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Sex in A Graveyard
I often visited cemeteries when I was younger. I found them to be very peaceful places where I could meditate and think things over. I used to do this on and off about twice a week sometimes during the day and other times at night. It was amazing the things one could see in graveyards. People continuously talking to the dead or sometimes they might pinch flowers from other tombs to put them on their own dearly departed ones’. Other times people might appear in the cemetery completely drunk, and while staggering over to the grave they are seeking, they fall into an open one that has just been dug. But what I was going to discover and experience, was beyond belief.
That night I’d decided to take a stroll to the local cemetery to pick up a few vibes and think about my existence and the point I reached in life. I was a carpenter with certain dreams and ambitions but things were not going quickly enough for me. I was supposed to take over the small firm I worked in when the boss retired but he didn’t seem to want to retire for the time being. Cemeteries brought me the inner peace I needed to sort my ideas out so I’d had an early meal and seeing the brilliant starlit sky and the magnificent moon, I’d taken a walk to dead man’s town. How could I guess that my life was about to change for good? I was looking at a tombstone that actually appealed to me when she suddenly appeared.
As she stepped out of the car, her thin black skirt slid down her white thighs. I was watching her gothic silhouette from behind a tombstone under a brilliant Full Moon.
She entered the cemetery baring flowers in her black-gloved hands. Her black stiletto heels brought out the curves in her legs. She approached a tomb and knelt down before it, thus revealing the upper part of her thighs as her skirt shortened.
Her pale but expressive face denoted sadness. Her dark eyes surrounded by thick mascara seemed to shine as slight tears appear. They ran down her cheeks to her black lipstick. She vaguely parted her lips as her tong wiped the salty liquid. She placed the flowers in front of the headstone.
As I was watching her, I slowly came around behind her unnoticed and managed to read the inscription. “HERE LIES KARA GALTO, BELOVED Çukurambar Escort SISTER” (1984 – 2004). As I watched her kneeling, her white thighs made my manhood begin to harden. I knew then that she was going to be my next lover. I approached her from behind and softly spoke to her.
‘Hi, my name is Adam.’ I started.
She turned around suddenly and appeared to be shocked.
‘I didn’t want to scare you, but I couldn’t help noticing you.’
Her mascara has slightly run and her eyes were now full of tears. She smiled at me and slowly stood up. She stretched her arms out to me as she spoke.
‘I knew you were there, you know. My name is Lilith.’
She came closer to me and delicately wrapped her arms around me raising one of her legs and pressing it around my buttocks. She started to plead. ‘Please hold me tightly;’ she solicited.
The whole situation seemed a little too fast for me though I can’t say I objected. I sensed her perfume invading my head as her thigh squeezed me even tighter. Her groin was now pressing against mine. I felt my phallus hardening all the more.
I fell back and lay on top of the tomb as she came with me. She raised her leg even higher and stretched it out across me. Her lips closed in to meet mine as my
hand caressed her thigh. I could feel her breath on my face as her mouth moved towards my chin then back up to meet mine which was wide open. Her tongue entered as she un-strapped my belt. She stretched her neck and I noticed her veins bulging slightly. She lifted her skirt. She had nothing on beneath it. As I kept stroking her legs, she unzipped me and helped me pull down my black trousers.
I was now ready and couldn’t wait any longer when I entered her with a thrust. I started to come and go, at first slowly, but as the passion rose in me I sped the pace up. Gradually I felt shivers everywhere and my semen began to move. This was it. I was climaxing. I felt myself come with wild fury. Yes! Sparkles everywhere. I was feeling shivers and heat at the same time. My ejaculation seemed to last forever when suddenly I felt a sharp pain in the side of my neck but to me, it was just part of the lovemaking. That’s when I noticed the blood running down my neck and realised Çukurambar Escort Bayan that she’d just bit me. Hell, what was going on? There I was with my pants down, my penis inside this beautiful gothic girl on top of a tombstone in the middle of the night under a full moon and she was biting me.
Although still stunned, I began to calm down as the pain slowly dissipated. I started to sense the same stir I had experienced a few moments ago. It was as if I was coming all over again. It was hell raising. I seemed to be entering another world, another universe. She pulled back and looked at me then smiled.
‘Did you like it?’ She asked candidly. ‘Would you like to go a step further?’
‘How do you, I mean how can I do that?’
I was completely lost for a moment. I didn’t really understand what she was talking about. ‘What do you mean exactly?’
‘Would you like to experience the well beings of becoming a Vampire?’
‘What! A vampire?’ Now I was really panicking and yet the idea seemed to appeal to me but I wanted to know more. ‘How can I do that?’
‘Just bite me, that’s all’. She answered stretching out her arm in a
simple way. It was as if she’d done this all her life. I looked at it for a moment and decided. Why not I thought? It’ll be a new experience. I opened my jaws, took a deep breath, and bit hard into her arm. She cringed slightly for a second and then relaxed. I slowly sucked her blood. It felt warm and wonderfully tasty though it did have that slight metallic iron taste at first, but on the whole it was quite good, a bit like liking the ketchup off a hamburger.
She pulled away from me with great strength. I was slowly beginning to feel different. My senses appeared sharper. I could hear and see better. It was like listening to a Pink Floyd album while on LSD only better. I thought I could almost fly. Maybe I could but I wasn’t about to test the theory. The Universe was at my feet and I was ready to conker it. Suddenly reality had another face. Lilith looked at me, and smiled.
‘Did you enjoy it? You know that you’re one of us now.’
I looked up at the sky and saw that the moon was turning grey as the beginning of daylight was gradually appearing. I was becoming anxious. Escort Çukurambar Lilith placed her finger over my lips as if to say sshhhh!
‘No panic! We vampires don’t fear daylight as long as we’ve eaten and it
isn’t a high and bright sun up there yet. In fact, it’s going to be shady today.’
I relaxed again and sat up. I looked at the tombs around me for an instant and a question enters my head. I suddenly remembered that we were in a cemetery and we should have been a little more respectful. Especially over the tomb this vamp was visiting. I felt apologetic towards her and wanted to know who her deceased relative really was.
‘Who does this tomb belong to, your sister perhaps? I’m sorry if we
disrespected her by having sex on it.’
‘Actually, I’ve no idea who this tomb belongs to. I was hungry and
looked around for someone to feed off and I saw you. Since you were so good looking, I thought I’d turn you at the same time. I know a lot of Goths come here at night especially on full moons so that’s why I came.’
Puzzled I ask about the flowers.
‘Oh those, they’re just props. It seemed more authentic under the
All this seemed incredible and I thought I was in some sort of role-playing game for a moment. I could hardly believe what she was saying and yet I knew deep down that she was telling the truth.
‘Why the tears then?’
‘Would you have come to me if I hadn’t crying?’
‘Well, I don’t really know.’
‘I do! Right, well I better be getting back. I have to work you know.’
‘What! Do you mean that you actually work for a living?’
‘Yes, of course I do. We vampires don’t live on blood alone, you know.’
‘Oh, I thought….’
‘I know what you thought but we do need to earn money to live decently so we labour like everybody else.’
‘And what exactly do you do if it’s not too indiscrete?’ I asked with purpose.
‘I’m a secretary at Reilly’s Undertakers.’
‘It doesn’t surprise me.’ I said thoughtfully.
As she got up and walked towards her car, I couldn’t help thinking, was I destined for this? After all, I might have met her under other circumstances. I work for the carpenter who makes the coffins for Reilly’s. And I often deliver them but I rarely see the secretaries. I knew from then on, that part of my daily life would change. I would certainly look more closely at the secretaries when I delivered wood from now on.
So that’s how I became a Vampire, what’s your excuse?

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