Her first time having anal sex!Her first time having anal sex!


Hi Tammy and I have always been on the wild side almost from the first day we had sex. Tammy was a virgin and wanted to stay that way till we got married. As we kissed and cuddled over time Tammy felt my cock through my jeans and did not want to play around and leave me with a hard cock all the time. It had happened many times in the 3 months we had been dating. So, one day we were cuddling on the floor in front of the TV when Tammy rolled over and bumped in to my cock. She looked over her shoulder and smiling said sorry for making you hard again maybe we should stop I don’t want you to hurt yourself.
So, laughing I told her I could take it out and let it breath and unbend. To my surprise, she said ok take it out let him breath. She rolled over to face me on the floor smiling and looked at my cock. I asked her if she wanted to help me take him out? Now I knew she had never seen or felt a hard cock before so I was pushing my luck here and wanting to find out just how far she would go. She reached out to my belt and undid it then the button and the zipper. Now is when she had trouble, my cock is not small at all and when she had reached inside my underwear she was afraid to bend him getting him out. So, I pushed my jeans down, after all we were on my floor in my living room so it did not matter to me. I got my jeans down to my knees and stopped, looking at her I waited for her to finish. I had a wet spot on my underwear which she did not understand and asked me what that was. I told her it was pre-cum but she had no idea what that was yet. She reached out and pulled my underwear down and jumped when my cock popped out and hit her hand. It felt so good to have him out with her laying there looking at him for the first time. She was just looking at him and smiling and turning a little red. I asked her if she wanted to watch TV again to kind of take her off the spot. She said yes but what are you going to do with him as she pointed at my cock.
Thinking I know what I would like to do with him but I told her there are several things we could do with him. So, she asked like what? I was not really sure what to tell her but then again, she had asked so what the hell. There’s a lot of things we can do and still not have intercourse she still had a questioning look on her face so I went on. There’s always oral or anal sex or a hand job or I can jerk off and let you watch? Or we can just go back to watching TV and let him go soft by myself. Of course, she asked if he would go soft without me doing anything? So, I told her yes, he could but with you sitting here I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. She then said ok so let’s look at the other options oral sex is what? And anal sex or a hand job what does that mean? I looked at her and asked her if şişli escort she really did not know thinking she was playing with me but then the look on her face told me she really did not know.
She had an idea but did not know how or what to do. So, started with a hand job and told her I would get some baby oil and she could rub it all over him and then rap her hand around him and stroke up and down till I came. She looked at me and said I am not sure my hand will fit around him. I laughed and then told her oral sex was different it’s when you lick and suck on him till I cum and oral sex can go both ways dear. You could see her thinking about that in her head she wanted to know if that felt good. Ha well yes it does and if you swallow when I cum it feels even better. I could still see her thinking about the other side of oral sex. Now I made her cum with my hands but had never gotten my hands on bare skin. Or seen her pussy in anyway let alone put my mouth on her pussy but she was thinking about it. And then of course there’s anal sex remember the baby oil well you would cover him with baby oil really well and then I would massage some in to your back side and slowly let him slip inside you. Then with some more baby oil I would slowly at first push him in and out till you got used to it. Then I would push even faster and harder till I came inside your butt.
This is where I stopped because I did not want to push her into anything and if she said she wanted to watch me jerk off for her I would have been happy with that anyway. But she asked me to get the baby oil so I took my jeans off and my underwear and got up and walk into the bathroom. When I came back out with the baby oil and a towel she had taken off her jeans also but still had her panties on. I did not ask anything I just enjoyed it all. As I sat down I took my shirt and t-shirt of so I was naked and put the baby oil down. I reached over to her and pulled her to me and started kissing her getting her turned on again. I was on my side and she was lying flat on her back with me holding her hands over her head and play with her boobs through her shirt and bra as we kissed. Now my poor cock was rock hard again and pushing into her side so she moved to lay on her side facing me. I pulled her up next to me and pushed my cock down between her legs my cock was pushing up against her panty cover pussy and it felt Great.
Now I was still not sure what she had in mind I just knew I was going to get to cum tonight just not sure where. When she pushed me back and asked me to lay on my back I was thinking a hand job but I was wrong. She stood up and asked if I minded preforming oral sex for her? I could not believe my ears saying no not only did I not mind but I would love to. mecidiyeköy escort She slowly pulled her panties down watching my body as she did my cock was moving around all by itself I was so fucking excited. Has she finished taking them of she looked at me not sure how to proceed so I took her feet and had her stand on either side of my head. I was looking into heaven, at someplace no one had ever looked before and slowly had her squat down over my face leaning her forward over my body so she was looking at my cock. I slowly touched her pussy with my tongue and held on to her as I did knowing she had never felt anything like it before. She was squeezing my thighs as I licked and suck on her pussy it did not take long for her to cum the first time. And the second was not far behind she was in love with sex and my tongue for sure.
Now I still had the problem of a very hard cock dripping pre-cum in front of her face. I was thinking at any time she would lick or start sucking on me but she never did. When she made, me stop I was not sure what was next till she moved to my side and reached for the baby oil hey a hand job was ok with me by now. I put a pillow behind my head so I could watch as she poured baby oil all over the place covering me with it. As she gripped my cock I was not sure I would not cum just from that alone. But when she moved her hand between her legs with a bunch of baby oil I was shocked she was lubing her asshole with it. Then she asked if it was going to hurt? I told her I would go very slowly and if it hurt too much I would stop. She said ok how do we do this? I told her if she wanted to control the speed and depth I got inside her she should get on top of me and ride me. Or she could lay on her side and push herself back on to me.
As she was thinking it over I started playing with her butt and the baby oil till I had her on her back in a t-shape to me and pushed my cock head next to her asshole. I had 2 fingers inside her and was pushing them in and out as I lined up my cock. Then I asked her if she was ready for me? She smiled at me and said come on in dear. I moved up a little and put pressure on her asshole with my cock. And told her to push back at me and let it slip in. I sat still and let her push back at me till I felt the head slip in! She stopped and let herself get use to my size and then told me to push it in slowly so when I had more than half of my 7.5 inch cock in her she told me to stop. She was getting to full and it was starting to hurt so I pulled out a little and push back in slowly fucking her. As I fucked her slowly she started to moan and push back at me then she said deeper please. Fuck me deeper please then it was push it all the way in let me feel it all. I pushed it in till istanbul escort it was balls deep and Tammy wanted to get on top so I pulled out and she moved over me and slowly sat down on my cock till I was balls deep again and was smiling. She leaned over me to kiss me and rode me like I had never been ridden before God she was fucking HOT. I pull her down on to me and started driving into her when I started to cum. As I unloaded in her asshole I could see the look on her face as I shot load after load of hot cum deep inside her. I shoot really big loads 7 or 8 full ropes of cum. She had cum again as I came and loved it when I came she said she felt like a woman for the first time. She laid down on my chest till I started to go soft and fell out of her that’s when she need to go to the bathroom.
I had a really big bathroom and a big walk-in shower so as she went to the bathroom I got a couple of towels and came into the bathroom and turned on the shower. And stepped in the shower and called to Tammy on the other side of the shower wall to come in and get clean up when she was ready because she smelled like sex and baby oil. I was covered in soap when she walked in now she has always been playful and now was no different. My cock started to rise the moment she walked in. Dam she was beautiful and didn’t know it which made it even more stunning. When she saw, my cock getting harder she wrapped her hands around it and stroked me to get me even harder. Then she moved me to shower head to rinse me of and when she got down on her knees and started kissing the head of my cock DAM. Now so you understand my cock has a very big head it like an inch or more around then the shaft. If you were working the shaft jerking me off you didn’t have to worry about slipping off it is that big. I also learned Tammy loves to play in the water shower pool or lake it did not matter water was the key.
As she was working on my cock she had the first 3 or 4 inches in her mouth and was sucking and using her tongue. I was in heaven when I got that feeling and told her I was getting ready to cum soon. Tammy stopped and looked at me and asked if she should let me cum in her mouth or just jerk me off the rest of the way. So, I said it’s up to you dear I would love to cum in your mouth but I don’t want to upset you. She was smiling and told me she was just teasing me and pulled me back inside her mouth. AS I got ready again I told her again I was almost there and she just sucked even harder. I was leaning up to the back wall of the shower and I reached out and held her head and started to push my cock into her mouth without thinking. I was holding her head in both hands and fucking her face when I started to cum she had no choice but to swallow or choke.
I washed her hair and her body after she stopped cussing me for choking her with my cock. And rinsed her off and then towel dryer her before we laid down to take a nap naked. It was the first time we slept together but not the last for sure.

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