Sammy”s Kitchen Chapter 15

Jake”s gentle snoring woke me up, but when I rolled to my side to cuddle, I noticed that he wasn”t there. I opened my eyes and he wasn”t in his bed either. There was no trace of him in the room and I almost blamed it on my dream when I saw him sleeping in the fetal position on the ground, next to my bed.

“Jakey,” I whispered and nudged him.

“Five more minutes…” he mumbled without closing his eyes.

“Jakey… What are you doing? Please come back to bed.”

“Nuh, huh,” he protested and tucked his knees even closer to his naked chest.

With resignation, I climbed off the bed and got down next to him. I hugged and shook him gently. “Are you sleeping on the floor because you are my doggie, Jakey?”

Jake opened one eye. “Yes. Doggies don”t belong on beds.”

“Jakey… What am I going to do with you… now wake up! It”s Christmas Eve!”

I had so many chores to do. I didn”t wait for Jake to wake up and got busy in the kitchen. I wanted to get the turkey in the oven as soon as possible. I liked to keep it there for most of the day at a low temperature, bringing it to high only for the final minutes to ensure it”s tender and juicy on the inside, and crunchy on the outside. But first I diced some onions, brussels, carrot and sweet potato which was one of my favorite veggies to roast.

Just as I was assembling everything on a cast iron pan, Jake came into the kitchen.

“Good morning,” he said, stretching.

“Hi Jakey. Why aren”t you dressed?”

“It”s our day off, Sammy. I wanna be in my shorts all day.”

“Suit yourself,” I said and move the pan with the turkey and veggies into the oven.

“Why aren”t you filming?” Jake asked curiously.

“I don”t feel like it,” I smiled at him. “You said it yourself, it”s our day off.”

“Haha, you”re right, Sammy. So what do I do?”

“You stay away from the kitchen, Jakey. Just do whatever you wanna do.”

“Oh okay. I think I”ll hang out with Sasha if you don”t mind.”

“Go ahead,” I said. “Which reminds me, I talked to Sasha yesterday.”

“About what?”

“You know, about having him in one of our videos in the future. You saw the YouTube comments. He pretty much stole the show the last time.”

“Good idea, Sammy. I”m surprised.”


“I thought you weren”t crazy about Sasha.”

I raised my eyebrows trying to keep my poker face. “You know, Jakey, business is business.”

Jake chuckled. “You”re right, little bro. Do you want me to talk to him?”

“No need, I”ll handle that.”

When Jake left, I went through yesterday”s exchange with Sasha in between preparing side dishes for the big meal. We had been texting for almost half an hour. Even though he”d been friends with Jake since Sasha”s family moved here when we were six, that was possibly the longest interaction I”d ever had with him. For some reason, he was always making me nervous. I didn”t like his cynical, distant attitude and it didn”t help that I felt like he was cool and nice to everyone else. I always felt like he was making fun of me and knew something he didn”t let out.

That”s why I wasn”t completely sold on his sudden enthusiasm after I mentioned money. I told him that I could offer him ten bucks for the next video. I know it doesn”t sound like a lot but it was a lot for us at that time. Sasha”s family was even poorer than ours from what I knew. Ten bucks was much more than I hoped to earn from that YouTube video but I calculated we”ll pay him from the ForFanz money. I needed our YT channel to grow before Mom got suspicious about the unproportional income, so this wasn”t really about making profit.

Before we finished texting, he asked me not to mention anything to anyone. He must”ve really needed that money if he was ready to risk his reputation with his friends for ten bucks.

The bird was cooking slowly in the oven and I was about to start cleaning when Jake came back.

“Leave the dishes to me, Sammy, give me 5 minutes in the bathroom!”

“Thanks for coming back early, Jakey,” I said when he changed his clothes and appeared in the kitchen.

“I know you hate it when I”m late. Let”s get everything done together before Mom comes home, okay?”

“I love you, Jakey,” I said sincerely.

Jake gave me an affectionate smirk and started washing the dishes.

“Sasha seems pretty hyped to be in our new YT video,” he said a couple minutes later over the sound of running water.

“Jakey, I told you you don”t need to talk to him about it. I have it under control.”

“But he brought it up himself! He was asking me all kinds of questions about how we record and I was like, şişli travesti dude, you were just making fun of us because of these videos!”

“I wonder what made him change his mind,” I said innocently.

“Sammy… I can always tell when you”re hiding something from me.”

“I”m not hiding anything. I just offered him some cash because he was reluctant in front of his friends.”

“Do you have an idea for a video?”

“Not yet, Jakey… You”ve been having all the good ideas recently.”

“Don”t worry Sammy,” he smiled, “Let your manager figure something out.”


Time passed. The food was done and it was getting close to the hour when we usually started eating and giving each other presents, but there was no sign of Mom coming home. I didn”t say anything not to spoil the mood but I was nervous and I couldn”t hide it from Jake.

“Don”t worry, Sammy, she always comes at the last moment, right?”

I knew he was right but I was still nervous. This happened every year and I felt the familiar knot in my stomach. Of all days in a year, I really wanted Christmas to be special and perfect. When Jake”s phone rang and he briefly showed me that it was her, I jumped.

“Hey, Mom,” Jake said. “Yes. Yes! Oh, okay, I see.” Jake looked at me with a sad expression and the knot in my stomach tightened. “Can”t you ask them to let you go early? Unbelievable. Don”t worry, Mom, we understand, please get home soon, Sammy made some delicious food just for us. We love you too, bye!”

“I knew it,” I said, resigned. “What happened?”

“They made them work overtime again.”

“On Christmas Eve??? What are they thinking?”

“Don”t worry, Sammy. We”ll celebrate properly tomorrow. She has a day off.”

“… Guess it”s just two of us, huh?”

“That”s right, Sammy! All day with your favorite brother. How does that sound?”

“Not that bad, I guess.” I failed to hide my smile and Jake laughed, proud that he managed to cheer me up.

It wasn”t bad at all. We prepared two plates on each side of the table and Jake helped me carry all the food. As always, I made way too much and it was clear we”d be eating it for another two days. Jakey played some music, turned off the lights, lit up a few candles, and except for the Christmas tree lights and decorations, it started looking like we were on a date.

“Wine?” I tilted my eyebrow when Jake started pouring red wine into glasses.

“Just a few drops, Sammy. We”re old enough,” he said, as I watched him fill the glasses almost all the way up.

“You”re not the most responsible manager in the world, Jakey.”

My brother just gave me a wink and we talked about this and that as we ate. We had a great time and with every sip of the wine, I started forgetting my disappointment that Mom couldn”t spend this time with us. When we finished eating, I didn”t even notice when I reached over the table to grab Jake”s hands. It felt so amazing talking to him and sharing this touch, I was almost happy we were alone! I scolded myself for having these thoughts but I still felt excited and warm inside.

“I have a little something for you, Sammy,” Jake said suddenly and it took me a while to register what he meant.

“That”s sweet of you, Jakey… I have a little something for you, too,” I said, feeling my cheeks getting red from embarrassment and the wine. Then I noticed that Jake”s presents were already tucked neatly under the Christmas tree. “Oh shit, I forgot to bring it, I”ll be right back!” I exclaimed and retrieved a small package and a bag from my sock drawer. Suddenly, I had second thoughts whether this was actually a safe place to hide them from Jake…

Back in the living room, Jake was standing next to the tree with his present in his hands and a big smile on his face. I loved it when he wore his best clothes… it really emphasized how handsome he really was.

“Merry Christmas, Sammy,” Jake said as we exchanged our gifts and went into a long hug.

“Merry Christmas, Jakey. Things have been a little rough recently but thanks to you I feel happier than ever.”

“Me too, little bro. You”d make me the happiest twin brother on Earth by just being here, but you do so much more.”

We smiled awkwardly at our cheesiness and kissed. I closed my eyes and wasn”t sure if the lights I was seeing underneath my closed eyelids were coming from the Christmas Tree lights or from the electricity his mouth caused.

“Open it,” Jake smiled at me and winked when we parted after a couple of minutes.

I returned a shy smile and started tearing the wrapping paper of the first package. It didn”t take me long to reveal a piece of red cotton.

beylikdüzü travesti “What do you know, a red hoodie!” I pretended to be surprised.

“I still didn”t forgive you for guessing what I got you…” Jake faked a pout and I gave him a peck on his cheek to cheer him up. Then I unwrapped the other gift.

“A tripod!” I exclaimed.

“That”s right, Sammy. No more duct taping your expensive phone to kitchenware,” he said, beaming with pride.

“You are so good with presents, Jakey! Thank you! Now, open mine.”

Jake picked up his gift. It was a sphere a little larger than a human head.

“Is it a book, Sammy?” Jake asked.

“Yes, it”s Around the World in 80 Days, globe edition, Jakey. Now stop fooling around and open it.”

The gift was only wrapped in a single layer of wrapping paper and Jake removed it with a single move, revealing a leather soccer ball.

“Thank you, Sammy!” Jake said with happy eyes as he put the ball on top of his index finger and skillfully rotated it with his left hand, making it blur before my eyes. Then he squeezed it hard between his palms to check the pressure. “It”s good quality too! That”s a great gift. You know how often I destroy mine.”

“I know,” I replied, happy about his reaction.

“Now what”s the other thing?” he asked, picking up the bag. “A cap! It looks so cool, thank you, Sammy.”

“This is a little selfish gift,” I admitted. “You know how I like you in baseball caps.”

Jake adjusted the size and put it on his head. I was right, he looked sexy and boyish in it.

“I”m never taking it off, then,” he said, as serious as he”s ever been.

I gave him a mischievous smile. “You”ll have to take it off one day, Jakey. How else am I going to take your shirt off?”

“Why would you want to take my shirt off?” he asked knowingly.

As a reply, I pulled him closer and reversed the cap on his head so that he wouldn”t poke me with its beak when I kissed him. We made out again for a few minutes, this time touching our bodies and pressing our hardening crotches together. It was clear where this was going.

“Let”s go to bed Jakey,” I whispered.

“No, let”s make it here, Sammy,” he whispered back in my ear. “I have one more gift for you and I want you to have it here.”

I didn”t even have to look for clues in his eyes. I knew what he wanted because I wanted it just as much. But where Jake was confident, I was scared to death, even though I was feeling a little bit fuzzy from the wine.

A few blissful minutes later, we were sitting naked on the carpet – Jake wearing only his new baseball cap – touching and stroking each other. For at least two reasons, I didn”t want it to ever end – one being the fact that it felt so, so good, the other being that I was afraid of what was about to happen.

Jake invitingly laid back on the carpet, exposing his excited nakedness and I took my sweet time surveying it with my fingers. His body hair electrified wherever I touched. I gently pinched both his nipples, causing his perfect cock to throb above his sculpted six-pack. A string of precum stretched between the tip and skin just below his belly button leaving no doubt about how excited he was. My own erection was pointing forward, begging to be buried somewhere warm and tight.

“Come on, Sammy, it”s time,” Jake smiled at me reassuringly and spread his legs a little.

“Uh, okay,” I said. I took a small pillow from the couch and placed it below Jake”s butt. It was one thing that I learned from my purely scientific research over the last weeks. “Oh shit, Jakey, I”m scared.”

“Don”t be, Sammy, it”s just you and me here, no one else. Oh, and put on that hoodie I got you.”

I didn”t argue. I pulled the red hoodie over my head. It felt nice on my naked skin. I adjusted it carefully so as not to stain it with my precum. I drew some energy from Jake”s confident eyes and got in position.

I won”t go describing the first few minutes of me hopelessly trying to enter my twin. I was so clumsy and clueless I couldn”t even find the right words to describe it. Eventually, I got frustrated and started losing my boner.

“I”m sorry, Jakey, I can”t do it…”

“You can, Sammy. Keep trying. We have time.”

“Let”s face it, Jakey… you should be topping me,” I said with resignation.

“Look at me, Sammy,” he said and I obeyed. “You know it”s not true, right?”

“I know…” I spoke from the heart.

“Come here,” he said and he pulled me down for another kiss. I slowly relaxed. Jake reached down and with a few gentle strokes, he returned me to maximum hardness. “See, Sammy? It”s all good. Let”s try again.”

We tried istanbul travesti again. And this time, it worked. The carpet maybe wasn”t the most comfortable place on Earth but I didn”t mind. Being inside Jake instantly sent my whole body into a state of deep bliss. My brother”s eyes never lost the confident and soothing spark but his quickening breath and delicate spasms indicated that he was feeling me stretching him from the inside.

“Don”t be afraid Sammy. It feels wonderful,” Jake whispered as if reading my mind. “You know what to do.”

Just a minute ago, I would”ve strongly disagreed, but once again, he was right. I supported myself with both arms next to his shoulders and my body just knew the way. I started slowly thrusting my hips. I couldn”t believe the amazing feeling that radiated from my dick to my entire body. Jake closed his eyes, focused on taking it in, but I didn”t notice any discomfort and that encouraged me.

After less than a minute, I reconsidered my position and gently lowered myself to rest my body on top of Jake”s. I was careful not to slip out of him because I was scared to death I would never manage to reenter him and the night would be ruined. Jake assisted me and readjusted to keep us docked. Our lips met again when our chests pressed against each other, and I felt comfortable enough to slowly resume fucking him gently. I was in heaven! I didn”t even need to go very fast. I wanted to take it one thrust at a time and fully experience every second of this love act. I could only hope that Jake was enjoying it as much as I did.

“Don”t speed up yet, Sammy. It feels so good,” he said, correctly addressing my unspoken worries. “I love you so much.”

“Jakey…” I said and closed my lips tight because I didn”t want to cry during our first real sex, even if these would be tears of joy.

I felt even more encouraged and I carefully withdrew my dick except for its tip and then slowly pushed it inside. The cool air had only a few seconds to change the temperature of the skin of my boyhood but it made reembracing the soft and warm coziness of Jake”s tunnel even more intense.

We lasted like that forever. At one point, I wasn”t even sure if I was moving anymore. We were locked in such an intimate position that I was afraid of losing it. We used this break to kiss some more. I grabbed Jake”s hands and slowly started moving inside him again. I knew what to do!

I readjusted my position again to the one we started with, so I could fuck him harder. That”s what I had to do.

“Yes, Sammy, give it to me,” he said but this time I didn”t need any encouragement. I supported myself with my hands again and increased the tempo gradually. It was already clear that I wouldn”t be able to last long but it wasn”t an issue anymore. “Oh fuck, Sammy, that”s so good.”

“I love you too, Jakey,” I said. I was fucking him now in a moderate tempo and it felt so natural and good.

Jake was sliding his hands up and down my body, gently exploring my ribs with his fingers, but then he made a mistake and gently pinched my nipples. My pleasure receptors went completely crazy. I swear I felt the nipples and the dick exchanging confused impulses. I felt something weird happening around my prostate and started fucking even faster. Subconsciously, I grasped Jake”s hair and squeezed – probably too hard but Jake didn”t complain. He just grabbed his own dick and gave it precisely three slow strokes – and then he peacefully closed his eyes and started shooting. The first rope of cum fell directly on his slightly open lips. The second one landed on my hand that was still clutching his hair. The ones that followed landed on his chest. It was good that he had started cumming before me because when my orgasm hit me, it basically blinded me. I had to close my eyes, as violent tremors shook my entire body and caused a powerful eruption inside Jake”s ass. I would normally be too shy to moan like a wild animal but now it was way beyond my control. All I could do was to stop myself from inertly collapsing on Jakey and crushing him under my weight, as my shaking hands refused to support me any longer.

“I got you,” Jake said and tightly pressed our sweaty bodies together. I was panting like a dog and my brain felt like a jellyfish swimming in a thick soup of bliss and comfort. All my wishes had come true.


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