The Australian Visit Ch. 2The Australian Visit Ch. 2


The following day Neil and Polly slept late, both surfacing from separate rooms at around noon. Even though Polly had assured him that Dave would be completely happy with the situation, Neil had suggested that it would not be proper to spend the entire night together while Dave was unaware of the situation. Sitting together in the expansive kitchen, they both enjoyed the good meal Polly had prepared. Neil was ravenous and ate heartily while Polly watched him with an amused smile.

“God, Neil. Do you always eat like that after sex?” she laughed

“Mmmm. Yes I suppose so. Especially with a woman as beautiful as you!”

“Flattery will get you everywhere”

Dave stopped eating for a moment and looked serious. “But, you know, I’m still a little guilty. Dave is my brother and I’ve just made love to his wife. The situation is weird to say the least.”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better Neil, I spoke to Dave early this morning and told him the whole story”

Neil stopped in mid chew with his fork half way to his mouth and looked at Polly in wonder.

“Wh..wh…what?” he mumbled

“I told you, it’s fine. Dave is totally cool with all this” she reassured him, “we have a totally open relationship, I think that’s what keeps it so special. Anyway, He’s taken his pretty little assistant with him on this trip and I don’t suppose she is just there to take notes and hold his hand, do you?”

“Wow, I never realised. And you’re ok with that?

“Sure. Don’t get me wrong we’re not sleeping around, but Dave spends a lot of time away these days, and I for one cannot go for long without a good fuck!”

“So what happens now?” said Neil

“Well, Dave wants us to call him tonight. Together. He must have an idea for something!” she replied with a wicked grin.

The rest of the day passed fairly uneventfully. Polly busied herself with various household chores while Neil took advantage of the hot climate and lounged around the pool in the back yard with a good book. As much as Neil tried to concentrate on his reading, his mind kept wandering back to the events of the night before. The temperature outside was topping 80 degrees, and as he replayed the incident in his mind, the combination of heat and his own excitement began to tell on him. What made matters worse (or better!) Was that Polly was now outside watering the plants wearing only a tiny high-cut bikini.

“Time to cool of a little!” thought Neil to himself as, trying to hide a growing erection, he stood and jumped into the pool. The cool water having the desired effect, Neil started swimming furiously from one end of the pool to the other. Back and forth he swam feeling his muscles stretch and putting every ounce of energy into his strokes. As he finally surfaced at one end of the pool, he shook the water from his short dark hair and looked up. Polly had finished watering the flower beds and was watching him.

“Come on in” said Neil with a grin “It’s a great way to cool off!”

Polly smiled warmly showing her perfect white teeth “No. I don’t want to get my hair wet….and any way, we don’t want you using up all your strength now!”

Neil was about to ask her what she meant, but she had already turned her back and was flouncing off towards the house.

“Dinner in an hour, OK?” she called back over her shoulder.

The conversation that evening flowed freely, the two chatting away about a variety of subjects. Neil insisted on clearing away after the meal, and after loading the dishwasher went to join his sister-in-law in the lounge. Polly had opened another bottle of wine and the two sat comfortably and continued talking. After a while, Polly drained her glass and announced that she was going to take a quick shower. Now sitting by himself, Neil flicked on the TV and scanned the channels eventually settling on a football game. After half an hour, he was well into the game and did not hear Polly enter the room and only noticed when she sat next to him.

“Aahhhhh football” she groaned

Neil turned his attention away from the TV. Polly was sitting very close. The aroma from her freshly washed hair was intoxicating and she had changed her clothes. Neil let his eyes drift over her body. She now wore a white silk blouse and faded blue jeans. It was obvious that she had not bothered with a bra and he could clearly see the outline of her breasts and nipples though the sheer fabric. Her blonde hair was still damp and tied back in a pony tail and she was barefoot. She leaned towards him and lightly kissed his lips.

“I think we should call David now” she whispered “he’s expecting our call.”

The telephone was next to the sofa where they both sat, and Polly leaned back and hit the speed dial and hands-free buttons. Neil could once again feel his apprehension rising as he heard the ringing tones and then a familiar voice answer.


“Hello, darling it’s me!” said Polly. The connection and the phone’s loud speaker were good, Neil could hear both sides of sancaktepe escort the conversation easily.

“Hey baby, how are you today beautiful?”

“Oh we’re both great here” replied Polly “You doing ok?”

“Yeah, not bad. But my assistant Jane has gone out for the day with a few of the girls, so I’m all alone!”

“Ahh..poor baby’s all by himself!” said Polly in mock sympathy

Neil though he should join the conversation

“Hey bro! How’s things”

“Neil!…great to hear your voice man. Just fine thanks.”

Neil thought that everyone seemed to be avoiding the real issue here and was about to try to find a way to say something when Dave cut him off.

“Neil…Polly told me what happened last night!” Neil was pleased that Dave’s voice seemed light and untroubled.

“I guess she has had time to to you? I hope that you are cool with all this?”

“Cool?…you bet I am! Your wife is one very hot lady!”

“Dave laughed “yeah, I know. It’s a shame I’m not there to enjoy it a little more! I hope you feel up to a little more of the same tonight?”

“Always ready for that bro!” replied Neil

“Yeah, but this might be a little different, I want you to make love to Polly while I’m on the I can hear everything!”

Neil thought that he was unshockable, but this little revelation from his brother left him almost stuck for words.

“Wh..wh..what? Are you sure…I never did anything like that before!”

“Well, it’s up to you mate, but both Polly and I want it to happen.”

Neil looked at Polly as she nodded her head eagerly

“Neil, this will be great. I’ll feel almost like I’m a part of it. Come on, give it a try?”

Neil was finding it difficult to keep his eyes off Polly’s exquisite body as he agreed.

“Fantastic!” shouted Dave down the phone. “Just keep me on speaker phone and I’ll tell you what to do.”

Dave, obviously excited by the prospect of what was to come, took a second to compose himself before speaking again. Neil and Polly sat waiting. When, at last, Dave’s voice came again it resounded through the speaker in a deep baritone.

“Polly…stand in front of Neil and slowly remove your blouse. Neil, tell me what you see…you are going to be my eyes.”

Slowly Polly complied and Neil duly reported to his brother as he witnessed the sight of his sister-in-law lingeringly unfasten the buttons of her silk blouse. Three then four buttons were slipped, and then the fifth and final fastening came loose. Neil licked his lips, his eyes glued to the stunning beauty in front of him, as, oh so slowly, she shimmied the blouse from her shoulders and let it fall onto the floor.

“Dave, the blouse is on the floor now…oh god….her tits are so beautiful…I can see her nipples starting to come erect now….oh what a sight!”

With a groan of pleasure, Dave continued with his instructions.

“OK, Neil. Kneel in front of her and start to undo her jeans.”

Not needing a further invitation, Neil slid to the floor in front of this vision. Gently but deliberately, he let his hands slide up her covered legs, feeling the muscles of her trim thighs until, with slightly trembling hands he reached the waist band of her jeans. He could feel the heat from her naked abdomen just above his hands, and looked up at the sweet round globes of her breasts. His hands fumbled slightly with the waistband of the jeans as he located the button and slowly let the zipper down.

“Oh Dave…I can see her panties now…nice yellow bikini ones….I’m sliding the jeans down now and kissing her stomach…mmm it feels so hot.”

Polly meanwhile, had been stroking her nipples, getting them hard.

“Oh, Dave” she cried “my tits are so hot…please let me get out of these panties.”

“OK. Take them off and get Neil to taste your pussy”

Neil could hear a slight change in Dave’s voice. More urgent. More demanding. He guessed that Dave’s hand was also busy. Neil pulled off Polly’s jeans completely. Lowering his head from his position in front of her, he could not resist burying his face in her panty covered crotch. He nuzzled into her. He could almost taste the scent that emanated from the dampening panties, and inhaled deeply, filling his lungs with the sweet, fragrance. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the tiny, yellow garment, and with renewed vigour, briskly jerked them down her legs and off. Dave voice came again in urgent inquiring tones.

“Are you naked yet honey? Ohhh….Kiss her Neil..taste her for me.”

Gently Neil picked up the naked girl in his strong arms and placed her on the sofa. Immediately Polly’s legs spread giving the fully clothed Neil a close up view of her delectable charms.

“Oh yes baby” said Polly as Neil positioned himself “he’s going to kiss me …down there…my pussy…oh god baby, I’m so hot!”

Neil Knelt between her outstretched legs and placed ümraniye escort both hands on her thighs, pushing them gently further apart. His lips softly touched the inside of her thighs as he began raining feather-light kisses slowly and tenderly inching his way upwards. Polly was moaning and sighing softly as her hands went behind Neil’s head and encouraged him on. Upwards and upwards he kissed. The closer he got to her now open and damp pussy, the stronger he could smell her scent. As his lips reached their goal, he let his tongue gently caress her pussy lips, sliding the length of her slit and flicking casually over the hardened clitoris.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh” cried Polly, as she pulled on Neil’s head “Ohhhhhhhh yes baby………there…that’s it…..mmmmm…so hot… nice”

Dave’s voice again came from the loudspeaker. “Oh yes..oh baby…I know you want to cum for it it”

Neil continued to lap and caress her. As his tongue entered her hole he could feel the lips unfold like a flower, feel her pussy draw him inside. Gently he took her sweet, wet clit between his lips and sucked it into his mouth.

“AAGHHHHHHHHHH …….YESSSSSS!!!!!……I’m gonna cummmmmmmmm”

Polly’s hips jerked involuntarily from the sofa as Neil felt her legs tighten and her pussy contract around his tongue. Her whole body seemed to shake and tremble as it had the previous night as the orgasm took hold. He continued to suck and lick as the orgasm continued. Polly thrashed around trying to get more of his tongue inside her. Her back arched and she squeezed her tight nipples heightening the sensations. Eventually she loosened her grip on the back of Neil’s head and let her body go limp as the climax subsided.

“How did you enjoy that honey” said Dave from the confines of the telephone.

“Oh” she stammered, trying to get her breath back “My whole body’s gone floppy now!”

“Well my cock’s sure not gone floppy!” said Dave with a laugh. “And I bet Neil’s is just the same by now!”

Neil was sitting on the floor still fully clothed and also trying to get his breath back. “Hard as a fucking rock bro!” was his reply

“Give him a little treat Pol. Do the toe thing!..he’ll love it!….Neil take your jeans and underwear off and let her do the rest.”

Neil was curious as he looked at Polly. She smiled back and nodded, indicating that he should do as Dave requested. Dave shrugged and started to undo his jeans. He quickly pushed them and his shorts down his legs and off his bare feet and sat on the floor in front of the sofa where Polly had positioned herself.

“Close your eyes Neil, and let Pol do the rest ok?”

“Ok bro.” Neil replied shutting his eyes, his cock standing proud.

The next thing he felt was an unbelievable sensation. He quickly opened his eyes to see Polly sitting on the edge of the sofa with her bare feet in his lap. His cock jerked as she gently, sensuously ran her naked toes up and down each side of his hard shaft. As she reached the tip she slid the sole of her foot across the sensitive head and then repeated the process over again. Up and down..up and down.. massaging his throbbing tool between her feet and toes. The sensations were nothing like Neil had ever experienced before. His balls ached and his penis throbbed uncontrollably. His mind was reeling and he was only faintly aware of Dave’s voice in the background obviously pleasuring himself and letting out little sighs and moans down the phone line. Polly was, as usual smiling, as her feet worked Neil’s cock. Bringing her feet together to masturbate him had caused her legs to fall open once again and Neil could take pleasure from the sight of her shaved, wet pussy as well as the physical sensations coursing through him. The tightening in his balls took him completely by surprise. He could hardly believe that this was going to happen so quickly, but it was going to happen. Neil realised that he had been holding his breath, for how long he was unsure, but now he exhaled deeply and quickly drew in another lungful of air. As he did this Polly, sensing that he was nearing his climax, squeezed his cock between her pretty feet. This was too much for Neil and, letting out a cry, jerked himself forward. He felt the cum boil up from his balls. He felt it rush through his shaft and erupt in a torrent from the head.

“AAAGGHHHHHHHHH….jesussssssss christ… aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh… yessssss… I’m cumming……on your feet baby….all over your pretty toes”

Neil’s face was a display of ecstasy as he continued to pump his cream over Polly’s feet, and Polly, rather than pulling away, seemed to be revelling in the sticky liquid, massaging it onto his cockhead and around his shaft with her slick toes. As Neil’s cock spent its last, he was aware of grunting noises coming from the phone. “Ugg…ugg…yes…yes…yes… gonna cum soon…ugg..ugg”

Neil saw Polly move quickly towards the tuzla escort phone

“Come on baby” she said into the speaker “cum for me…I’m squeezing my tits for you..just the way you like it baby, cum for me”

“Oh yes..oh yes.. Squeeze them honey… I’m imagining them now…wrapped round my stiff cock…oh god..yes..yes..YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS….AAAHHHHHHHH”

The room was suddenly quiet as all three recovered from their respective orgasms. Dave was the first to break the silence.

“Wow..that was great guys..did you enjoy it as much as I did?”

Polly and Neil both sounded their agreement.

“Well, I gotta run now. It’s 8.30am here and I got a meeting at 11.00. But Neil, if I know Polly, she’s probably itching for another round by now! You can take care of this one by yourself OK. And Neil, don’t forget, she’s got another hole apart from her pussy!!!”

Polly visibly blushed when she heard that “Oh Dave! You are naughty!”

“OK guys, well I gotta go…have fun now y’hear”

“Well that was different!” said Neil as the line went dead. “I’ve never cum like that before.”

“Dave assures me that it’s a wonderful sensation, and I must be honest, it feels great for me too!” Polly replied with a grin.

“So what was all that about another hole then?”

Polly blushed again “Oh god. Dave got me to try anal sex a little while ago, and I just adored it. It feels so nasty. So forbidden!….maybe we could…..?”

“Sure, that’s good with me…just give me a second to get my breath back. You really got me going there. I can’t remember when I’ve cum so hard.”

The couple sat naked on the floor and shared another glass of wine as they recovered. Neither could keep their hands to themselves, and between sips, hands roamed over breasts and pussy, cock and balls, teasing, exciting, stimulating. Soon the wine was forgotten as they kissed, tongues entwining. As Polly lowered her head and gently licked the cum from Neil’s now hard tool, Neil retuned the favour my stroking her wet slit with his fingers, making sure that he massaged her clit every time his digit slid down her lips. Every now and then his now wet finger would slide further down and gently tickle her anus causing little moans of excitement to escape her lips.

“Oh god Neil, do it now baby ..I’m ready…fuck me..will you take me in the ass, please?”

Neil was ready as well. He had found, that in his experience, most girls had to be slowly talked into anal sex, if they would do it at all. But here was this beautiful woman, his own sister-in-law, practically begging him to fuck her ass. This he was not going to pass up. Gently he lifted her onto the sofa. Without further direction, Polly leaned her naked torso over the back of the expensive furniture and spread her legs behind her. Neil looked at her from behind. Her ass was smooth and round the cheeks glowing in the half light. He could see her legs twitch in anticipation, her feet still streaked with the evidence of his orgasm. He bent over her and gently pulled her buttocks apart. His head lowered and his tongue softly lapped at her still wet pussy from behind. Polly started to sigh and moan once again as Neil let his tongue trace a wet line towards her pink puckered back hole. Lapping over her asshole left him in little doubt that she was incredibly excited. He moans turned to cries of pleasure her sighs to wails of ecstasy as he continued to probe the tight hole with his tongue.

“Oh it now baby…I want you, need you in my ass .. please, now baby … please!”

Neil knew it had to be now. Drawing himself up onto the sofa behind her he positioned his cock at the entrance to her gaping pussy, and with a gentle lunge, slid gracefully inside. He stroke his cock once..twice..three times into her vagina, recalling with fondness the velvet like sensations that he had experienced the night before. After the third stroke he reluctantly withdrew his well lubricated cock from the confines of her pussy and positioned it at the entrance to her nether hole. Slowly and with great care he started to push. The hole felt incredibly tight, he could feel the resistance and was about to back off for fear of hurting her. But before he could make any move, Polly lunged herself backwards. With a modest scream from Polly, he felt the hard head of his cock slip past her anal muscle and slide deeply into her ass. The sensations of her feet may have been good, but this felt fantastic, so tight, so unbelievably hot.

“Fuck me Neil…fuck my ass baby…fill me with your cum.” she moaned

Always ready to oblige a beautiful lady, Neil started to move his cock in and out of the tight hole. Starting slowly and gently he ploughed her, picking up the pace a little as she encouraged him with her lustful words. As Neil drove his length in and out, he was aware of Polly’s hand moving between her legs, stimulating her clit. The faster that Neil pistoned his cock, the faster she rubbed her clit timing her movements perfectly with his in a symphony of pure lust. On every downward thrust, Neil could feel his balls lightly slap her pussy and occasionally touch her rubbing fingers. When this happened, Polly would lightly squeeze his sac causing his excitement to rise further.

“Oh god..Neil…I’m cumming again…fuck me my ass..oh yeah..fuck my ass hard baby!”

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