The New FriendThe New Friend


It’s funny how the thing you need comes from a totally unexpected place.

It was the lowest point in my life. Everything had went to complete shit. I had a good job, a good car, working on getting my credit back. Then, she had to come into my life. Crazy hot, model hot, and she wanted me…a man in his late forties, with a belly and pretty much the epitome of someone’s Dad. Don’t get me wrong; I have confidence, and I would get hit on by younger and my age women all the time, being a Handsome Dad type has its advantages. Plus, it helps that I had a great sense of humor, and was quite the conversationalist.

This one though…I did fall for her, even though my brain was telling me to fuck off away and fast. The sex was great, she liked I had a dominant streak, and loved it when I tied her up and it was the only time I felt in control of the crazy.

But, she was cancer, and she rotted me from the inside.

So, within a year…money gone. Lost my new car and had to buy a beater. Lost my job due to the stress from living with a complete narcissist sociopath. With help of friends and family, I got away, found another job (less pay and shitty), got myself well, and found a little apartment.

Not a lot of money for extra stuff, busy paying off the bills I racked up. I stopped feeling sorry for myself, though, and decided that I wouldn’t look back and keep looking forward.

Once every week I put money aside for me to go down to the neighborhood bar and have a few drinks, and just relax, watching the game, or just chilling…feeling like my old self again, you know?

So, down at the bar, I was on my second bourbon, just farting around on my phone and half-ass watching the game. Running a tally in my head, trying to figure out how many drinks I could buy before I was broke.

The place wasn’t crowded, which I appreciated. Just a few regulars, a couple tables of after-work groups, pretty tame.

A figure sat down next to me, and he motioned for the bartender. I looked over and nodded, in that universal guy way.

He smiled and pulled out his phone, and I noticed it was the same as mine. I didn’t think much of it, I sipped my drink and continued playing some time-waster game.

“You like yours?”

I looked up. The guy next to me was pointing at my phone. “You like your phone?”

“Yeah, it’s not bad…it’s a cheapie, but it does the job. Sucks that I can’t run more games on it.”

He smiled. It was a nice smile, and I had a chance to see him. Young, probably 25 to 30. Clean shaven face, longish hair, but not unkempt. Soft features, you know? Thin, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and sneakers. Just a guy, relaxing.

“Oh, I know. I miss my old phone, but had to give it up.”

I nodded. I could commiserate. I had to do the same, to save money porno and go to a cheap pre-paid plan. “Same here.”

We chatted off and on. He said his name was Alex, and I introduced myself.

For a young man, he knew a lot about the stuff an old fart like me liked; old school metal, retro video games, old movies…we talked for quite a while, and ended the night exchanging numbers, to possibly hang out.

It was a good choice. It was nice having someone to talk to again. We texted daily, just stupid stuff, jokes, you know. We would meet at the movie theater and catch the newest action or super-hero flick. We would meet up at the bar once a week and drink and watch the game. I would stop by after work sometimes and we would play some video games, or watch a movie from his substantial DVD collection.

Just two dudes hanging out.

I told him about my bullshit and my ex, and he had just broken up with his girlfriend. When pressed on why, he would only sheepishly shrug.

“We just wanted to be different people,” He would say. I understood. I never asked more, guys usually don’t.

Weeks turned to months. We were out all the time. He got me into hiking, we joined a gym together, and I actually began losing weight and putting muscle back on…back to where I was before the narcissist. He didn’t lift as much, preferring to do more cardio and yoga type exercises, but Alex always was there for encouragement, same as I was for him. It was working out that I noticed he had a slim and somewhat feminine build. I didn’t stare, but it was hard not to notice his ass looked better than my ex’s, nice and round, a real bubble butt.

I didn’t give it much more of a thought, to be honest.

One day at work, I got a text from Alex. We were supposed to meet at the bar after work. “Hey, can you pick me up? Car is having problems, think it is the starter.”

I replied, “No problem, I’ll see you this evening. Maybe tomorrow I can help you fix your car.”

I finished my work day, went home and took a shower, dressed, and drove over to Alex’s apartment building.

I knocked on the door…no answer. A buzz in my pocket, my phone got a message. I checked it, it was from him. “Hey, still getting ready, door is unlocked, come on in”

I opened the door and walked in. We were at that stage…su casa mi casa. I grabbed a beer from the fridge, sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. Flipping through channels, catching the highlights of a Yankee game I missed earlier.

I could have swore I smelled perfume. I smiled. Maybe Alex got lucky last night. Good for him, I thought.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye someone coming out of the hallway that led to Alex’s bedroom, and I turned my head.

It was a sexy girl, dressed in a black tight mini dress, japon porno short hair that was teased very well, long smooth sexy legs and high heels…a sexy bimbo type, with full lips and seductive eyes.

Wow, who was this, almost looks like…

I stopped. I stared. The girl was smiling sheepishly…it was a smile I had seen many times before.

I stood up. “Alex?!?”

“Alexis when I am like this.” He…or she?…had a perfect feminine voice.

“What the hell?” My mind was reeling. Did I have a stroke and it was already Halloween and I didn’t know it?

“Don’t freak out, I’m sorry, I just…I thought maybe you would…”

I sat down. My legs were useless, just out from under me. He…or She to be honest…sat down next to me. She looked on the verge of tears.

“Look, I’m sorry…I just hoped you would understand…I…” Tears welled up in her eyes. I felt a wave of something…sympathy? I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to do this, and face rejection.

“It’s okay…Alex…Alexis,” I said, and I actually meant it. I took her hand and slowly put my arms around her. “This was…well, one hell of a shock.”

I heard her laugh, and she pulled back, wiping the tears from her eyes, carefully, as to not ruin her makeup.

“When did this happen? Your attraction to me, I mean?”

“Oh,” She half sighed and half laughed. She was sitting like a perfect girl…legs crossed, I mean…she looked amazing. “The first time we met? You just touched something inside me…and when you told me all about that horrible girl that made you so miserable, I wanted to be the girl that made you happy.”

It was a lot to take in, to be honest.

She continued. “I saw you looking at me at the gym, and I got the feeling you liked how I looked.”

I thought back. I did find myself looking at Alex more and more at the gym. I didn’t think much about it, but it was true.

“And, you have that thing I like about men…tall, big, and confident. I wanted to proposition you the first night we met, but I was afraid, and we became friends, and I just knew you were the man I wanted more than anything, and…” She trailed off, voice trembling.

I don’t know why I did what I did next.

I put my fingers under her chin and gently moved her face up, her eyes looking into mine.

“You’re beautiful,” I said, and I was surprised the words came out with so much truth.

I leaned in and kissed Alexis. My friend Alex, my girl Alexis. She responded in kind, a soft and gentle kiss. Another one I planted on her lips. Then another. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her, and we were locked in a passionate embrace.

I couldn’t believe it. I was so hard and excited. My best friend was becoming my lover.

She lezbiyen porno kissed me with more passion and love than I had ever felt. Her voice was in my ear: “I want you to make me your woman, Daddy.”

“Daddy.” With that word, all of my body wanted her.

I picked her up into my arms and carried her down the hall, into the bedroom.

She had it all planned. Candles lit, a sensual location for our first time.

I laid her on the bed, and continued to kiss her. She ran her hands over my chest, and moaned as she found the growing bulge in my jeans.

“I knew you were the one for me,” she giggled.

She put me on my back and pulled my shirt off. Her sexy eyes on me, she took off my shoes and socks, and unbucked my belt and pulled my jeans off. My cock was free, hard and throbbing.

Alexis was between my legs. Her eyes up on me, as she lovingly kissed the fat head of my manhood. Her painted nails lightly running up and down my hairy thighs, up and over my belly.

“You have a beautiful cock, Daddy.”

I just smiled. “All for you, Baby girl.”

Lips sliding up and down my cock. Her tongue was driving me crazy, deepthroating me and licking my balls. I was amazed and in a heaven of pleasure.

She was too good. I pulled her up to me, and we kissed, and I was amazed by just how right all of this felt.

I looked into her eyes. “I want you,” I said, and she framed my face with her slender fingers.

“I have wanted you for so long, Daddy.” She leaned over and grabbed a bottle of lube off the nightstand. She slathered my cock with it, making it slick and wet, and I saw her rub some between her cheeks, reaching back.

I put her on her back, kissing her, as I guided my throbbing cock between her legs. She lifted her ass up, her legs wide, and I slowly slid inside her. I had fucked girls anal before, so I knew how to take it slow.

Her eyes rolled back into her head…hissing, she gritted her teeth, and I thought I was hurting her. Then, I saw the please spread across her face, and I began to move into her.

Back and forth…fucking my best friend.

She wrapped her legs around my back, and her arms around my neck. She began pumping up and into my thrusting cock…we were so charged up, it didn’t take long to lose ourselves.

“Oh, God, Daddy…I LOVE YOU, please…”

Hearing the words only made me more excited, and a strange good feeling inside me. I realized I loved her too.

Her nails dug hard into my arms, and I knew she was cumming. I began to thrust deeper and harder, and I let go, my cum rocketing into her, drenching her, and filling her up.

We kissed, our bodies covered with a sheen of sweat, the sweet scent of our lovemaking in the air.

She put her hand on my face and kissed me.

“I meant that. I do love you.” She said.

I kissed her. “I know. And, and crazy as it seems to me, I love you, too.”

We slept that night, the first of many together. My friend Alex, becoming my girl, Alexis. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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