So You Want to be a Nurse? Ch. 07So You Want to be a Nurse? Ch. 07


Chapter Seven – Michele Ascending

Michele and Polly sat in Michele’s lounge drinking tea and smoking.

“So? Inspector Burgess?” Michele asked.

“Well you know the Matron runs a prostitution ring and that most of the clients are the elite of CMH and the hoi polloi who make up their close circle of friends,” Polly went on.

“Well us girls and our punters need protection. We need protection from other organisations that provide similar services and our punters need protection from anyone who might use their peccadillos to blackmail them. Also we need protection from the Police force itself. They might be disposed to arrest us for prostitution and our clients for solicitation.”

“So Amanda pays off Inspector Burgess who ensures that the right wheels are greased, so to speak, and we can operate with impunity.”

“Impunity! That arsehole fucked me on the staircase of a police station and took my fucking money!” Michele cried.

“Shh you bint! You want your neighbours to overhear?” Polly tried to sooth Michele.

She poured them both a scotch and Michele snatched the drink from Polly and drained it in one long gulp. Polly topped off Michele’s glass and this time she sipped it.

“Well the Inspector and selected members of the Force also take a little trade now and then,” Polly said.

“But the Inspector didn’t know I was one of Matron’s girls until you came to the station to pick me up,” Michele replied.

“Look Michele, you were shit unlucky. Wrong place; wrong time is all,” Polly explained.

“Bullshit Polly! You tell me that Matron runs every single facet of the business. She knew I was attending to Dr Mortlock tonight and she must have warned her police contacts accordingly,” Michele protested.

“It’s not foolproof Michele; maybe Inspector Burgess wasn’t advised you were servicing Stephen Mortlock tonight?” Polly hypothesised.

“Nah it’s too much of a coincidence; and why would my driver fuck off like that?”

“Maybe he thought he was going to be pinched for pimping?” was all Polly could think of.

“Anyway babe you’re safe at home now and I’m here with you,” Polly snuggled up to Michele and began to nuzzle her ear.

Before long they were both embracing and kissing each other; their hands exploring each other’s panties. Michele stood and held out a hand and Polly took it and was willingly led to the bedroom.

Michele dropped her nurse’s uniform, clad only in lingerie; similarly, Polly stripped down to basque, stockings, and panties and high-heels. Her makeup is heavy and her perfume fills the air. They are kissing and fondling while they disrobe and can’t wait to take pleasure in each other’s bodies. Michele guides Polly to the bed and climbs on, looking at her sexy body sprawled and waiting to be taken.

Michele kneels at the foot of the bed; her erection is poking out of her panties, proud and rampant. She slips out her tongue and licks Polly’s slim stockinged ankles, taking her feet in her hands, she massages her calves and Polly sighs. Michele slides her tongue along Polly’s legs and lingers for a few minutes teasing the fine wrinkles in her stockings at the backs of her knees. Polly shudders and her fingers reach for Michele’s face.

“You get me so horny Nurse Nylons,” she groans.

Michele continues the journey along Polly’s elegant legs stopping at the tops of her stockings to explore the dark welts and the smooth creamy skin of her thighs. Polly guides Michele’s face to her crotch and she licks Polly’s mound through her black satin panties. They are moist and pungent with her juices.

“Oh you are so naughty; I’m not sure what you’re doing is even legal” Polly giggles and pulls aside the gusset of her panties and forces Michele’s face into her sex.

Michele’s tongue explores Polly’s labia and finds her hooded clitoris. It is erect and as soon as she licks it Polly pushes Michele’s face into her crotch and writhes with pleasure.

“OOOOhhhhhh!!” she moans.

Michele licks Polly’s clitoris with long slow strokes and gradually increases the rapidity; Michele’s wet tongue is lapping Polly’s sex and she tastes her sweet secretions. Polly’s heels are drumming on the bed and Michele knows that she is close to climax. She frantically suckles Polly’s sopping vagina ensuring her tongue lashes her clitty. Michele grasps Polly’s hips and forces her face into her sex as she laps, suckles, licks and caresses her.

“OOOOOOOhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuck!!” Polly entwines her fingers tightly in Michele’s scalp and holds her against her sex as she orgasms.

Michele licks and sucks Polly to climax and then eases off as Polly begins to come down. Polly’s clitoris is very sensitive after she has orgasmed. Michele licks it a few times but Polly lifts Michele’s face from her groin pulls her face up to hers. They kiss each other, exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. Polly opens her legs and Michele slides between them; their stockinged legs feel exquisite as they rub together.

“Put Ümraniye Sınırsız Escort it in me Michele! Fuck me!” she moans and reaches down and places Michele’s penis at the entrance to her hot wet vagina.

Polly lifts her legs and wraps them around Michele’s flanks, pulling her closer. Polly guides Michele’s rampant penis inside her hot, buttery entrance and she humps away, kissing and raking Michele’s flanks with her high-heels, goading Michele to fuck her harder.

Michele slams her turgid member in and out of Polly for a few minutes but she can feel her orgasm approaching rapidly. Polly is close to coming again too and she pants her sweet breath in Michele’s ear whispering obscenities, drumming her heels on Michele’s back to encourage her. Michele empties her seed deep inside Polly, grinding the base of her penis against Polly’s pubis, stimulating her clitoris.

The two lovers remain wrapped in each other’s arms kissing and stroking each other. They get comfortable lying together in each other’s arms, Michele’s penis pressing against Polly’s stockinged thigh as they both drift off to sleep.

The next day at CMH Michael Nyland ///vwas halfway through his shift when he was summoned to the Matron’s office. He stood before her desk a little defiant.

“You look a little peeved nurse,” Amanda Holliday had a smirk on her face.

“I’m not used to being fucked against my will on a stairway in a Police Station and Doctor Mortlock treated me like shit. That cunt Inspector Burgess even stole all my money from my purse,” he said indignantly.

“Oh stop whining like a sissy; although let’s face it that’s what you are,” she replied.

“Here,” she slid an envelope across the table.

Michael picked it up and opened it. It was stuffed with cash. Michael didn’t count it but at a glance it looked it was at least three times the weekly wage he earned as a nurse.

“There’s your earings for the week and also there are some extras from Steven and Jean. Shall we call it compensation?”

“For some reason you are very popular with my punters. Word has got around after the party at Richmond Estate that you are quite the ‘new thing’. I have long ago given up trying to figure out what titillates my punters, some of them even get me to strap on a rubber cock and fuck them for god’s sake. Anyway at the moment my new transvestite nurse is de-rigueur for the perverted elite.”

“This is all mine?” Michael asked incredulously.

“Yes Michele; you might think me a cunt, but I deal fairly with my employees. It’s the only way this thing can work. I have a stable of sexy nurses who I prostitute out, I know Polly has told you all about it, she can’t keep her mouth shut even when it’s full of cock,” Matron sniggered.

“I service only the CMH elite and those who they recommend. I also have to trust my employees, the police and the punters. It’s not an easy job,” she went on to explain.

“But made easier when you have the ability to use blackmail,” Michael scoffed.

“Yes, well there is that,” Amanda had allowed her uniform to ride up exposing her gauzy chocolate stocking-tops.

“But lets face the facts, most of my girls are like you, they protest at first but after a while they enjoy it; and those cash-filled envelopes I hand out every week soon ease the pain.”

Amanda had arisen from her seat and was uncomfortably close to Michael. The buttons of her tunic were undone at the top exposing her ample decolletage framed in a black lace brassiere and the hem of her tunic remained hiked up exposing her creamy thighs above her stocking-tops.

She sidled up to Michael and stroked his growing erection through his nurse’s scrubs. Michael gasped.

Amanda pushed him away.

“I have no interest in you as nurse Michael Nyland; but what I have seen of nurse Michele Nylons intrigues me,” she leant forward and bit his earlobe.

She slid another envelope into his hand.

“Be there at eight tonight. Bring Polly. Use the car service,” she kissed him, quickly slipping her tongue into his mouth and out again.

She pushed him away.

“Go about your duties Nurse Nyland,” she said dismissively and sat down at her desk and immersed herself in some paperwork.

Later that afternoon Michele and Polly were sitting in Michele’s lounge room sipping gin and tonics and smoking Woodbines.

“So what does it mean?” Michele asked.

Michele was dressed in the same ensemble she had worn to the Richmond Estate. She looked resplendent in her red satin evening gown, shoulder-length brunette wig, white satin suspender belt with the tan stockings with the chocolate seams and welts, silk knickers and brassiere. Her feet were shod in black patent-leather high heels. She had accessorised with gold rings on fingers of both hands, an elegant gold ladies watch on her left wrist and a gold bracelet on her right, a pair of drop earrings were clipped to her ears and an elegant pendant hung around her neck.

The split in the side Ümraniye Suriyeli Escort of Michele’s dress exposed a long, elegant leg clad in fine hosiery, which shimmered in the lamplight distracting Polly a little. Michele too was distracted by Polly’s black satin evening dress, which was spilt to the waist on both sides displaying her shapely thighs. Her makeup was perfect; her hair coiffured and her gold jewellery accessorised her ensemble perfectly.

They were both exercising self-control to keep from ravaging each other.

“A private party is similar to the event at Richmond Estate but it is a far more intimate affair. Only a few special guests are invited by Amanda,” Polly explained.

“Michele Nylons and Escort are cordially invited to a private party hosted by Amanda Holliday, RN and Dr James Lovejoy, MD. Dress: evening wear/formal. Venue: Chelmsford Memorial Hospital Cottage. Time: 8pm for drinks,” Michele read from the card that Matron had given her.

“There isn’t even an RSVP,” Michele said.

“It’s not that sort of an invite Michele. You have to go; and as Amanda instructed you to bring me along so do I,” Polly looked over her glass at Michele.

“You like her don’t you? The Matron I mean,” Michele said sulkily.

“Michele, what we have is special and I love being your lover; but I also like my job. I like being a prossie and I like having sex with Amanda. She’s a cunt, but she pays me well and she does things to me that I can’t explain,” Polly replied.

“Now don’t be sulky cow. You still get paid for tonight but it will be fun; these events always are. And I promise to come home with you after,” she slid a red manicured fingernail along Michele’s stockinged thigh until she found Michele’s mound, really a gaffed penis and scrotum, and stroked her through her panties.

“Stop it; you’ll start something we can’t stop and don’t have time for,” Michele pulled Polly’s hand from under her dress.

The car ride was conducted mostly in silence, Michele still sulking. They arrived at the private Cottage located on the vast acreage of CMH. It was secluded; situated on a small lake across from the Hospital. It was used to accommodate distinguished guests, usually visiting specialist doctors and surgeons from overseas.

Polly and Michele stepped inside to be greeted by Amanda Holliday dressed in an elegant black cocktail gown exposing her ample breasts and long legs. Also present were Dr Lovejoy and Inspector Jean Burgess both dressed in black tie.

Amanda offered drinks and they formed a small group smoking and chatting as if they were nothing more than intimate friends.

“Michele; I’m sorry if we got off on the wrong foot and I apologise for my not knowing you are one of Amanda’s treasures. And a special treasure you are indeed,” the Inspector said, and kissed Michele’s hand during the introductions.

“Well I have been more than adequately compensated by my employer, so who am I to complain?” Michele replied coquettishly.

“She is a lovely creature,” Dr Lovejoy interposed.

“A creature that myself and Amanda went to a great deal of effort to create.” Dr Lovejoy smirked.

“And a creature who is now perfectly content with her new found profession,” Michele touched the Inspector’s arm and smiled seductively.

Polly gave Michele a surreptitious dig in the ribs but Michele ignored it. Michele was behaving quite boorishly; exposing as much flesh as she could and hanging off every word uttered by James Lovejoy and Jean Burgess, playing the men off against each other.

They group chatted amicably for awhile, drinking and smoking; steering the conversation clear of work and prostitution.

“Well James, I think I might borrow your protege for a little while,” Jean slid his arm around Michele’s waist and pulled her close and nuzzled her ear.

“Oh I don’t think so dear chap; I’m sure Amanda and Polly can keep you entertained while I take Michele on a guided tour of the premises.

Dr Lovejoy pulled Michele from Jean’s clutches and pressed her to him. He kissed her briefly but passionately.

“Come on gentlemen, there’s plenty to go around. Let’s not fight over someone who is, let’s face it, nothing more than a catamite dressed as a woman,” Amanda smiled but her anger was evident in the jealous glare she threw at Michele.

“Darling! How can you be so rude to our special guest? Now I will definitely have to take Michele on a quick tour of our fine establishment to make up for your imprudence,” Dr Lovejoy replied, his resentment barely concealed.

“Let me begin by showing her the upper rooms; I’m sure Jean can keep you ladies amused in the sitting room until we return,” he smirked.

James Lovejoy took Michele by the hand and guided her towards the stairs. Michele went along grudgingly; she was hoping that the party would continue in the sitting room so she could continue to torment Polly and Amanda and make them jealous. As she climbed the stairs with James close Ümraniye İranlı Escort behind her, he began to paw at her buttocks and legs. He ran a finger up the seam of her stocking and stroked the welt and then the bare skin above the dark band of nylon. Michele’s cock twitched in her panties.

“God you’ve great legs girl; and a fantastic arse!” James said lecherously; his face inches from Michele’s buttocks as she mounted the last of the stairs.

James led Michele into one of the bedrooms and without further ceremony he pushed her down on the bed and fell on top of her. Michele could feel his hard cock poking into her belly as he squirmed on top of her and crushed her lips with his, forcing his tongue into her mouth.

James tasted of scotch and cigarettes as Michele responded to his kisses by opening her mouth and entwining her tongue with his. She put her arms around him and lifted a leg and slid it along his flank. Michele was now well versed in what men wanted from her and what excited them.

Michele eased her hand between their bodies and squeezed James’s thickening cock through his trousers.

“You’ve got me so randy Michele,” he gasped and began to tear off his clothes.

Finally naked James gasped and fell on top of the stunning transvestite.

His tongue resumed its exploration of Michele’s hot wet mouth and his hands began to explore her body. He hiked up her dress and he nestled the tip of his cock between her stocking-clad thighs and began to hump her legs.

Michele could feel the heat of James’s cock as he fucked her thighs; it was iron hard and throbbing. She could feel a little wetness as the hard cock leaked pre-seminal fluid. He was gasping and moaning and Michele didn’t think it would be long until he came.

James pushed his cock between Michele’s thighs and forced her legs open and began to push his cock into the crease of her buttocks; only the fabric of her panties preventing him from his objective. Michele was moaning now and her cock was hard inside her panties. As much as she used to despise Dr James Lovejoy, her attitude had changed. She wanted to be fucked!

“Let me help a little” Michele cooed from underneath her lover.

James reluctantly broke their embrace and Michele reached into the clutch she had dropped beside the bed and extracted the tube of lubricant.

She generously smeared James’s glans and shaft with the clear viscous fluid and then slipped a generous dollop inside her panties around and just inside her anal bud. She got down on her hands and knees and turned around and raised her generous buttocks into the air and reached back and hiked up her gown.

“My god you’ve come a long way from the reluctant tranny I fucked in private ward 209,” James beamed.

“Shut up and do me like a doggie,” Michele giggled.

James stared at Michele’s stocking-clad legs; the dark welts contrasting with the creamy skin at the tops of her thighs, her ample tight buttocks encased in white satin, the dollop of lubricant glistened through the sheer panty. James pulled the gusset of her panties to one side and waddled on his knees between her legs until his cock nudged at her puckered opening.

Michele closed her eyes and relaxed her sphincter. James’s cock pushed forward and Michele pushed back until the glans of James’s penis penetrated her.

“Stop please James. Let me do it,” Michele moaned seductively.

She slowly pushed back and the well-lubricated shank slid inside her until she felt her buttocks nestle against James’s groin. Her bowels felt full with a dull rawness but as she slowly accommodated James’s cock an emanation of pleasure began to radiate from inside her distended anus.

James held Michele by her hips and began to fuck her with long slow strokes. Michele was in heaven; the feel of satin, nylon and lace against her body, the taste of her lipstick and makeup, the scent of her perfume was exhilarating; and tonight she was in control! And she loved behaving like a total slut! It was somehow empowering after being used time and time again.

The door opened unexpectedly and Inspector Jean Burgess entered the room.

“Is there room for one more?” he grinned.

Michele on her hands and knees being superbly fucked by Dr James Lovejoy was engrossed in the enjoyment of coitus. She smiled up at Jean.

“Do you mind if I use your mouth darling?” he asked.

Michele smiled her consent.

Jean dropped his pants and climbed onto the bed and approached Michele; he was already erect and as soon as his cock touched Michele’s lips she gobbled it up with relish.

Michele sucked and slavered on Jean’s cock while James pounded in and out of her slick passage. It did not take long for either of the trio to build up to climax. James came first; holding onto Michele by the straps of her garters, jackhammering in and out her tight anus; he ground himself against her buttocks as he ejaculated inside her, filling her with hot milky seed.

Michele orgasmed when she felt James’s cock pulsating against her prostrate; her semi-erect cock throbbed and filled her panties with hot semen.

Sensing the other two had peaked Jean held Michele’s head in his hands and fucked her face; unloading stream after stream of viscous sperm into her mouth as she sucked slathered and swallowed.

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