“You’re starting to sound a lot like my mother, Jen”

“Hey, I’m just being honest with you. You’re twenty-seven and I don’t think I’ve seen you date anyone since that creepy saxophone guy you took to prom. What was his name again?”

“Jeff, and he played the bassoon. I have no idea how you mix the two up.”

“Yeah, whatever. Point is, it’s not good to be on your own for so long, and it’s not like you’re getting any younger. If you don’t find someone soon, I’m gonna have to call up some maids, get some quotes on how much it’s gonna cost to sweep the cobwebs outta your cooch. Hey, I know a guy who details cars, maybe he’ll-“

“I’ve gotta go. I have work tomorrow.”

“But tomorrow’s Sunday! Who the hell works on Sunday?”

Sarah drank down the last of her Old Fashioned, exchanging a nod with the bartender as she ignored her friend’s question. She tended to work up quite a tab, but the bar’s proprietor never seemed to mind. He knew she was good for it. With an over-the-shoulder wave to her oldest friend, she slipped out the door before the still-confused girl could protest.

The night was uncharacteristically cold for June, but the cool air did little to calm Sarah’s nerves. Jen just couldn’t mind her own business. There is more to life than love and sex, and she had a Maserati GranTurismo to prove it. So what if she hadn’t had a boyfriend for the better part of a decade? She had a job she loved, more money than she knew what to do with, and she was happy. Most of the time, anyway.

Heels clacked unsteadily against the pavement as she fled, though her intoxicated stagger was not nearly quick enough to escape from her thoughts. Her face was blank, a practiced facade to hide the emotions roiling within. Why did this bother her so much? With her figure and money, she could have any man she wanted. Then why was it so hard for her?

Sarah’s mind drifted back to high school, to her brief and ultimately underwhelming relationship with Jeff. He wasn’t her first pick, nor she his. It was no secret that he had a thing for Jen, but her flippant attitude managed to keep him at arm’s length for the better part of their junior year. In the end, she knew he only asked her out so that he wouldn’t graduate a virgin. They both clung weakly to a relationship neither wanted while they pined for another; Jeff for Jen and Sarah for-

She clapped her hands over her rosy cheeks, snapping herself back to reality before that train of thought went too far. She really needed to stop drinking. Fortunately, her feet had brought her to the lobby of her apartment complex without her having noticed. She swiped her access card on the elevator control panel, the machine activating automatically. Numbered lights lit then dimmed as the elevator ascended, eventually coming to a stop as the light labeled “P” blinked into life. A few staggering steps and some fumbling with keys later, she nearly fell through her own door.

Her apartment was sparse and uncomfortable, the home of one who did her best to never be home. She draped her blazer haphazardly over a chair as she kicked off her shoes, enthusiasm to undress waning quickly. It’s not like she had to press and iron her clothes herself. She barely managed to unbutton her shirt by the time she made it to her bed, falling in face-first with a dull thud, not bothering to finish the job as she wriggled her way under the covers. She remembered nothing after that.

Morning came, as it is wont to do, and with it the characteristic sluggishness and headache of a night spent drinking. Sarah groaned as she rolled out of bed, hunger barely edging out laziness as her primary motivator. She stopped as she came across a full-body mirror, appalled but not at all surprised at her haggard appearance. Her unbuttoned shirt barely dented about her slim but shapely breasts and revealed a glimpse of her taught and toned stomach. What she lacked in bust, she made up for with wide, well-defined hips, a firm ass, and beautiful thighs barely visible below the hem of her pencil skirt. A pair of nylons still covered her pale calves.

What upset her most was the obvious bags under her pale blue eyes, the toll she paid for her long hours and pent-up stress. It might actually be best if she took the day off. Work could probably wait until tomorrow. She sighed discontentedly and made a token effort to re-arrange her smooth, shoulder-length black hair before giving up and continuing to the kitchen.

“G’mornin’, sexy. Sleep well?”

Sarah stopped in her tracks. She couldn’t remember bringing anyone home with her last night, but the voice was familiar. And female. She turned slowly, her body stalling to give her mind enough time to formulate a response. Unfortunately, she could not possibly have anticipated what she was about to see. Her mouth flapped wordlessly as though searching for traction, her voiceless confusion drawing a lighthearted chuckle from the half-naked stranger sprawled on her couch.

Stranger was, perhaps, not the right word. From her pale, toned legs to her delicate and angular face, she was a perfect copy of Sarah. Even her scattered Bulgurlu Escort Bayan childhood scars were mirrored on the strange woman. What truly confused her, however, was the pair of tufted ears protruding from the girl’s scalp and the lithe tail twitching lazily beside her.

“See, I could make a “cat got your tongue joke” here, but I won’t.”

Sarah said nothing, stumbling slightly towards the kitchen.

“It’s a pun. I kinda look like a cat. Didn’t you see the ears and tail?”

Another step, surer this time, and Sarah was off to the races. Her nylon-clad feet scrambled for traction on the waxed wood floor, nearly dragging her to the ground as her pace exceeded her grip. She tore around the corner, gripping the counter for support while trying to find a way to escape. A quick, terrified glance over her shoulder searched for the intruder but found nothing. She stopped, looking around frantically. Where the hell did she go?

The ground approached quickly. Sarah winced and stiffened before the impact, but found her landing spot to be somewhat softer and warmer than hardwood. A pair of inhumanly strong arms held her about the waist, pulling her into the soft body that clung to her from underneath. She struggled briefly in her captor’s embrace, but could find no leverage from the slick floor.

“Shouldn’t you know better than to run from a cat?”

The sound of a rapidly thumping tail and her own thudding heart raced in her ears, her heart winning once a sharp pain spread through the back of her neck. The crazy bitch just bit her. She shrieked in pain, her struggle renewed. One of her captor’s arms let go, providing her nearly enough space to escape. She pushed and pulled, flipping onto her stomach and clawing at the ground in an attempt to scramble away, screaming all the while.

Her cries died in her throat as her mouth was quickly filled with a gag, her attacker’s hand clasped tightly over and holding it in. She writhed and cried into the cottony obstruction, her saliva wetting it and bringing back a familiar, tangy taste. As the sensation filled her mouth, it brought with it unwanted memories. Memories from her days in college. Memories of Jen.

“Oh, that shut you up pretty quickly, didn’t it, carpet muncher? Savoring the taste of my panties?”

A soft hand slipped under her prone form and worked its way inside her bra. She winced as the questing fingers found her nipple, squeezing and tugging it to hardness. Her assailant’s already stiff nipples dug into her back as the catgirl’s body undulated against her own. Tears streamed down her face as she mumbled an imploring question into her gag.

“What do I want? I want you to stop lying to yourself, Sarah. I want you to be happy.”

As the catgirl spoke, her free hand slid slowly down Sarah’s back, pressing softly against her clenching muscles as she worked her way closer to the prize. Over her skirt now, the hand traced the cleft of her ample ass, a finger slipping between her cheeks.

“But right now, I want you.”

Her last sentence was punctuated by a pair of fingers finding her lower lips and rubbing slowly against them, the sensation muted by the cottony shield of her panties. A third finger joined in between the other two, its tip digging softly into her cleft to tickle her inner folds.

Sarah was in no position to resist, the other woman’s incredible strength making escape impossible. She slumped into the floor in defeat as she was molested, yet it was not her attacker’s hands that broke her will. Her mind replayed the memory: a single night of drunken passion many years ago, a buried secret between friends; a revelation she wished she could forget.

Her body reacted involuntarily, moisture gathering on her parted lips and soaking into her underwear. Wet squishing sounds filled the air as the wet cloth dipped between her swelling folds. She twitched with each stroke as the fingers approached her hardening clit, only to recede right before making contact. The stretching cotton rubbed her hood gently as the fingers retreated, drawing with it a stuttering breath.

A finger curled around the crotch of her panties, pulling the damp cloth away from her warming sex. The panties only made it a few inches lower before her attacker grew bored, her fingers returning to their original duty. Without the intervening cloth, Sarah felt the catgirl’s every touch against her reddening skin, the toned muscles of her stomach and legs twitching in sympathy as unwanted pleasure shot through her body.

“There’s the honesty I was talking about. How’s it feel to be played with by another woman?”

The finger slipped inside. Sarah tightened around the intruder, squeezing down and making the most of its narrow girth. It dug deeper, its tip flicking roughly against her inner walls. Her hands clenched, grabbing at her own shirt just to have something to hold on to as the pleasure built. Another finger finally found her clit, bumping it rhythmically as the penetrating finger built a steady cadence.

Her molester’s other hand never left Bulgurlu Escort her breast, her fingers synchronizing with the slow penetration below. The catgirl’s rough tongue scraped the back of her neck as she kissed up and down her face and neck. Sarah’s face grew flush with arousal and embarrassment as the tongue scraped inside the concha of her ear. A quick bite to the lobe followed and she groaned in response.

“I am you, remember? I know all of your most sensitive places.”

She shuddered as the catgirl whispered into her ear, her hot breath evaporating the thin layer of saliva. Her orgasm came as a surprise, her body twitching uncontrollably as she inhaled sharply, breathing in more of the feminine musk that filled her panty-stuffed mouth. She squeezed tightly on the intruding finger, expelling it along with a small puddle of her own fluids.

The other woman’s weight left her as she shuddered in aftershock, allowing her to turn onto her back. Her feline twin straddled her body, her uncovered sex dripping thin strings of lust onto Sarah’s stomach. Sarah coughed out her makeshift gag, only to find her mouth immediately covered by the source. She sputtered and squirmed, head trapped between a mirror of her own deliciously thick thighs. A sharp tug on her hair pulled her up to the feline’s slick, flush lips. Immediately, the half-forgotten taste of a woman splashed against her tongue, the girl’s lust flowing slowly into her slack mouth.

“My turn.”

Her mouth offered her twin no resistance as the catgirl found her own pleasure, rubbing the full length of her needy slit against Sarah’s lips. With each stroke, the pressure on her face grew until she could not help but proffer a tongue, her body responding on its own. At first she was content to simply tickle her labia but the taste of the girl’s arousal spurred her to dig deeper. She drove her chin up, straining her neck to press even a fraction of an inch deeper into the dripping honeypot.

It was not until she found her top lip dragging softly against her captor’s swollen clitoris that her mind caught up to her body. Her face burned with shame at the realization that she was no longer a victim, but a complicit participant in this surreal encounter. She tried to hide as she always did but the usual halfhearted excuses and convenient lies fell on deaf ears as her elaborate facade crumbled. She could ignore the half-remembered dreams of passion she forced out each morning. She could ignore the images that rose unbidden as she pleasured herself each night. She could even ignore the tender warmth in her groin and the aching sensitivity in her touch-deprived nipples as her lips dripped with another woman’s lust. What she could not ignore was the piercing clarity and fulfillment she found between the catgirl’s clenching folds.

Sarah brought her hands to her lover’s thighs, squeezing as she pulled herself deeper. Breathless cries of approval encouraged her efforts and drove the last wisps of uncertainty from her mind. Her mouth worked every inch of the catgirl’s boiling vulva, years of denial evaporating into a fog of lust and excitement. Every taste was better than the last, every elicited gasp and hard-fought moan sweeter than the one before.

Her mouth worked slowly up the woman’s slit, her top lip drawing a straight line while the lower circled and explored. When she at last found her mark, she brought it into her mouth with a gentle suck. She savored the breathless reaction and the wetness that trickled down her face as her tongue flicked her twin’s pearl, her tip playing idly with the exposed nub and sliding its hood back and forth.

Sarah’s tongue did not stop even as her lover buckled atop her and filled her mouth with a last great splash of lust. She kissed and sucked the clenching slit, savoring the way it tightened around her tongue and brought more nectar to her lips with every convulsion. It was not until her mate retreated that she stopped to lick the remnants from her own lips. She eyed her trembling partner with a hunger she had not felt in years, rubbing her thighs together as she waited for whatever came next.

She found out quickly as the catgirl brought their bodies together, locking lips as their identical breasts rubbed together. The kiss broke quickly as her lover diverted to lick her own fluids from Sarah’s face, her rough tongue scraping almost painfully against her flushed skin. Her hands found her twin’s back, appreciating the new perspective on her own body as she traced the fine lines of muscle all the way down to her firm ass. She grabbed great handfuls, squeezing and separating as she vented her repressed desire.

Skin rubbed against skin as the girl on top shifted, weaving their legs together and bringing a plump thigh between Sarah’s spread legs. She moaned lewdly as it pressed against her needy slit, lifting her thighs to maximize skin contact. A pool of heat grew on her own leg where the lusty catgirl pressed her sex. She smiled up at her lover before thrusting her hips up to meet her.

Their position was familiar but the mechanics Escort Bulgurlu were novel. Sarah struggled to find a rhythm, more accustomed to the inclusion of an entirely more convenient organ. What she missed in terms of stimulation was paid back with interest by the knowing sensuality of her lover’s touch and her mirrored expressions of pleasure. Some small part of her balked at the inherent wrongness of the act in progress but was quickly overridden. She never realized how beautiful she was until she saw her mirror image contorted in a mixture of pleasure and exertion.

Sarah pulled her twin close, moaning appreciatively into her ear and whispering words of encouragement. All the while, her hands roamed the girl’s body, seeking out her own most sensitive spots and exploiting them mercilessly. She teased her stomach and the small of her back, the catgirl’s back arching involuntarily to present her swollen nipples and meager breasts. Sarah couldn’t possibly resist, drawing herself up to take a teat into her mouth.

Her slit tingled with building excitement, her leaking arousal more-than-adequate lubrication for the carnal act. Each jerky stroke brought her closer to the edge without granting release, trapping her in a state of agonizing arousal. She rutted harder and faster, locking herself to her lover with both arms and a leg. She bit down gently on her mate’s hard nub, channeling her frustration on the girl’s tender flesh.

Sweat mixed into the growing puddle between Sarah’s legs as they reached a fever pitch. In a moment of unrestrained lust, she slid a finger between her mate’s jiggling cheeks and pressed gently inside the tight ring of her ass. Her lust-slicked finger made easy progress, delving quickly to the second knuckle.

The catgirl came with a jerk, body stiffening as her jerky thrusts grew shorter and harder. Sarah held the trembling woman tightly, her heart fluttering with the intimacy of the act. She showered her upper body with light, affectionate kisses to prolong her partner’s orgasm, even as their once-frantic lovemaking slowed to a crawl.

Sarah slumped as she panted, painfully aroused and still without relief, yet too exhausted to continue to grind against her new lover. She grasped the back of the catgirl’s neck gently, pulling her head down to her flush chest. She leaned in, whispering breathlessly into the her cat-like ears.

“I need you. Help me cum.”

They moved as one back into the bedroom, bodies intertwined even before they fell together onto the bed, lips locked through the whole affair. The twin seemed to delight in teasing her partner, flicking her fingers lightly over her labia to keep her at the height of arousal. Sarah moaned into her lover’s neck, savoring the especially potent scent of sex and woman that accumulated there while enjoying her unflagging arousal.

“Don’t move a muscle, love. I’ve got just the thing for you.”

She squirmed as she waited, drawing her knees up to her chest while she ran a finger slowly through her moist folds. Just as she was starting to grow impatient, her lover returned, obviously concealing something within her hands.

“Spread your legs, I got you a surprise. Think of it as a ‘coming out’ present. That you paid for.”

Sarah put on a show for her feline companion, tucking her arms under her open legs and pulling her folds apart, presenting her very wet and gently pulsing sheath. She watched eagerly as the catgirl produced a black sphere slightly larger than a ping pong ball. She gave the ball a slight twist and it sprang to life, a soft buzzing sound cut emanating from the unfamiliar device. A moment later, she felt the toy’s presence against her spread lips. It vibrated gently as it entered her, stretching her just slightly more than she was accustomed to from her own toys. She gasped and spread herself a bit wider, hoping her lover was watching the rippling contractions of her entrance.

While the ball was still just an inch or so inside her, a second buzzing sound started up, followed by another object pressing against her half-open passage. Her lover grinned up at her as she pushed in the second ball, much more quickly this time. A third and fourth ball eventually joined, but she was too preoccupied moaning and twisting sheets to watch them enter her.

She was full to capacity, but that did not stop her feline companion from adding her tongue to the mix. Sarah jumped in shock as her sandpaper-like tongue explored her sex, the copious lubrication spilling from inside the only thing making the inhuman oral more pleasurable than painful. While her outer folds were being slowly licked and scraped, the quartet of vibrating balls pulsed inside her, the mixture of stimuli causing involuntary spasms in her legs and stomach.

After one particularly firm lick on one side of her parted labia, the balls began to vibrate more strongly, pulsing on and off while shaking her tunnel with the force. She nearly ripped the sheets with the force of her reaction, twisting her fingers through the cloth in response to the sensation. At the same time, the girl between her legs changed her strategy. Her tongue slipped inside her passage, licking around the vibrating balls lodged inside her. The catgirl’s mouth also closed over her sex, sucking gently as if to draw the toys out of her by force. It struck Sarah a moment later that that was, perhaps, exactly what her lover intended.

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