“A toast, to food, friends and fucking”

Your eyes are shut, but you know your Master’s voice as well as your own. If you opened them, the punishment would be swift and severe. Almost tempting as you have been lying on the table for over an hour, naked and motionless. You are cold, hungry, but most of all horny. Master has decided that you are to be dessert tonight.

All around you, the aroma of wine, the clicking of forks and knives, the sounds of nervous conversation. No one has touched you yet, Master hasn’t given his word, but you can feel eyes all over you. The sexual energy in the room is an entity in itself. Slithering through the half-filled glasses, over the chatting tongues and all landing on you. You can’t be sure how many people are at the table, but you have picked out at least six distinct voices aside from your Master, some of which you recognize. 45 minutes ago, this bothered you, but now you are aching for it to start. Your cunt dripping already.

Master stands up, you feel him place something on your stomach. Fuck, it’s his wine glass. You can’t spill this. “Tonight we have gathered to celebrate Pet’s graduation from Prospective to Slave” Really, they applauded politely. You almost laugh but catch it before it comes out. You feel the wine glass teetering a bit and panic. Get it together. Master continues, “Pet has served me for exactly a year now, and you all get to share in her final test. If Pet does well tonight, she will get her collar.” Again with the applause. Mercifully, he lifts the glass for a toast. With the clinking of the glasses, you relax a bit.

You hear the dishes being cleared, the moment has arrived. You are excited and nervous.

“Friends, shall we share dessert?”

No one speaks. All at once chairs are pushed back from the table. You can feel the energy in the room shift from anticipation to excitement. It starts with hands rubbing your ams and thighs, as if no one wants to be the first to touch something more daring. The moisture dripping from your wet lips sends a shudder up your whole body. Your nipples harden with these first touches, anticipation of the feast to come.

A familiar hand on the top of your head, pulling your hair back, hot sour wine breath whispering in your ear “Make me proud”. You shudder involuntarily, moving for the first time in what seems like forever. You want to answer that you will, you will make him proud, but know that doing so would end it immediately. You sense that he sits down beside you. You can’t see but know that he is watching you and waiting for you to make a mistake. You are used to being tied down, but trying to keep still without ropes is proving very difficult.

Contrasting xslot the warm hands on you, you start to feel tiny drops of liquid, cold and sticky. The smell of fresh berries solves the mystery. They are being squeezed all over you. Coating your naked skin in sweet juice. Once the flowing liquid stops, tongues replace the hands. Soft lips, rough beards, hot breath, all mixing with the nectar. Your head is swimming with lust. Tongues start to move over your nipples. This is your first real test since the wine glass. You must not react. Keeping still is harder than you’d imagined. A mouth (female?) covers your left nipple and bites down hard then softly kisses it better. The gasp sticks in your throat.

Several hands gently grab your legs and slowly start to open them. You are starting to hear buttons and zippers opening and clothes hitting the floor. The Master’s rules are that you may not move, but you may be moved by the guests. If you move yourself, it’s over and your year of the Master’s training is gone in a flash. You are desperate to keep training with the Master, he has taught you so much about yourself. You have never felt more satisfied in all your life than you have in this last year. That is why you need this. You need to obey the rules.

One bold guest is up on the table kneeling between your legs. You are open and exposed for all to see. His rough hands are the first to touch your cunt. One finger sliding up from the bottom to your clit in one smooth motion. Your leg muscles tighten, still being held down. Your face trying desperately to not show your desire. He uses two fingers to part your lips and instantly another finger is inside you. There is a murmur in the room as if everyone has been waiting for someone to make the first big move and now it has happened. The feeling of the mood changes…it’s more aggressive now. Hands squeeze a bit tighter, teeth bite harder, and everything starts happening at once.

Someone grabs your head, turns it towards them, pulls your lips apart and suddenly there is a cock thrusting in your mouth. You can’t move your head, so the guest is fucking your mouth for you. You have to lay there and accept whatever happens. His balls swinging onto your cheek as he keeps the rhythm up. He lets you breathe just enough, but it feels like you are going to choke on his cock. In the back of your mind you are trying to keep calm and not react. Stay motionless.

You have been concentrating so much on your mouth, that it takes you a minute to realize that you are being fucked at the same time. There is a hand working your clit and a massive cock in your cunt. The hands holding your legs open are rubbing and massaging. A female voice in your ear xslot Giriş says “You are doing better than I did. I’m going to break you”. Fuck, really, he invited his last Pet, the one that failed? It’s all so chaotic.

Both nipples suddenly explode in pain as she twists and pulls them straight up lifting your back off the table. This isn’t fair, Master can’t let her be here.

She releases her grip on your tits and pushes the man away from fucking your face. You can feel her climb the table and feel her legs on either side of your head. You have never been with a woman before tonight but you can smell her cunt and feel that it is inches away from your face. Instinctively you want to stick your tongue out and taster her. Master would see that as failure and she knows it. You somehow manage to keep your face still. She rubs her cunt on your lips slowly leaving her wetness on your face. The smell is intoxicating.

The cock inside you is pounding faster and faster as you feel the familiar pulsing deep in your cunt. Your muscles gripping it as your unknown lover fills you up. He gets off of you and is quickly replaced by a new mystery lover with a shorter, but thicker cock. The last Pet is laughing as she spreads her juices all over your face. This is not fun anymore. It’s cruel. You have made it so far and been so good. You are worried that your frustration is going to show. You are aching to just break and attack her clit with all the sexual hunger that is building up inside you. It would prove nothing if you made her cum for you, it would only disappoint Master.

On either side of you, the unmistakable sounds and feeling of men masturbating over your body. Climaxing one right after the other one, splashing your tits and stomach with hot milky cum. Last Pet rubs it all over your skin. She takes her sticky fingers, pries your mouth open and starts feeding you what is left of it. You badly want to lick her fingers clean, sucking on each one slowly, tasting all of the love these mystery lovers have for you. Your tongue stays firmly in your mouth as Last Pet pushes her fingers deeper into your mouth, choking you, making you gag. Is this considered moving? You are starting to panic, which makes your breath gasp and shorten even more. Your eyes are watering and your saliva is running down your cheek as she fucks your mouth with her hand. On the verge of passing out, you finally hear Master softly, yet powerfully say “Stop!”

Instantly, the fingers disappear. You gasp for air you had been deprived of. Hands leave your body and are replaced with warm, wet, soft towels. Some of the guests wipe your sticky, sweaty body clean, you know that this is to prepare you for Master’s xslot Güncel Giriş turn. The test isn’t over yet.

The scent of leather fills your nostrils as Masters gloved hand covers your mouth. The whip strikes silently and harshly across your thighs. Dammit, you weren’t expecting that. You flinch and hope that he thinks it was involuntary. You realize that the glove is not to gag you, but to protect you from the guests seeing you wince in pain. Master is being kind, he wants you to succeed. You bite the glove as thanks and to try to dull the beating. Nothing…waiting…silence…PAIN…again…and again…and again. Blood rushing to the impact points make your legs hot. Tears are running down your cheeks, this time because of the welts that are surely starting to rise. The glove lifts from your mouth, letting you know that there are no more lashes coming.

The final test is Master claiming your cunt as his. The rest of this night has been a mystery, but this you have known for a year now. His skillfully and swiftly flips you on to your stomach, your muscles thankful to be moved finally. He pushes your knees underneath you so that your ass and cunt are completely exposed to the guests. Master moves your whole body so you are at the edge of the table and easily accessible for him. His fingers open your sore, slippery lips wide as his robe falls open. The anticipation is killing you, he is moving slow on purpose, knowing that you are so wanting this, so ready for this. Finally, in one shockingly fast motion, he is deep inside you. His hips pumping his thick cock in and out at an incredible speed. This is too much for you to take for very long. You have to hold off until he cums, otherwise this whole year is for nothing. You try to block out how good it feels, how turned on you are, how amazing this whole night has felt. Tears of joy and pain start to spill from your eyes. He grabs a fistful of hair and pulls your head back so he can whisper in your ear “You are so close, I can feel your muscles grabbing my cock. Hold off for a few more minutes, don’t disappoint me.”

You get to that headspace where everything is dreamlike, like it’s not even you anymore being used on the dining table. Eyes closed, the pleasure rush takes over and fills your whole body. You are not cumming yet, but know you can’t hold off much longer. “Pet. Cock.” Slamming back into reality, you realize he is about to cum. This is your permission to turn around and finish him off. Your muscles that have barely moved in hours scream at you as you hurry to move and take his cock deep inside your mouth. You jerk the base as fast as you can in the tempo you know will do the job. His cock starts to flex inside you, “Don’t spill a fucking drop”. Your final order as he fills your mouth with his cum. After you swallow and lick his cock clean, his orgasm settles. He kisses you on the forehead with the biggest smile you have ever seen on him.

“Good Girl!”

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