Satin SlitsSatin Slits


Inspired by a Color Climax film of the same name.

All characters are at least eighteen years of age.


Uncle Buddy had gone on another one of his drunken rampages, and this one left Aunt Jane with a black eye among other bruises so, once again, she was staying at our house until things returned to “normal” at hers. Mom is Aunt Jane’s older sister, and they have always been very close. Just how close I was beginning to wonder, because sometimes, before Dad got home from work, I would hear strange grunting noises, like the kind you hear in porn videos, coming from my parents’ bedroom, noises that I only heard when Aunt Jane was visiting.

And then something amazing happened. Aunt Jane’s visit came just a few weeks before my nineteenth birthday, and one night not long after she arrived Dad knocked on my door while I was doing homework. After some small talk, he asked me if I had any idea what the two sisters did together while he was at work. I thought it best to say no, so I did; he laughed and then asked if I would like to know. Before I could say anything, he told me that my mother and aunt are pussy pals. I tried to look dumb, and I guess it worked, because then he told me that they like to eat each other out. I tried to let on like I didn’t know what that meant, so he launched into a detailed explanation of the ins and outs of lesbian 69.

By the time he was done, I was flabbergasted. Of course I knew what he was talking about, but somehow I just couldn’t imagine Mom and Aunt Jane, sprawled naked in bed, one on top of the other, with their heads between each other’s thighs, licking clit and sucking cunt like there was no tomorrow. And that’s when dad asked me something that blew my mind.

“Would you like to watch them?”

Before I could reply, he explained how he had rigged up a small camera in the bedroom so that he could watch their goings-on while he was at work. He offered to set up my laptop so I could watch, too, that is, if I was interested. I was so dumb-founded all I could do was nod in agreement, and in no time I was staring at a birds-eye view of my parents’ queen size bed.

“Now, they’re done for today,” he explained, “but tomorrow afternoon they’ll put on the best show yet. That’s because I’m going to come home early and surprise them, catch them in the act, and maybe join in myself. I wouldn’t miss it if I were you, son,” he cackled before leaving.

Sure enough, the next day, Mom and Aunt Jane went at it again. I had just gotten home from school when I heard them giggling as they snuck down the hall into the bedroom. By the time I got on the laptop, they had already stripped naked and were propped up in bed, side by side. They sure looked different from each other, even though they were sisters; Mom was short and squat with big, saggy tits while Aunt Jane had the body of a distance runner, tall and skinny with boobs no bigger than a pre-teen’s, although she did have some nice looking nipples. Their fair-skinned bodies contrasted nicely with the bed’s brownish-orange sheets. They seemed to be role-playing, with Mom acting like the seductive one and Aunt Jane like Yalı Escort the shy, innocent one. Mom was gently tweaking Aunt Jane’s nipple with a naughty smile on her face while Aunt Jane looked like she was enjoying it but wasn’t sure that she should be.

Then Mom took her hand off Aunt Jane’s breast and replaced it with her mouth. She began licking and sucking the big nipple she had been tweaking, and I could tell that Aunt Jane liked it because she flashed Mom a big, toothy smile. And when Mom let her hand drift down between Aunt Jane’s legs, she laid her head back on the bed and half-closed her eyes. I couldn’t hear anything, but Aunt Jane looked like she was purring like a cat being petted.

And I guess she was, because Mom’s fingers were rubbing up and down on Aunt Jane’s clit. I could see it sticking out from her light brown pubic hair, and it seemed like it got bigger as Mom stroked it. Every now and then, Mom would dip her middle finger into Aunt Jane’s pussy, and when she pulled it out it and dragged it over the clit, the slit looked like it was getting redder and wetter. It was obvious that Aunt Jane was really getting into what Mom was doing to her, because her head flopped so far over the edge of the bed that her long light brown hair touched the floor.

And that’s when things got really interesting. All of a sudden, Dad entered the picture. He was naked except for a blue-striped rugby shirt, and his prick, which was pretty long, was hanging low. He walked over to Aunt Jane and just plopped his cock and balls on her face. Then he slowly dragged them down until the tip of his prick was resting on Aunt Jane’s lips. She opened her mouth and took that floppy thing in right up to the balls. Then, as Dad’s cock got harder, he began to fuck Aunt Jane’s face. Each pump seemed to send him deeper and deeper into her throat, until at last he was so far in that his balls banged against her nose. By this time, Mom had shifted so that her face was buried in Aunt Jane’s pussy. I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing, but whatever it was it was making Aunt Jane’s ass quiver and shake.

At this point, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I stripped naked and started jacking off. I’m right-handed, but I like to stroke with my left hand so I can fondle my balls with my right. I also like to stick my right middle finger up my ass and wiggle it around, because that makes me cum harder.

Then Dad pulled out and Mom got up so that he could lay down in the bed. The next thing I saw was Mom sitting on his face with his tongue stuck in her cunt. It was covered with black curly hair and I wondered if any of it ever got in Dad’s mouth. He went back and forth between licking her clit and swirling his tongue around inside her loose lips. Mom seemed to like it a lot, because all the while she was squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples while she rocked back and forth. It looked to me like he might’ve had his nose in her pussy, or maybe her asshole, and I wondered if she liked the way that felt or if he liked the way that it smelled. Meanwhile, Aunt Jane must’ve liked the way Dad’s prick tasted, because Escort Yalı now she was lying beside Dad with her hip next to his shoulder so that she could suck him off. She tickled his balls while she worked her mouth up and down on his stiff prick, and I could tell she liked it because every now and then she would take it out and flash him a big smile. Or maybe it was because Mom was working her fingers in and out of Aunt Jane’s cunt.

Then they did something that really flabbergasted me. Aunt Jane got on top of Dad and sat on his prick, and in no time she was bouncing up and down on it. She would rise up so far that it almost slipped out, and then she would drop down so far that her ass touched his balls. Meanwhile, Mom had climbed off Dad’s face and scooted down some so that Aunt Jane could lean over and lick Mom’s cunt while Aunt Jane rode Dad’s cock. I could tell from the way she wiggled her tongue and Mom wriggled her bottom, and from the big goofy grins on their faces, that Dad was right, these two sisters were pussy pals from way back.

Big surprise, but after all that sucking and fucking Aunt Jane did on Dad’s cock, he finally shot his load. I could see the sperm dribble slowly out of her pussy and down his pecker until his entire shaft was coated with it, that and the juice from her cunt. He must’ve said something to Mom and Aunt Jane, because they shifted positions so that they were lying on either side of him with their faces next to his crotch. Then they started to lick the cum off his prick. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, because from time to time they would look at each other and grin. Then they would kiss, sometimes with Dad’s cock between their lips, and the cum that was still oozing out of his dick would get smeared all over their lips and chins. They took turns licking each other clean, which I didn’t understand, because then they would just make each other dirty again.

You would have thought that Dad’s cock would be limp by now, after popping that big load in Aunt Jane’s cunt. But I guess that the licking he was taking from the two of them was enough to keep him hard. And I guess that’s exactly what they wanted, because they made Dad get out of bed and stand behind them while they laid on the bed with their knees on the floor and their butts sticking out in his direction.

Dad grabbed their cheeks and made them spread their legs, and when they did I could see their pink pussies and brown assholes poking out from between their buns. Mom and Aunt Jane looked back at Dad like “what are you waiting for” and that’s when he started fucking Mom from behind. He gave her five or six good hard pumps and then he pulled out and went for Aunt Jane. He fucked her for a while before going back to Mom and giving her a lot more of his big dick, which, judging from the look on her face, she was enjoying.

I guess Aunt Jane thought Dad was giving too much attention to Mom’s cunt, so she laid back on the bed and spread her legs so that Dad could get a good view of her pussy, and what a pussy it was, too, wide open and pink and sopping wet. Dad must’ve liked the way it looked, Yalı Escort Bayan too, because he pulled out of Mom and went for Aunt Jane again. You would have thought that Mom would’ve been upset but, no, she didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, she lay down beside Aunt Jane and stuck her face right in the middle of the action so she could get an up-close look at her husband fucking the daylights out of her sister. From time to time, she would take Dad’s cock out of Aunt Jane’s cunt, swirl her tongue around the helmet, give it a couple of sucks, and then, with a big smile on her face, put it back in Aunt Jane’s cunt so he could fuck it some more.

After a while, Mom made Dad pull out, and then she and Aunt Jane got into a 69 position. Dad watched them lick each other’s cunts for a while and then he straddled Mom, who was on top. He laid his big dick in the crack of her ass, and started rubbing it between her fat cheeks. Pretty soon, he shot his load again, and this time there was even more of it than before. The cum ran down from between Mom’s cheeks and slit and dribbled onto Aunt Jane’s face, but she just kept licking away at Mom’s cunt like nothing had happened. A bunch of cum got into her mouth, and she just swallowed it like it was the tastiest thing ever.

And that’s when I came. It was the biggest load I’ve ever shot, and I just kept cumming and cumming. The first glob hit the laptop screen and splattered all over it. The second glob hit the keyboard and I was sure enough of it had gotten down between the keys that it was ruined. The third glob just landed on my feet and dripped down in between my toes. But I didn’t care, I just kept stroking until my dick was completely coated with sticky goo.

When I was finally able to look back at the screen, I realized they were done. Dad had left the room and Mom and Aunt Jane were snuggled up together like they were going to go to sleep. So I turned off the laptop and cleaned up my mess as best I could, and then I just sat there for a long while, thinking about what I had just seen and not being able to believe any of it.

Eventually, I got hungry, plus I had to piss. I put on my pants, hit the bathroom, and then went into the kitchen to see what there was to eat. Imagine my surprise when I saw Mom and Aunt Jane sitting at the kitchen table, looking at a computer screen and giggling. Mom was wearing her white terry bathrobe and Aunt Jane was in some kind of pinkish wrap-around thing. Dad was standing behind Mom, still wearing just that blue-striped shirt, and he was massaging her shoulders.

I walked around to see what they were looking at, and to my surprise it was a video of the crazy sex scene I had seen earlier. And then I got real embarrassed, because I realized what they were really watching was a video of me watching them! OMG, I thought, Dad must’ve hooked up a camera in my room when he wired me up to watch their performance and then recorded it all, both in their room and mine. I could feel my face turn red when they got to the part where I shot my load all over the laptop screen while my finger was shoved up my ass. It didn’t help any that all three of them started cackling like crazy when they saw that.

But I got over my embarrassment real quick when Aunt Jane said something that almost knocked me for a loop. “That’s a real nice cock you’ve got there, Junior. Maybe next time your parents will let you join in the fun!”

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