Down SouthDown South


Sure, the Double-D boobs were fake, the blond hair was a bad dye job and I was in a run-down mobile home, but a fuck is a fuck.

Eloise Johnson, waitress, airhead, and slut. My one bit of entertainment in this hell hole of a town in the middle of nowhere, Alabama.

I had one big fat tit in my mouth while she dug the front of my jeans open. She got my cock out and was stroking it hard while I switched breasts.

Eventually, I pulled off her tits and looked at her. She was waiting patiently for me to do something. Or say something.

“Kneel, baby,” I said, feeling like she wanted to be told what to do.

Dropping down, she didn’t need to be told what else to do. She opened wide and took my rock-hard erection into her mouth. The bimbo knew how to suck a cock. Good pressure, tongue work, and depth. After a few minutes of her working, I felt like I was going to blow my load down her throat.

Pushing her back, she looked up at me with a confused expression on her face. I climbed onto the bed, my cock sticking straight up in the air.

“Get kaçak iddaa on top, baby,” I said to her.

“You meant what you said earlier?”

“Would I lie, darling?” I said, trying not to mock her accent. “She was cute, but just not that bright.”

“A’ight,” she said with a stupid smile and climbed onto my waiting cock.

What she lacked in form, she more than made for in enthusiasm as she bounced wildly on my dick, shouting a steam of profanities that would have made a sailor blush.

The sight of her tight body and bouncy tits was more than enough to keep me entertained, but her rhythm was weird and it was keeping me from climaxing. I grabbed her by the hips and drove up and down into her cunt, not really caring if she was getting off on it.

Apparently, she was. “I’m comin’! I’m fuckin’ comin’! Hot shit I love yo big cock! Motherfucking yeah!” she cried out as her body when tight around me.

Smiling, I had Eloise turn around atop my cock, having her face away from me. Her lower back had a large tattoo of a rose on it. kaçak bahis Perfect tramp-stamp for this bimbo.

“Ready for more ‘Cowgirl’?”

“Hell yeah!” she said and resumed bouncing on my dick. Her ass was magnificent. It was nice and firm from long days on her feet. I controlled the rhythm, holding her firm little ass in my hands.

“God you feel so good,” I said. “Ride that cock.”

“Imma ridin’! Ridin’ ya hard!”

“Here it comes, baby!”

Sending a gush of seed deep inside the southern minx, I let out a long groan.

“Oh!” Eloise cried out. “I feel it! I feel it!”

Slipping off my body, Eloise turned around and kissed me. She reached for her clothes on the floor.

“I should prolly get you back to town and yer motel,” she drawled. I don’t know when Earl sposed to get back in.”

Earl, I took it, was her husband or fiancé, judging from the cheap ass ring on her left hand.

“I suppose so,” I said, dressing myself.

“And you meant what you said…” she started. “About that position?”

“Hmmm? Oh yes. It’ll illegal bahis never make it that far inside your womb.”


“Your pussy.” I corrected.

“OK. I like it without a condom, and if me on top won’t get me preggers, well great!” she beamed.

“Of course. No chance of you getting pregnant when you’re on top. Scouts honor.”

“You in town long?” she asked.

“A few days. You working the cafe again tomorrow?”

Eloise nodded. “Yep. And Earl is out of town starting tomorrow.”

“Excellent,” I said, kissing her again. “And I’ve got another way we can fuck that won’t get you pregnant.” I slapped her on the ass and then squeezed it.

“Huh?” she looked at a little stupidly. Then it dawned on her, “Oh!” She blushed. “Won’t that hurt?”

“Not if we use some lube,” I said, making a mental not to get some from the store. “And I know some girls like it a lot.”

It was a lie. I’d never managed to talk any of my girlfriends into anal sex. But I was going to drill this slut’s ass good and hard tomorrow night.

“OK,” she said, giggling. Finally dressed, she walked me out. We made out some more on her front porch and then I got back into my car.

“Tomorrow night, baby,” I whispered to myself as I drove off.

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