Subject: Taking Care Of W. by Cutte09 gay adult/youth Please remember to donate to Nifty. The thousands of stories availble for your reading pleasure is provided by Nifty, so give a little and get a lot. Cutter09 Taking Care Of W. by Cutter09 I entered the house at my usual time, to find mom on the sofa by the door. I bent and kissed the top of her head. “Hi, Mom. How’re you feeling?” “Good, baby. How was school?” I sat on the edge of the sofa, being careful not to disturb her too much. A blanket covered her legs, and she was propped up with a few pillows. “I got an A on my algebra exam. I will probably end the year with an A-.” “That’s great baby. I knew you could do it. Did you ask Rebecca to the end of school dance?” “No. I really don’t want to go,” I lied. “Tad, We talked about this. I don’t want you moping around here for me.” “I’m not,” Again I lied. “I’m not much of a dancer and she’s probably going with Mark Atwood anyway.” She scowled at me knowingly. “Baby, you can’t…” I picked up her hand and held it to my chest. “Mom, I’m where I want to be. Now rest, while I start dinner.” She had given up wearing those tacky scarves, so I kissed her bald head again, and went to the kitchen. It had been a very long eighteen months. The last four being the hardest. Treatment after treatment had failed, and now it was just a waiting game. A game I wasn’t good at. I was putting dinner on the table when W came in. W is short for Warren. When I was little, it always came out ‘Wowen’, so I just call him W. W is a nice guy. I liked him from the first time I met him. He’s been devoted to Mom since they met nine years ago. They’ve been married for eight of those nine. He was only twenty four, and Mom was a single twenty two year old, with a four year old son. He loved her and married her in spite of the baggage. From what I can decipher, I’m the product of a drunken party. Or maybe it was date rape. Either way, I didn’t have a father. They tried for a few years to have another kid. When it didn’t happen, Mom went to the Doctor. That’s when they discovered her cancer. They thought she had beat it, but it came back with a vengeance. “Hey W, dinner’s ready. Go wash up and I’ll get Mom’s tray.” We had moved the dinner table into the living room six months earlier, so we could still be together at dinner time. It hurt her so much to move that it was just easier for us to sit at the table, and she had a tv tray. I carefully picked up her legs, and swung them over the edge of the sofa. I placed a small pillow behind her as she got comfortable. Every movement hurt her, but she didn’t complain. She was still able to go to the bathroom by herself, if one of us helped her to the door. W had installed a rail that she used once alone in there. Eventually that may become impossible for her too. We rented a hospital bed for her that she sleeps in alone. W and I were now roommates. My room is small, but I have a full size bed that takes up most of the room. It’s only been a few days, and I was still getting used to sharing the room. We ate dinner and carried on as if there wasn’t anything out of the norm. I cleaned the kitchen then sat to watch tv for awhile. A little later Mom and W were talking so I went to my room. Four days without jerking off, is tough on a thirteen year old. Well, at least for me it is. I usually do it at least twice a day. I had taken off my pants and got distracted by my needy dick. It felt so good to rub it over my tight white briefs, that I got a little carried away. I was laying on the bed, with my left hand holding my undies down, and my right hand wailing on my dick, when W came in. I couldn’t stop what was already happening, and gushed just as his mind processed the scene. “Shit… Sorry,” W said and backed out. I’m sure my face was still bright red, as I entered the living room. W and I carry Mom to bed. She had said she was tired, that’s why W had come looking for me. We carried her in and made her comfortable, and returned to the living room. “Look son, I’m sorry about earlier. I should have knocked,” W started. “No. I… well, it’s just… been a while.” “I know, Tad. This whole situation is hard. Boys your age need privacy, and I forgot that. I promise to be more considerate from now on.” W drew me to him. At 6 feet two inches [1.88 m], he’s over a foot taller than me. I lay my head on his chest as he hugged me. “I was so embarrassed,” I admitted. “Don’t be. It happens. Hell my mom caught me when I was fifteen,” W offered. “Really? Grandma Hawthorn?” “Yep. Playboy magazine in one hand, dick in the other.” “She’s so uptight, I can’t imagine what that must have been like.” “She didn’t speak to me for days. I couldn’t even look her in the eye for six months,” he laughed. I had never really thought of W and Mom having sex. I mean, I guess I knew they did, but she’s been sick since before I started jerking off. Now the image of a fifteen year old W stroking one out flashed into my brain. It dawned on me that he’s probably done without longer than I. Or he takes care of it in the shower. The next day after school, Mom wanted to take a bath. I helped her to the bathroom after filling the tub for her. I started dinner while she bathed. All of a sudden I hear a thud and a scream from the bathroom. Without a thought I ran in and found her naked on the floor. Apparently she had fallen while getting out, and couldn’t reach the rail. My mom had been a beautiful woman. Through the course of the illness, she had lost a lot of weight, and muscle. She was now just a skeleton with loose skin hanging on it like a cheap suit, bald and no body hair. Barely a shadow of her former beauty. Being thirteen, I had seen porn, but this was my first real live naked female. I picked her up with some difficulty, and had her hang on to the rail, as I got her quilted robe off the towel rack where she had hung it. “Oh, Tad. I’m so sorry you had to see me like this,” she cried. “Mom, it’s no problem really,” Again I lied. I can’t unsee that. I’ll probably never get an erection again. I managed to get her to her bed, and putting her legs up, I got a closer view of what I was trying to unsee in the first place. “I’ll bring your dinner in here, when it’s ready.” I knew she was in pain, so I gave her a pill and told her to rest while I finished dinner. W. came home and went in to check on Mom. “She feels horrible about what happened. She said that no young boy should see a woman like that, especially his mother,” W said coming into the kitchen. “I really don’t mind. I know that if I don’t spend as much time as I can with her now, I’ll regret it later. It’s just so hard to watch her waste away.” “You’re a very perceptive young man. She feels bad that you are missing some of the best part of being young. Time you should be with friends and chasing girls.” “I would just resent being with them if something happened while I was gone,” I replied. “Well, I should be the one to take her to the bathroom. She doesn’t want a repeat of what happened today. It’s not your responsibility, and you shouldn’t be subjected to that.” When I went to bed later, W was in the shower. I didn’t want a repeat of what happened the day before, so I didn’t jerk off, afraid he might walk in again. W came in wearing his boxers. I wondered if he had jerked off in the shower, a habit I should get into. He turned out the light and climbed in on the other side of the bed. “Tad, I know this is difficult for you. Your mother and I appreciate all you do around here, and the sacrifices you’ve made.” He put his arm around me and I rested my head on his chest. “I’m really proud of you son. Not many boys your age would do as much as you do for their moms. You have been so mature throughout this whole ordeal.” I was touched that he would mention it. “Thanks, W. But I’m sure it’s not easy for you either. It must be hard for you to see her like this too. I mean she’s your wife and all.” “Well, I just try to remember her as she was, not as she is now. She was such a beautiful woman.” I lay quietly for a moment, trying to imagine what I’d seen earlier being attractive at some point. “W, don’t take this wrong, but…well I mean…I couldn’t help but see her today, and it wasn’t pretty. How long has it been for you?” “How long for what?” he asked. “Since you… well since you and Mom… you know… did stuff?” “Tad, that’s not the kind of thing you should ask your parent.” “I know, but yesterday you saw me, you know, doing that. Then today, I saw Mom, and well, I was just thinking how hard it must be for you too. I mean, you married a beautiful young woman, anticipating decades of… sex, and suddenly you’re… not.” W chuckled a little. “I guess you have a point there. Yes, it’s been awhile since your mom and I have been intimate. But that isn’t something for you to be concerned about, son.” “That’s just it. I’m not really your son, yet you’ve always treated me like I was. You’ve always been there for me when I needed you, so I should be concerned about you. I should be there for you also, when you need me.” “Thanks, Tad. That means a lot to me,” W said kissing the top of my head. I lay there a minute trying to gather my courage. I don’t know if W knew what I was leading to, but I was fixing to find out. I slid my hand down toward his boxers. I guess he still unsure where it was leading, until I grasped the snap on his boxers, and pulled it open. “Tad? What…” “Shh,” I whispered. “But what are you…” “Shh. Let me do this for you,” I whispered again. I don’t know what I expected to find in there, but what I found when I reached into his boxers was definitely more than I expected. Even completely soft, it more than filled my hand. My own dick was about four and a half inches [11� cm], and my fingers easily fit around it. Not this thing. It was a slab of meat. The entire head and then some was sticking above my fist. With it soft, I would have to squeeze it for my thumb to touch my fingers. It only took about fifteen seconds before I couldn’t squeeze it enough for them to touch, and it was still growing. This thing was a monster. “Tad…” “Shh,” I shushed him again. As it firmed up, I started stroking it. It continued to grow beyond anything I had seen in internet porn. When it was completely hard, it felt like I was holding one of those big sausages you see at the store, only this thing was alive, like an anaconda. I had been stroking W for only a few minutes, when I realized my arm was getting tired. I could jerk myself off for an hour and not get tired. Why is it more tiresome to do someone else? Maybe it was just because his cock is so big. Or maybe the position. I moved closer to give my arm some relief. These thoughts were going through my head, and I noticed W moaning. I thought he might be getting close, and I was trying not to stop. My arm was really straining and I was concentrating on keeping it up, when it sunk into my brain that W had said something. A little too late, I deciphered it. “Tad, I’m…oh god, gonna cum.” It was like a firehose blasted me in the face. SPLAT. I was startled to find my face covered in cum. I didn’t stop though, stroking W until his urethra stopped throbbing in my hand. That’s the only way I could tell he had finished his orgasm. My eyes were glued shut with cum. Not really, but I was afraid more might be headed my way. When his orgasm subsided, I started to back off the bed. “Oh Tad. I’m so sorry. I tried to warn you…” “No problem,” I mumbled trying not to open my mouth. I could feel his cum on my upper lip, a little bit managed to get past my defences. izmit escort I washed my face and hands then dampened a cloth to wipe W off with. No telling how long he had built up that load, there was probably a pool on his belly. “I appreciate what you did for me Tad, but it really wasn’t necessary,” W said. I wiped the cum from his belly. “I know. I just want you to know I’m here for you too. Just like you have been for me.” I tossed the towel on the nightstand and lay down again. As we lay in the dark, I’m sure we were both thinking about how this affected our relationship. Maybe I should have considered that before I jerked him off. Being thirteen, I guess I’m expected to not look before I leap. The next day was Friday. The day of the end of school dance. Less than a week of school left, and for the first time, I wasn’t looking forward to summer break. We had a hospice nurse that came by on Fridays, to check Mom’s vitals, and make sure her meds were up to date etc. She was there when I arrived after school. I explained to her what happened the day before, and she said she would start coming by three times a week instead of just once. She would take care of Mom’s baths and other things, from now on. “Tad, I’ll be fine. She’s here, and W will be home soon. Get dressed and go to that dance,” Mom insisted. I hurried to the dance, but I discovered I had been right in assuming Rebecca would go with Mark. I saw them dancing together, and from the looks of it, I didn’t have a chance with her anyway. Mark is a year older, a jock, and handsome. Rebecca is the hottest girl in seventh grade. Well, soon to be eighth. Mark would be going to highschool next year. Maybe I would have a chance with her then. I hung out talking with some friends who didn’t have dates either. Then hit the food table. I even danced with one of the less attractive girls who had come alone also. All the while I kept glancing at Mark and Rebecca. I happened to catch sight of them sneaking out a side door, and for some reason decided to follow them. I found them in a small hallway that leads to the restrooms. Hiding around the corner, I spied on them as they made out. Mark had his hand on her tit over her clothes, as they played sucky face. I was thinking, that should be me with a hand full of her tit. After a minute, Mark put his hands on her shoulders and sort of pushed her down. She didn’t hesitate, sinking to her knees, and reaching for his zipper. As she pulled out his cock, it dawned on me, this was not their first time in that position. His dick was bigger than mine, though certainly nowhere near the size of W’s. It was noticeably longer and thicker than my 4� inches [11� cm] (as of two weeks earlier when I measured it last). But he was a year older, so that was to be expected. Rebecca eagerly inhaled his cock and began sliding her mouth back and forth on its length. Mark threw his head back and closed his eyes as Rebecca went to work pleasuring him. I could only imagine what he was feeling as she serviced him. I looked at Rebecca, surprised to find that she seemed to be enjoying it too. Her left hand held the base of his dick, and her right was under her dress. I assumed she was rubbing her pussy at the same time. The thought of her liking it, made my dick hard. Mark was soon moaning out loud and began thrusting his hips at her. She had to know he was about to cum, but she didn’t let up. He groaned loudly, pushing as far into her mouth as her left hand allowed. I knew he was cumming, and she was swallowing his load. I was reminded of the small taste of W’s load that had gotten into my mouth, and wondered if Mark’s tasted the same. Rebecca didn’t seem to mind the taste though, and quickly swallowed all he gave her. She licked her lips as she pushed his softening cock back inside his pants. Not wanting to be caught spying on them, I went back to the gym where the dance was being held. I watched them enter later, and glanced at Mark’s crotch. I could see the bulge of his cock outlined in his pants, and was reminded of how it looked with Rebecca’s lips wrapped around it. My hard dick throbbed in my pants at the thought. When I got home, Mom was back in her hospital bed, and W was sitting in a chair beside her. “How was the dance, Baby?” Mom asked. “Nice, I had fun.” My mind immediately going to the blow job scene I had witnessed. “See. Aren’t you glad you went, now?” “Very,” I admitted. I went to my room and got undressed to my underwear. I was going to take a shower, where I intended take care of pressing matters. There was a knock at the door, and I grabbed my robe. W walked in before I could get it on though. “Your Mom wants to say goodnight before she falls asleep,” he said, glancing down at my tented briefs. I went in to see Mom, and by the time I left her, W was in the shower. Shit! Another opportunity missed. I would have to wait for the water to get hot again before I could take a shower now. I took off my robe and lay down. Maybe I could stroke one out before W finished his shower. I pulled the blanket over me, and reached for my dick. I didn’t want him to catch me again, but I would have to hold the blanket away so it didn’t get cum on it. I had barely started when W opened the door. I dropped my dick and the blanket quickly, hoping he hadn’t noticed. He walked over to the nightstand lamp to turn it off, when I saw the gap in his boxers. I only got a quick, flesh colored, glimpse, but it was enough to remind me of how his cock felt in my hand. So different from the one I had just held. Bigger, stronger, and more potent. I wondered if Rebecca thought Mark’s was big and potent. Maybe. That’s why she was sucking it instead of fucking it. She was afraid that potent dick would get her pregnant. But I didn’t have to worry about that. W climbed into bed. “Your mom was happy you went to the dance. Did you really have a good time?” “Yeah, I guess. Can I ask you something?” “Sure,” W agreed as I lay my head on his chest again. “All the girls in my class seem to be with the older guys. Is it always like that?” W chuckled a little. “Yeah, that does seem to be the way things are. It’s worse in highschool. I had a three year drought until I was a senior.” I couldn’t imagine W not getting any attention for three years. His cock is so big. Mark’s didn’t compare, but he got a blow job from the best looking girl in school. “Three years? That’s a long drought.” I didn’t want to ask if that was the longest, but I moved my hand down to his boxers. “Tad…You…” “Shh. No more droughts,” I argued. “Ok, but only if you let me do you too. I noticed you were hard after the dance.” He didn’t wait for an answer, he just slipped his hand inside my briefs. I was still hard. Probably had been since seeing Rebecca suck Mark. I let out a surprised moan as he gripped my dick. He squeezed it a couple of times, then removed his hand and tugged at my briefs. I raised my hips and let him pull them down to my knees. W grabbed my dick again and slowly stroked it. I was so pent up, that I pumped my groin up at him, urging him to stroke faster. He got the message, and picked up the pace. It only took a minute before I squirted on my stomach. After I came down, I pulled my briefs off, and used them to clean myself up, then dropped them to the floor beside the bed. “Thanks, W, I needed that.” W chuckled, “I can tell,” referring to how fast I had cum. I reached for his boxers, and pulled them down. He was hard, and that anaconda flopped out. I stroked it a few minutes thinking about it not getting any attention for three years, and no telling how long since Mom had given it any. What a waste. I couldn’t really see it in the dark, but I knew it was a beautiful specimen of manliness. It didn’t seem fair that Mark got a blow job, and W didn’t. I mean, Mark was a bit of an ass, and W was the nicest guy I knew. Yet, there was Rebecca, sucking Mark, when it was W that deserved it more. She even swallowed Mark’s cream. W should have his cream swallowed, not Mark. I had tasted it a little. It was good. I heard W moan “Oh Shit,” and realized I had taken the head of his cock into my mouth. I don’t even remember doing it. I wanted his potent cock to get the attention it deserved, and I was going to see that it did. I sat up a little and got serious about sucking him. I took as much of that big cock as I could, which wasn’t much. I sucked and licked and sucked some more. I took part of the head into my throat, even though I knew it wouldn’t go far. I backed off and concentrated on what I could handle. I stroked him in time with my sucking, and W moaned in apprecitation. After another few minutes, W groaned out, “Tad, I’m gonna cum.” He warned me, but the thought of Rebecca swallowing for Mark kept me from pulling off. I had a small taste before, I knew I wouldn’t mind it. Then he erupted. The first blast filled my mouth instantly. I had no choice but to try to take the rest in my throat. I shoved my head down hard, forcing his cock head as far as I could take it. The rest of his load went straight to my gullet. I choked, and swallowed, and wretched, but I took it all. When he had finished shooting, I backed off. When it was out of my mouth, I swallowed the cum I had there, licked the head clean, then took it back into my mouth. I nursed on his cock until it began to soften, then shoved my face down on it again. I wanted his cock to own my throat. I didn’t care if he tickled my asshole from the inside, I just wanted all of that monster I could get. I felt it near my adam’s apple before I had to back off again. W pulled me off him. “Tad, please don’t commit suicide on my cock. That would be hard to explain to the paramedics, not to mention your mom.” I snapped out of whatever trance I was in. “Sorry, I guess I got carried away.” I’m sure I sounded somewhat disappointed. Laying my head on his chest again, I gripped his dick as if trying to keep it from escaping. “It’s so big,” I muttered. “I’ve been told that,” W said with another chuckle. When it became obvious I wasn’t letting go, W pulled his boxers off the rest of the way, and wrapped his arm around me. I was a little embarrassed when I woke up Saturday morning, cuddled up against him. My hard dick against his hip, my leg on top of his. Both of us still naked. I snuck out of bed and went to pee. I got dressed and made breakfast. Mom needed to go too, so I took her all the way to the toilet. She held herself up and I and waited outside for her to do her business. We were exiting the bathroom when W emerged from my bedroom. We carried her to her bed, and W stayed and chatted, as I got her breakfast tray. He and I sat at the table and ate in silence. I was worried he was mad at me for what I had done. He was wearing his robe, but I didn’t know if he was naked under it. I kept glancing down at his crotch to see if there was any sign. We spent the day doing stuff around the house. Cleaning, laundry, stuff like that. I couldn’t keep from looking at W’s crotch. All day, I walked around with a stiffy just thinking about that big cock swinging freely between his legs. I made sandwiches for lunch, while W took Mom to the toilet. I was heading to her bedroom with a tray, when W stopped me. “I better take it. You don’t want her to see that,” he said looking down at my crotch. I had a very obvious erection showing in my pants. W knew it, and probably knew why. I must have turned ten shades of red, but was glad Mom hadn’t seen it. “Uh… Yeah. Thanks.” He smiled and winked at me, as he carried the tray into her bedroom. Mom’s medication is strong, and she is so weak, it’s not unusual for her yahya kaptan escort to sleep much of the day away. It’s hard to see her like that, but it’s better than seeing her in pain. I went in to pick up her tray, and noticed she was asleep. W was still eating lunch when I sat down at the table again. “How is she?” he asked. “Asleep.” I thought I should clear the air a bit, so I said, “W, I’m sorry for last night. I don’t know what came over me. Then falling asleep while… you know, holding it…” “Don’t worry about it. Your mom did the same thing the first night we were together. Actually, almost every night. You wouldn’t know it from looking at her, especially now, but that woman loved my dick.” Damn. I’m more like my mom than I thought. “You’re really not mad at me?” I asked. “No, son. I could never be mad at you. We have some hard days ahead of us. I’m just glad we can be a source of comfort for one another. I must say, I was a bit hesitant at first, but under the circumstances, we will need that comfort before we get through this, I’m afraid.” The rest of the day seemed to drag by excruciatingly slow. I went in to see Mom whenever I didn’t have an erection. W usually made dinner on weekends to give me a break from the kitchen. He suggested I ride my bike down to McDonald’s to get burgers for us all that night instead. I was happy to get away from the house for awhile, and give my erection a break too. Mom seemed to be in good spirits as we sat with her eating burgers like we might have years ago. She doesn’t eat much, but she made a valiant effort. It was still early, but I wanted to get to the shower before W. I was standing under the spray with my dick in hand, when I decided to wait. W had stroked me me the night before, he had insisted on it. He wouldn’t let me, if I didn’t let him. If I wanted to jerk him off tonight, he would probably insist again, and I definitely wanted to feel that big cock again. It was all I had been thinking about all day. I finished my shower quickly, and went to join them in her room. We all talked awhile, then after her evening meds, Mom went to sleep. W went for his shower, and I went to bed. It seemed I was laying there for hours before W came in. He started to turn out the lamp, when I reached up and tugged at the leg of his boxers. I guess it wasn’t very subtle. W smiled down at me before pulling them off. It was the first time I had actually seen it in the light. Jesus, It was big! Even limp, it made Mark’s erection look small. Something inside me stirred. Suddenly, all that mattered to me was his beautiful cock. He let me look at it a moment before turning out the light. W had barely laid down, when my hand went to it. Talk about moth to a flame, I couldn’t resist it. As it grew in my hand, W reminded me “Remember, I said we could comfort each other.” I reached down and pulled off my briefs. I wanted to tell him that his cock was all the comfort I needed, but I wasn’t going to turn down a hand job. His hand found my dick. And again I had been so worked up for so long, I only took a minute to let my load go. I used my underwear again to wipe up, then went for his cock. I couldn’t really see his face when I looked at him, but W said “Go ahead. I understand.” He knew what I wanted. I swooped down on his cock as fast as I could, taking in as much as possible. I was possessed again. It was like I was a vampire in a bloodlust, only I was lusting for cum. I almost killed myself again trying to swallow his huge cock. But no matter how much I gagged and choked, I wanted it. I worked his cock like he deserved. Like I needed. When I felt his urethra swell, I plunged down hard. I received my reward and nourishment right where I wanted it. I didn’t back off as his cock throbbed in my throat giving it all to me. I almost fainted from lack of oxygen, but I would have died happy, choking on him. W had to pull me away again. It’s a good thing he is aware of my weakness. I remember once pulling a puppy from it’s mother’s tit. How it struggle to remain there, and it’s mouth agape in frustration. Then letting it back on, it fought desperately to get the nipple back in it’s mouth. I must have looked like that, I certainly could relate. My lips made that sucking pop. as his cock cleared my mouth. W kissed the top of my head, as I put my arm over his chest. I was instantly in a contented sleep. For the first time ever, I was glad Mom couldn’t walk on her own. I would have hated for her to find us that Sunday morning, naked, wrapped in each other’s arms like lovers. I wanted to stay there enjoying our nudity, but duty calls. I drug myself out of bed and went to take her to the bathroom. She was still asleep, so I went back to my room. W woke up as I swallowed his cock. “Jesus, so much like your mother,” he gasped. I didn’t know if that was a good thing or bad, but he didn’t complain as my adam’s apple took another cum shower. Mom slept most of the day, and seemed pretty weak. That night, W and I undressed in front of each other, and climbed into bed. He jerked me off again. I took a little longer this time. Then I sucked his cock looking into his eyes the whole time. He could tell that I was intent on his pleasure, especially as I again forced more of him into my throat for my reward. We slept in each other’s arms again. Monday there was only three days of school left. Mom seemed better, so I went to school. I saw Rebecca and Mark kissing just outside the door. I wanted to tell her I was getting a better cock than she was, but decided it would be pointless. The last few days of school are pretty much a waste of time. Turning in books, kids acting like shit, and teachers just waiting for their vacation. I got home just as the nurse arrived. I told her of Mom’s weakness over the weekend and she didn’t seem surprised. She bathed Mom, and gave her meds before she left. Even though she was asleep, W checked in on Mom when he got home. Dinner wasn’t ready, so he sat to watch tv. “Is something wrong?” I asked. “No, I’m just worried about your mom. She’s so weak, and sleeping so much.” To me, that was a cry for comfort. I unzipped his pants, and even in it’s dormant state, his cock was the most beautiful and alluring thing in the world to me. I blew him right there on the sofa. My cum thirst just seemed to get stronger as Mom got weaker. In bed that night, I was all over him like stink on shit. He let me do all I wanted, only stopping me from suffocating on him after he gave me his manna. He barely touched me afterward, and I went off. I lay in his arms, toying with his cock afterwards. “Do you think I’m gay?” I asked as we snuggled. “I don’t know. Do you think you’re gay?” “I didn’t use to. But lately there is evidence to the contrary.” He laughed at my little joke. “Well, do you think about guys or girls when you masturbate?” he asked. “I us the think of girls mostly. I mean, I thought about them getting fucked more than anything else. I haven’t been mastubating lately though. I mean, since we’ve been sharing a room. But tonight I almost shot off, just from sucking your cock.” “Well, it’s not unusual for a boy your age to experiment, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.” “Did you?” “Yeah, a little,” W admitted. I felt a little better about it. He had done some experimenting, so I guess it was ok for me to do it. Of course he was in bed with a teen boy at the time so maybe he wasn’t through experimenting either. We fell asleep with his arm around me, and my fingers curled around the object of my fascination. Tuesday morning W and I carried Mom to the bathroom. He stayed with her, then carried her to bed. I went to school because Mom insisted. Mark and Rebecca were by the door again playing sucky face. I wondered if she was taking care of his needs as well as I was for W. Of course she had a pussy that could take care of somethings too. I didn’t. Suddenly I was jealous of Rebecca. Not that I wanted Mark, just that she had two ways she could take care of her man. Mom seemed even weaker that afternoon. It worried me. She tried to put on a good front, but I could see through it. When W came home, he noticed it too. We had dinner early, and I gave her the evening meds. W and I went to bed, naked of course. I lay in his arms seeking solace. “I’m really worried about Mom.” “I know, Baby. Me too. We just have to be there for her and each other.” I reached for his cock to show my support for him. I was ravenous as I consumed him. Wednesday, I woke up cradled in his arms. He was spooned behind me, holding me, making me feel safe. I wanted to stay there, but It was the last day of school. Actually only a half day, we get out at noon. Mark and Rebecca were in their place, really going at it. It seemed like she was trying to make sure Mark didn’t forget her. She was proving she would take care of his needs. I wanted to puke. The half day felt like ten. By the time I got home, I was wasted. Completely drained of strength. Mom was asleep, so I made her some lunch and waited for her to wake. The nurse showed up, just as Mom woke. She checked her vitals, and called an ambulance. “She doesn’t have much longer,” the nurse told me. I called W at work and told him to meet us at the hospital. I tried to be strong, but I couldn’t. As we rode to the hospital, I held Mom’s hand, crying like a baby. “Shh shh. Don’t cry for me baby. We knew this was coming. It’s time, and I’m ready. Take care of your father.” “I will, Momma,” I blubbered. She pulled me close and kissed my cheek. Then whispered, “Promise me you’ll take care of him, and I know he’ll take care of you.” I looked in her eyes for a long moment. “Please, baby. Promise me.” “I promise Momma.” She smiled, and closed her eyes. I felt her fingers relax their grip on mine, and she was gone. “Mom?… Momma?” At the hospital, they found me cradling my mother’s body, sobbing uncontrollably. They had to pull both of us out of that ambulance. I sat in one of those horrible hospital chairs, staring off into space. Through the haze, W appeared, walking toward me. I ran to him, throwing myself into his arms. “She’s gone!” I wailed. “I’m sorry, Tad,” he said. We just held each other for a long time, both of us in tears. I knew W was hurting too. I wanted to console him. “She said to tell you she loves you.” It wasn’t true, but I know she would have, if she’d had time. We’d had months to prepare ourselves. A couple of years of knowing it was a possibility before that. Yet, nothing can prepare you for losing your mother, wife, or any loved one I suppose. My mother died on the last day of school, one week before my fourteenth birthday. When we got in bed that night, I spooned in front of W, and pulled his arm around me. I wanted to feel safe, like I had that morning. I needed his strength. There was this emptiness gnawing inside me. The next few days are a blur. I barely remember any of it. The nights, only slightly more. I know we were together. Holding each other. But that is all. I guess that is what we needed. Mom was buried that Saturday afternoon. It was a small service, with only close friends and family in attendance. I had by then cried myself empty. Nothing left except the sorrow. “They won’t pick up the hospital bed until next Friday, but I can sleep on it, if you’d rather be alone,” W said that night. “No! Please. I need you.” I knew it was true too. I definitely needed his strength tonight. I spooned into him and slept. My dreams filled with images of her. Her voice. Her laugh. Her last, whispered words to me. It was almost noon when gebze escort W woke me. He had made me breakfast for a change. That was sweet of him, though I knew that food wouldn’t fill the hollow inside me. Monday, W went back to work, and I mostly stayed in bed. My nightly dreams of nothing but her, left me still tired and drained. Tuesday also. Wednesday, I managed to get out of bed, deciding to clear out her bedroom. We had long ago given most of her clothes away, she had lost so much weight. I pulled out photo albums, and cried as I looked through them. In her jewelry box I found her wedding band. I remember her telling me that W had married both of us. It was a package deal. I guess he proved himself worthy, by having all three of our names inscribed inside it. I cried even more when I saw that. I couldn’t deal with the clearing out, just yet. Maybe after her bed was gone, but not now. So I gave up. W came home after work, bearing gifts. “It may not be a happy one, but it is your birthday.” I had completely forgotten about it. He handed me a large box, and he had even brought me a cake. “Get dressed I’m taking you out for dinner.” Dinner was really good, or maybe I was really hungry. I hadn’t been eating much. W tried to talk about anything except Mom. When we got home I opened the big box. There was the usual shirt, pants, and underwear, Mom always gave me for my birthday. At the bottom of the box, was a laptop. I knew W had done it all, because Mom hadn’t been out of the house in ages. “Thanks W.” “It was your Mom’s doing. I just ran errands for her. She insisted I get that laptop a couple of months ago.” I turned on the laptop and was surprised to find I didn’t have to go through all the registrations and stuff. In the middle of the screen was a folder icon named ‘Tad’ Inside were dozens of video file folders. Each had a future date as titles, mostly birthdays and Christmases and such. There was one with today’s date. I clicked on it. Mom’s face lit the screen. I could tell it was a while back because she wasn’t as weak looking. I started to cry again. I had to restart it several times. Mostly it was telling me she loved me, was proud of me, etc. Some was advice, and some of it was almost cryptic. She mentioned a couple of times that W was a good man and he had married both of us. At the end, she moved in close to the camera. “Take care of your father Tad. I love you and so does he.” I watched it a second and third time. It was strange that she seemed so lucid, yet spoke so mysteriously. I went to shower and thought about all she’d said. I found W in the kitchen when I got out. “Did she say anything to you about the laptop?” “She said to give it to you and disappear for an hour or two. I don’t know what she meant by that, but I always follow her orders,” he chuckled. “An hour or two?” I asked. The video was only a few minutes long. “That’s what she said,” W confirmed. I went into Mom’s room and her jewelry box. I stared at her wedding band and it’s inscription for a couple of minutes before slipping it onto my finger, surprised to find that it fit. I looked around the room and noticed things I hadn’t noticed before. Things she specifically mentioned on the video. I stayed in mom’s room for an hour, then went to talk to W. “Tell me about the inscription on her wedding band,” I said, holding my hand up for him to see I was wearing it. He smiled almost to himself. “Your mom was very adamant about the package deal. When we first started dating, she made it clear that she had a son. And that I would have to accept you, and you would have to accept me. It was a package deal, all or none. That’s why I adopted you and gave you my last name. I had the inscription done and all the legal work to adopt you, before I ask her to marry me. I think that is what persuaded her to marry me.” “You mentioned the other day, that you had experimented when you were young. Did you tell Mom about that?” “Lord no! You’re the only one I’ve ever told about that. I mean, it’s not like I’m ashamed of it. It’s just not something you talk about usually. I’m sure your mother experimented too. Most kids do. Girls do things like practice kissing each other so they will know what to do with a guy. And it’s not uncommon for girls to go even further while in college.” “Did you tell Mom about… you know… us?” “No. That’s between you and me.” I kissed W on his cheek. “Thanks for remembering my birthday. I had forgotten about it. I guess I didn’t see any reason to celebrate. But I appreciate all you did. Dinner was nice too.” “We haven’t cut your cake yet. Would you like to?” “Maybe later,” I replied. “Later? It’s after eleven now.” “Oh. Well, tomorrow then. Are you ready for bed?” We went to my room, and undressed. We had gotten used to sleeping naked, though lately nothing’s happened. W lay down, and I spooned into him as we had been doing. I hadn’t noticed before, but his cock was right on my butt crack. I drew his arm around me, and he pulled me close. My mother’s voice played in my head. “Take care of your father.” Images of Mark and Rebecca, Mom and W, me and W, splashed through like a bad tv documentary. “Take care of your father,” she’d said. Her dying wish, her video birthday card. “Take care of your father.” Could she really mean… I got out of bed and went to Mom’s room again. Getting back into bed with W, I reached out with my oil slick hand and grasped his cock. “Mmm Tad. That’s nice,” W said. He was hard in a minute. My slick hand sliding along his length. I threw my leg over him, and straddled his chest. “Do you love me, W?” “You know I do, baby.” “I mean really love me, like you did Mom.” “Of course. Why do you ask?” “Mom said there was something she never gave you.” “That could be a lot of things,” W laughed. “Something no one has ever given you.” His expression changed to disbelief. “Uh. Yeah. There was something we talked about often. In fact she reminded me just a few days before…” “Yes. She told you she was sorry, right?” “She was a good woman. Even at the end she was only thinking of others,” he said sadly. “She said I should give it to you,” I told him as I reached behind me for his cock. “Uh…Tad… I don’t think this is a very good idea?” “It’s what she wanted. If it doesn’t work out, we can blame her. But from the feel of this thing, you want it too. And I know I do.” I directed his big knob at my hole, and pushed back on it. I was prepared, but not quite enough. I pushed harder, and that knob crashed through suddenly. “OOWW… Shit!!” “Tad…Baby. I don’t want to hurt you.” “Just… oh… give me a minute… fuck that hurt.” “Tad, please baby,” W said trying to pull me off his cock. “If you take it out now, I’ll never forgive you.” I rocked back and forth on it for a minute, before trying to take more. I was surprised that I took a few inches easily, the prep work had helped. W had a look of awe on his face as I slid up and down his big cock. It only took a couple of strokes of his cock inside me, before I became possessed again. It was just like when I blew him. I had to have it in me as far as possible. “Oh God. I love you, Warren,” I yelled, and fell onto his chest. I pushed back more, and rode him. I was sliding up and down his chest, slamming back into his cock. It hurt, but I didn’t care. I needed it to fill that hollowness inside me. Just like when I blew him, I couldn’t take it all. But I took a lot. I could feel that mighty cock moving from my opening to my stomach. Like a locomotive chugging up a hill only to barrel down the other side. But this locomotive was alive, and it was opening a tunnel for it’s pleasure. W watched my face. He knew when he hit bottom, and he pulled back time and time again. Just like he stopped me from choking on his cock, he let me have my limit, then took it back. “Cum in me Warren. I need your cum inside me.” “Cumming, Baby.” I felt W blast my insides, and instantly the hollowness was gone. I felt whole. I collapsed on him, as I felt his last jets erupt. I don’t know how long I lay there, probably at least ten minutes. I felt W begin to soften in my bowels. I sat up on him forcing his soft but still large cock back inside. I was able to sit upright, with his entire cock in me. Even soft, it pushed my limits. I smiled at him. “Mom gives the best birthday presents.” “You really like the laptop, huh?” “Not the laptop silly. This.” I wiggled my butt on him. “Now you really have me confused. You said your mom wanted this? What did you mean?” “Her dying wish was for us to be together like this.” “She told you to… give me anal sex?” “Well, not in those words exactly. But she did. That is why she wanted you to disappear for a while. So I could prepare for it. She spoke of how she couldn’t get enough of you. How your life together was cut short. She said she was going to do something for you that no one ever had, but then got too sick. She reminded me that you married both of us, and it was now up to me to take care of you like a good spouse should. She even mentioned that your love would fill the void I would feel when she was gone. And that is very true. I feel better right now than I have felt in a long time.” He looked at me strangely. “Is that why you called me Warren instead of W?” “I did? When?” “When you were cumming on me. Just like your mom used to do. In fact you sounded just like her. And again just when I was cumming in you. You said you needed my cum in you, just like she would tell me. Did she tell you to do that?” I hadn’t even been aware that I had orgasmed. I looked down, and there was a small puddle of cum on his belly. “No, she didn’t say anything that specific. I wasn’t even aware I had said anything, and it’s second nature for me to call you W, I have to make an effort to even remember your name is Warren. I wouldn’t just call you that.” W rose to a sitting position, wrapping his arms around me. He kissed my lips and rolled us over, placing me on my back, and him between my widespread legs. “Did you do it because she told you to?” “No. I wanted to. I guess it was more like she gave me permission, removed the guilt I would have felt. At the same time, honoring her wish.” W leaned in and kissed my lips again. As we kissed, I felt his cock stir inside me, becoming longer and firmer. He broke the kiss, looked into my eyes and smiled. “Did you enjoy it?” “More than anything ever,” I answered honestly. W kissed me again, and I could feel him growing inside me. He started to pull back, but I locked my ankles over his ass. “No. I want it all, even if it hurts.” I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him to me. His hands grasped my shoulders from below, and held me tight, as his cock expanded. I could feel my belly grow, as his cock reshaped me to fit him. I had an orgasm when it reached it’s peak in size, calling out his name as my cum pooled between us. “Make love to me, W. Fuck me… please.” He smiled down at me, because I had called him W. He missed work the next day, we rolled around in bed the whole time. We got out of bed long enough to eat dinner, we needed the nourishment. Then back to bed. I felt like I was a bride on her honeymoon. W surprised me with a new king size bed, delivered after they took away the hospital bed. Our bed is now in the master bedroom. A couple of weeks later, I saw Mark Atwood at the local community pool. He was with a girl I didn’t recognize. It seems to me that Rebecca can’t take care of her man as well as I do mine. The End � Cutter09 Cutter09 would love to hear what you think of the story! 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