen subjects, Barbara put her hands under the table and rested them on the two boys’ thighs. She moved her right hand up under Ron’s shorts and touched his crotch over his jock and plastic cup. When Donny placed his right hand on her thigh, Barbara smiled at him, placed her hand on his, and pushed his hand further up her thigh. She whispered to Ron, “If you take it out, I’ll touch it.” Ron reached down and adjusted his jock so that his cock was out and hanging down the left leg of his shorts. Barbara slowly stroked it.

Donny had placed his hand on her naked crotch. He worked his middle finger into her wet pussy under the table. Barbara also whispered to him to whip out his cock, so as she got finger fucked by Donny, she slowly gave hand jobs to Donny and Ron. She whispered to both boys, “You should come over and visit my son.” Ron jerked and shot a load of jism into her hand. Donny did the same.

When they finished eating, the boys went to a back room to play video games. After visiting with the other parents for a while, Barbara said that she was going to retrieve her son and leave. When she went into the dark game room, she saw Jeremy and Rick playing a two-player game in the şişman porno corner. She stood behind them and watched the game, pressing her tits into their shoulders. They continued playing, but concentrated on the woman behind them whose pussy they had seen. Barbara put her hands on their waists. She slid her hands down over their soccer shorts, and squeezed their young asses. She worked both hands under their shorts. Wearing only jocks under their shorts, Barbara squeezed their naked, firm butt cheeks. She said to the boys, “You should come over and play video games at our house sometime.”

Later, Barbara told her son that he should invite some of the team members over after a game to play video games. Her son was reluctant, because none of the boys had been to his house, and he didn’t want to be embarrassed if no one showed up. There was a Friday evening game coming up when Barbara’s husband would be out of town. Barbara was insistent, so her son asked the team members to come over after that game. To her son’s pleasant surprise, many of the boys said they would come.

During the game, Barbara wore a tight, thin, white shirt that clung to her large bra, and denim shorts with no panties. She flashed the boys again before the game. Nine of the team members came over to her house immediately after the game. Barbara ordered pizzas, and served the boys pop. They gathered in the lower level family room, playing video games and listening to music.

Donny was the first to wander upstairs, finding Barbara in the kitchen. Barbara wasted no time putting her arms around him, French kissing him, and putting her hands on his butt over his soccer shorts. Donny reached up and groped both of her big tits over her shirt and thin bra. His right hand slid down her waist, under her shirt, and up over her bra. He felt her left tit over her bra as he kissed her. He worked his hand inside of her bra, and felt her warm fleshy tit inside of it, tickling her hard nipple with his fingertips. His left hand slid down her back and cupped her right ass cheek over her shorts. Barbara took his hand, and led him down the hall to her bedroom. She closed the door behind her. She quickly pulled up her shirt in front of the teen, unhooked her bra, and let her tits fall out of the cups. Her shirt and bra rested on her chest as the boy felt her big heavy tits. She pulled her shirt and bra off, pulled her shorts down, and stood naked as Donny felt her tits, ass, and hairy pussy. Barbara pulled up the teen’s soccer shirt, and he pulled it over his head and dropped it. Barbara kneeled down and pulled his shorts off of his body, briefly admiring the wiry young lad in just his jock. She pulled the jock down and his full-grown cock stood at attention. His slender body gave his penis the appearance of being even bigger than it was. Still on her knees, Barbara put her lips on his cock, and slowly sucked it.

Barbara climbed on the bed, and Donny hopped on next to her. They kissed as Donny anxiously groped her entire body in rapid fashion. Barbara ran her long fingers over Donny’s bare shoulders, back, ass, and cock. “Donny, make love to me,” Barbara whispered. She spread her legs wide for him, and the boy climbed between them. With Barbara’s help, the inexperienced but eager teen worked his cock into her wet pussy, and laid down on her.

Jeremy and Ron slipped upstairs, looking around for Barbara. They wandered down the hall and heard the panting woman and squeaking bed through the door. Jeremy quietly turned the doorknob and cracked the door open. Jeremy and Ron silently watched Donny pumping rapidly into the naked woman. Once he got into a rhythm, swinger porno it didn’t take long for Donny to lose his load in the housewife, who was twitching from her own quick orgasm.

As Donny climbed off of her, Barbara noticed the light from the crack in the door, and saw the two boys watching her naked body on the bed. “It’s ok, boys, come in.” Jeremy entered the bedroom, as Donny got dressed. “Jeremy, do you want to be next?”

Jeremy stammered an affirmative. Barbara looked at Donny and Ron and asked them to make sure that her son doesn’t come in. Donny and Ron left the room, and Jeremy quickly stripped out of his soccer uniform. He lay on the bed next to Barbara and engaged in some rapid foreplay, in particular enjoying her big bobbling tits, and wet hairy pussy. Barbara gave him a speedy hand job, and in no time the young man-boy mounted her and began fucking the older woman.

Word slowly spread what Barbara was doing upstairs, and several more teens found their way upstairs, careful not to alert Barbara’s son. Several teammates were standing at Barbara’s doorway, as Ron became her third lover of the evening. The door was now closed, but the boys took turns slowly cracking it open and peeking in.

Barbara was quite loose and enjoying herself immensely. She was giggling and joking with the randy young boys like she was a schoolgirl herself. She loved having them looking at her and playing with her, giggling and cooing when they did something she liked. For the first time in her life she was acting like a real slut.

When Greg became a little reluctant and shy, in other words limp as a wet noodle, Barbara had him lay on his back, and she sucked his dick. It didn’t take long for him to get hard. The other boys watched her mouth stretched wide over his red, pulsating cock. When he had relaxed and was having a good time, Barbara climbed on top of him and lowered her pussy down on his engorged member. The boys watched Barbara’s big tits hanging down, swinging and bouncing, as she stretched her legs wide and fucked Greg. Greg had his hands on her bucking ass cheeks, then reached up and played with her tits. It wasn’t long before both Greg and Barbara came.

To Barbara’s surprise, Steve had the biggest cock, possibly a good eight inches, and Barbara had to suppress squeals as he fucked her. She had one of her best orgasms with him.

When everybody had his turn, Barbara climbed out of bed. Ron and Donny approached her about having sex again. It was getting late, so this time Barbara took them both on at the same time. She instructed Donny to lie on his back on the carpet, and she mounted him and fucked him on top. Ron stood in front of her and received a blowjob. Chad and Greg stood on either side of her and received hand jobs as they played with Barbara’s tits. Several other boys enjoyed watching her swaying tits and rippling ass and thighs as she humped, sucked, and stroked. It took a while to get into a rhythm. Even Barbara had no experience at this sort of arrangement. Several of the immature boys started giggling, and Barbara giggled a little, too, before settling down to business. Ron shot a load of cum on her face, Donny came in her pussy, and Chad and Greg came on her tits.

Barbara looked at the clock, and decided she better get dressed. She cleaned up and went downstairs where her son and the others were still playing video games.

Barbara told all of the boys individually that she had enjoyed the evening, and asked them to come and visit her son again. Her son became a regular member of the most popular clique in school, getting dates with many of the popular girls. And Barbara was able to spend time with many of his friends, teaching them about sex, and learning a lot herself. Barbara’s husband profited by Barbara’s increased libido and varied experience. But to everyone except for her lover boys, she retained the image of an average, normal soccer mom.

The end.

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