PITrified Ch. 2PITrified Ch. 2

Big Tits

Terry was like a caged lion after my sucking his cock. His big cock was dangling against his legs and I wondered how I had managed to suck this huge shaft. I gingerly took his limp member into my mouth and though it was soft it still seemed too large for my mouth. I licked its wet cum filled head. I head the door opening and my cousin Mary and brother James stormed into the room. James smiled as he saw me – his horny sister licking the long thick cock of Terry. He unzipped and took out his enormous cock, which I had seen before and with his cock in his hand, jacking off near my face. He shouts at me “you horny hairy bitch I will teach you how to suck a cock”.

I close my lips tight, he pressed his cock against my lips, and then with his other hand he started feeling the brush of bristling hair in my bushy armpits. My mouth opens to welcome his big prick as he shoves his member down my mouth, all the way into my throat. “Mary isn’t she hairy look at her unshaven pits. Are you hairy too” he asks Mary. I don’t know what Mary says as I am concentrating on his dick. His cock wasn’t as big as Terry’s so I could manage it. I was actually feeling really good with a cock down my throat. I felt like a queen. I wanted more. I wanted to be grabbing cocks with my hands, having them rub all over my body, I wanted one in my ass.

Terry was now large and throbbing as he pushed his cock towards my pussy. I have very hairy pubes. My bushy triangle is a wild tangle of untrimmed hair, which runs from my navel down to my hairy asshole. He parted the crisp hair hiding my clitoris and slowly pushed his bulging helmet into my wet and sopping pussy. “Aaaahhhhh” I moaned I don’t know whether from the dick entering my pussy or the one shoved down my throat. Soğanlık Escort Slowly he picks up a rhythm as he stops short as he finds a resistance. I feel a sharp pain as he stabs harder and then a dull ach as pierces through me. Tears roll down my cheek as I am blinded by pain and maybe a bit of ecstasy as Terry begin pounding at my hairy pussy, the pain from him taking my virginity was gone, and I was on the way to an orgasm.

I could barely breathe already with my brother James’s cock in my mouth. I couldn’t move. I felt his cum pumping into me, that started my own orgasm, my back arched and all my muscled tensed. It was like nothing I ever felt before. My pussy gripped his cock, milked it, working against my own body, planting his seed in my womb. I started crying, not only because he had came inside me, but now because he was done, I wanted his cock to stay inside me forever, I loved his cock. I needed that filling feeling.

James was still filling my mouth. He was shouting “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh I have always loved my hirsute sister. I remember peeping into her bedroom while she was asleep and seeing her extremely dense armpit hair and her thick pubic triangle and jerking of many times of that heavenly sight”, as he pumped his throbbing cock deep into the back of throat.

I guess he wanted to fuck me too. I saw Mary take of her dress and reveal the thick undergrowth in her bushy armpits. Her pubic triangle had more wild hair than me though my armpits were much more hairier than hers. Terry looked at her armpits than art mine as he lowered his head and sucked her armpit hair. Nobody had sucked at my underarms and before long I saw him lowering his fat cock into the thick matted Escort Soğanlık hair in her gleaming armpits.

It was a wonderfully erotic sight as I saw his enormous cock disappear into her hairy armpits. Terry was groaning “I love the feel of her coarse untrimmed armpit fur on my cockhead” as he pushed his cock into the jet-black forest of her underarm tangle.

James took his prick out of my mouth. It was wet and glistening with my saliva and positioned his cock at my pussy entrance and plunged on in. I was in love again, having a cock in me completed me. I wrapped my legs around his, grabbed his back with my arms, and pulled him in deeper. James my darling brother looked at me and smiled, knowing I wanted, his cock. He pulled me on top of him and I was riding my dear brother as I had my hands on his very hairy chest, and started pumping my ass up and down on his cock. All of a sudden I felt someone behind me, my other sibling Paul had silently moved in and was pushing his cock at my face. I had not seen it before and he was much larger and thicker than James. I gave it a quick suck but Paul had other things in mind. He was sexually proficient as he had many sexual conquests. He was pushing his cock towards my hairy asshole.

I tried to move but James grabbed my hips and kept me bouncing up and down on his wonderful cock. I realized that my brothers both wanted to fuck me together. What a happy family! I had always known that Paul was the more hirsute of my brothers. His body was like a rug of hair as he had hair all over on his chest and on his legs and even his back but what I never knew was the size of his phallus. It was a good 11 inches long and looked like a white spear springing out of a Soğanlık Escort Bayan jungle of hair.

I was ready for my anointment as Paul’s cock was already lubed up from my juices that had flowed down to cover my asshole. He slowly pushed his cock head into my ass. It popped in. It almost hurt as much as losing my virginity. He grabbed my hips and started slowly pumping in deeper. Eventually he was fucking my ass as fast and hard and deep as James was fucking my hairy cunt.

With both my brother fucking me vigorously sweat was pouring from my hirsute body. My armpit hair was matted and slick with my perspiration as I screamed with ecstasy. “Aaaahhhhhhhhhh I love my brother’s hard pricks Mary doesn’t it look great.” I looked towards Mary but Terry was fucking her in her hairy underarms. Where was the lovely Michele? I hadn’t seen her and she was the architect of my sexual festivities. I longed to tell her that I had graduated from her fucking school.

My brothers were making me have multiple orgasms. I came to another shuddering climax as I felt them pounding me with their massive pricks. Suddenly I felt James swelling up. I wondered how could he get much bigger. Little did I know that his body was getting tense as he started to cum in my hairy pussy.

Not to be outdone by younger brother Paul was reaming my hairy asshole with his big dong. He started to put his dick into my hairy underarms just as Terry started spurting his cum into Mary’s bushy armpits. I saw white flecks of jism adorn her gleaming bushy underarms as he shot wad after wad of cum into the matted hair in her unshaven pits.

Paul was trying to do the same but I wanted him to cum in my pussy. He turned me around and replaced the exhausted James. One brother replaced the other. I was surprised how big he was as he pushed his magnificent prick into my waiting starving pussy. All the lost years had to be made up but even Paul could not hold back as he deposited his seed into my drought filled pussy. I wanted more but where was the hairy Michelle.

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