So Sophomoric Ch. 02So Sophomoric Ch. 02


Well, a lot has changed since I submitted part one of this story. First of all, I’m no longer writing at the behest of my therapist. Lisa ended our therapy sessions after confessing that my father seduced her at the bar one night, and it was a conflict of interest to keep treating me.

Although she did help me through a lot of my feelings during our time together, the fact that she would rather get fucked by my Dad than talk with me was kind of a bummer.

It has always been my intention to finish the story. However, we must live them before we can tell them, and this story continued to evolve in ways beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve truly cum face to face with my own origins now, and its just taken a while to digest. But I should start where I left off before.

To recap, Mom’s juicy, bubble butt ass had always been a huge concern of mine. Often wearing just panties and a t shirt around the house as I grew up, it became the center of my attention anytime it was on display. Every time she lost or gained five pounds, I would notice it in the curvature.

But really when I say ‘ass’ I mean her whole body. Her posture. Her perky little titties with the poky nipples, and her thin waistline. It all made the focal point of her ass so much nicer. Her hairy crotch with the dense, dark curls I’d seen on accident so many times… Mmmm… Shes always been my secret delight.

Then I moved off to college, fell in love and got cucked. I went from friend to boyfriend to cuckold with Wei, the love of my life, fast and hard. It was like love at first sight when we met doing laundry. But when I got caught sucking off my best friend, she fell in love with him.

So whats a boy to do? Go home to Mommy, of course.

My parents were recently divorced, and Mom had kept the house. Dad had moved out a year ago and quickly started trying to fuck half the town, with a good bit of success, but Mom was slower to move on. We both needed comforting this Valentine’s Day.

As soon as I saw her wearing the familiar red short nightie at the door, my loins began to boil. When she led me over to the couch by the fireplace and I saw the large glass bong already loaded next to a big sack of weed, I knew I would tell her everything.

We started off making small talk and smoking some together. It was something we’d only done since the divorce, something we’d started doing since I admitted to enjoying it at school. Turns out, both my parents smoked too, and it brought me and Mom a lot closer together.

It always makes me talkative, and horny, so I just started telling her the whole story. How I’d started sucking Simon on the road trip. How I’d grown to love it. How Wei found out. How they got together, but kept me on as a sissy cuckold. And how they were spending Valentine’s Day alone on holiday, without me.

Mom just let me talk, hardly interjecting a single word. She nodded and I could see in her eyes she sympathized. She hit the bong several times and I could tell she was really listening. She knew what it was like for the person you love to be with someone else. Dad had always cheated on her.

When I started to tell her about them going to Niagara Falls this week without me, she could tell my story was about done. She shushed me with a knowing look, and pulled herself to me in a long and loving hug.

Releasing me, but clasping one of my hands in both of hers, she looked at me seriously, “Baby, I don’t know what to say. You know I just want you to be happy. Whatever that means for you. I will always love you.”

“I know, Mom.” I begin to cry a little bit. She hugged me again, this time more urgently, and actually crawled into my lap facing me. She placed a finger over my lips and began kissing away my tears.

As my tears streamed faster, Mom kept kissing at my cheeks trying to kiss them away. Frustrated that I couldn’t stop crying, I started to shake my head for her to stop, and our lips met, our noses brushed into one another nuzzling, our faces wet with my tears. And when our lips met, our eyes met too.

We held the position for a moment and then I pushed my mouth and nose against her like I was cuddling into her, gently, but insistently, like a kitten trying to nurse. Telling the story made me so ashamed, but also so horny. When Mom got in my lap and started kissing me, I quickly forgot about Wei and my inadequacies.

Mom must have liked the spontaneous gesture, and I’m sure around the same time she must have noticed the hardening of my cock. She told me later that her pussy had been right on top of it when she felt it jerk for the first time, and that was the main reason she slouched into me, accepting the kiss so suddenly.

The kiss immediately stopped my tears, and by the time we were finished, our tongues had touched briefly and my face was completely dry. Mom stared at me, trying to regain her senses and her breath. “My baby boy, what just happened…? oh dear…”

I could tell Mom was concerned about the kiss, but she was also still very high, so I gave her a squeamish look and tried to look Yalı Escort apologetic, but wrapped my arms tighter around her, and lower. “Sorry Mom. I just, I, I felt like a real man again for a moment.”

“Oh baby, no, no, no. You ARE a ‘real man’ and you always will be.” Mashing herself into my lap gently, I could feel her elongated nipples against my chest as she continued, “I wish I could prove it to you, baby. You just have to believe me.”

Mom stood up, trying to clear the air, she looked around the living room and noticed the fire was dwindling. “Why don’t you get some more wood for the fire and load another bowl while I cook us dinner like a normal mother and son.”

We both laughed, and got to work.

I got the fire going again, brought in more wood for the night, rolled a joint and then loaded the bong for her later. Gazing into the fire, I thought about Mom in my lap. How right it felt.

Walking into the kitchen, she was almost finished and just setting our places at the table when I walked up behind her, grabbing her hips and pulling her luscious ass into my hard dick without shame as I drew heavily on the joint.

She involuntarily arched her back into me as I exhaled a deep lung full of marijuana smoke in her at the lips, and I watched goosebumps appear on the nape of her neck before any words were spoken.

“I love you so much, Mom.”

“Oh, Joey, oh Joey…” She pressed her ass back into me as she pushed back from the table, slowly exhaling and grinding gently into me as I kissed and nibbled on the back of her neck.

“Please, lets eat first and take our time, baby. I don’t know whats going on. I want to help you so much. I made your favorite meal, Coq au Vin.

At the sound of the word ‘cock’ I ground into her harder before releasing her and laughed hard. “What are you saying Mom, I’m a cock sucker?!!?”

She burst out laughing and almost slapped me but smacked my chest instead. With mirth in her eyes, she stepped towards me and pecked my lips several times, staring into me.

“No, I’m saying you’re my son, and I’m proud of you, and I want to make you happy.”

I loved the chicken and wine dish, its true. Little was spoken as we shared the meal and several glasses of wine. I helped clean up the kitchen when we were done, offered to make coffee. I told her the bong was ready and she sashayed her ass back towards the fireplace, thanking me.

Over dinner, I had received a number of media messages from Wei, and had only responded thanks. After bringing in coffee and liquor for us, and hitting the bong a few times with Mom, I began scrolling through them by her on the couch. They were innocent enough, just them on holiday. Looking over my shoulder, Mom offered to put them on the big screen.

The idea of seeing the couple on holiday from our family television turned me on, and I quickly set it up with her help. And then, there they were… having dinner in a fancy restaurant. Then cuddling on a bench by the Falls.

Mom said she was feeling cold and told me to stoke the fire while she got a blanket. We got closer under the blanket, and I allowed my left arm to squeeze around her waist, sometimes drifting my fingertips lower, towards her back side, until I could feel the flesh of her ass.

Mom had a look on her face like she was happy for the couple, as I watched both them and her, enjoying our closeness. They were having drinks in front of the fireplace of their room, like us.

When the scene abruptly changed from the Falls to the bedroom, Mom gasped slightly, and I squeezed at the rear of her hip, pulling her to me and indulging in the feel of her soft but dense butt cheeks next to me.

Wei was on all fours before Simon’s big dick, which took up half the camera angle. And soon she was devouring it the same as I had in the beginning.

I could tell the sight of hard cock woke Mom up from any after dinner drowsiness fast. “Wow… Son… Just, wow. I see now. I see.”

“It is, it is a joy. Like Wei… I’m like Wei.. when you see it in person, you just want more than anything to pleasure him.”

“I see now. He’s so hard. Harder than most get really. Its a huge turn on. Completely rigid… So thick.”

Mom was mesmerized by Simon’s manhood. Since I had grown used to it, I felt like teasing her a bit and tickled her lightly around the abdomen with my right hand, bringing us together more in an embrace.

On screen, Simon was obviously enjoying Wei’s mouth too much to keep up with the high quality filming, and was trying to set the camera aside where it could continue to capture some action.

Squirming around, trying to escape my tickling, Mom’s ass had ended up back in my lap, and we were both smiling about it when I told her, “Simon gets so much harder than me, thats just one way he’s more of a man.”

Mom ground into my penis in her lap and told me, “Baby, stop that. You are a real man. I can feel that right now.”

As Simon kept fumbling with the camera, there wasn’t anything on the screen for us Escort Yalı to see for a while. We could only hear the lovers, and Mom pressed herself against me, against my semi-hard penis.

My dick got harder and I pushed up against her, feeling emboldened. I gripped her hips and pushed her down against me harder, our eyes searching out each others’ face for intent.

It felt like we were at a crossroads, and neither knew what to say. Then light from the television came back on and Mom squirmed around to watch in my lap, with her ass cheeks straddling my hip and my dick pressed less dangerously against the padding of her left ass cheek.

It was a close up of Wei. She was obviously getting fucked and found it hard to speak. “Joey, Simon is going about to cum in me. Fuck! He’s going to cum in me over and over again this week, baby. Thank you. I love you. I hope you’re enjoying… ahhhH!! yea!! fucking pump it in me, argaahhhh!! fuck! I hope you’re enjoying your visit with your mom, baby. Bye for now.”

Simon was still bellowing when the video cut off and Mom and I began readjusting our eyes to just the firelight. It was amazingly hot. We could both feel our genitals burning into each other in our awkward positioning until Mom stood up.

“Joey, why don’t you sleep with me tonight.” She tried to straighten out her nightie and panties while standing, but I had still got a glimpse of her gloriously furry crotch region as the panties readjusted themselves and she lowered the hem of the nightie.

Mom didn’t act like she had shown me anything. Without making any fuss or pretense, she told me to clean up here and come to bed with her.

“We can watch more in my room if you want to, honey. I am just feeling so tired. I could pass out any minute, honestly. But I’m so lonely, If you don’t want to its, okay… I just…”

“No no no, Mom, its a great idea. We can just lay in bed and keep talking until we fall asleep. I don’t want to feel lonely either. Go ahead and get ready, I won’t be long.”

I made sure the doors were locked and the fire was safely burning itself out. I got us a glass of water, took off my shirt and pants, and headed to Mom’s room.

Mom looked so small laying on her back underneath the huge comforter of the king sized mattress. Her shoulders were bare, but everything else was under the covers, and she was scrolling through my cell phone.

“So, it looks like you guys take a lot of videos. I never knew it could be so hot, Joey.” I felt incredibly vulnerable standing there in my boxers, knowing what she was watching, but I also anticipated that she would somehow make it all better.

I had already described anything she had seen recorded on my phone, so I wasn’t too worried about her ‘invasion’ of my privacy. But yea, at that moment, my Mom had seen me sucking my friends huge cock and taking it deep into my throat repeatedly.

Setting the phone down with my cock chugging face still on display, Mom pulled the covers back for me. I was momentarily flustered, but cold as fuck, and quickly let out a kind of giggle, jumping into bed with her.

As soon as I squirmed into embrace her under the covers, I realized she was totally naked and it was too late. She felt soooo warm, so perfect. The absolutely perfect form to hold against you in bed, my Mom.

“Sorry baby, I forgot to warn you, I sleep nude! Hahaha!!” As she scooted slightly away from me, she was quick to assert that quite a lot of touching and cuddling was still just fine with her.

“Its all just harmless fun, baby. We keep a little bit of distance and we’re fine. I just, I feel so close to you. We should be close to someone on Valentine’s Night. Thats all. And we can talk, and talk, and fall asleep and wake up and nothing’s any different.”

Wrapping an arm around her and pulling us Platonically close, with my free hand I grabbed the phone and asked if she wanted to watch it on the big screen, wish a sarcastic chuckle.

“You want me to, don’t you, you perv!” Mom laughed and feigned innocence, and I laughed along with her.

“Honestly, I’d love to watch your face as you see me take him. I don’t know why, it just turns me on, like you said, like I’m still a man if my Mom watches it and says so.”

“Go ahead, you perv, I wanted to see how it finished anyway…” Mom said with a giggly sigh and tickled me.

I started the video at the beginning, with Wei and I both romantically kissing each other and Simon’s cock as he films. We trade his cockhead back and forth between us for a while before Wei gets cock hungry and starts trying to deep throat him.

Mom’s face throughout all this is one of loving approval, and I can feel a bit of rhythmic squirming on her side of the bed as well as my dick beginning to swell. I’m so proud of Simon’s cock. Its magnificent and I feel like I’m in a way showing it off to Mom, trying to make her jealous as much as seeking her approval.

As the next part of the video started, I told Mom that Wei was on the rag at the time, and that usually I Yalı Escort Bayan didn’t get to do this very often anymore. I told her that no matter what happened, believe me, that I was enjoying it, even if it might surprise her.

Wei has always been frustrated that she can’t deep throat all of Simon’s cock, and on that occasion she knew that I could, and would get him to cum faster, which is what we all needed at that point in the day. It was in between classes when he filmed it, in my dorm.

She pushed his raging hard cock into my mouth and they literally both gripped my head, pushing and tilting me down until he was balls deep in my face and neck. God fucking yes. Thats what I lived for. The camera didn’t show it, but my smaller dick was straining against the pair of Wei’s panties I was wearing.

I could feel Mom’s body jerk and momentarily freeze under the covers. She was startled for my sake, but then her face just kind of glazed over as Simon started long cocking my head. I watched Mom’s face as she wrapped one of her smooth little legs around mine, and I could feel the distinct rhythmic motion of her hand somewhere.

They exchanged the camera and kisses a few times as I gave his statuesque masculinity a warm, wet and loving home, my throat. You could hear his balls slapping my chin and face as he moved us around in different angles, finding the angle he wanted to cum in. You could hear Wei’s giggles as he kept trying to kiss her at the same time. With my girlfriend in his arms, and with my whole continence of eager accommodation, his dick finally found the spot he wanted to cum in.

He got even more intense with me. He’d slap me with his dick, coating my whole face in snot and saliva, then he’d throat fuck me some more. As his balls were slapping me in the side of the face every time he long dicked me, Mom said “Fuck, you can still see in your eyes how bad you want it, how bad you need it. You’re just like me.” I was sure she was masturbating.

I swooned when she said that. I hunched into her leg and dove under the covers, too embarrassed to witness what came next on screen. As Simon approached a massive orgasm, he fucked me deeper, relentlessly. As I began swallowing his massive load 9 inches beyond my lips, I instinctively went for Mom’s naked breasts.

I mouthed them each frantically, knowing she was just watching in disbelief as my best friend destroyed my face, plowing my throat as his pleasure. I started to suck on her nipples. Thank God they were still hard, rock hard, it meant she was still turned on. They’re so huge, so fucking long and hard; I started to nibble as I sucked, lightly chewing the outrageously engorged tissue. Maybe she could feel the tears welling from my eyes and thats why she let me continue, but it felt so right.

I could tell one of her hands was on her vagina, and the other cradled my head, allowing me to nurse as the video was ending. Simon’s still mostly hard cock plopped out of my mouth with hardly any cum overflow. I’d swallowed it all. He called me a “faggot” and then showed Wei kissing him. Then it was onto the next video of the three of us skinny dipping, etc.

Mom just let the video play and let me keep at her breasts for a few moments, then pulled me up into a kiss. “Joey, I’m sorry for what I said, you’re not ‘just like me’ I just meant that I understood exactly what you must have been feeling. You’re NOT a ‘faggot.’ It doesn’t make you a faggot. I love sucking dick, you love sucking dick. Its a beautiful thing. There’s nothing wrong with it at all, baby. I’m proud of you for taking it all. Most women can’t do that. And well, look both of us need some relief before you’re going to get any sleep. Let me show you you’re still a ‘real man’.”

And with that, Mom reached for my semi-hard dick for the first time in our lives. Holding it, she turned over against me, forcing us to spoon and placed it right at the hairy crevice of her fat ass cheeks.

“Push it against me the way you did when you were little, baby, it wont hurt. I know you loved that.”

“Uhhhhhh!! Ooooh my God Mom, I love you.”

I pulled my boxers down and off without asking, and when I did, my fully hard cock bounced up, directly into the v of her legs, the holiest of holies, her hairy pussy.

Mom’s vulva is so big and meaty, I immediately felt her warm, protruding moistness at the center of the bushy crevice. My dick was immediately as hard as it ever had been in my life, and I intuitively knew that I was about to be a motherfucker. But reaching between her legs she quickly re-positioned me to the rear of her crotch in a hunching position rather than a screwing one, grinding rather than penetrating.

I could feel how hot her asshole was against me though, pulsing in the dampness of her hairy mystery, winking at the attention. I started hunching against her ass, grinding hard. It brought back childhood memories. It must have gone on twenty minutes or so without speaking.

I started trying to push lower against her, dipping down to push my dick head against her instead of just the shaft. I found her meaty, soaked vulva in her ticklish, teasing bush, and then she stopped me. She began squirming away and turning around to face me. I could feel the tips of her super charged, obscenely long nipples pointing into my chest as her eyes drilled into me.

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