Service with a Smile Ch. 04Service with a Smile Ch. 04


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Mr. Marcus’s wife, Harriett, arranged for a local girl, Inga, to perform a ministry once a week while she’s away. During her previous visits, Mr. Marcus has kept his hands off the pert young woman, but only with great discipline. Will Mr. Marcus be able to maintain his composure and willpower around a young woman who struts around in her undies or less? And how will this curious and horny young woman react to him having sex with her best friend Norma, and under her mother’s direction? After all, Inga is quite competitive…

Author’s note: This chapter merges two series: “Service With A Smile” and “Dots and Dashes of Color.” After Chapter 5, a new series will begin. Until then, may low fat diets and consolidated plots be with you.

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It was another service day. I was sure Norma had told Inga about our coupling in Inga’s mother’s office. Inga confided that they shared the intimate details of their lives, and fucking Norma with Dr. Crumholtz watching was extremely intimate. At this point, the only question was, how would Inga react? Unpredictable. And what could I do, given Dr. Stephanie Crumholtz’s orders to leave her daughter alone when we were together? Nothing.

When I answered the doorbell, a scowling Inga posed, body tense. Oops, she knows. She marched through the doorway in her usual school uniform. After I closed the door and turned, before I could get a word out, Inga’s hand imprinted my cheek. Have I told you how much I hate getting slapped?

“How could you? I found you first, but you went ahead and had sex with Norma. And my mother! Grrrr. She helped you do it. I hate her! What’s wrong with me, huh?” There was a flush to her face, as if she’d gotten too much sun.

There was nothing wrong with Inga that her mother’s permission wouldn’t fix, but that was as likely as snow in July.

She unbuttoned her starched white blouse. The flush stopped just above her slight but enticing cleavage. “Aren’t I sexy enough? Maybe Mama is right. Maybe you like big tits.” She unbuttoned her skirt and it slid to the floor. Her panties were decorated in a Cheerios pattern this time. What was this, Pussy – Breakfast of Champions?

In bra, panties and thigh high white stockings, Inga was a wet dream, live and in person. No one would know if we snuck upstairs and did it. No one but me and blabbermouth Inga and me. And Norma. And who knows how many more?

“Your plumbing got hard in the shower. You must think I’m pretty, right?”

I didn’t want to give Inga a complex about her appearance, or lie to her. “Of course you are.”

She ran over and dropped to her knees. “Lemme see.”

I started to back away but she grabbed one leg. I fell backwards, missing the coffee table by a few inches. Flat on my back, trapped, I figured, okay, let her see that I’m erect and that will be that.

Her hands flew all over my crotch, freeing my dick. “See, I knew it. You do think I’m attractive. Norma had her turn.” She pulled one side of her panties down to her thighs. God, there was her pussy. She straddled me, her legs an arch over my groin, her hips waving back and forth. All she’d have to do is time her sway to the movement of my dick, lower herself a few inches and we’d – No! Hands off, her mother had said, and she meant it.

“We’re not going to do that.” I slid back. Now her face was at my crotch.

Without warning, she dropped her face toward my prick, mouth open. God, the feeling of her tongue on my dick was priceless. She sucked like she was trying to win a Popsicle melting race, but all I was getting was harder. karşıyaka escort Now her hand was on my dick, holding it steady while she toyed with the tip, then slammed down to take more.

She raised her head. “Oh, look! We’ve got an audience.” Inga waved.

I craned my neck to see Joy Cocksworth at the window, mouth open. Oh God, sexy Joy, Joy who owes me a fuck, watching Inga suck me off.

“Do you know her?” Inga asked.

Not biblically. Joy disappeared from view. What must she be thinking? “She lives across the street. Listen, I need to talk to her about, well, what she saw.”

“Not ’til I’m done.” Inga renewed her attack. She licked the length of my erection, and then tongue-lashed the underside of the head.

My hips bounced from the carpet. “Slow down.”

“Are you gonna spurt? I wanna make you spurt.”

What else does plumbing do?

She pumped furiously with her fist. “Cum on, just like in the shower.”

Inga’s attention was too much. Streams of cum flew up, gobs landing on her belly and tits.

“Wow! That was great! I didn’t see, the last time. Are you sure we can’t do what you did with Norma?”

My dick was fading quickly. “I don’t recover fast anymore. Did Harriett assign you a chore?” Perhaps distract her from the topic of sex.

“Nope. I can do whatever I want. Or whatever you want me to do.”

I stood up and zipped up. Inga remained on the floor, leaning back on her elbows, her legs spread with panties stretched below her knees. So small, and so tight, I bet. No! Inga doesn’t get fucked. “You can clean up and have the rest of the afternoon to yourself.” I moved to the door. I heard footsteps behind me.

“Wait.” As I turned, Inga threw herself at me. I kept my hands at my sides, although my instinct was to grab on. Her hands circled my neck and she kissed me. Not a friendly kiss, a firm, passionate, demanding kiss. I started getting aroused and stood taller, to break her hold. She was naked when I marched out my front door and across the street.

A stack of discarded household items decorated the curb. That’s right. With Zenellis Enterprises taken over, Harry and hundreds of others were out of work. Hopefully Harry got severance. From the looks of things, he’d found alternative employment that required relocation. This visit might be my last chance to score with Joy.

Joy answered the door. She greeted me with a slap, my second of the day.

“What?” I asked.

She was practically shouting, unnecessarily because of our proximity. “You lied to me. All you wanted was to get me in bed. You don’t care anything about me or the girls -“

“That’s not true.” I was tempted but didn’t slap her back. I’m a gentleman, although a horny one. Of course I wanted to get her in bed. “I was willing to baby sit perfectly capable teenagers to make sure they took vital medicine. One of them took advantage of me. And when you found us, to even things out or for some other strange reason, you pleaded with me to have sexual intercourse with the other.”

“Not that, you fool. The trip to Wisconsin. Remember our deal? I’d have sex with you if you kept Harry away from them? You said you did, but the girls told me the truth. He fucked them!”

A fleet of Hummers couldn’t have kept good old Harry from banging his daughters. But Joy had asked something different, based on her own words. “I did precisely what you asked. You told me to keep Harry from reaming them out with his twelve incher. And I did, with Annie’s help. She came up with a technique so he could fuck them with only half his dick.”

“She what?” Joy’s hands were on her hips.

“It was a towel wrapped with duct tape. It prevented Harry from using his entire cock in them. Just about half.”

Joy was silent.

I continued, on the offensive. “So, they weren’t reamed out with twelve inches, just fucked with six. And since I’d given them each eight, I didn’t think Harry’s six was a problem. Remember, sweetheart, you begged me to make sure both girls got initiated by my prick.”

Joy stroked her jaw. “Well, when you put it that way, I guess Annie saved your ass. The girls told me Harry fucked Annie as well.”

“He sure did. The whole nine yards, I mean twelve, with no towel buffer. And since I did what you asked, and Harry told me he owed me for plugging Annie, I think you should pay up.”

Another slap. Three’s the charm, right?

“After what I saw, through your window? That skinny little tramp, sucking your dick? You’ll fuck anything female with two legs.”

Was Joy jealous? After all, she’d given me a blowjob. Do females compete about such things? “For your information, Inga and I didn’t have sex.”

“Why not? Didn’t she find you attractive? Or maybe too small?” She crossed her arms.

Nice try at a put-down, but I was bigger than that. “No. I was saving myself for you.” It was a lie, but a useful one. Women love to be flattered.

“Me? You had that young girl, hot and naked, willing to have sex, and you turned her down for me?”

“That’s right. Ever since we petted up in your daughter’s bedroom, I’ve been waiting for the opportunity. That’s why, when we got back from Wisconsin, I was very careful how I explained what Harry and the girls had done. The most dick they got was my eight inches, and they both took that admirably. With your permission, and Harry’s.” I put my arms around her, pinning her hands to the sides. I was trying to avoid another slap.”

Her voice got quiet. “I have to confess something.”

“What’s that?” She had her cunt sown shut?

“Harry and I made love for the first time in years.”

I was disappointed. Harry would ruin it for anyone who followed. “Despite his size?”

“Hell no! We used a version of Annie’s device, although Harry told me he invented it. Wanna see?”

“Sure!” As long as we don’t use it.

Joy came back into the living room carrying a crotch-shaped piece of plastic. “See, I strapped this to my waist –”

I squeezed the plastic, which had a soft rubber backing. “Very nice. How was it? I mean, with Harry?” As much of him as this contraption allowed.

She turned bright red. “He was okay, but I was thinking of you the whole time.”

My turn for ego stroking. Too bad it wasn’t my cock. “Show me how it works. For curiosity sake.”

She hesitated. “The movers will be here soon, to take the rest of the furniture.” The living was bare. Our voices echoed against pictureless walls and drapeless walls.

“We could go upstairs, for privacy.”

“There’s one bed left, in one of the girl’s rooms.”

I’d asked for a modeling, but Joy had taken it further, to a demonstration. Better than I could have expected. Despite Inga’s blowjob, I was anxious to sample Joy’s pussy with my prick instead of my tongue.

I followed close behind, watching Joy’s ass sway as she ascended the staircase. She had a wiggle, even under sweatpants. We entered Randi’s room. Or was it Brandi’s? No matter, it had an unmade bed, just what we needed.

I watched Joy drop her sweatpants. Since when was she wearing g-string style panties? I thought back to our one sexual encounter. Though my face had been buried between her thighs, I never did get a look at her tits. Joy breasts heaved beneath a sweatshirt. Then the panties hit the floor. Flat on her back, there were bruise marks on Joy’s hips from Harry’s device, the plastic shield, not his dick. Maybe it needs redesign. She slid the contraption onto her belly, running a belt around her waist. The plastic shield covered her groin and extended down between her thighs, lengthening the path to her cunt. Which was the whole point. This way, my point would barely get to her hole.

“Seems a bit obstructive. Which is the point, I guess. May I?”

Joy nodded.

I got undressed and climbed onto the bed, prepared to stick my eight inches into six inches of buffer zone. Well, two inches of pussy are better than none.

Joy held me back from laying down, unvelcroed Harry’s device and tossed it to the side. She raised her hand to my penis, fully erect. “I didn’t want six of Harry. And I don’t want two of yours.” She took my dick and put it at her cunt lips. “I want the whole thing!”

Now it was Joy’s turn to smother me with her mouth, choking me with a bear hug. I wondered if she tasted Inga on my breath? My dick bounced against her stomach. She repositioned my prick at her pussy. To be sure she didn’t consider this rape and call the cops, I let her put me in. She rubbed my dick up and down until her juices coated the tip, then tilted her hips and pulled me forward. I was in, but just barely.

“You could have had young pussy but you saved yourself for me? Sweet Harvey. Make love to me, Harvey.”

I lowered my hips and slid slightly deeper into her cunt, hard as ever. I wouldn’t penetrate too fast and scare her. This was going to be pleasurable for both of us.

“Take it slow, big boy.” Joy grabbed my hips and pulled me closer.

Why are women like that, saying one thing and doing another? ‘Fuck me hard, but don’t cum.’ ‘Take it easy but drill me deep.’ None of them really know what they want, so I just do what comes naturally. I resisted her pressure, and her pussy helped. It was extraordinarily tight, as if her pubic muscles were clenched, like a fist. But this pussy was feeling better than my fist ever did. I was shocked that despite Harry’s partial penetration, Joy was very snug. To get past the first inch, I used the tested in-and-out method, with minimal progress.

Joy was impatient. “Oh God, give me more, Harvey.”

I twisted my hips, screwing her with a screwing motion. How could a woman who took six inches of Harry’s cock be so tight?

“That’s it. Oh God, yes.” Her words were welcoming but her vagina was not.

I had to slide my hands under her ass to get a grip on the situation. As soon as my fingers squeezed her buttocks, her cunt opened up. My cock bottomed out at about seven inches, flush against her cervix and womb. No wonder she’d felt split by Harry’s cock. He must have reamed her out real good with five inches beyond the entrance to her baby chamber.

“Oh, Harvey! We were made to fit together.” She kissed me hard, as if her life depended on it. “Harvey, I love you. Leave Harriett. Come with the girls and me. We’d love you, Harvey. Every day and every night. The girls worship you.” Her mouth attacked mine, sucking the air out of me.

Maybe my penis, but not me. This was Joy’s cunt speaking, not her head or her heart. I’d die from sexual overexertion if I had to keep all three of them sexually satisfied. Sheesh, all three every day? The thought itself was exhausting. although my dick pulsed. Besides, how could I run off with a woman whose tits I’d never seen.

She thrust her hips towards mine, banging genitals. I didn’t have to do a thing except lay there on top. My prick remained hard, despite Inga’s assault.

Joy finally let me breathe. “The movers will be here soon. Skip the gentle. I’m so hot I could probably take Harry’s cock. I need to cum. Make me cum.”

I explored the depths of her cunt, laying there, letting her feel full, getting used to the intrusion.

“Oh God, that’s a lot of cock. Are you sure you’re only eight inches.”

“Last time I measured.” I never had, to be honest. No reason to. “And you can have it more than once.” Why not? After she was used to the size of my dick, she’d want it again, just like her daughters did.

“But I’ll never see you again. We’re moving to Nebraska.”

“Ah, farm country. Did you hear the one about the farmer’s twin daughters?” I pulled back, until only the tip was covered by her pussy lips, and thrust all the way in. She moaned. “There, you’ve had it again.”

I repeated the movement. Joy grunted. “And a third time! See, you can have me over and over.”

“He fucks and he’s funny.” Her hips bounced, in anticipation of a quicker rhythm. “Quit toying with me. Fuck me like you would have fucked that little girl.”

For the first time, Joy used the word ‘fuck,’ not ‘make love.” She was ready. As Joy requested, I pictured Inga, delicate and thin, and pounded Joy’s cunt with relentless thrusts.

She groaned and shook and writhed throughout the onslaught until her pussy clamped down on my dick. “Oh God, thank you for fucking Randi, and thank you for fucking Brandi, and thank you for fucking meeeeee.” She shook like she was having some kind of seizure. I couldn’t hold back and spurted hard. We were damp with sweat, my shriveling penis making its way slowly out of her cunt.

I heard someone knocking downstairs and shouts of “Movers. Anybody home?”

I was satisfied that Joy had held up her end of the bargain. And I’d held up my end, getting it up twice in a short time span. But I was tired. So was my prick. Time to go home, take a nap, and recuperate. I kissed Joy on the forehead. She was unresponsive.

I got dressed and strutted downstairs, past the movers, who waited on the doorstep. Across the street, Dr. Crumholtz’s car was parked my driveway, and she stood at my front door, arms crossed, tapping her foot.


(To be continued)


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