Sister’s HouseSister’s House


I’m James, I was 15 when my parents sent me to stay with my sister for a week while they went out of town. My sister was in college a few miles away where she lived with her roommate ”Julie” another girl the same age. They dropped me off Sunday night and headed off till the next Sunday. My sister told me to go ahead and sleep in Julie’s room she would sleep on the couch.Monday morning I was woke by the sound of two college girls getting ready for class. My door was open so I could see my sister go to the bathroom wearing only a pair of small blue panties, she slid them off revealing a beautiful slick pussy as she sat down to pee. To my surprise she didn’t have them on when she pulled her shorts up, throwed a bra and shirt on. I couldn’t see Julie but I could hear her ask my sister if I was awake yet. “I don’t think so” she answered. Julie peeped her head in and said my name, I didn’t answer I wanted her to think I was asleep. When I didn’t answer she walked in her room wearing nothing but panties, judging by the size of her tits she didn’t need a bra she walked to her closet grabbed a shirt, put it on. She then walked over to a small chest where she slid her panties off and put on a loose fitting skirt and left the room. By now my cock was as hard as ever seeing two sexy college girls in their panties, I had to take matters into my own hands so I started stroking my raging cock under the sheets. A few minutes later my sister came by and told me they were gone and would be back around lunch, I laid there stroking my cock thinking about her standing there talking to me without any panties on. As soon as I heard the door shut I jerked the covers off and went and grabbed Julies panties she had thrown in the corner, put them to my nose to smell them. They were still damp from her pussy and smelled just like I had hoped they would. I wrapped them around my cock putting the damp crotch against my cock, I wanted it to smell like her when I was done. When it came time for me to blow my load, I laid the panties out and cum into the Elazığ Escort crotch. I wanted to smell our juices together, when I put them to my nose my cum was still dripping from them, the next thing I know my cum had dripped onto my lips. It was the first time I ever tasted cum, it tasted like it smelled only better so I decided to lick the rest off of her panties. As I was sucking my cum from her panties I noticed my cock getting hard again, I couldn’t believe eating my own cum was turning me on but it was. I suck all the cum out I could and throwed them back in the corner.I cleaned off my cock, slid my underwear back on and went got a glass of soda. As I sat down on the couch I had an urge to snoop around, so I headed to my sisters room to go through the closet and some drawers. The closet didn’t produce anything good but the drawers were a different story, when I opened the top drawer it was full of sexy panties, lingerie and pantyhose. The first pair I pulled out were white lace, when I held them up they didn’t have a crotch in them. I had seen those in movies but never real ones, man they were sexy! As I dug a little deeper my hand found something that felt like my dick, so I took it out. It was a blue dildo about 9 inches long and a little bigger around than my own. A little more digging I found three more varying in size and color. I put everything back and headed to Julies room to see what I could find. I went straight to her panty drawer, she had all the same things my sister had except she had a black leather strapon with different size dicks to go on it. I noticed it was getting close to lunch so I put everything back, put me some shorts on and went back to the couch.I had only been sitting around for about 10 mins. When the phone rang, it was my sister telling me her and Julie were going to go get something to eat they weren’t coming home. I instantly returned to Julie’s room, this time I dropped my underwear and left them at the couch and started stroking my already hardening cock. I took out Elazığ Escort Bayan a pair of her panties and held them up, they were crotchless too. I stepped into them , they didn’t even cover me cock it just stuck out the crotch. I reached back into the drawer and pulled out a bottle, ”Always Wet”, it was called. I squirted some on my cock and started stroking it. As I was putting some on my balls it ran down the crack of my butt, so I wiped it up toward my sack. When I did I noticed how easy my finger slid into my butt, and I liked it. I kept rubbing around my hole until I realized I had already slid two of my fingers in my hole, and I wanted more!it felt so good I thought I would try one of Julie’s dildos, so I picked out one a little bigger than my own. I put some lube on it, laid down on the bed and started putting it in my ass, I was surprised at how easy it went in. I pulled it all the way out and put it back in again just to make sure I was doing it right. The next thing I know I am on my knees fucking myself in the ass with her dildo. It felt so good I couldn’t pay attention to jacking my cock too so I just enjoyed the fucking I was giving myself. Out of nowhere I heard “looks like you could use a little help with that”, I was caught. I turned around to see my sister standing in the doorway holding a bag of food in one hand and the other one stroking the white cock attached to a white lace strapon. “I brought you some food but I think we are going to be too busy to eat” she said. “ I have never done this before” I told her. “that’s ok, I have” she replied as she dropped the food to the floor. I had laid down on my stomach when she caught me so I tthe other one under me grabbing my cock. She began to fuck me with the dildo and stroke my cock at the same time. I thought I was going to explode. “your cock is bigger than daddy’s” she said stroking it. “Are you ready for me to fuck you” she asked. “Yes” I answered. She took the dildo from my ass and started licking my ass and the Escort Elazığ bottom of my sack. “I don’t want you to cum yet” she said, sliding me to lubed hole, she didn’t waste no time getting the whole thing buried in me the first push, pulled it all the way out and smacked my ass cheeks with it and shoved it all the way back in again. I wanted to see her fuck me so I leaned forward sliding her out of me and laid on my back expecting her to continue the fucking she had been giving me but instead she got on her knees, grabbed my panty wrapped cock and took it into her mouth. I could only stare as my sister was taking the length of my cock in her mouth just slow enough to keep me from cumming. She then slid up straddling my stomach, I could feel her sloppy pussy on my cock. I thought she was going to slide it in her but she didn’t, she slid up a little more putting her slick rubber dick right in front of my face. “Have you ever sucked a dick before” she asked. “Not yet” I answered as I opened my mouth welcoming her to shove it in my mouth. I could barely get my lips around it, how I took it all in my ass I didn’t know. I kept sucking it trying to take a little more every time I went down. I never knew my ass tasted so good. I kept sucking as she was face fucking me . she took her hands from the back of my head and started stroking my cock, “Im gonna cum” I mumbled with her still in my mouth, she took her hand from my cock and sit back taking my cock in her soaking wet pussy as I blew my load in her, she bucked back making sure to get all she could out of me. She only kept me in her long enough for me to finish my load, and then she raised up to kiss me with my cum dripping out of her landing on my stomach. “I think this is going to be a good week” she said in a breathy voice while taking the strapon off that she just took my virginity with. She came out of her room wearing the same clothes she was wearing this morning, walked over to me and pulled the panties I was wearing off my hips , over my feet and slid them on. “Bye, I gotta go to class” and shut the door. I got up, took a shower and found my way back to the couch. I couldn’t stop thinking about what just happened and wonder , how does she know how big our dads cock is?

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