Secret DesiresSecret Desires


I don’t usually go to these kinds of parties, but this year the thought of getting dressed up as my secret fantasy character sounded fun. I hate not having a boyfriend to go with, but ah well, at least Mary will be here, I sigh. I needed some excitement in my life just about now. I really want wild abandonment. I want to do more than just dress the part. I want to live it even for just one night. Then I can go back to my mundane boring life.

Knock, knock, knock, my knuckles rapped on the hollow wooden door. An eerie, mournful tune filtered through the open windows. A slight breeze made the sheer curtains flutter. A cool misty fog billowed out as the door slowly creaked open. A shiver of excitement raced through me. Was this going to be a blast or what, I smiled to myself.

“Yessssss,” A low masculine voice rumbled.

Standing at 5’4″, I looked up, way up, at the man, or should I say giant before me. Opening my small purse, I nervously dug around and finally pulled out a tattered invitation. “Here,” I thrust it toward his outstretched hand. His black fingernails look creepy against his pale skin. I quickly dropped it and pulled my hand back as if he had germs.

He inspected the invitation, and motioned me inside. As I passed him, I heard him mumble something. Startled I looked back over my shoulder, not sure, if I heard him right. Shaking my head, I entered the house.

I walked through a dark entryway, cob webs clung to the ceiling and antique furniture. Fog danced and swirled at my ankles, parting as I moved further inside. A multitude of candles created a soft glow of intimacy, almost cozy in the haunting decor. Screeches and screams broke through the buzz of conversations. It was not a large party, only about 30 or 40 people. I don’t know how I’m ever going to find my girl friend. I don’t think I would know my own brother if I saw him. I looked around and the costumes were great. Across the room, next to the fireplace was Count Dracula, appropriate, I chuckled. Next to him was Bill Clinton…now who in their right mind would want to be him. I laughed quietly. A dominatrix dressed in black leather had her back to me. I wish I could have been that bold. She turned and waved. I looked around and no one seemed to pay any attention. I looked back at her. Her waving became more frantic. Me, I pointed to my chest. Yes, she nodded. I looked at her more closely, could it be…then she winked. Oh my goodness…Mary, I whispered, my hand flew to cover my mouth confining the giddy laughter tumbling out. A grin spread across my face. Her newly colored, long curly black hair jiggled as she nodded. What a difference! She gave me the A-OK sign…and mouthed, great costume. I looked down at the skintight fawn colored pants, thigh high leather boots and the oversized poet’s shirt worn braless and the top three buttons undone to allow a glimpse of my ample cleavage. The outfit complimented my voluptuous body. A red sash about my waist and the glicining of the steel sword made me feel as powerful as the Pirate Queen I fantasized about being.

We came together hugging, giggling like two schoolchildren.

“Is this great or what?” Mary said.

“The best, I soooo needed this.” I sighed. “O.K. Spill, I had no clue you wanted to dominate men?”

“Hahaha,” she laughed. “What about you, miss pirate queen! You want to dominate just as much. We just fantasize about it in different ways.”

“You got me. I do, after putting up with their chauvinistic attitudes all day at work. I would love to have one night, just one night to be the one in control.”

“Be careful what you wish for,” Mary stated.

“Like I could ever get the nerve,” I laughed softly. Thinking of the possibilities, a slow mischievous smile spread across my face. “Hey that’s the second time I heard that tonight.” I said puzzled. Mary laughed.

We walked over to the food table, famished. There before us was an elaborate display of some of the most scrumptious delights. I reached toward the shrimp and something bumped me from behind. I lost my balance and pitched forward. Seeing the table loom closer I tried to break my fall by placing my hands upon the table. Suddenly a strong arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me upright. Startled at the abrupt change in direction I fell into his chest. His exotic and spicy cologne filled my senses. Oh man, I nearly fainted at the delicious aroma.

I stammered, “Umm. Excuse me…”

“No, excuse necessary,” he whispered in my ear. “It was ALL my fault.”

Shivers tingled through my body. I looked up to see a wicked grin and devilish eyes gaze at me. I realized that I wanted to be pressed tight against him. I moved to separate us. He gave me a slight squeeze and let go.

“I can see that everything is just fine here,” Mary said. “I’ll just be over here…table…food…hungry.” Shaking her head she turned, picked up a plate and began to fill it.” She mumbled under her breath, “O.K. I can see where I’m şişli eskort not wanted.”

“What did you say?” I said distracted and looked at her.

“Oh, nothing, ” Mary smiled.

I winked at her. “Just a minute Mary,” I said as I turned to look at the man that saved me. “He’s gone,” I said sadly and looked at Mary again. “I don’t even know his name. What was he wearing? I never got a chance to see!”

Mary’s infectious laughter filled the room. Now all eyes were on us. Blushing, I hushed her. Only making her laugh harder. “Mare” I pleaded quietly, “Shhhhhh, everyone is looking at us.”

“You are too funny. What is it you do remember about Mister tall dark and handsome?”

“He was?” I grinned


“Oh my goodness…How will I ever find him?”

“Well, I guess I could tell you.” she teased. With that statement, she turned and walked away. I could hear her softly laugh at having the upper hand.

“Mare,” I pleaded. “Tell me.” I followed her.

“Come on lets check this place out. It’s my turn to find a man.”

“You’re not gonna tell me are you?”

“Nope, Not yet, but I will.”

I sighed deeply, “Ahhhh, that’s not fair.”

We walked through the house. The fog creeps around our legs. The cobwebs and haunting music really created a ghostly atmosphere. There were several small groups of costumed guests chatting. The low hum of conversation was jovial and spirited. It seemed that everyone was having a good time. We continued down a hallway to another room where there was music for dancing. The dance floor was crowded. Thirsty, we looked around, hoping to find a refreshment table. There in the corner was a large punch bowl. We stepped up to the table and poured ourselves a glass of grotesque green liquid. To parched to care about the color, I downed the cup all at once. I was amazed at the fruity flavor. I could tell that someone had spiked it. It was too good and went down to fast, if I’m not careful I will be drunk in no time. My final thought, just another shot of courage, I poured myself another cup full savoring the sweet taste.

Mary and I moved away from the table to check out the dancers. There were some great costumes here. It was fun to see what everyone’s secret fantasy was. There were several rock stars, a few dead presidents and some actors, the usual. The music was intoxicating. My body began to sway to the beat. Mary had already grabbed a partner and was dancing with Mr. Biker Man. He was gorgeous, long blonde hair and a mustache. I took another sip of punch and something bumped my arm, sending the contents out of the cup and away from me, thank god. I look down hoping nothing spilled on my shirt. Relieved, I turned to look at who bumped me.

I know that wicked grin. I smiled. “Could you watch where you are going?” I flirted.

“Oh, I am.” He teased. “Would you like to dance?”

“Sure,” I smiled. He reached for my cup and took it, setting it on a nearby table. Then he escorted me to the dance floor. Just as we started to dance, the song ended. A slow, sensual one began. He moved closer and encircled my waist pulling me close. One arm reached up to his shoulder and the other rested on his chest. His hand covered mine. We circled slowly around, gently swaying to the music. I could smell his cologne and it was doing crazy things to my brain. I looked up into his light brown eyes, an unusual whisky color. His hair tied back with a leather string and neatly trimmed beard were dark, almost black. The contrast was striking. I pulled away to get a better look at his costume and laughed aloud.

“It looks like we have the same fantasy!”

“Indeed,” he replied with a wink. He gathered me close again and we continued dancing.

When the song ended, he squeezed me tight against him, my unbound breasts pressed into his chest. My nipples instantly hardened. I could feel his desire pulsing against me. “You are so sexy,” he whispered into my ear.

I blushed, and dropped my head to his chest. Crazy! I thought to myself. Crazy good!

His fingers touched my chin, lifting my head so that I could gaze into his eyes. He winked at me again and gently lowered his head. His lush lips softly brushed mine. Not really, a kiss, it was so much more than that. A spark of desire shot through me. “Would you like some more punch?” He asked.

“Ummm, sure.” Anything to break the sexual tension building between us I thought.

“Here you are!” Mary said breathless and flushed from dancing. Her Biker Boy was beside her.

“This is Ken, Ken this is my friend Shar. I see you found him! “She said to me,” and you are?” She turned to my mystery guy.

“Joe, it’s nice to meet you.” He shook hands all around.

“It’s nice to meet you to. Well, I hate to leave you kiddies alone but we have some dancing to do. See you later Shar”

“Have fun,” I called after her.

She waved her hand behind her head. “I plan to.” She replied nişantaşı eskort as she danced away.

“Your punch, m’lady.” Joe said.

“Thank you” I took a long drink nearly draining the cup. “Is it hot in here?”

“Would you like to go out to the patio?”

“I’d love to.”

The patio was open, yet it had the feel of privacy with all of the plants and shrubs. A canopy of gauze was overhead giving it a closed in feel. A light from somewhere unseen gave it an eerie glow. Fog swirled and billowed at our feet as we walked to the corner.

I lifted my face upward and reveled in the sensual feel of the soft breeze as it cooled my heated skin. My nipples were hard peaks. “Ahh” I sighed. What a pleasure. A quite chuckle broke my trance. I blushed.

“Hummmm, I wonder what it would be like to see you in the throws of pleasure if that is your reaction to a simple breeze?” He winked at me.

My head was swimming, the punch making me brave I turned to him and touched his chest. I flattened my palm over his heart and looked into his eyes. My hand began to caress higher as it climbed toward his neck. I slid my fingers along the nape and gently I scraped my fingernails to cup the back of his head. “Maybe you will,” I whispered as I drew his head closer. My eyes locked on his mouth, my tongue slid over my lips, to wet them in anticipation of touching his warm, soft, full lips. “Aahhh” I gently moaned. My lips slightly parted as I caressed his lips with mine. “Maybe you will.” I whispered again. I could feel him respond to my kiss. He pulled me closer, snug against his body. I continued my sensual assault on his mouth. I nibbled and sucked, licked and kissed him with my soft wet tongue. I savored the sweet taste of his mouth. I moaned softly when I felt his hand on my breast. I shuddered, when he lightly bit my lip and tweaked my nipple in unison. Quivering, I pressed closer, wanting to crawl inside his body. So intense were the sensations I devoured his mouth. Gone was the gentle kissing. I ravaged his mouth. I wanted to drive him as wild as he drove me. Slowly he pulled away from me, my eyes rolled back into focus. He stared intently into my eyes. A wicked grin spread across his face as he communicated his desire wordlessly. There is a saying that a picture paints a thousand words, well, this was one such picture. Consumed by desire I forgot all about my secret fantasy of being in control, because he could have done anything he wanted and I would not have cared. There was no party, no music…nothing, except him.

“Let’s go back inside,” he said.

“OK,” I sighed. My mind and body tingled with the frustration of desire left unsatisfied

“Don’t worry,” he whispered in my ear as if he could read my thoughts. His hand caressed my breast. “All good things come to those who wait. I just want you so hot,” he pinched my nipple, “so bothered,” then the other, “that when I slide into your wet pussy you will scream in absolute pleasure.” He rolled my hard nub between his thumb and index finger. “You will feel my hard cock stroke you so slowly that you will scream with pleasure. And then I will slide inside again,” he moved to my other nipple, “even slower and you will moan because of the sweet sensations. You will never think of another man again.”

“OH!” I sighed, as a deep red flush heated my skin. I moaned as he sensually caressed my breasts. I wanted his hand on my bare skin. I pressed into his hand encouraging him. His whispered promises heightened my desire to a fever pitch. I nearly collapsed.

“Time to go inside,” he teased. “I think you need a breather, I know I do.”

All I could do is try to pull myself together as we joined the other partygoers. Oh My Goodness, my heart is in so much trouble here!

Joe led me through the maze of people. It seemed as thought everyone was now crowded on the dance floor. There was little room to walk freely. Bodies bumped into me as we continued through the room. I pressed closer to Joe. He looked down at me and winked. I smiled warmly at him, relaxing a little. A small space opened up and Joe twirled me into his arms. We began a slow, sensual dance. Our eyes locked. Our bodies molded together. His hand griped mine and brought them close to his heart, trapped between us. He loosened his grip, placed my hand over his heart.

“Feel that?” He whispered.

I sighed and dropped my head on his chest. I loved the rapid thump underneath my hand.

“You do that to me,” he quietly said as he placed his hand over my heart. “I see it’s mutual,” he grinned mischievously. I looked up to see the wicked gleam in his eyes. He pinched my nipple, circled and teased its hard tip.

“Joe,” I nervously whispered, “There are people here.”

“Shhhhh, no one can tell,” he softly said as his mouth claimed mine, cutting off my weak protest. His tongue dueled with mine. Sucking, biting, and gently devouring my mouth.

My head swam mecidiyeköy eskort with desire, my eyes rolled back, lost in the tingling sensations he created. His lips locked with mine silencing my small sighs. I pressed closer, as if that were possible. His hand caressed my ribs, my stomach and lower. My breathing became more ragged. His finger found the indentation of my belly button. His assault on my mouth muffled my passionate moans. My breath caught as his hand cupped my hot mound. The thin material of my pants was just a slight barrier to his exploring fingers. He rubbed my slit slowly back and forth. The friction of the material against my bare pussy heightened my pleasure. His finger pressed deeper, pushing into to my hot core as far as the material would allow. I could feel his hardness as it pulsed against me, so hot, so hard. I ground my hips. I wanted to feel his finger deep inside me. He chuckled. “Easy now, we don’t want anyone to suspect that my finger is pressing into that hot moist pussy of yours. You don’t want them to know that you are ready to cum right here in the middle of the dance floor.”

Dizzy, I thought two could play at this game. This was supposed to be my night of control. Only I seemed to be the submissive one. So far, all I had done was initiate one kiss. I brought my thumb and forefinger to my mouth and wet the tips. I slipped my hand into his silky shirt, found his nipple, and lightly circled it with my wet digit. I brought his hand to my mouth. I looked deep into his eyes as I sensuously sucked his finger, in and out, mimicking the thrusts of lovemaking. I opened my mouth wider and pushed his finger deep inside. My soft lips closed over it. I could hear his sigh of pleasure. My tongue twirled around and around, a promise of things to come. His pupils dilated slightly as his eyes drifted shut in ecstasy His nipple hardened instantly. I could feel him shudder as I pinched and rolled it between my thumb and index finger. Ahhh, the power! I smoothed my hand across his chest. My fingers raked through his satiny chest hair. Casually I caressed my way downward, as if I had not a care in the world. I played with his skin, a pinch here, a caress there. My fingernails lightly scratched along the way. I leaned into his body on tippy toes, and burrowed my head into the crevasse of his neck. I inhaled his intoxicating scent. It filled my head. I grew bolder. My hand found his cock as it strained to break free of his pants. I grasped it and stroked him up and down. He moaned as his hips gyrated. I pulled the zipper down, just enough to insert a few fingers. Surprised I found soft, smooth skin. No underwear! I rimmed the tip of his penis. My finger gently circled the small slit there. I could feel the sticky wetness of his pre-cum. His body trembled. I looked into his eyes again. I pulled my hand from between us.

“Ummmm, delicious,” I said breathlessly as I sucked my finger. I took his hand in mine and massaged his palm. Slowly I pulled it toward my mouth again. My tongue darted out and touched the tip of his finger. Then I licked from the base of his wrist to the end of his finger again. Our eyes never broke contact. I swirled my wet tongue around each finger. I suckled them one at a time deep into my mouth, in and out, in and out. I nibbled and licked as I continued to stroke each finger repeatedly. His breath came out in short pants. His eyes glazed over. I could feel the sexual electricity pass between us.

“You,” he hissed, “need to stop what you are doing. Or I am not going to be responsible for what happens. Of course, maybe the others will enjoy it. It’s not everyday you go to a party and get a live sex show.” He chuckled and squeezed me tight against him. “Let’s find some place private and I’ll let you ravish me!” He breathlessly rasped in my ear.

“Is that a promise?” I replied, near orgasm, as my body crackled with desire. He had no way of knowing how sensitive my ears were. It is like going from zero to 60 in a nano second.

“Oh yes, it is most defiantly a promise, after all I am a man of my word,” he flirted.

I turned away and walked toward the patio. I looked back over my shoulder and winked. He just stood there, with a stunned look on his handsome face. “Coming?” I purred. “No pun intended”. I winked.

Once outside, I stopped. The candles flickered in the soft, cool evening breeze. I searched for a secluded spot. “There!” I whispered as I moved to the back of the patio. The lush greenery hid a small opening. I felt Joe’s body brush against my back. I relaxed against him. “What do you think?”

Silently he grabbed my hand and pulled me roughly through the bushes. There before us was a beautiful private pool. The landscape was designed to look like an oasis. It was a hidden paradise. Just beyond the pool, we could make out a small building. “Perfect!” He said as he quickened his pace toward the cabana. “At last!” He whispers. I giggle. He grasps the door handle and gently turns the knob. “Ahhhh”, he sighs as he opens it. “I was worried there for a minute,” he chuckles. “I thought I was going to have to find somewhere else.”

Before he has the chance to turn and face me, I surprise him by putting my sash around his head, covering his eyes. “Trust me,” I whisper.

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