Ignorant Village Boy Pt. 03Ignorant Village Boy Pt. 03


Handing over the successfully completed construction work was a relieve to all of us and especially our boss the main contractor. He did promised us all a small bonus and a party. We were all looking forward to the bonus more than the party. So we were called to his house to prepare for the party. Some of us were tasked with food preparation and others were tasked to clear up the compound which was always messy.

Our foreign coworkers were already stationed at the new site constructing their lodging quarters and the site office. Our boss never included them in any party at his house. A separate party were usually done for them at the site. This was usually done before work start at a new site. We the local workers seldom join the party at the site.

Our boss as usual would be drinking beer from the can. He always kept himself busy, either pacing here and there giving orders or go for a short drive. His wife would always be busy with some household chores. Her work never seemed to be done so we never saw her relaxing.

I was tasked with food preparation so I was always stationed in the kitchen. Chopping and marinating meat was my main duty. After having done all that, I would then prepare the charcoal and the fire pit. Our boss’s wife would come around and check my work. She would say that she was going to miss us. Could she be hinting that she was going to miss having sex? I thought so.

Little did our boss suspected what went on while he was drunk. I didn’t think he knew anything about his wife’s sexual needs. He must have thought that everyone was like himself. Having some money, regular meals and had everything in the house and what else could you wished for?

When preparations was done, we headed back to our lodge. All talks were centered on our bonus. We were hoping for a generous sum. The last bonus wasn’t satisfactory, it was just the equivalence of a half month salary. My work mates talked on things they wanted to buy and they were extremely excited about it.

Late afternoon, we headed to our boss’s house. Things were set escort and we were waiting for our boss to grace the dinner party. A few of his business friends came too. The dinner went on without a hitch. His friends didn’t stay long, they left one after another. Our boss stood up and gave a very short speech. He was pleased with our work performance and would like us to stay as his working team. Then he gave us the long waited bonus. It was a triple month’s pay. We went wild, my colleagues cheered and whistled.

Dinner proper was over so we proceeded with the drinking and grilling at the fire pit. I was asked to carry the basin full of marinated pork chops, chicken drumsticks and Lamb chop from the kitchen to the fire pit. Our boss wife followed me into the house, she took the opportunity to remind me to stay on till her husband got drunk. I carried the basin of meat while she carried a crate of local liqour.

The liquor bottle made it’s round reinforcing the beer causing many of us to go high. As always, our boss was the first knocked out victim. This got me thrilled. A time to fuck the boss wife. My cock was erect and ready. We had to carry him to his bed. We did this everytime there was a party at his house. After positioning him on the bed, the four of us left the room. We continued our feasting outside.

Our boss wife appeared and signalled me in. I knew what to expect. I was asked to help her lower her husband’s jeans. He was quite heavy and by unzipping his jeans, she could only take his cock out. So I would have to pull down his jeans from the legs. This was not what I expected. She still preferred her husband’s cock as it was thicker than ours. His was slightly longer too.

She told me to doggy fuck her while she suck and masturbated her drunk husband. She tried to get his cock erect but it wasn’t easy. Then she stood up causing my cock to disconnect from her pussy. She told me to hold on while she went outside. She came back tugging along one of my coworker. I was never seen naked by anyone before so this made me very uneasy. On top of that my izmit escort bayan wet and erect cock was exposed to my friend for the first time. I felt awkward. My partially drunk friend immediately lowered his trousers. His cock began erecting. Our boss wife played with his cock while signalling me to doggy fuck her.

She had my colleague’s cock in her mouth, something she never did to me. I kept pumping her from behind. Then my engorged cock began to stiffened real hard. I quickened my tempo and as I felt ejaculation was coming, she took my cock out and jerked me making me cummed on top of her fleshy butt. Climax was more intense in her hand than in her pussy.

She turned around signalling my coworker to doggy fuck her while she suck my cock. After I ejaculated from her jerking my cock started deflating. The moment my cock touched her lips, it began stiffening again. As my cock entered her mouth, the sensation was totally different. It was very arousing. Soon I was getting near another cumshot. As my cock got rock hard, she took it out from her mouth and jerked me off vigorously. She diverted my cock from her face and sperm flew at random. She must have years of experience behind her jerking a cock. It would always be a pleasure to have our cocks in her mature hands. She was fair skinned and though her skin had wrinkled over the years, it was still fleshy and soft.

As my colleague was about to cum, she did the same. She didn’t let him cummed in her pussy, she turned around and jerked him off. I could see clearly how my friend cummed in her hands. He did spewed a lot of cum. I was wondering why she didn’t let us cummed inside her. We both got dressed and went outside.

Our boss’s wife in her night dress came to join us at the fire pit. She drank some liquor and were forcing our other coworkers to drink up too. After a few rounds, they all got naughtier. They got bolder and at times were hugging the boss’s wife. I remained my normal self as I didn’t drink much. Our boss’s wife didn’t mind their hugging. I saw her getting izmit sınırsız escort hornier. While hugging her, they were making her drink up more liquor. Soon her hands were between their thighs. Her hands wandered to their cocks. She was massaging the bulge on their jeans As they drank more, she unzipped the trousers of the one on her right and exposed his erect cock. My drunk friend didn’t mind her jerking his cock in front of us.

That drunk colleague boldly stepped closer and rubbed his cock on her breast making a spot of wet stain of pre cum on her night dress. He sat down and pulled the boss’s wife over and made her sit on his erect cock. She giggled all the while and sometimes bursting into a short laughter. I thought she would blame him for going to that extent, instead she lifted up her night dress and sat on his cock. I caught sight of her round bare ass. She didn’t wear her panty. They were not teasing anymore. They were fucking.

She bend over to unzipped the trousers of the other coworker and took his hard erect cock out. He leaned back and let her jerk his cock. She moaned a little as my coworker made her bounce faster. I couldn’t hold back my urge any longer. I went over and lifted her night dress. I wanted to see her pussy being fucked. I saw my friend’s cock and balls all wet by her pussy juice.

She pushed my face away probably she was uncomfortable with me watching her pussy being fucked closeup. I stood in front of her hoping she’ll suck my cock. Just as I was taking my cock out, she stood up and turned around to jerk my friend off. I quickly grabbed her waist and doggy fuck her. She seemed to like it. She moved her ass playfully while I pumped her. She made my friend cummed all over his t shirt.

I felt ejaculation was near. I pumped her faster, I exploded again this time in her pussy. I could feel that only my cock throbbed without the sperm gushing. It was a dry cum. I had spent my cum earlier on.

She stood up and went indoor. I tucked my cock in and zipped my jeans. I went silently and peeped into my boss’s bedroom. I saw her sucking her husband’s cock and with one hand rubbing her pussy. She was really into a wild night. I knew I couldn’t fuck anymore. My cock felt numb. I left the room and spent the rest of the night with the other colleagues in the garage.

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