Bath Time for TwoBath Time for Two


(All characters in the story are 18 years or older.)

Walking into the hallway I retrieve a big clean fluffy towel from the closet. I smell it’s comforting flowery scent as I walk to the laundry room and pop it into the dryer and start it. (after all, a warm towel is best after a nice bath, and it’s only the best for my Daddy) I make my way into the bedroom and grab a few items and bring them into the bathroom with me setting everything down on the counter.

Kneeling next to the bathtub I turn the water on and test it, turning the cold down just a touch. I test it again and it’s just right. Standing up, I turn away from the tub and set my attention to the items I brought with me. After arranging the candles on the countertop I light them and turn off the light. I smile to myself, mesmerized by the way the candles sway and dance while lighting the room; I love candle light. I stare into the flames a moment before remembering that I have forgotten to add the bath oil to the water.

Grabbing the bottle of Amber Spice bath oil, I unscrew the cap and hold the bottle to my nose, and breath in it’s sultry, earthen scent before pouring the required amount into the running water. Setting the bottle back on the counter I put the matching body wash next to the tub and open one of the drawers next to the sink. Pulling out a new bath sponge, I place it next to the body wash on the floor. Sitting on the side of the tub, I reach over and turn off the water. After standing up I survey the room to make sure nothing is amiss; everything looks perfect.

I pad down the hallway into the living room to let you know that your bath is ready. When I step towards your chair I see that you have dozed off. You’ve had a long day at work and at the first opportunity to relax, your exhaustion took over, giving you no choice but to comply. I pick up the remote from the coffee table and press record on the DVR so it will record the remainder of the movie that is playing on the television.

Gazing at your sleeping form I suddenly become apprehensive. I do not wish to interrupt your nap, but on the other hand, I know that a bath may help you release some of the stress from your day at work. I take a deep breath and sigh. Stepping up to your chair I reach out and timidly touch my hand to yours.

Finding my voice, I call out softly, “Daddy?”

You do not move, not even so much as twitch. This is going to be more difficult than I thought… then I get an idea.

I place my hand on the head of the chair and ease myself down into your lap. Tucking my legs under me, I snuggle into your sleeping form. I breath bursa escort bayan in deep, inhaling your musky sweet scent. You turn your face to me and for a split second I fear that I may have woken you up. But when you continue to sleep I reach up and lightly trace the line along your jaw with my index finger. You let out a faint groan and open your eyes. There is a brief moment of confusion that flickers across your face until you realize the source of your disturbance. Before you can say a word I explain, “Daddy, I tried to wake you up, but when you didn’t I decided that a more evasive plan of action would have to be take-” you interrupt me.

“Invasive.” I look up at you, a look of confusion crosses my face. “Invasive,” you repeat. “you said evasive, you meant invasive, Kitten.” you smile down at me. I realize my error and look down at my lap, embarrassed. I don’t remember what I was going to say… you save me by asking a question. “Well, your ‘evasive’ plan of action worked, I’m awake. But what did you wake me up for Darlin’?” When I don’t answer you hook a finger under my chin and tilt my head, forcing me to look into your eyes. “Why did you wake me, Lil baby?”

“Well, I drew a bath for you Daddy, I thought you might like one after work…” my last word barely a whisper, when you didn’t offer any input I had trailed off, my voice getting smaller and smaller. You continue to look at me, for what feels like forever, and I fear that perhaps I had made the wrong decision, and I should have let you continue to sleep.

When you sense my uncertainty you smile and say “Well, I think that sounds like a wonderful idea!” You move to stand up and I take the hint and hop down from your lap. Standing up, you stretch and let out a yawn.

We make our way to the bathroom and you compliment my efforts to create a peaceful atmosphere. “Baby, this is beautiful.”

I duck my head, “Thank you Papa.” I test the water to make sure it’s still hot. It is, and so I venture to make the next step, but reading my mind, you beat me to it.

“C’mere Kitten, and undress me.” I step closer and flash, what you so aptly named, my ‘cheshire cat smile’.

I kneel in front of you to remove your socks and shoes. You balance yourself by placing your hand on my head. I smile up at you. How I love undressing you. When your socks and shoes are off I slowly reach my hands up to your waist where I undo the button and slide down the zipper. I pause a moment and look up at you through my eyelashes with a teasing smile. You chuckle and give a slight nod. I pull down your pants and boxers together, pausing at nilüfer escort the end so you can step out of them.

You notice my longing gaze at your cock and you clear your throat. I look up at you again, this time a bit embarrassed that I’ve been caught staring.

“Not yet Kitten.” You say with a teasing smile. You motion me to stand, and I do. After rising I take the hem of your shirt in my hands and while standing on my tiptoes, pull it up and over your head.

Kneeling back down I gather all of your shed clothes and drop them into the hamper beside the door.

After helping you into the water I take my place on the side of the tub, somewhat behind you. After pouring some of the body wash onto the bath sponge I work it into a lather and begin to lather up your shoulders. I soon lose myself in my task, how I love the feel of your muscles; the feel of them reminds me of how small and powerless I am against you.

My hands work their way down your back, and then up again. I reach forward and start to massage your chest, humming lightly to myself as my thoughts wander freely. I jump slightly in shock as I feel your warm mouth on my shoulder. You look up at me with a devious smile. I try my level best to compose myself and not give into the pleasure that you are giving me. I know you are testing me. I take a deep breath and continue to work my way down your shoulders, across your arms and back up again.

After rinsing the soap from your body I stand up facing you, my eyes downcast, I peak at you through my hair.

“Daddy, can you turn please so I can wash the other side of your… um, body please, Papa?” I enquire gently. You can tell that I am trying my hardest to be on my very best behavior. Although you don’t miss the slightest hint of a smile that tugs at the corners of my lips.

“Yes Baby, come wash Daddy.” You find it hard to keep a straight face at my obvious struggle to keep my excitement from showing.

Smiling demurely, I cross my arms in front of me, and pull the hem of my short summer dress up and over my head. My smile disappearing momentarily into the fabric, only to reappear on the other side. I toss it into the hamper in one fluid motion. I take a step towards you, but you stop me. “Just a second, Baby. Let Daddy have a look at you,”

I can feel your eyes wandering my body. Starting at my shoulders, and moving down across my breasts. My nipples tighten in response to this invisible touch. I watch you watching me. Such lust and longing in your eyes. A grin spreads across your face once you reach my pussy.

“Mmmm, Lil türbanlı escort Baby,” You groan, licking your lips. “You look a little excited.” I follow your gaze, down to my panties. There in the center, a wet spot had appeared, darkening the material with my little cunny’s juices. I look up at you, my cheeks flushing with heat and embarrassment.

“Daddy I…” You motion for me to come to you.

“It’s okay Kitten, Daddy thinks it’s sexy.” You flash me your winning smile, and I can feel myself become slicker. I slowly pull off my panties, giving you a bit of a show before I turn and toss them into the basket with the rest of our clothes.

“Come here, come finish cleaning Daddy.” You stand up and stretch out your arms as I step into the bathtub and kneel at your feet. I work the soapy sponge down

the rest of your abdomen and over your hips. After working my way down one leg and up the other I lean forward and reach behind you, as I work the sponge

down over your firm buttocks and the backs of your legs. I smile timidly up at you, enjoying being so close to your body.

I pause after rinsing your body of the soapy suds and look up at you, pleadingly. Silently asking for permission to wash the last part of your body. The part that

I desire to clean with my mouth and not my hands. You nod your head at me, not trusting your voice, and watch as I reach for the bottle of body wash. I drizzle a fair amount into my palm, holding the bottle up to allow the soap to fall into my hand. I toss the bottle aside and rub my hands together, warming the soap between my hands. Wrapping both of my small hands around your cock, I slowly begin to pump them. Your eyes full of lust, watching my hands, and then my wet soapy breasts as they are pressed between my arms. I pause a moment to lean forward and plant a delicate kiss on the tip of your cock. I smile up at you coyly and continue to wash your big Daddy-cock. As it starts to grow between my palms I speed up my hands.

Just when I think I will get my reward you stop me. I let out a mew of disappointment.

“Not just yet Lil Baby, Daddy wants to taste you first,” You say breathlessly as you look around the bathroom. “Kitten, where are the towels?”

“Oh, they’re in the other room, I’ll go get them!” I jump up and scurry out of the bathroom. You watch my wet little behind as I leave the room.

After grabbing the towels out of the dryer I come back into the bathroom to find you rinsed and waiting.

I spread the towel out between my arms as you step onto the bathroom rug. I begin drying you off slowly, feeling your body through the warm fluffy towel.

You take a few steps closer, backing me up against the wall, growling as you lean down and bite the tender flesh of my neck.

For some reason I don’t think either of us is going to stay dry for long…

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