Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 26Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 26


Chapter 26 — Sisters, Friends and Lovers

Office sex, Steve’s parents disapprove, SIL and niece sex

I’d been working in my assigned conference room for a couple of hours when Brenda came in with an extra cup of coffee for me. After making sure I could talk for a few minutes, she sat down.

Brenda asked, “I have three candidates for the Saturday party as guests, and I wanted to run them by you before I started my little seduction to see if they’d like to join us for some sexual debauchery.”

I said, “You speak with certainty as though they won’t be shocked and raise a ruckus when you ask them to go to a swinger’s party.”

“I’m pretty sure about them, that is that they are players of some kind. They each have low ego needs, so that makes them my kind of person — like you, yet they give off vibes of enjoying sex and having a playful attitude about life.”

“Do I know any of them?”

“You’ve met all of them, and that’s why I’m here, to get your assessment of them. They’re Dana St. Germain, Rob Oakley, and Ed Trout.”

I quickly responded, “Rob and Ed are both nice guys and would fit in well. I’m sure you, Marge, and Jane would enjoy a romp with each of them since they’re both hunks. I have no negatives on either of them. Dana is gorgeous; I’ve wanted to just take pictures of her all day long she’s so pretty. She’s model quality, and certainly, in my book, highly fuckable.”

Brenda laughed, “That’s exactly what Marge and Jane said about the three, so I’ll see if I can ask them. The fact that YOU are highly fuckable will probably be sufficient to lure Dana into coming; just be sure you save some time to give her the Big Steve Experience on Saturday night. Now that I mention it, I’d like the Big Steve Experience on Saturday night too, but if I can get that tonight or tomorrow, I’ll reluctantly relinquish my Saturday time slot to some other slut like Dana.” She actually giggled.

I asked, “Is Mike coming?”

“Oh, yes. He’s bringing a guy he works with whom I’ve wanted a little liaison for quite some time. I’m the bait. TJ is coming too, and he’s bringing a date, but that’s all I know.”

I speculated, “Ivy will be sorry she missed this party, but I suspect she’ll be involved in some party of her own back east. I heard Fran and Sheila cooking up some get together just before I left. There may even be a swinger’s party the same night as ours.”

Brenda said, “Someday soon I want to go back east with you to one of those parties and meet the rest of your crew. I feel as though I know them from your talking about them and seeing a photo or two, but it’s not the real thing.”

Just then my iPhone vibrated alerting me to a text message. I glanced at the screen and there was a sexy photo. The pic had been taken the night before I surmised; it was a point of view photo showing two bare females laying next to each other on their backs each with a cock in their pussy. The females were Ivy and Ally, and the cocks were Aidan and Matt.

I showed the picture to Brenda. Her eyebrows rose. She said, “You get great text messages. Do you know who’s who?”

I nodded and explained what I thought was going on.

Brenda thought for a moment and asked, “If I hike up my skirt to show my bare pussy would you take a picture of me?”

I grinned about a mile wide. I asked, “With or without cock?”

Brenda strolled over to the door, and locked the door so we wouldn’t be interrupted. She turned and said, “With cock, but we can’t fuck right now. It’ll just be for show.” She pulled her cellphone out of her purse and set it on the table.

Brenda reached up under her skirt and yanked down her boy shorts that she wore as underwear and stuffed them in her purse. I found them sexy. She then hiked up her skirt and tucked it into her belt, totally exposing her pussy.

I stood, walked over to her, and pulled my cock from my pants. Brenda massaged it a little until it started to have some serious heft to it. She passed me her cellphone all ready to take photos.

As she fondled my cock, I took a picture, but after checking I realized I had to hold the phone lower to get the best angle on both pussy and cock. I took another, only by this time, Brenda had me passing a ‘seven’ for an ‘eight’ on my cock hardness scale. I took another picture.

Brenda kept fondling me and soon we were looking in each other’s eyes. I leaned in and kissed her. I whispered, “You are such a hottie. Are you sure you don’t want me to fuck you?”

“No, I’m not sure … in fact, I’ve changed my mind. Put it in, but make it fast; not one of your two hour fuck sessions.”

Brenda had me up to a ‘nine’ by that point. She rubbed my mushroomed head all around her pussy lips, lubricating up the head, and then suddenly I lurched forward and slid every inch of my shaft into her hot cunt.

Brenda moaned so loud I thought security three floors away would hear her. We fucked for a couple of minutes, and I just allowed every wonderful sensation from her moist love tunnel Tüyap Escort to surround my organ and bring me closer to climax. I didn’t want to cum until she did, so I held off. I started to rub her clit with my thumb, and a dreamy look came over Brenda’s face.

A minute later she whispered, “I’m almost there … building up … just a little more … almost … THERE! NOW!”

As Brenda came, I allowed myself to explode my cum deep inside the executive. I came in buckets, thinking of both our pleasures, and already thinking about how to best clean her up so she could make it to the ladies room. Before we parted, I grabbed the camera and took a snapshot of my cock in her cunt. A few drops of white cum had seeped around the edge of our coupling.

After my surges ceased, Brenda knelt in front of me and inhaled my cock, with the obvious intent of cleaning me up. As she squatted a cup full of my cum ran out of her pussy onto the carpeted floor. She looked up at me with my cock in her mouth and I snapped another picture. I got the angle just right and the photo also showed the puddle of cum dripping from her pussy.

Brenda stood but with her legs spread. I said, “Want me to get paper towels or something. I could lick you clean too.”

She cocked her head to one side and said, “No, I want to enjoy this all day if I can. I’m just going to slip my panties back on and go back to my office.” She kissed me passionately and said, “See you later. I do want to see you later — a lot. We’ll do this right the next time — a nice, long fuck with more orgasms. I’ll send you the photos at the same time I sent them to Mike.”

“He’ll be cool with this?”

“Oh, hell yeah. He’s got a little honey in his office who he now fucks occasionally, so this won’t be the first time we’ve traded photos: first for me, but not for him. He owes me. He likes you anyway, so he’ll be cool. It’ll give him a laugh. He’s always telling me I should find a way to relax at work anyway … and, oh, God, you really relaxed me. You are such a hot fuck.”

On that note, Brenda and I gave each other clothing checks and then she slipped out of the conference room. It took me fifteen minutes to get my head back into working. Sex does that to a guy. Of course, fifteen minutes after that four pictures of Brenda’s pussy mostly with my cock buried deep inside arrived on my iPhone as she sent them to Mike and me. They were hot. I passed them on to the contingent of lovers I had in Boston under the title ‘Coffee Break.’

In reply to the sexts, I got two up-skirt pictures, neither of them particularly sexy since they both had panties on, but they got the point across. One was titled ‘Boring Day, Can’t Play’ and the other ‘Waiting for the Weekend.’

* * * * *

Despite having warm and loving female companionship in Denver for ten days, I was glad to get home to the east coast to the other set of female companions, one of whom was my fiancée.

The Denver trip had included a Saturday-to-Sunday swing party at the Brady and Edie’s home. This time Jane, Marge, and I had stayed over making the party an eighteen-hour fuck fest that nearly defies description, but as they all do, will remain a most memorable experience.

At that party, I’d met four new women who hadn’t had the Big Steve Experience yet. Brenda was there too and wanted the same. Thus, over that time period I gave five women the most intense orgasmic pleasure of their lifetime, so intense that each of them briefly passed out in what I’d come to learn was called La Petite Mort or LPM as I’d shortened it to.

As usual, the by-product of LPM were four new women who’d fallen madly in love with me and wanted me as a life partner under practically any conditions I wanted to apply. I would have counted Brenda, but she was already madly in love with me. Dana Seymour, one of women from TCI who Brenda brought to the party, was another. A couple of days later, Dana had come by Jane’s conference room where I was working, locked the door, and fucked me royally for a half-hour just before lunch. She’d gotten Marge to stand guard.

I again got a hero’s welcome back home in Cambridge. I realized as that thought crossed my mind that I had multiple homes around the country now: Cambridge, New Jersey, and Denver. I felt a bit like the character in an old movie called Frequent Flyer, where the main character was an airline pilot who ended up married to three women in different cities until the whole set up fell apart. I said a little prayer that my life wouldn’t fall apart; unlike the movie, all my lovers knew about each other.

I knew something serious was afoot within sixty seconds of walking in the door that Friday evening. After all the kisses and hugs, Fran said the four words that strike terror into every able bodied man in the universe: “We have to talk.”

The talk turned out to be about the wedding. The five women in the apartment — Fran, Sheila, Ally, René, and Ivy — along with Jean, the sisters’ mother, had spent hours Escort Tüyap planning the wedding. I apparently had been a distant thought, especially since I’d been away for almost two weeks.

Fran had decided on a spring wedding. After considerable thought and discussions with her sisters (now including René, Ivy, and Jane) and her parents, she’d planned a ‘destination wedding.’

“Where?” I asked, thinking of something like Cape Cod or the coast of Maine, only an hours drive from Boston.

“We’ll be coming off of winter and everyone will be questing for warm weather, so we thought about someplace in the Caribbean.”

I know I gulped. I could even feel my Adam’s apple bobbing up and down, as I did. I said slowly, “Oooooookay. Have you picked an island?”

Fran continued, “No. You and I are going to do that this weekend with a lot of time on the Internet, but we’ll also have to make calls about availability and rooms.”

I asked, “How many people are you thinking about — how big a wedding party?”

Fran turned to the side table next to the sofa and picked up a pad of paper and passed it to me. There were one hundred twenty four names listed. I glanced through the pages, and I knew all but about a dozen of them. I saw my brother Doug and his wife Sheri on the list, so I guess I would have a best man.

“Do you want to tell me more about my wedding?” I teased. I knew that Fran’s mind was really on our getting together and not on wedding plans.

Fran said, “Not until tomorrow. Right now you’ve got five eager pussies that want to be fucked, and that’s going to take you the rest of the night if you do it right. I’m your starting pussy and your ending pussy, and I want to go to sleep with your arms around me.” She smiled up at me and then kissed me in a tender but hot way. Next, she pulled me up to the amusement of the other women in the room, and then herded me into the bedroom, slowly undoing her blouse as we walked.

By midnight I had indeed provided a satisfying orgasm or four to each of the five women now living with me on a full-time basis. Fran and I did have the last ‘interlude’ of the evening, and it was kind of messy because we both came in buckets. We made the moves to ignore our drips and the wet spot and drift off to sleep. Someone had other plans. After cleaning the two of us up orally, Ivy also nestled into my other side with her erect nipples digging into my back, sighed in contentment, and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, I sat with Fran and Sheila, and the preliminary planning for the wedding came up. This time Fran pulled out a bright white manila folder, and the first page in it she placed on the table in front of me. It was a checklist of all the things that a bride (and her mother) and groom had to consider in planning a wedding. I about choked.

Fran said, “So, here’s the deal; I’m responsible for all the stuff highlighted in pink, we jointly have to decide the stuff highlighted in yellow, and you take the rest. Later today, I’ll break the page up into three separate ‘To Do’ lists.

I looked at the joint and hubby-to-be list, but it wasn’t too long.

•Prepare invitation list (joint)

•Notify friends to hold particular date for the wedding

•Coordinate with parents and relatives

•Pick best man and groomsmen and let them know

•Set up honeymoon (joint)

•Help set up catering (joint)

•Arrange travel and any insurance

•Pick and book band or DJ (joint)

•Gift registry (joint)

•Shop for wedding rings (joint)

•Decide on dress for wedding and guests (joint)

•Set up joint bank accounts

•Arrange ceremony, including any readings or poems

•Buy gifts for best man and groomsmen

•Get marriage license

•Thank you notes as required

As I scanned the list, Fran told me, “I have some ideas and I’ve talked to Mom about it too. A lot of what we need to decide will depend on the venue for the wedding. A destination wedding would probably limit the guest list to those willing to travel and take more than an afternoon and evening of their lives. There would also be the cost.”

Fran continued, “I want this to be the party of the century for us. This is a one-time blast we’ll never forget.”

She laid some printouts from an Internet sit in front of me. “I picked this place, but want to talk to you about it because it’s very risqué and some of your conservative relatives might be there — like your parents.” Fran slipped a couple of pages printed off the Internet in front of me.

The online brochure was for a place called the Club Orient on St. Maartens in the Caribbean. All through the various photographs nude or nearly nude people strolled the grounds of the resort, frolicked in the pool, or played games with one another. I was intrigued but wondered how I’d sell this to my parents. I wondered if I should spring this on them, or just let them find out when they got there. I laughed at the two possibilities, Tüyap Escort Bayan reveling in the discomfort I knew they’d feel.

Fran said, “A lot of the crowd around here want to go, and we want to turn the place into Orgyville for a week.” She thought for another moment and added, “Oh, we have one minor problem too — about money, at least I want to raise it.”

“What’s that?” I had the feeling I’d had the good news and now for the bad news.

“I don’t think we should make Mom and Dad pay for all of this. It’s not like we’re just starting out and need a little push. We both have healthy savings accounts, and I think we should blow a bundle on this and not let them do too much.”

“I agree.” My response was automatic. I’d already thought of the burden a large wedding would put on Jean and Dave, and I didn’t want that to befall them. I knew they’d end up spending a wad anyway, but they sure didn’t have to pay for the whole shebang.

“You do?” Fran acted surprised. I think she’d expected an argument, but I’d pledged to avoid money arguments with her if we could easily duck the issue. I shared my thinking with her, plus I knew I’d be getting a large bonus for bringing in the TCI strategic planning work.

I shocked Fran a bit further with my next statement. “I also think I’d like to do some kind of commitment ceremony to the other women in my life whom I love. I’d marry you and then thought I might do something special with each of them — a short vow and pledge of love as well. Would that be all right with you?”

Fran sat back in her chair and thought. “I think that’s a beautiful idea. Could I do it with the men or would that be inappropriate?”

I shook my head, “No, very appropriate. This is a union of us with Sisters, Lovers, and Friends. We pull them all closer to us with our commitment and love.” I paused and added, “The resort is fine, but I will need to alert my parents. Can you find me another nearby resort that’s not clothing optional? Something conservative?”

Fran grinned; she’d anticipated the request. She reached into her folder and pulled out another page for the Karibuni Lodge. “I picked this place but there are many others. This has a water view, beach access, but it’s a good four miles away from the Club Orient so they wouldn’t have to put up with our nudity and fucking around.”

I chuckled, “They will anyway, and I’ll hear about it, but this is good. I approve. Nice choices. I do think I need to make a trip to Illinois to see them and start to explain my life and lifestyle to them. They’re going to be in for a shock. Maybe Doug will join me.”

“Do you want me to come with you?”

“Absolutely, fiancée. They need to meet you at least once before the big day. Let’s plan a trip for … how about next weekend?”

Fran nodded. “What about the other stuff on the list?”

“Let’s get this piece of it done first since I think it’s such a gating factor for everything else we might want to do.”

* * * * *

Our plane set down at O’Hare Airport at noon on Saturday. Fran and I were going to stay with Doug and Sheri, but spend the afternoon and evening with my parents — Dwayne and Myra. Except for phone calls and a shared meal at O’Hare six months earlier as I transited the airport on the way home, I hadn’t really seen them to sit and talk with seriously for two years. My Dad was a precision machinist making replacement airplane parts, and Mom worked as a paralegal.

Fran and I got an airport rental car, and drove to my brother’s home. We hugged Doug and Sheri, each of getting passionate kisses from our counterparts. Sheri whispered in my ear, that she had great plans to fuck me blind later that night.

An hour later we pulled up in front of my parent’s modest home on the edge of Rockford, Illinois. The couple had lived in the same home since they bought it in 1985 when I was about five years old. I’d grown up here, gone to high school nearby, and felt some attachment and nostalgia to the whole area.

The day was cold with one of those cutting winds that start in the western Dakotas and don’t stop until they hit the Atlantic. We ran to the front door, and burst inside. Mom and Dad were there with hugs and kisses, and a warm welcome.

I made a point to introduce Fran as my fiancée, and we were both on our best behavior. They knew about Fran and I’d emailed them sedate pictures, but this was their first meeting face to face. Mom had held lunch so we munched on little tea sandwiches she’d prepared and had iced tea despite the chilly weather.

I figured I’d divide and conquer with my parents about the wedding plans. At one point, I went to help my mother in the kitchen. The discussion out there took forty minutes, and fortunately no one disturbed us.

I’d always thought of my mother as slightly more liberal than my father, probably because she was the only person growing up who I could talk to about anything. I got Mom to sit down, and just bulled my way into the china shop of the discussion. “Mom, we’re getting married next April down in the Caribbean on St. Maartens Island. It’s a destination wedding. The resort we’ve picked is unique in many ones, but one of them we wanted to alert you to is that it is a clothing optional resort. Even our wedding may have that element in it.”

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