A Sight To BeholdA Sight To Behold


In an unfamiliar room Craig stumbles through the dark and steps on a toy. Reaching out for balance he falls onto the bed. His head spinning with drunkenness he reaches down and massages the pain out of his foot. He had gone out with his friends Taylor and Melissa. Having had a few too many they offered to let him stay the night and sleep in their son’s playroom. Cluttered with toys and enveloped with darkness, Craig found it difficult to travel the unfamiliar territory without incident. His recent journey aside, he felt the alcohol’s full effect and positioned himself into the bed. He reminisced about the nights events.

Celebrating Taylor’s birthday, Craig, Taylor, and his wife Melissa went to dinner. The food and wine seemed to keep coming. Begging for even more trouble the friends made a trip to the local casino. Rather they taking chances with the tables or machines, they opted to hover around the bar and continue the good times. A number of times throughout the night Craig felt a bit of out of place. The alcohol had affected Taylor in Melissa in a predictable way and as the night grew longer the distance between them grew shorter. Soon, Melissa was snuggled into his shoulder and whispering into his ear. Rubbing her bare legs he traced a finger tip from her shins up to the bottom of her noticeably short skirt. She giggles with anticipation but stops as she looks up and sees Craig’s stare.

Always voyeuristic Craig had never found a real-world situation in which to indulge his fetish. He carried this secret desire in the hopes of one day looking in the right window, finding an open couple, or just stumbling into a situation that he could watch. He’d seen the voyeur videos online and even purchased some hidden cam videos from the local adult superstore but he knew it wouldn’t be the same as seeing it in person. His head swimming with drunkenness, Craig chooses his final position, closes his eyes, and falls into sleep.

Two hours later, Craig awakens. A bit more sober, he struggles to remember where he is and why he is there. Moments pass and he remembers.

“Taylor and Melissa’s house,” he thinks to himself. “Jesus my head hurts.”

Gathering his thoughts Craig turns his body and moves to the edge of the bed.

“I need some water,” he thinks to himself.

As he starts to get up, he suddenly stops. He hears a noise: an unmistakable noise. It’s Melissa and she’s moaning. His interest piqued, Craig carefully navigates a path through the room to the door. He stops and listens.

“Yeah,” he hears. “Fucking eat it. Lick my pussy–come on!”

Craig’s eyes widen in surprise. He feels his cock harden and continues to listen.

“Oh that’s it. Get that tongue in there. Come on Tay! Eat me!”

Craig decides to try to get better position. Gently and slowly he turns to knob to the door. He pushes it outward and steps forward to move into the hall. Then it happens. His foot lands on a toy car. Stabbing pains course through his leg and he lurches forward on one foot. Losing his balance entirely he falls to the floor pushing the door open so far it bounces off the wall and makes an awful racket. Still on the floor in both pain and embarrassment, Craig hears Taylor’s bedroom door open and he blushes. Standing over him in a robe is Taylor.

“Dude,” he said. “What the fuck happened? You alright?”

Embarrassed, Craig replies.

“Uh, yeah. I was going to the bathroom and stepped on a toy.”

“You sure you weren’t listening to me eating pussy?” Taylor asks. “It’s okay dude. I’d be listening if you were doing it.”

“Well,” Craig replies pulling himself to his feet, “I actually was. Pretty hot, too.”

“Listen,” Taylor replies, “Melissa has always had an exhibitionist fetish so we’d actually like ankara2010.com it if you joined us in the bedroom to watch. You down?”

His eyes wide in surprise and his cock throbbing at the thought, Craig nodded his head.

“I’d love to. I’ve always wanted to see.”

Taylor turns and walks into his room followed closely by Craig. Instantly noticeable is Melissa. Covered only by the sheet on their bed, she smiles as they meet eyes.

“Hi there. You enjoy the show so far?” she asked.

“So far. Hoping for a bit more though,” Craig replies.

“You know it,” she says tossing the sheet aside.

Craig takes in the view before him. He sits in a chair in the corner and Melissa’s gleaming smile draws his attention first. His sight moving down, he’s drawn to her perky breasts. Taut against her tanned body, the nipples are erect thanks to the cool air. He looks down her belly to her glistening pussy. Taylor’s saliva and her own moisture create a sheen unlike anything Craig has seen before. He licks his lips as he imagines what she must taste like.

“Alright,” Taylor says breaking the silence. “Where were we? Ah, yes. The pussy eating.”

Crawling onto the bed he spread her legs and takes a long look at her. Taylor sticks out his tongue and licks the length of her pussy. Slowly tracing from her amply moist opening he moves to her clit. Pausing to pay extra attention, he flicks it with his tongue. Craig watches Melissa squirm in pleasure. His pants grow tighter with the hardening of his cock. He considers taking it out but thinks better of it. Perhaps that’s not part of the deal. Taylor continues to tongue his wife’s pussy.

“Come on baby,” she begs. “I’m so close. Make me cum. I wanna cum.”

Taylor obliges her request and quickens his pace. He presses his tongue against Melissa’s hardened clit and licks furiously. Just as she begins to cum, he pulls away leaving no obstruction to the view of her pulsing pussy. Melissa grabs the sheets and squeezes with all her might as she cums for the first of climax of the night. Craig watches in amazement as her pussy clinches against itself reaching desperately for something to fill it.

Panting, Melissa turns to Taylor.

“Your turn. Bring that cock of yours over here,” She says motioning him her way.

Taylor walks to the side of the bed and drops his boxers to the floor. Melissa grabs his cock in her hand and jams it into her mouth. She moves her soft lips up and down the shaft fixating her stare on Craig. He looks her in the eyes and takes in the scene. Unable to control himself any longer, he takes out his cock and strokes up and down his length.. Melissa flicks the ridges of Taylor’s head with her tongue and takes him in again. Craig watches as Taylor throws his head back in ecstasy.

“Holy crap,” Taylor exclaims. “That is fantastic. Come on. Suck my dick. I need you to suck it.”

She takes his length over and over again all the while staring at Craig as if to offer her services to him. Taylor pulls away and draws Melissa’s attention.

“Let’s do this,” he says.

Taylor positions Melissa on all fours on the bed and approaches her from behind. He turns to Craig.

“Should I?” he inquires. “What do you think?”

Craig smiles.

“Get in there and get some, buddy!”

Taylor agrees and presses himself against Melissa’s radiantly warm pussy.

“Well,” he asks, “you want this cock or what?”

“More than ever. Fuck me good. Make me cum. We do, after all, want to put on a good show,” she said smiling at Craig.

Taylor grasps onto her sides for support and presses the length of his swollen cock into her. She moans in ecstasy as she feels him enter her. He strokes in and out of her pushing every bit of himself into her. Taylor pushes and pushes into her, driving as hard as he can. Craig strokes himself to the rhythm of his friends’ skin slapping. He looks on as Taylor thrusts himself into his wife and she bucks against his swollen rod.

“That’s it baby,” Melissa offers. “Just fucking take it. Do it. Do me. Come on, fuck me hard!”

Taylor leans over and whispers in Melissa’s ear. Surprised, Craig takes his hand off his cock and watches. Melissa looks in his direction and smiles big.

“Hey Craig,” she says. “Why don’t you bring that dick of yours over and let me suck it?”

Craig’s eyes widen in surprise.

“You serious?” he asks.

“Yeah,” says Taylor. “You want to, right?”

“Well yeah, but only if it’s cool,” he admits.

Nervously, Craig rises from his seat, drops his pants, and walks to the other side of the bed. He crawls onto the bed in front of Melissa, his throbbing erection in her face. She grabs him, suddenly, and takes him into her mouth. Having had a number of blow jobs before Craig is not surprised by the feeling but he is surprised by the ferocity with which she sucks him. He moans in ecstasy as she clinches her lips around his unit and strokes up and down his length. Meanwhile, Taylor begins fucking her again.

Melissa moans as much as she can with both of her holes being filled. Her body shivers as Taylor pounds into her pussy and Craig drives into her mouth. She tries to concentrate on the tightness of Taylor’s cock filling her pussy but finds her mind wanders to the taste of Craig’s cock in her mouth. A strange but welcome taste, she’d often wondered how it would be. What if she could get her lips around him? What if she could stroke his shaft with her lips and hands? Not only did she now know but she was also being fucked by her husband. A sensation she’d longed for until tonight.

Melissa pulls away from Craig and says, “You guys are great but I’ve got a better idea. I want both of you in me.”

Surprised at her request her husband Taylor smiles.

“Alright, but if that’s that case I’m getting the ass. Craig you okay with fucking my wife’s pussy?”

Still short of breath from having the blowjob of his lifetime he responds.

“Am I okay with it? What kind of question is that?”

Smiling Craig lies on the bed on his back. His heart races as he waits for his friend’s wife to take him inside of her. Facing him, Melissa crawls on top of him and whispers in his ear.

“You better fuck me good or you won’t be able to come back over,” she whispered coyly while nibbling his ear.

She reaches behind her and grabs Craig’s fully engorged cock. She maneuvers herself on top of it and lowers herself onto him. Craig’s eyes widen in surprise at the moment before him. Every bit of his cock is now inside of his best friend’s wife. Her moist pussy envelopes him and sends his mind reeling in ecstasy. He opens his eyes to affirm that he’s not dreaming and sees Melissa’s taught and tan tits staring him in the face. Instinctively he leans up and takes one into his mouth. He sucks hard and bites lightly at the nipple between flicks of his tongue. Melissa’s pussy responds by throbbing around his cock.

“That’s a good boy,” she says smiling at Craig. “Now you just lay there and let me work you a bit.

Using her knees as a brace Melissa raises herself off of Craig’s cock and then back down. Slowly she rides on his cock swallowing every inch of him with each stroke.

“Oh,” Craig cries. “That’s amazing. Just keep riding it. Please keep fucking me.”

Increasing her speed she focuses on Craig’s expressions of pleasure. He reaches up and grabs her waist and guides her up and down his cock. Bracing her self she rests her hands on his chest still grinding into his pelvis. In a fit of pleasure she digs her nails into Craig’s chest and throws her head back in ecstasy as she cries out loud.

“Gimme that dick. Come on, give it to me!”

As she threw her head back Melissa notices her husband standing behind. Lost in her and Craig’s pleasure she’d forgotten that not only had she discussed double penetration but also that her husband was even there. Resting with Craig still in side of her she turns to her husband.

“Baby I’m so sorry,” she offered apologetically. “I was just having fun. You forgive me?”

“Forgive you?” he responds. “I was actually enjoying this. I’m gonna watch for a while. You kids carry on.”

Melissa raises her self off of him and gets on her hands and knees on the bed. Facing her husband she raises her ass in the air for Craig to take. Getting off of the bed Craig positions himself behind her and enters her soaking pussy. With all his might he thrusts his cock into her. Melissa screams in pleasure as her friend pounds into her.

“Yes, yes, yes! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it hard.”

Excited by the site of his wife pleasing another man, Taylor grabs his own cock and begins to stroke. He watches as Craig grabs Melissa’s sides and pounds into her aching pussy. Melissa shouts as she nears orgasm.

“Come on, I’m so close, just fuck me harder! Harder!” she screams.

Staring into the eyes of her husband, her pussy grasps at her friend’s cock inside of her. Wave after wave of contractions steal her breath from her body and force a moan from her body. The force of her orgasm pushes Craig’s cock from her pleased and tender pussy.

“You two bring those dicks over here,” Melissa says. “I’m gonna finish this off.”

Taylor raises from his seat and stands in front of his wife. Without a second of hesitation, Melissa takes him into her mouth. She squeezes the shaft of his engorged dick and sucks around is ample girth. As she is running her lips up and down Taylor, she grabs Craig with her other hand and begins stroking him. Tightening her grip to near painful levels, she uses her own moisture as a lubricant and runs her hand up his shaft and squeezes at the tip. Soon she reverses course and takes Craig into her mouth and continues stroking her husband with her free hand. Moment pass and she pulls away from Craig.

“Craig,” she says, “you’re the guest here and you have the honor of cumming first. I swallow so please, just go when you’re ready.”

Craig smiles and closes his eyes as Melissa continues to suck his cock. Slowly he feels the heat of an oncoming orgasm. His testicles tense in preparation to deliver his load. At last she comes back up the shaft and tongues the sensitive head of cock while it’s in her mouth. Craig’s cock pulses in bliss and shoots stream after stream of his load into her mouth. Melissa pulls away and smiles as she swallows the last bit.

“Now, just as this began Craig, you get to watch me finish off Tay.”

Quickly she takes her husband into her mouth and runs her lips up and down his shaft. She squeezes hard around his cock and begins toying his balls with her other. Soon Taylor is thrusting into her mouth. Melissa squeezes her lips as tight as she can around the cock penetrating her mouth. Without warning, Taylor’s cock spasms with ferocity and fires his load into her mouth. Melissa swallows with out reservation and smiles.

Panting, Taylor and Craig smile at one and other.

“So buddy,” asks Taylor, “what did you think of all that?”

“Well,” Craig responds, “I think you guys are excellent hosts and that I probably owe you one Tay. How about you and Melissa come to my house next week? Maybe my wife can help think of a way to pay you back.”

“Only if get to watch,” pipes up Melissa. “Or join in if your wife is into girls.”

“Who knows?” asks Craig. “Who knows?”

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