Satisfying Office TensionsSatisfying Office Tensions

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Betty being pregnant had not stopped her from being Brent’s office obsession – it had actually made it worse. Now it was easier to get into a conversation about her body, and their constant flirting seemed to be even more intimate now, as if her being pregnant made it clear it was just harmless fun. Her skin had a warm glow about it now, and her big breasts that she had self consciously covered up with an extra layer when they first got to know each other were even bigger now.

“How’s it going, Betty,” Brent asked as he headed toward his office, going past her cubicle. He reached a free hand down and squeezed her shoulder and the base of her neck. The physical contact had gradually increased as their flirting had.

“Hmmm,” Betty said, closing her eyes and moving her head around, “better now,” she said. She started taking off her little sweater that she had worn in this morning, pushing out her chest to get her arms out. She could have done this a few minutes ago when she first came into the office, but mentally justified her mini strip tease for Brent – she had just been warming up since coming inside, and now didn’t need the sweater.

Brent watched the show, looking down at her big, firm breasts as they stuck out. Combined with the moaning sound from his shoulder grab it was arousing him, just as he felt he got several times a day around Betty.

“Brent, I’m feeling really….tense,” Betty said to him, looking through her eye lashes at him over her shoulder, the pause in what she said so obvious Brent was glad most of the office hadn’t filed in yet. “Any chance I could come with you to your office and you could do some more of that massaging to my shoulders?”

“Sure,” Brent said, “come on over.”

Brent put one of he guest chairs behind his desk, in front of his office chair, as he often did when he was showing an employee how to do something nişantaşı escort bayan in one of the programs they used. Betty sat and moved her bottom and her shoulders, trying to get comfortable despite the tension, it seemed.

Brent sat in his office chair and went straight to firmly massaging Betty’s shoulders and neck, kneading her warm, soft skin, eliciting a steady stream of soft moans.

“You don’t feel too stiff,” Brent said softly, hoping his almost whisper could be felt on her neck and ear.

“To be honest with you, Brent,” Betty said, “it’s not muscle stiffness. Being pregnant, it’s….it’s making my hormones kind of wild.”

“Oh,” he said, not exactly sure what she was saying, but interested.

“I’m sorry to use you, but I need someone touching me or I’ll go crazy, and this might just be enough to keep that from happening.”

He understood fully now. He spread his legs as his felt his cock throb and he thought it might swell to take up all the room between his legs.

“No apology necessary,” Brent said inches from her neck, visibly teasing her with the feel of his breath. “And I think I can do enough to help you keep your sanity.” With that his hands slowly, gently slid down off of her shoulders, down her arms, and started moving around to her pregnant belly. Betty inhaled hard and long at the sensual feeing, no thoughts of stopping what felt so nice – he could just be giving her a kind of hug, touching her there where so many people felt comfortable touching her as an acknowledgement of what was causing the problems.

As if to make it clear to Betty that an innocent, though intimate hug was not what he was doing, his hands continued to move down under her belly, one pulling the waist of her skirt out, allowing the other to slowly slide along her skin to the top of her panties.

She gasped at the sensation, şişli escort bayan and spread her legs slightly. Her eyes closed again, and her head reclined, telling Brent he was hers to use as he wanted, and she needed.

Again Brent used two hands, one to lift the top of Betty’s panties, the other to slip inside, soon encountering her curly, dark brown pubic hair, her swollen lips and hard clit, the wetness already seeping from her.

Brent brought his other hand back up to Betty’s shoulder and massaged her there as he slid his fingers in her pussy, brushing her clit, now squeezing her lips together with her clit between them.

“This way, if anyone saw, it would just look like I’m rubbing your shoulders,” Brent whispered in her ear, his three fingers now sloshing around in her pussy, moving gradually up. He gently held her clit between his thumb and middle finger, then moved his mouth up to take hold of her ear lobe. He felt the heat off of her neck an between her legs, the scent of her soap and perfume, and her pussy. He slowly bit her ear lobe while he squeezed her clit. He pulled his mouth back slowly, inhaling her scents while he continued to massage her shoulder and work her soaked pussy. Her thighs were squeezing his hand, then spreading wide, her loving being the object of his play.

He pressed his three fingers against the length of her juicy cunt, sliding them up and down, spreading her lips, the fingers squeezing her aching clit between them. He slowed for a moment, and she breathed for the first time in a while, then he resumed the sawing, her eyes rolling up in her head, back arching and a moan coming from her lips as she came hard and long.

“Brent – ” a voice said as a Janice, a coworker of Betty’s came into view at the doorway “Oh, sorry, didn’t know you were busy.”

Brent’s fingers didn’t let up when kağıthane escort bayan Betty’s stomach sucked in at the surprise entry of Janice. Betty was nervously aware of the sloshing sounds between her legs, of her flushed face, neck and chest, and of the smell of her sex.

“That’s fine,” Brent said to Janice, “I was just helping Betty out with some things with the new program.” He looked down at his hand on Betty’s shoulder, “and trying to keep her interest in it with a little shoulder massage.”

“Oh, I think I need some refreshing on that program myself,” Janice joked, smiling. “Is he doing a good job, Betty? And I don’t mean with the program!”

Brent slid all three fingers up in her, the ball of his hand grinding her clit, her sopping wet panties stretched out. She gasped and moaned as softly as she could.

“Oooh, I’ll take that as a yes!” Janice said. “Sign me up for some tutoring, too, Brent,” she said, winked, and spinning on her heal, walked out, shaking her hips as she did.

“I guess we should finish you up,” Brent whispered hoarsely.

Betty bit down on her lower lip, watching the door way as she spread her legs wide for Brent’s assault.

Brent’s hand rocked back and forth on Betty’s clit, grinding it against her pubic bone as his bent three fingers plunged in and out of her. The loud sound, reminiscent of boots walking in a swamp, obscured Betty’s moans as they turned into grunts. Orgasm after orgasm rocked her body. She was flush, a sheen of sweat on her, her pubic hair slicked down, her panties dripping wet, her pussy swollen and sore.

Brent slowly stopped hammering into her, stopped smashing her clit, and gently flopped his now pruning up fingers out of her soaked cunt. He pet her, firmly squeezing her swollen lips, then pulling his hand from her crotch.

“Why don’t you take a moment to relax here and practice that program,” Brent said. Betty nodded, unable to speak coherently at the moment, and certain her legs wouldn’t hold her. Brent sat back, raising his hand to stroke his upper lip contemplatively. He smelled his fingers noticeably, making Betty shiver even a bit more as she tried to calm herself down.

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