Road Trip! Ch. 09Road Trip! Ch. 09



Day 13…

We woke before the alarm sounded and by 6:45, we were sitting at breakfast, discussing our driving strategy.

“What I’m saying is that if we do four-hour shifts behind the wheel, that we could easily do twelve or fourteen-hour drive-days,” Marni was saying in pressing for team-driving.

“I get it, babe, I see your point…So, Amarillo tonight, Gallup the night after and Vegas in the early afternoon of the third day, right?” I asked, seeking confirmation that I understood it correctly.

“That’s it…I think we can do it,” She averred again, signaling for our check.

Having won our ‘paper, rock, scissors’ match, Marni settled behind the wheel, moving the seat up, adjusting mirrors and the like.

As ‘shotgun’, I was also communications officer and navigation command. Punching in our final destination for this leg of our vay-cay, Las Vegas, I said to Marni, “Let ‘er rip, girlfriend, we’re programmed.”

“Just a sec,” She said, and reaching into her tote, she brought out all of the beads we had ‘earned’ when we were with the coeds the other night, draping them on the rear-view mirror.

“I noticed a lot of chicks driving around with beads hanging like this,” She explained, “So, I figured, we earned ’em, we’ll show ’em.”

“Yeah,” I replied with smirk, “We did show ’em, that’s how we earned ’em.”

She thought that ‘cute’…

The drive was pretty much uneventful, both of us finding and following, discreetly, faster-driving cars or trucks-rabbits, we called ’em-letting them run the major risk for a speeding ticket.

“That was fun the other night, with the girls,” I said aloud because it just ‘popped’ into my head.

“Yeah, it really was,” Marni chimed in, “Cuties too…all of ’em.”

“Liked the li’l red-haired one the best,” I mused in return, “thought her li’l boobies were sexy, all freckled up with large, perky nipples.”

“Yeah, I agree with you…I’d done her,” Marni averred, saying further, “I mean, Becky’s were bigger than any of us but, I don’t know, store-boughts just don’t appeal to me all that much.”

“I’d done her too,” I agreed, referring to li’l ‘Red’, “and I’m not a fan of silicon jobs either…wonder if she’s a player in girly-land,” I mused after a few seconds of thought about ‘Red’.

“Like ’em young, Jules, do you?” Marni asked teasingly.

“Hell, I don’t know what I like or don’t like yet,” I laughingly replied, “Give me a break, I’ve only ‘sampled’ two pussies, bitch!”

“Well, have to say, I kinda’ like young pussy, legal, of course, but, yeah, something about young pussy,” Marni mused, “wonder if that means that, at twenty-eight and thirty-two respectively, you and I would be called ‘cougars’.”

“Huh,” I reflected aloud, “never thought about that.”

“Well, officially, since you’ve not had ‘young’ pussy, I don’t know about you,” She chuckled.

“Well, maybe you ought to jump right on that, bitch, maybe you ought to find me some young pussy to play with,” I joked in return.

“Maybe I should,” She mused…

Several stops for peeing, drive-thrus and fueling broke up the shifts behind the wheel. Despite the stops, we were making great time and figured on making Amarillo by eight that night, a good twelve-hour day behind the wheel…

“You okay with just sleeping tonight, babe, I’m bushed,” I asked when crawling under the covers of our bed for the night.

Marni was putting the finishing touches of her bedtime stuff but stuck her head out of the bathroom door to say, “I think we’ve earned the right to give ourselves a break…yeah, I’m okay with it, sweetie.”

“Hey, Jules?” She said softly after she had turned out the light, pitching the room into hotel-room darkness.


“What if I would have said that I wanted to fool around?” She said teasingly while snuggling up to me under the covers.

“I’d told you where I packed the vibrators and batteries,” I replied smart-assedly.

“Oh…Okay, good to know…sleep tight, love,” She replied, settling in after giving the nape of my neck a sweet kiss.


Day 14…

If I were asked, the only I could say with certainty about Amarillo, Texas is that it has hotels with available beds, and you can also pick up I-40, east or west, there. Marni and I were rolling west, tucked into a rolling caravan of semis by six that morning, me driving, Marni riding shotgun.

I-40 ‘roughly’ follows old Route 66 west out of Oklahoma, the names of towns from the famed song springing to mind when you approached ’em, the melody tagging along for the mind-ride.

New Mexico was a beautiful state to drive through, we had decided, with all of its red clay soils and flat-topped mesas. A lot of the early Hollywood westerns were filmed in New Mexico we learned, that fact accounting for the seeming ‘familiarity’ of the landscapes.

Marni was working with her sketch pad when she wasn’t behind the wheel, her movements swift and sure with her colored art-pencils.

“Any chance I’m ever Celaliye Escort going to see what you’ve been sketching on our trip?” I asked casually because it came to mind.

“Yeah, you will Jules, have a little patience, sugar,” She replied with her eyes turned towards me.

“Good to know…I will wait patiently, m’dear,” I teased, “Just any ol’ fucking time you’re ready,” laughing afterwards.

“That’s a good girl…momma just might have to reward you tonight,” She said sweetly, following with a gentle pinch to my nipple through my tee.

“Promises, promises,” I teased, “You’re just teasing me,” I said with a faked sad voice, “Always promising me pussy but holding out on me.”

“I’ll make it up to you tonight, baby, I promise you that,” Her voice now serious, no teasing.

“Looking forward to Gallup, New Mexico, then…never fucked in Gallup, New Mexico,” I said trying to keep it light.

“Always a first time for everything, sweetie,” She replied.

This trip of ours surely had produced a lot of ‘firsts’, I remember thinking as Albuquerque came into view, the canyon we had been driving through now opening to a wide vista of the entire city and the mesa-lands west of it…

We re-thought our plan to stay in Gallup when we realized that we were running almost two hours ahead of schedule, targeting Flagstaff, Arizona as our new overnight pit-stop.

“Snagged us a room in ‘Flag’, Jules…indoor pool and hot tub, as well, if you’re interested,” She announced.

“Ooooh, actually that sounds pretty good don’t you think? A few laps, followed by a soak in the tub? Work out the kinks from the drive?” I remarked.

“It does sound good…” She agreed, “Although I have other ideas about ‘working out the kinks’,” she teased.

“That too, girlfriend…that too,” I smilingly said…

The balcony of our room faced a ski resort, closed, of course, since it was spring, the ski-runs cutting swaths through the stands of tall conifer trees, vestiges of snow still showing at the top of the mountain.

“Air smells fresh and piny,” Marni remarked after opening the sliders that led to our balcony, the air feeling cool’ish and refreshing.

“Want to go out for a bite, or order in?” She asked from the balcony as she took in the beautiful scenery off in the distance.

“Let’s go out…something light, nothing fancy,” I suggested, “make our plans for Vegas?” saying it while gripping her hips with my hands from behind when I walked out onto our balcony, pulling her butt against Ms. Kitty and rubbing it back and forth.

“That works for me, sugar,” Marni replied as she turned around, placing her arms around my neck and pulling my mouth to hers for a soft, sweet kiss, “Mmmmmmmm, love kissing you,” She cooed after pulling her mouth back a bit to say it, then kissing me again, this time longer and quite a bit hotter.

“Keep doing this and we might not make dinner,” I teased with a playful nibble of her ear, my hands freely fondling her over her tee.

“Yeeeeah…but, we ought to eat, babe, my stomach’s growling…plenty of time to fool around after we hit the pool,” She replied as she fondled me in return, “Okay with you?”

“As usual, you’re right,” I smilingly replied with a playful slap to her toned ass.

It was when I closed our sliding doors to the balcony after we’d come back inside that I noticed, across the courtyard in the wing opposite of us, two women who were standing on their balcony, looking in our direction.

I remember wondering if they had been watching when Marni and I were kissing and touching each other…

We found the locally-owned eatery recommended by the desk clerk and enjoyed a nice ‘blueplate special’ while discussing our ‘want-to-dos’ while in Vegas.

“Don’t really care all that much about gambling,” Marni was saying, “but, I wouldn’t mind catching a show or two if we can.”

“My thinking as well,” I replied after swallowing my last bite of the pot roast, so tender it melted in your mouth, “though, if I’m ‘feeling it’, I might want to play a few hands of Blackjack.”

“Maybe, a few hours at the spa?” She suggested.

“Oh, what a great idea, smart-girl…that, for sure,” I eagerly agreed which brought a big smile to her sweet face.

Returning to our hotel, Marni retrieved the almost-full bottle of Tequila from the trunk before locking the car, carrying it in with us. Back in our room, we quickly changed into our suits and was about to go to the pool area of our hotel.

“Do a shot with me before hitting the pool?” Marni suggested, holding the bottle of Tequila in her hand.

“Is this the last of our beach-booze?” I asked after taking a swig from the bottle after she had done the same.

“Yep…finished the beer in Amarillo, remember?”

“Been a really good time, hasn’t it?” I mused, feeling a bit nostalgic or something, “hate to see it end.”

“Doesn’t have to end, does it? I mean, unless you want it to,” Marni replied with a bit of concern and question in her Celaliye Escort Bayan tone.

“Nope, I don’t…don’t know that I could go back to our pre-trip relationship, babe…too much has gone on between us for me to do that,” answering her and giving her a peck to her lips.

“That’s really good to know,” She said softly, her eyes and lips smiling at me.

“Ready to get wet?” Marni asked, holding the door open for me to leave the room.

“Oh, I’m already wet sweetie, but I am ready to swim a bit,” I replied with a smart-assed grin.

She just smiled while giving my butt a ‘love-pinch’…

For it being a friday night, the pool area was virtually empty. A couple across the pool was drying their toddlers, obviously getting ready to return to their room. In the hot tub, at the far end of the pool, was a twenty-something couple playing kissy-face with each other complete with giggles and such.

Choosing a table pool-side, we laid our robes, towels and tote-bags on it, claiming it. It was near the hot tub but away from the couple’s stuff, not wanting to intrude on their thing.

“Hell, Jules, they don’t even know we’re here,” Marni chuckled. She was right, of course, neither of them had even looked at us, eyes only for each other, both of their hands under the water probably ‘doing things’ to each other, we smirked.

We hadn’t run since the day before we left Gulf Shores and were both feeling the need for some serious exercise. Diving in smoothly, we proceeded to do laps, back and forth length-wise, independent of each other.

I stopped first, hanging on the side of the pool at the deep-end, catching my breath. Marni’s head broke the surface near me and, spotting me, she kicked over to join me.

“Remember the two women I mentioned across the courtyard from us?” I remarked softly so’s not be overheard, “That’s them,” I said with a nod of my head towards two women who had just entered the pool area.

Marni just sorta’ nodded and followed them with her eyes while trying to appear like she was just looking around the cavernous room.

“Damn!” She said softly, but no less emphatic, following with a nod of her head indicating that I should look.

“Damn, indeed,” I agreed.

The women were probably in their mid-thirties but both wearing their skimpy two-piece suits like a pair of eighteen year-olds, they were so toned. They acknowledged us with a nod and a smile as they walked into the pool, using the steps of the shallow end, staying in waist-deep water as they talked quietly, playfully splashing around.

About the same time, the young couple left the hot tub, gathered their things and started walking towards our end of the pool to return to their room, one would assume. While his suit wasn’t a speedo-type, it was, nevertheless, fitted and clearly showed his raging hard-on, a rather large one at that, the sight bringing chuckles to both of us.

“Looks like she’ll have a handful of man-meat tonight,” I commented smartly.

“Not to mention, a mouthful,” She retorted, both of us laughing aloud at her take on the situation.

“When was the last time you played with the other team?” I asked because it popped into my head to do so.

“Probably not as long ago as you think,” She replied with a grin, “Had a thing with another art teacher at school about a year ago,” she added, “but, as those things do, it ran it’s course and we parted as friends.”

“Huh, you’re right about what I was thinking…I figured it had been years,” I replied honestly.

“Had a couple of flings with women after I moved to Portland, but that was just about getting laid and not about anything serious,” She commented, her comment starting my mind-wheels churning a bit.

“Are we ‘serious’?” I asked, the words out of my mouth before my brain engaged.

She stared at me for a bit, her eyes holding mine in her gaze, saying, “Think so…you?”

“Yeah, I think we are…think we crossed a line on this trip,” I replied with a smile, “not that I’m complaining,” I replied smartly, trying to keep it light as I tend to do with serious topics.

“Glad to hear it…I’d hate to have to stalk you,” She joked, returning my smile, “Race you to the other side? Hit the tub?” She then challenged.

Bitch might beat me in a foot race but I had her by two lengths in the water…

“Okay if we join you guys?” The short-haired one asked when she exited the pool, smiling to us.

“Absolutely,” Marni replied as she scooted towards me in order to make room for them. The tub was moderate in size, probably able to hold six adults.

“I’m Toni,” Short-hair said when she stepped into the tub, “and this is Maggie,” nodding to her pal, longer-haired and a bit lighter than Toni’s Auburn tresses.

We got the ‘glad-to-meet’cha’s’ out the way with finger-tipped handshakes as Marni and I introduced ourselves at the same time, smiles and comfortable vibes a’plenty all around.

Toni and Maggie were from Santa Fe as it turned out and were Escort Celaliye also on the way to Vegas for a “long weekend in Sin City”, they explained. We sorta’ brought them up to speed about our trip thus far, Vegas being the last major stop for us on our return trip to Portland.

“Sounds like you guys have been having a good trip,” Maggie opined, “Love New Orleans,” she added.

“Yep…me and girlfriend here could probably get into serious trouble in that town if we lived within driving distance,” I chimed in, my comment bringing knowing chuckles and smiles.

“How long have you guys been a couple?” Toni asked casually as she closed her eyes and laid her head onto the rim of the tub, her feet sorta’ into our ‘space’ after she had done so.

There it was again! I remember thinking but before I could say anything, Marni piped up, saying, “What makes you think we’re a couple?”

“Saw you two smooching it up on your balcony, earlier,” Maggie answered, then Toni contributed, saying, “If you two aren’t a couple then you’re really, really ‘good’ friends.”

You had to chuckle at that, and we did.

“Almost two years now, isn’t it sweetie?” Marni said in a voice that I knew was being a bit sarcastic but I’m not sure they caught it.

Seeing the confusion about to envelop my face when I heard her remark, she shot me a quick eye-message of ‘I’ll tell you later’, so I shut my mouth and just smiled back at her.

“Have to say, it was a bit hot, watching you on the balcony,” Maggie chimed in and then, out of context, added, “Good hotel but I wish they had a bar…I feel like doing shooters.”

“Like Tequila?” Marni asked, her hand on the nape of my neck, her fingers slowly rubbing and squeezing.

“Love Tequila!” They said at the same time.

“I’ll be right back,” Marni said with a smile, “I’ll run up and get our bottle,” the ladies smiling back with mischiveous grins.

“Oh, goodie,” Toni said, “I was feeling like a li’l bit of a party tonight.”

“Got that too, if y’all want to come back to our room later,” Marni said from the table as she finished drying herself before donning her robe.

“Now, this is the way to start our weekend, Maggie-Mae,” Toni beamed.

Marni had no sooner left the pool room when I felt Toni’s toes begin to rub over my feet in the tub. I remember wondering if she thought she was actually rubbing across Maggie’s feet.

“So, where are you staying in Vegas?” Maggie asked, turning towards me with an arm on the side of the tub. Turning towards her, it gave me the excuse to reposition myself and move my legs and feet.

“Bellagio,” I answered, “Marni got a really good deal for Saturday and Sunday night…well, a good deal considering its the Bellagio.”

Toni’s toes found me again, only this time she was slowly rubbing the tip of her toes up and down my calf, sensually, enticingly. Shamefully, I must admit that it turned me on and made me feel guilty at the same time.

No matter how I felt about Marni, the truth was that the flirtation from Toni was getting my horny-motor purring, complete with quick mind-flashes of her sitting on my face, of all three of them sitting on my face.

Hearing Marni opening the door, returning from getting our bottle of Tequila, I sorta’ jumped as if I had been caught cheating. I glanced quickly over towards Toni when her toe made one last, slow slide down the back of my calf, she opening her eyes, her head still on the side of the tub.

As her toe left my leg, she smiled and slowly ran the tip of her tongue over her lips, making a full circuit, slowly, the wetness glistening in the room’s lighting.

“Only problem we have, ladies, is that we have no glasses, which means we’ll have to swig after each other…hope that’s okay,” Marni remarked when she stepped into the tub, bottle in hand.

“Pretty sure none of our mouths have been anyplace we all haven’t been to at some point,” Maggie said, her tone clearly sexual in nature, smiling suggestively at us all in turn.

“Probably true,” Marni agreed, taking a swig, then passing it to Maggie, on to Toni, on to me…the bottle made three rounds before being retired for the night.

Turned out they were also staying at the Bellagio and suggested that we have a get-together while we’re there, maybe tomorrow night, Maggie had said.

“Sounds good to me,” Toni said, adding, “You said something earlier about sharing a li’l smoke…?”

“I did,” Marni replied.

“Forty-five minutes okay? I’d like to shower the chlorine off,” Toni asked.

“Good idea…make it an hour so we can do the same,” She replied to Toni, giving her our room number.

“See ya’ in an hour, girlies,” Maggie said in leaving.

“Let’s go up and shower, babe,” Marni suggested, standing, “Oh…the ‘two years as a couple’ crap?”, she said further, “I said it to shut ’em up, so that we didn’t have to hear that crap again…hell, nobody believes us anyway when we say we’re not a couple, so fuck it.”

“Doesn’t really bother me if people think us a couple or not,” I said, “Doesn’t really matter, anyway, does it?”

“As far as I’m concerened? No, doesn’t matter a whit…” She replied smilingly…

We took turns showering, talking back and forth as we did. I mentioned Toni’s ‘toe-flirtations’ to her, even told her that it sorta’ turned me on.

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