Seducing AmberSeducing Amber


Seducing AmberI had been sitting on the sofa reading when I heard the doorbell ring and when I answered it, I saw Amber standing before me looking rather downcast. As she came in we headed for the sofa and after sitting down, she told me that her best friend had made a pass at her and she felt very uncomfortable about it. Our talk got around to how her friend ran her hand over Amber’s leg and then back and slowly around her waist until she tried to move her hand up towards Amber’s tits. I had to admit talking about it was getting me turned on and having Amber right next to me, seeing how well her blouse went out and how good her body looked, made me even want to get her into bed that much more. I suggested we head for the bedroom to get more comfortable and Amber agreed.Once there we sat on the edge of the bed and as I slowly ran my hand over her leg, back and around her neck, I could see Amber getting a little more tense, so I suggested she lay back down on the bed to help ease her mind. When she did I moved next to her side and squatting on my knees, I slowly caressed her hair as I tried to ease her mind a little.”Are you comfortable?” I asked her and she said she was a little”Do you like me caressing your hair?” I then asked and once again she said yes. I figured it was time to move in and before she could react, I bent down to her and gently planted a kiss on her lips. When I backed off a bit and saw that she didn’t say or do anything, kaçak iddaa I moved back in and this time kissed her longer and more passionately. For the next several minutes I continued to kiss her, softly caressing her hair then cheek before I moved a bit and kissed her around her neck. “Do you like me kissing you?” I then asked her and she said it felt warm and wonderful. I then stretched out next to her and once again began to kiss her as any lesbian lover would. This time my hand went around her body as I caressed her thighs, stomach and finally around her tits. I could feel her nipple under her clothes and I knew she was getting turned on to my kisses. I was able to reach the top of her short top and I gently pulled it down a bit as I now kissed above her tits. I heard a very faint moan from her and decided to go further, so I moved up, kissed her lips again and then back down and pulling her top down more, started to kiss and lick the upper part of her tits. After a couple of minutes I broke off and getting up to my knees, I reached down and took hold of her arm and pulled it up to me. I now began to lick and suck on her fingers and then I slowly kissed my way down her arm and back up to her neck and then again kissing her lips. By now I was thoroughly turned on and as I laid down next to her I laid my leg over her lower abdomen and near her cunt and pulling down on her top, I was able to expose her one nipple and immediately kaçak bahis I went to licking and sucking on it gently, nipping at it with my teeth just to feel it in my mouth. I soon stopped and moved over a bit on my side and I took her hand and placed it on my tit. I helped her caress my tit through my blouse as I leaned back in and began to kiss her more. Soon I stopped moved my leg off her and rising up gently,”Did you like to feel my tit?” I asked her and she said it felt very soft. I reached down and pulled her up to a sitting position and undoing her bra, took it off and then helped remove her top.As I laid her back down I now began to lick and kiss her tits and gently suck on her nipples until I moved my one hand down and started to caress around her pubic area. A few more kisses and I now rose up and moved down in the bed where I unbuttoned her shorts and taking hold of them and her panties, I pulled them off her. I spread her legs apart and moving in between them, I bent down and now began to lick at Amber’s beautiful cunt. She was so sweet tasting as I stuck my tongue into her cunt, licked around her cunt and finally bit gently on her cunt lips and clit. I could hear soft moans coming from her and I knew she was thoroughly enjoying what I was doing. After several minutes I backed off and rising to my knees, took off my own blouse and bra and them moved a bit so that I could take off my skirt and panties. I moved back up illegal bahis towards her head and bent down and kissed her more until I moved up a bit further and then moved over her body “Suck on my tits honey” I said to her and I nearly jumped out of my skin as she moved up a bit and began to suck on my tits while she squeezed them. I let her suck on my tits for a couple of minutes then,”Do you like sucking on my tits?” I asked her and she said it felt so wonderful and natural. We kissed for a couple of minutes more until I backed off and laid down next to her. Reaching down with my hand, I began to caress my cunt and then finger fuck it as I looked over at her.”Suck my cunt” I softly said to her and without hesitating she moved down and spread my legs apart and moving in, tried to do to me what I had done to her. She was a bit nervous at first until I told her she was doing fine and how to do it a little bit more and soon I was laying back and while I caressed and played with my tits, Amber was now sucking ang biting on my cunt and clit lick any good lesbian lover could. I let her suck on my for a good period of time as she drove me into a frenzy of lust until I had reached a peak and reaching down, I grabbed her hair and”Kiss me” I demanded and Amber stopped and moving up over my body our lips once again met as we kissed long, hard and passionately. My mind raced as I laid there kissing her, knowing I had made a new lover and that I would be having her again one day. When we finally stopped I looked at her as she laid down beside me,”Did you like it my baby?” I asked her”Oh Carmen it was so beautiful” she replied and for me it was too.

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